Chapter 172: Heavenly Image, Earthly Image, Mortal Image

People with qi images exerted an absolute pressure against those who were without one, just like a supreme expert against someone weaker than them.

Feng Feiyun coldly snorted and said: “Ignorant fool, qi images are also divided into Heavenly Images, Earthly Images, and Mortal Images; heavenly being the strongest and mortal being the weakest. Your Cloud-Suppressing Winds is but a Mortal Image, and it’s only a mid-rank image among all the Mortal Images. What is there to be proud of?”

“Nonsense, there are no such things as Heavenly Images, Earthly Images, and Mortal Images. And even if there were such classifications, Heavenly Images and Earthly Images come from nature and space itself; man cannot change such things, let alone borrow their power.” Bu Tianya retorted.

“That is because you are ignorant! Today, I will borrow an Earthly Image to fight you.” Feng Feiyun crossed the large river and descended to the ground.

He actually claimed that he would use an Earthly Image to fight Bu Tianya.

No one believed that he could actually do it as this was almost like what the legends stated.

Although Ji Cangyue was still sealed by the dragon lock and her snow-white neck, soft jade hands, slender and long legs, and even her entire delicate body couldn’t move, she could still talk. She coldly said: “Feng Feiyun cultivates the divine scripture of Treasure Masters, the ‘Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record’, so maybe he can actually channel Earthly Images.”

Although this record was the scripture of Treasure Masters, any disciple from a large sect would have heard of its prestige. After all, it was one of the three great scriptures of the cultivation world. Even half a move learned from the record was enough for one to freely traverse this world.

These scriptures had been passed down since the ancient times, and they all held amazing power. Among them, the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record was the most mysterious and magical. A few techniques and powers inside of this particular scripture had reached an unfathomable level.

If Feng Feiyun actually cultivated it, he might actually be able to move a group of Earthly Images!

“Big mouth!”

Feng Feiyun’s cold glare was fixed on Ji Cangyue. However, Ji Cangyue’s resentment towards him was also great, so she met his gaze with her own chilling eyes. She essentially was not frightened by him at all.

She was also a heaven-defying genius with great willpower, so she would never admit defeat. The moment Feng Feiyun shamed her body, she decided to take his life and use his blood to wash away the shame.

“Feng Feiyun, hand the scripture over and I can let you die with your body intact.”

With a battle cry, a cold wind blew over. Bu Tianya’s figure was even faster than the cold wind! He immediately clawed towards Feng Feiyun’s chest and tore off a piece of his robe, leaving a bloody claw mark.

With a stomp, Feng Feiyun shifted his body by more than ten meters and looked at the bloody mark on his chest as he sneered: “Since you tore off a piece of my robe, I will tear off your fiance’s entire dress in a bit.”

“Scoundrel!” Ji Cangyue bit her lips and exclaimed.

“What is so scoundrelly about this? This won’t be the first time I tear off your clothes, hehe!” These words were naturally not for Ji Cangyue to hear; instead, they were meant for Bu Tianya.

Ji Cangyue’s cold eyes were filled with murderous glimmers, but she didn’t retort Feng Feiyun’s claim.

Bu Tianya nearly crushed the fingers on his hands that were postured behind his back. Ji Cangyue was his fiance, but he had not even touched her fingers yet. Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun already tasted her — this was the most blatant case of cuckolding!

If this matter got out, then he would be the laughing stock of the cultivation world. Everyone would say: “Bu Tianya’s fiancee is indeed a worldly beauty — a pretty goddess.”

“Hehe, but unfortunately, before he brought her home, Feng Feiyun had already tasted her. Bu Tianya only brought back a worn out pair of shoes!”

Having thought to this point, Bu Tianya almost became crazy as he gave Ji Cangyue a fierce glare. His hatred towards her was even more concentrated than that against Feng Feiyun.

A murderous glimmer appeared in his eyes. Now, he not only wanted to eliminate Feng Feiyun; it was almost as if he wanted to kill everyone present. Only that would save his reputation, and then he wouldn’t have to marry a slut like Ji Cangyue anymore.

