Chapter 171: Cloud-Suppressing Winds

A heaven-defying genius was no joke. Neither his talent nor willpower was weaker than Feng Feiyun’s.

“Kill!” Bu Tianya calmed down and descended from the sky like a crashing comet.

Feng Feiyun stood on the river while his two hands channeled the water. A huge whirlpool suddenly formed as the rough waves swept the sky and its cold water turned into a furious rising dragon.

This was the real confrontation — the battle between Bu Tianya’s best spirit techniques and the Dark Water Whirlpool.

It was a frontal competition without anyone dodging!

This was also a battle of momentum. The one with more momentum would overwhelm the opponent and seize the initiative. The one with less momentum would quickly lose, so neither of them tried to dodge.

The God Base inside Feng Feiyun’s dantian channeled its energy faster and faster like a bright star moving in the vast galaxy. A powerful and explosive power entered Feng Feiyun’s veins, causing his golden blood to boil.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The water vapor atop the large river began to move, then it turned into nine Black Water Dragons that were dozens of meters high. Feng Feiyun stood on top of one of them, then he fiercely unleashed a fist. All the dragons were led by his energy, and they all shot out at the same time.

One fist followed by nine water pillars like nine dragons soaring to the sky!

“Oneness of man and heaven, Giant Spirit Carries the Mountain!” Bu Tianya stood on top of a small mountain by the large river like an indestructible god. His body became one with the mountain below.

This was called oneness of man and heaven; it was the harmonious state of heaven, earth, and man.

The heavens had the heavenly dao, and the way of the heavens was the “beginning of all things.”

The earth had the earthly dao, and the way of the earth was “giving birth to all things.”

Man had many different dao, and its main purpose was “becoming all things.”

The combination of these three things was considered oneness of man and heaven.

The heavenly dao wrote about Yin and Yang, the earthly dao wrote about hardness and softness, and the mortal dao preached of morality and righteousness. Even though all three had their own paths, they corresponded to each other in an interrelation.

Although Bu Tianya was a contemporary hero with great intelligence, it was impossible for him — at this age — to formally become enlightened in the oneness of man and heaven level. It was still impossible for him to understand any of the dao among the trinity.

“Oneness of man and heaven, Giant Spirit Carries the Mountain!” This was actually a spirit technique inside the earthly dao, originating from the “Grand Earth Dao Scripture” of the First Heaven Immortal Gate. Although it was not actually invincible like the oneness of man and heaven level, it was still very powerful. Only peak geniuses were able to cultivate it successfully.


The energy in the small mountain below was controlled by Bu Tianya, then it turned into a mountain-shaped cloud that hovered over his head. At this moment, he had the magnificent appearance of a True God that was capable of raising a huge mountain with his bare hands.

Feng Feiyun channeled the water vapor in the entire river and condensed it into nine giant water pillars, drying up the river in its entirety. This boldness could only be described as amazing with wonderful skills.

Bu Tianya also used a great technique to form a high mountain made of energy to oppose Feng Feiyun.

One destroyed the flow of a river while the other used his power to carry a mountain. The skill of these two shocked Zi Chuan and Zi Qing.

This... This was a battle between an early God Base and an intermediate God Base? Why does it feel more like a game between two Heaven’s Mandate cultivators?

This scene was too impressive. The confrontation between these two heaven-defying geniuses was seemingly going to destroy this area as if two gods were fighting.

“Rumble!” The nine water dragons crashed into Bu Tianya’s high mountain. The first phase of the battle was between Feng Feiyun and Bu Tianya, but now it was the contest between the river and mountain.

To be called a heaven-defying genius, naturally, they both had heaven-defying means. Other cultivators, even at peak God Base, would not be able to have such monstrous strength.

In just a flash, Feng Feiyun had exchanged more than twenty blows with Bu Tianya. More than twenty thunderous explosions emanated from their chaotic shadows in the night sky.

Feng Feiyun cultivated the Immortal Phoenix Physique by using a human body to cultivate a supreme scripture of the demon race. Although his original talents were ordinary, but after three blood transformations, his blood was now filled with spirit energy and an illuminating golden light. Its quality was countless times higher.

His flesh and bones were also bathed by this blood along with the tempering of the supreme scripture, and they became as tough as steel while remaining quite flexible. His body strength had already caught up to that of demonic beasts.

