Chapter 169: Bloodline Marking

On a mountain pass, the wind was blowing a bit hastily, dispersing the stench of blood in the air.

A new grave had just been erected without a tombstone nor offerings!

Cultivators were not immortals. On the contrary, it was even more melancholic when a cultivator died. They usually lived for several hundred years, and all of their friends and families would already be dead. It was a solitary end to be buried in the sand. There would not even be one person to take care of them before their moment of death.

Feng Feiyun personally buried Liu Qinsheng into his grave along with his crushed arm. Buddha said that if a dead person’s body remained intact, then they could reincarnate into a human in their next life.

Wang Meng was lying on the ground with a complicated expression in his eyes that were as big as brass bells. It was a mix of sadness and hatred!

The cultivation of Wang Meng and Liu Qinsheng was not ordinary; both of them had reached peak God Base, and their battle power was no weaker than heaven-defying geniuses like Zi Chuan and Zi Qing. If it wasn’t a sneak attack, then even if they didn’t win, they could still have protected their own life.

Feng Feiyun silently went into the bronze carriage and found that Ji Cangyue was indeed rescued, but the Eight Veins Dragon Lock on her body still remained locked.

“It really was her blood!” Feng Feiyun noticed a dried blood mark from the corner of the carriage and realized that Ji Cangyue used her blood to inform the group of Bu Tianya.

The Patriarchs for the great clans in the Grand Southern Prefecture, such as the Ji Clan, the Qin Clan, and the Feng Clan, were all renowned entities. These people had cultivated their bloodlines into an extremely high state and were able to pass their excellent bloodline down to future generations.

There was also an ancient and unique air in their blood; this was called the bloodline mark. The top clans had more than millions of disciples, so they relied on these bloodline marks to determine whether a disciple was a descendant from the main branch of a clan or not.

The Ji Clan and the First Heaven Immortal Gate were in-laws. Ji Cangyue was a Death Spirit Child of the Ji Clan, and Bu Tianya was the first disciple of the gate; both were heaven-defying geniuses, so their marriage marked the alliance between the two powers.

They were both top powers at the Grand Southern Prefecture, so if they could form an alliance, it would completely suppress the other clans and powers, resulting in them gaining even more cultivation resources.

Feng Feiyun touched this bloody mark with his finger, and a crimson layer of residue immediately infected his fingertip.

“Heavenly Phoenix Gaze!” Feng Feiyun’s eyes became clear with two flames in his pupils. The flames jumped up and down as he stared at the bloody mark on his finger.

Other people naturally wouldn’t be able to see any clues. After all, everyone’s blood was similar. However, those with extreme talents and a deep bloodline had an ancient seal in their blood.

The problem was that these seals were hidden deep in the origin of the bloodline, and one needed special techniques or items to determine whether there was a hidden seal within the blood or not.

A faint bloody mist appeared right before Feng Feiyun as if it was hiding an ancient beast with seven heads. However, since Feng Feiyun’s Heavenly Phoenix Gaze was still in its introductory stage, it couldn’t see through this mist; he couldn’t tell what the special bloodline marking of the Ji Clan was.

“There is no need to look, the first Patriarch of the Ji Clan had a great cultivation and had refined the soul of a one thousand year old spirit beast to embed into his bloodline. It was a seven heads python, and it had become the bloodline marking of the Ji disciples ever since.” Mao Wugui revealed its white head from Feng Feiyun’s chest while staring with its bean-sized eyes at the blood mark on Feng Feiyun’s finger.

This turtle of an unknown origin — for one reason or another — wanted to follow Feng Feiyun, or could it be following the Ji sisters... No matter what, this guy didn’t want to leave. Feng Feiyun threw him out several times in the middle of nowhere, but it was still able to chase after them.

“Since we know the Ji Clan’s mark, it will not be difficult to chase after Ji Cangyue.” Feng Feiyun said with a chilling tone.

“Brat, you want to kill Ji Cangyue for revenge?” Mao Wugui quickly warned him: “You can kill that Bu Tianya guy, but you cannot touch Ji Cangyue. The Ji Clan isn’t as simple like you think; messing with a heaven-defying genius of the Ji Clan will bring about a frightening disaster.”

In the eyes of outsiders, the Ji Clan and the First Heaven Immortal Gate were existences on the same level, so why was it that he could kill the gate’s disciple but not a Death Spirit Child from the Ji Clan?

