Chapter 173: Cruelest Is A Woman’s Heart

Just a little bit of the energy that shot outside could easily take care of an early God Base expert. The two Spirit Treasures were like two colliding suns. The aftermath shook even the air, creating howling winds within a radius of one hundred miles.

Feng Feiyun’s robe fluttered about as bloody lines were forming on his hands as if they were about to crack.

The collision between two Spirit Treasures was enough to injure the cultivators controlling them.

Bu Tianya was even more miserable; his physical strength was weaker than Feng Feiyun’s. Not only did his hands become mangled, but even the wound near his chest started to bleed nonstop.

This was a fight to the death! No one was allowed to pull back, or else they would be killed by the Spirit Treasures.

“These two are both becoming crazier with their Spirit Treasures. They’re truly two madmen.” Although Zi Chuan and Zi Qing were both heaven-defying geniuses, they both admitted that they did not have such a frightening offensive power.

“Right now, if we make a move, we would definitely kill Feng Feiyun before he could react.” Zi Chuan channeled the power of the remaining layer of the broken Spirit Treasure formation, letting his broken white sword absorb the strength.

The two of them worked together and shot out the broken sword. A white sword light turned into a half serpent, half dragon beam that crossed the sky to silently pierce through Feng Feiyun’s right chest, tearing out a huge chunk of flesh the size of a palm.


Bu Tianya thought that he had lost for sure, but he didn’t expect Zi Chuan and Zi Qing to lend him a hand, giving him an opportunity to counterattack.

“You’re courting death!” Feng Feiyun spewed out blood and directly attacked with the Infinite Spirit Ring again to break the white sword. The Spirit Treasure didn’t stop as it explosively attacked Zi Chuan and Zi Qing, blowing them dozens of feet away. They both vomited blood with one knee on the ground.

“Feng Feiyun, you have been pierced by a broken Spirit Treasure, do you still think you can defeat the three of us?” Zi Chuan suddenly stood up and a purple wave emanated from his body to turn into a violet ocean.

This was his qi image, the Sails of the Four Oceans!

Zi Qing also proudly stepped out as her palms came together. A Violet Immortal Palace rushed out from her body.

This was too insane, one person fighting against three heaven-defying geniuses!

Feng Feiyun looked at the bloody hole in his chest and thought about how Wang Meng also had the same wound. He must also have been sneak-attacked like this by these two.

“Killing you all — what is difficult about this?” Feng Feiyun was truly enraged this time. When Bu Tianya summoned the Grand Wind Banner to kill him, a green corpse fire soared from his palm and easily destroyed the Spirit Treasure’s murderous power.

The flame that was as cold as ice continued to burn through the banner to directly reach Bu Tianya’s arm, burning it into ashes in just a split second. If he didn’t completely break off his own arm in time, then his entire body would have been rendered into ashes.

Feng Feiyun was using the corpse palace’s flame of the evil woman, so how could he withstand this force?

Without his hand, the banner naturally fell down into the middle of the river. It had lost the spirit energy powering it so it became gloomy without any brilliance.

“What is this flame, why is it so terrifying like this?” Bu Tianya was extremely remorseful about his arm; he was still shivering inside. The flame from earlier clearly had no temperature, but it was unstoppable, even for a Spirit Treasure.

Zi Chuan and Zi Qing who also wanted to maneuver were shocked by this strike from Feng Feiyun and simply stood there in a daze.

Feng Feiyun absolutely did not want to use the corpse fire because he didn’t want to reveal that the evil woman’s corpse palace was inside his body, lest some extremely powerful men chase after him.

But at this time, he had no other choice. It seemed that he could only kill everyone here to keep it a secret.

“Swoosh, Swoosh!”

Zi Qing and Zi Chuan turned around to run. They felt that Feng Feiyun’s body was breeding a power so strong that it was beyond their abilities. If they wanted to survive, running would be the only option.

How could Feng Feiyun let them escape? He soared and chased after them while unleashing the Infinite Spirit Ring. A strike landed on Zi Qing’s back and broke her spine. Her soft and slender body immediately fell helplessly on the ground.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun could only be cruel without any mercy, even if the person was the most beautiful girl in this world.

If he didn’t kill them, then he would be the one to die.


Feng Feiyun stomped on Zi Qing and crushed her, then he propelled himself upward with this momentum to fiercely attack Zi Chuan.

“Feng Feiyun, you actually killed my sister! You have beckoned for a great disaster!” Zi Chuan uttered as his brows were twitching from shock as he tried to escape.

“I’ve been through big troubles already!” Feng Feiyun, once again, shot out the ring. Countless streaks of black light blocked Zi Chuan’s path.

“We are heaven-defying geniuses and we always have Heaven’s Mandate experts secretly protecting us. Once we are at risk, they will sense it and rush here. You are a dead man.” A cold glint appeared in Zi Chuan’s eyes. He summoned a sail in order to stop the ring.

“Swish!” The cloud sail was immediately torn apart by the Infinite Spirit Ring. The six ancient pictures slammed into his body, creating six large bloody holes.

“Thanks for the reminder.” Feng Feiyun, of course, knew that heaven-defying geniuses of the great sects and clans all had experts from the previous generations to protect them, so he had to be quick.


Feng Feiyun furiously unleashed an endless amount of golden light from his palm.