Demonic beasts were completely different from strange beasts and spirit beasts.

One was a demon, and the other was beast.

Demonic beasts, once cultivated to a certain level, could take on a human form. Not only would they have the powerful body of the beast race, but they would also have the great cultivation aptitudes from the human race. The intelligence of demonic beasts far exceeded strange beasts and spirits beasts, and some demons were even smarter than humans.

Wild beasts and spirit beasts were the true beast cultivators. No matter how high their cultivation was, they couldn’t transform into a human. The higher the cultivation, the more monstrous their body would become, along with numerous changes.

Beasts under one hundred years of age were called “Fierce Beasts”.

Beasts above one hundred years of age were called “Strange Beasts”.

Beasts above one thousand years but under ten thousand years of age were called “Spirit Beasts”.

Above spirit beasts were “Undying Sacred Beasts” and “Unkillable Immortal Beasts”.

Feng Feiyun’s past life was the patriarch of the demon phoenix tribe that belonged to the demon race. Demons existed between man and beasts. They were one of the most special races in this world, and they were not tolerated by both man and beasts.

Man could live in peaceful coexistence with strange beasts and spirit beasts, but not demonic beasts.

This was the reason why once people found out that half of Feng Feiyun’s blood was demonic, everyone treated him as a heretic and he became shunned by the entire cultivation world. They even formed an Evil Killing Alliance just to deal with him.

The phoenix branch was one of the strongest branches of the demon race. The Immortal Phoenix Physique could be considered the apex physique technique of the demon race, so Feng Feiyun’s body was naturally terrifying.

Although Bu Tianya’s body was also quite devilish, it was still one level lower compared to Feng Feiyun’s.

In just a split second, the two of them shifted more than one hundred times with three hundred exchanges. Their attacks were as swift as lightning and as powerful as collisions of steels.

The nine water pillars were shattered as they turned into a flood that poured back into the large river.

Bu Tianya’s Giant Spirit Carries the Mountain technique also collapsed into a broken mountain.

“Great torrential wind causing chaos in the heavens!” Bu Tianya roared, and a faint, blue image emanated from his body. Mighty and majestic, it easily tore apart the sky.

He was a heaven-defying genius, so it was not strange that he would have a qi image.

Feng Feiyun immediately stabilized his body and used the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze in order to recognize Bu Tianya’s qi image: “Cloud-Suppressing Winds!”

“Yes, this is the Cloud-Suppressing Winds qi image. The moment it comes out, one will be invincible as they kill all their enemies in an instant.” Zi Chuan exclaimed.

Amidst the screaming of the storm, several blades that were dozens of meters long pierced through the air, emitting shrill sounds as if a gigantic beast was howling.

Bu Tianya turned into the wind devil inside his qi image. His natural energy became even more dense; it was much more terrifying than his ‘oneness of man and heaven’ from earlier.

“Bu Tianya is indeed the first disciple of the immortal gate. With ten short years, he already learned all of its great techniques. Even a few predecessors would not be as strong as him.” Zi Qing’s pretty eyes carried a glimmer of shock; she truly admired Bu Tianya’s matchless talents.

Zi Chuan nodded his head and added: “The key is that his qi image is quite terrifying. His ‘Cloud-Suppressing Winds’ is indeed a bit stronger than my ‘Sails of the Four Oceans’ qi image.”

“It is also stronger than my ‘Violet Immortal Palace’.”

Only heaven-defying geniuses had qi images, but it was still a rare occurrence among them.

The strength of one’s qi image was directly related to one’s aptitude!

Even though Feng Feiyun’s ‘Dragon Horse River Diagram’ was a later-acquired qi image, it was still definitely stronger than Bu Tianya’s Cloud-Suppressing Winds. However, it had disappeared with the Spirit Vessel into Xiao Nuolan’s body, so he no longer had a qi image as his back up.

“Feng Feiyun, although you are extremely gifted with a demonic physique, I can see that your body does not have a qi image. Today, your defeat is all but certain.” Bu Tianya, who had turned into a wind devil, was being carried to the sky by the gale so his voice carried a great aura.

“Qi images are gifts from the high heavens. Only those with qi images can be considered heroes chosen by the high heavens, shined on by the heaven’s glory on the immortal path. We are not people that a demonspawn like you can compare to.”

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