Chapter 170: Fight Against Bu Tianya

“Feng Feiyun!” Bu Tianya’s glare turned cold as he loudly shouted while he spewed out a chilling air.

Feng Feiyun, adorned in his gorgeous purple robe, came from the other side of the river as his steps gave birth to numerous whirlpools, causing the waves on the calm surface to rise even higher.

Not too long after, he reached the middle of the river.

He trod on the water as if it was the ground. The breeze caused his sleeves to flutter violently.

Zi Chuan and Zi Qing were both alert; they couldn’t forget about how Qin Zhan died to Feng Feiyun. They knew that the evil demon’s son was no weaker than any of the heaven-defying geniuses.

Although they were both part of the heaven-defying group, they had only reached the intermediate God Base realm; they were a level weaker than Qin Zhan, so naturally, they were apprehensive of Feng Feiyun.

Although Feng Feiyun was only an early God Base, he had a Spirit Treasure in his possession and could even kill Qin Zhan. Without taking out a Spirit Treasure, one simply couldn’t stop him.

“Brother Bu, Feng Feiyun has a Spirit Treasure, and it even killed Qin Zhan.” Zi Chuan quickly reminded him.

Bu Tianya’s cultivation was also at the intermediate God Base. He was at the point where each of his fingers were as tough as immortal ingots. He could be considered to be at the peak level of intermediate God base, and as long as he cultivated a divine intent, then he could immediately step into peak God Base.

“No problem. In order to deal with this demonspawn, I especially brought the Grand Wind Banner from the Heavenly Peak; it is enough to deal with his Spirit Treasure.” Bu Tianya came prepared so he was without any fear.

His cultivation was one minor level higher than Feng Feiyun, and with the Grand Wind Banner as his backup, killing Feng Feiyun would be as easy as killing a pig.

Feng Feiyun harbored anger in his mind, but this anger was hidden in his heart. He revealed a calm appearance and said: “Brother Bu is truly the first disciple of the First Heaven Immortal Gate. Your way of conducting business is indeed straightforward and upright; others can’t help but admire you ah! That day on Fire Beacon City’s wall, I misjudged you.”

“I was also mistaken on that day. Otherwise, you would not be living till this moment!” Bu Tianya stood at the shallow part of the river and was only a few feet away from the water. However, no matter how fierce the waves were, they could not reach his shoes for there was an invisible force repelling them.

The moment Feng Feiyun appeared, the auras of the two people collided.

Feng Feiyun’s God Base in his dantian — that was around the size of a rice grain — was immediately stimulated by Bu Tianya’s aura, so it rapidly rotated and exuded an endless amount of spirit energy.

Bu Tianya’s God Base was ten times larger than Feng Feiyun’s, but its spirit energy’s purity and awareness were far from being comparable.

One was quantity, the other was quality!

Both of them were extremely gifted with strong willpower; they had hid all of their psychological weaknesses early on. One stood firmly like an anchor in the middle of the river while the other was stoutly situated like a mountain by the river bank. Both were without any flaws and extremely powerful.


Although the battle had not yet started, a murderous sensation filled the air between them. The rivers were splashing with droplets of water. As they were mixed together with a murderous energy, it caused these droplets to fly outside; they even pierced through the head of a nightingale more than one thousand meters away, causing it to fall to the ground.

The atmosphere became more and more oppressive. It was as if the air itself was becoming heavier; it didn’t allow people to breathe.

“Bu Tianya’s cultivation had actually reached such a level. He only needs one more month at most to cultivate a divine intent. Then, he will reach peak God Base.” Zi Chuan was also extremely gifted. He arduously cultivated in a forest that was filled with wild beasts for ten years in order to understand the dao. Even four hundred year old wild beasts had died under his sword.

He considered himself as one of the younger generations that were capable of competing with all other heroes, but the moment he left the Violet Cloud Grotto, he found that the world did not lack geniuses. Bu Tianya’s age was not much different from him, but his cultivation was already one step higher.

Zi Qing was a beautiful prodigy. She was wearing her purple dress with a cultivation no weaker than Zi Chuan. She spoke: “Why do I feel that Feng Feiyun is no weaker than Bu Tianya?”

Once a person was considered a heaven-defying genius, they were the tyrants within the same cultivation level. Within the same level, heaven-defying geniuses could easy slay other cultivators.

However, if both were heaven-defying geniuses of the same level, victory and defeat could be ascertained, but it would be very difficult to kill the opponent. For example, Bu Tianya and Zi Chuan were both at the intermediate God Base, and one of them was about to reach the peak level while the other had just reached the intermediate level; there was a sizable gap between the two of them.

Bu Tianya could defeat Zi Chuan, but he was absolutely not able to kill Zi Chuan.

Of course, if he had a heaven-defying weapon like a Spirit Treasure, then it was a different matter altogether. Like Feng Feiyun with his Spirit Treasure, he was able to kill the intermediate God Base Qin Zhan.

“One cannot judge the son of the evil demon with common sense.” Zi Chuan spoke while holding the short white sword in his hand. This was a broken Spirit Treasure, and it could utilize one layer of its true power. He continued on: “Feng Feiyun is also the henchman of the evil woman. While she is away, we must end his life tonight no matter what.”

Perhaps Bu Tianya alone was unable to kill Feng Feiyun, but with two more heaven-defying geniuses like Zi Chuan and Zi Qing, it would not be a difficult matter to surround and kill an early God Base.

Feng Feiyun looked at the bright moon above; he could also hear the screams from the Corpse Evils from the far mountain. He then coldly sneered: “I heard from a recently deceased friend that Miss Ji is Brother Bu’s fiance, haha!”

Bu Tianya’s eyes narrowed, and a trace of coldness was added to his calm countenance.

“But… I’m afraid Brother Bu doesn’t know Miss Ji as well as me. I surely know a lot more about her than you… Hehe!” Feng Feiyun especially stressed the words “a lot”.

Bu Tianya’s aura became a bit more chaotic. An unsuppressible cold energy escaped from his body, freezing the water below his feet.

Feng Feiyun knew how to break through his flawless defense, so he added another spark to the fire: “Miss Ji is definitely a treasure of this world. That night, I still can’t forget about it…”


Bu Tianya’s eyes became bloodshot. He was completely furious like an enraged lion. He roared and instantly rushed to the front of Feng Feiyun and unleashed a fist filled with black energy.

Inside this black energy was the monstrous shadows of six qilins!

His first shot was already a force of 320,000 pounds — truly worthy of being called a heaven-defying genius. This power had already exceeded the strength of many peak God Base cultivators.


Feng Feiyun was ready. Half of his body sank into the water till his waist. A countless amount of water vapor condensed around his body to turn into a small mountain with icy pricks, and it collided with the six qilins’ force.

No joke, Feng Feiyun — at the moment — was cultivating the five elements arts in the Eight Arts Volume; his Dark Water Art’s mastery was excellent. Places with more water caused the power of this art to be amplified with even more transformations and violent tactics.

This large river had a lot of water vapor, so Feng Feiyun continuously shot out nine different waves of Dark Water Art. Some were divine shields, some were water prisons, and the others were direct energy attacks.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Bu Tianya was taken by surprise and lost nine clashes in a row. His body was covered in broken ice. This cold energy almost froze him completely, but it also calmed him down. He now knew very clearly that Feng Feiyun was trying to rile him up and break his focus, which was why he fell into a disadvantageous situation.

“Boom!” Bu Tianya shattered the ice. He suddenly stomped on the water surface and soared straight up in order to escape the water prison.

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