Feng Feiyun’s expression was that of a mocking sneer. Bu Tianya was not prepared at all; he was actually provoked by just a few words. Who here was not a highly intelligent person? How could they not know what he was thinking?

Among them, even Ji Cangyue’s expression coldly sank down!

“Bu Tianya, you killed my brother, but I think quite highly of your fiance. Therefore, we don’t owe each other anything!” Feng Feiyun continued with a smile.

Ji Cangyue was not retorting; she was strangely calm!

“Kill!” Bu Tianya’s once-calm mind was disrupted by Feng Feiyun yet again. He screamed loudly and turned into a wind devil once more to rush forward to kill.

“Dark Water Art, Crimson Fire Art!” Feng Feiyun shot out both arts, one from each of his hands. He shot the Dark Water Art into the ground, and all the water vapor there began to evaporate. Within the radius of several thousand meters, everything turned into sand.

After the Crimson Fire Art hit the sand, it burst into flames and soared to the sky. What was once a beautiful scenery has now turned into a fiery domain.

This was the combination of the two arts, causing the Earthly Image to change, but this was only a minor adaptation.

If he could cultivate all five element arts and use that to perform the Minor Change Art, then he could formally control a part of Earthly Images. Then, its power would be countless times stronger than right now.

“He actually channeled an Earthly Image!” Zi Chuan did not dare to believe his own eyes.

Feng Feiyun stood in the fiery domain, completely encompassed by the flames while fighting against the wind devil. The gale caused the sand to blow everywhere in the sky while the flames also became more violent under this gale.

The area of a few thousand meters suddenly became a huge blazing furnace.

“Bang bang!”

No one could see how horrifying the battle was inside, they could only see cinders flying chaotically everywhere as sand enveloped the world.

“Bam!” A huge explosion occurred that shook even the mountains.

Bu Tianya flew out from the fiery domain. His initially-black hair was now stained with blood. His appearance became crazily frantic as there were many wounds on his body that was scarred and blackened by the fire.

His qi image, the Cloud-Suppressing Winds, suddenly collapsed and disappeared into his distressed body.

The fire dissipated and the sand gradually subsided to reveal Feng Feiyun’s body. He firmly stood on the ground with a few drops of blood printed on his gallant purple robe.

Just this scene alone was enough to tell who was the winner and who was the loser.

“Bu Tianya… actually lost to Feng Feiyun!” Zi Chuan was startled in astonishment. Under a condition where neither of them used Spirit Treasures, Feng Feiyun actually defeated Bu Tianya, who was on the verge of stepping into the peak God Base level!

If the evil demon’s son could grow up, then maybe even Grand Historical Geniuses would not be able to stop him in the future.

“I’m here to kill!” Feng Feiyun not only wanted to beat Bu Tianya, but he wanted to take his life even more in order to honor Liu Qinsheng’s soul.

“Boom!” The Infinite Spirit Ring glided up as the six ancient pictures came about. With six divine formations that carried a supreme Spirit Treasure’s power, they directly smacked into Bu Tianya, blowing him outside and causing him to crash into a cliff. Countless rocks were smashed into pieces, and the rubble started to roll down.

This was the power of a Spirit Treasure! After its invocation, it could kill all experts at the same level.

A chunk of Bu Tianya’s flesh was blown right off, revealing his bare white ribcage. Earlier, he used a great spirit technique to stop the murderous power from the Spirit Treasure. Although he was gravely wounded, he did not die.

“Grand Wind Banner!” Covered in blood like a corpse crawling out from hell, he used his blood-stained hand to plant a large black flag in the ground.

This was also a Spirit Treasure, the defining jewel of the First Heaven Immortal Gate. It had been passed down for more than one thousand years. It was always planted on top of the First Heaven Mountain in order to absorb the power from lightning. This power was then used to refine the flag and strengthen the spirit inside the flag.

A great fluttering gale stopped the power of the ring. At this time, the two Spirit Treasures began their combat. This power was completely beyond the two’s current combat capabilities.

They crazily fought along the large river, causing the wide river path to be shattered into several sections. The small mountains by the two banks were also cracking as if they were about to collapse.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The collision of two Spirit Treasures shook the heaven and earth. A countless amount of energy escaped outside and it covered this entire space.

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