Although Zi Chuan was wounded by the Spirit Treasure, he was still formidable. He was once wounded just like this, fighting against strange beasts. With firm determination, he channeled all of his energy to stop this blow.

“Go to hell!” Feng Feiyun suddenly appeared right behind him and reached out with a finger to pierce his forehead.

“No, I cannot… die…” Zi Chuan wanted to reveal a heaven-defying art, but it was too late. The Dark Water Art had already entered his body, turning him into a dried corpse that was without fluids.

“So what if you are a heaven-defying genius? After death, you are nothing more than a handful of sand.”

Feng Feiyun poked the body. It immediately cracked in the pattern of a spider web before turning into a pile of sand dust, falling down to the ground.

After Feng Feiyun left, not too long after, an old man in a gray robe arrived from the sky and looked at the two dead heaven-defying geniuses on the ground without even their corpses intact. He issued a sky-shaking roar, causing even the earth to crack.

“Damn you, you actually killed my Violet Cloud Grotto’s heaven-defying geniuses! You will pay in blood!” This old and thunderous voice resounded around the mountain for a long time without dissipating.


Ji Cangyue was still sitting atop a white stone on the river bank. Her hair was as beautiful as a waterfall and had an allure capable of toppling cities. She had a pair of eyes like black crystals and a tall nose that was delicately crafted. Especially her lips; although they appeared to be cold and emotionless, they still had a pinkish hue, soliciting others to commit crimes.

The robes around her chest area were slashed apart by Feng Feiyun with a knife, so her seductive bosom was looming in and out. At this moment, if it wasn’t for the eight arm-thick chains that tied her up, she would look like a mermaid quietly enjoying the moon.

Elegant and enticing!

While Feng Feiyun was chasing after Zi Chuan and Zi Qing, Bu Tianya — step by step — headed towards Ji Cangyue. He only had one arm left so his heroic air dwindled down by quite a bit, but he still walked straight without any sign of discouragement.

“You want to kill me?” Ji Cangyue felt the murderous intent from Bu Tianya.

Bu Tianya stood there motionlessly in silence!

“You really should kill me. After all, Feng Feiyun has turned me from a girl to a woman.” Ji Cangyue spoke; she was still as cold as ice.

Bu Tianya finally replied: “It is good that you know. We are only tools for the alliance between the First Heaven Immortal Gate and the Ji Clan, but if I married you now, I will have a stain that will be laughed at by the world.”

“If I die, then not only will you not have to marry a dirty woman, you can also blame it on Feng Feiyun — truly killing two birds with one stone.” Although Ji Cangyue couldn’t move and knew that she would die in his hands, she was still very calm. However, the coldness in her eyes became more intense.

“You are very smart. It is no wonder why the Ji Clan let you become my fiance!”

Bu Tianya stepped in front of Ji Cangyue and stared at her perfect goddess-like features. He became even more enraged! If she hadn’t been ruined by Feng Feiyun, then this cold, beautiful girl would have become his woman.

He didn’t hesitate since Feng Feiyun might return soon. He immediately released a palm to her forehead.

Ji Cangyue closed her eyes, but there was a slight smirk from the corner of her pretty lips!


She did not die; the one suffering the deathly blow was Bu Tianya!

Her hand directly pierced through his left chest and crushed his heart. The blood dripped down her smooth and soft arm, dyeing it in a gorgeous crimson shade.

“I can also blame your death on Feng Feiyun!” The eight iron chains around Ji Cangyue’s body became loose and fell onto the ground. She slowly stood up with her hand stained by blood as Bu Tianya glared at her with indignant eyes.

Bu Tianya took two steps back and covered his wound with his palm, but blood kept on spilling out: “You… you…”

“What is so surprising? The Eight Veins Dragon Lock was crafted by my own hands. It’s only natural that I can unlock it. From start to finish, killing you had been part of my plan. Want to be my fiance? Hah, you are not qualified.” Ji Cangyue said.

Bu Tianya’s sight became dim as he fell to the ground. His heart was filled with unwillingness and frustration.

“You will never be able to guess our Ji Clan’s true strength. Those old men who wanted to betroth me to you? Truly blind. You can’t even deal with Feng Feiyun, you’re really just a piece of trash.” Ji Cangyue continued with a cold tone.

The blood from Bu Tianya’s mouth wouldn’t stop spilling out. He was no longer able to speak and could only listen to Ji Cangyue’s words. ‘So I was just a fool, tricked by Feng Feiyun and schemed against by my own fiance.’

‘Am I too stupid, or are they too clever…’

“I will tell you a secret. The truth is that… Feng Feiyun had never slept with me. Why did you have to be so stirred like this, aizz! Now you have to die in this manner...” Ji Cangyue looked at Bu Tianya, who was completely dead and shook her head in disappointment.

One couldn’t tell whether Bu Tianya died from his heart being crushed or from being enraged by her words.

“Whew!” A sound of wind-breaking came from afar and a faint shadow drifted by in the sky. Feng Feiyun came back after killing Zi Chuan and Zi Qing.

Once he landed by the river bank, Ji Cangyue was still sitting on the white boulder with eight chains tied to her body, rendering her immobile.

It seemed as if the lock had sealed her for too long and had completely broken her God Base. She looked extremely feeble as more than half of her life essence was withering away. It was as if she could die at any moment!

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