This old turtle must be hiding something!

“I want to do it even more!”

Feng Feiyun made a seal and activated the Crimson Fire Art to burn Ji Cangyue’s remaining blood mark. An invisible bloody mist wrapped around the seven heads python before it flew towards another direction in the air.

This bloodline seal could only be seen by the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze; it would be completely invisible to others.

The Ji sisters could only see Feng Feiyun quickly leaving in the night curtain as he disappeared before them.

A murderer does not care whether it was day or night!

Even if the enemies had four heaven-defying geniuses, Feng Feiyun still wanted to fight.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Feng Feiyun hid his aura like a ghost as he crossed through the mountains. He — very swiftly — traveled more than two hundred miles. He gradually found some traces of humans, so his chase became even more urgent.

Suddenly, Feng Feiyun paused and heard a majestic river flowing nearby. It was a river several dozens of meters wide. The waves went back and forth like the scales of a slithering silver serpent under the moonlight.

They were directly on the other side!

Bu Tianya, Zi Chuan, and Zi Qing were sitting at a shallow bank next to the large river. There was a one meter round circle engraved on the ground. Zi Chuan then let a white broken sword down into this circle.

This white broken sword was a broken Spirit Treasure, but its inner spirit and formation were still relatively intact, so he could utilize one level of a Spirit Treasure’s power.

Even though it was just one level, it was already quite amazing. Its power must be ten times greater than a half Spirit Treasure.

The three of them shot their energy into the circle at the same time and activated the formations inside the broken sword. A strand of unbound energy shot into the sky as the broken sword turned into a white dragon that slashed the Eight Veins Dragon Lock on Ji Cangyue’s body.

The eight formations on the lock mobilized at the same time, causing the black chains to turn into a crimson color. Runic patterns appeared on the chains and unleashed eight strains of force, shaking the white sword.


The white sword was blown away; it fell back into the circle and couldn’t stop vibrating.

The three heaven-defying geniuses were also hit by this force, causing their chests to feel numb. As a result, they quickly decided to recover their spirit energy.

Ji Cangyue then suffered the backlash of the dragon lock as her body was roped even more tightly. Her delicate and fine skin appeared to be crushed as her graceful body contorted in pain; she couldn’t help but to let out a little groan.

“Even a broken Spirit Treasure cannot break the Eight Vein Dragon Lock!” Zi Chuan let out a sigh.

“Although Miss Ji’s cultivation is high, the power of this lock is truly too strong. If we cannot unlock it, then the power of the lock will destroy her God Base within three days. Then, she will lose her cultivation and turn into a mere mortal.”

“From here to the Ji Clan’s house would take another five or six days. Could it be that we can only watch as Miss Ji lose her source of power?”

“This demon Feng Feiyun is too cruel!”

So they said, but they didn’t think about the fact that this lock was actually the Ji Clan’s treasure. Even if Feng Feiyun was vicious, could he be more vicious than those from the Ji Clan?

Bu Tianya had been quiet the whole time ever since he rescued Ji Cangyue. His brows never relaxed since that moment. Ji Cangyue was captured for nearly half a month, and Feng Feiyun even tied her up.

Feng Feiyun was definitely not a virtuous person, and Ji Cangyue was absolutely a city-toppling beauty. How could he not do anything to Ji Cangyue? Having thought to this point, Bu Tianya’s calm dao heart suddenly issued a ripple, then it escalated into a torrential wave.

“Feng Feiyun!” Bu Tianya suddenly stood up as he was filled with a murderous battle intent.

“Brother Bu, where do you want to go?” Zi Chuan felt the terrorizing energy on Bu Tianya’s body.

“To take Feng Feiyun’s head!” The coldness that reeked from Bu Tianya’s body created a layer of ice over the entire river.

Zi Qing’s pretty brows furrowed as she asked: “Then what about Miss Ji? She…”

“Kill Feng Feiyun first!” There was a resolution formed in Bu Tianya’s eyes. No one could change his mind. If Feng Feiyun didn’t die, then his heart would not be able to stay calm.

A ten-meter high wave suddenly soared across the river like a water dragon rushing about. A powerful and sharp force came from across the river.

“You don’t have to go, I am right here!” Above the river, a purple, cool figure walked on the water. Each of his steps caused the water to turn into a whirlpool.

Feng Feiyun had arrived!

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