Chapter 168: Blood Feud

The scaled tiger resembled a black tiger, but it was many times bigger than a regular tiger. Its scaled wings alone covered the sky and blotted out the moon.

It occasionally issued out a roar, causing the sky to shake as the noise pierced through the night.

Feng Feiyun stood on top of the scaled tiger; he was not thinking about the students from the pagoda. Although they were genius masters with prestigious statuses, Feng Feiyun only found them to be mediocre.

What was worrying him was the powerful Corpse Evils. Although he had the Evil Woman’s corpse palace and could suppress the Corpse Evils to a certain extent, but if he met the Giants among the Corpse Evils that had intelligence like Thousand Year Corpses or Undying Golden Corpses, then the Evil Woman’s corpse palace might not be able to suppress them.

“What does Xiao Nuolan plan to do? Could it really only be her trying to accumulate blood and soul to break through to the fifth transformation?” Feng Feiyun met the night breeze that was as cold as ice while staring towards the far horizon. The moonlight had been covered by a bloody mist and dyed the moon in a bloody shade.

A stench of blood was mixed in the air as it was blowing towards them from the far distance.

“Not good, something happened to Wang Meng and Liu Qinsheng!” Two flames appeared in Feng Feiyun’s eyes as he glanced six hundred miles ahead. He saw a few shadows fighting with surging blood energy as light was illuminating a whole direction.

Wang Meng’s roar shattered the clouds in the high sky.

They were met with a sneak attack by several great experts. The enemies’ cultivations were truly too powerful. Being caught off guard, Liu Qinsheng’s hand was cut off and fell to the ground, then the opponent crushed it with their feet.

These people had been following them for several days, and it wasn’t until when Feng Feiyun left the caravan to scout did they suddenly attack.

“Humph!” Feng Feiyun stomped hard on the scaled tiger’s back. The tiger was in pain, so it let out a roar and its speed became even faster.

They were only a few dozen miles away from the caravan. Feng Feiyun immediately jumped down from the tiger’s back and glided in the air while quickly soaring forward.

“What happened!?” Feng Feiyun looked at the scorched earth and the dead slave bodies on the ground. He had felt people following them earlier, but he didn’t expect for them to attack within one hour of his departure.

The moment he came back, the opponents had already left. Clearly, they had formulated a meticulous plan, so it was definitely not done by the Corpse Evils who lacked intelligence.

More than thirty slaves were all dead; many of their bodies were burst open by a powerful spirit energy, so their flesh had become mangled and unrecognizable like thirty bloody meatballs.

Under the pressure of cultivators, a mortal life was even more fragile than ants.

Was this a warning?

Feng Feiyun felt that the enemies wanted to warn and frighten him. That was why they committed such atrocities.

They used the blood all over the ground to warn Feng Feiyun!

“It was the First Heaven Immortal Gate’s first brother, Bu Tianya, and Zi Chuan and Zi Qing from the Violet Cloud Grotto.” There was a fist-sized hole in Wang Meng’s chest. It was caused by a sneak attack from Zi Qing, a sword stab from the back. If his body wasn’t so tough and if this sword pierced his heart, he would have already died.

The armor that weighed a thousand pounds on his body was broken in several places. His body was filled with bloody patches and his face was completely pale. If Feng Feiyun came back just a bit later, he would have been split into pieces by the swords.

Feng Feiyun spoke with a cold glimmer in his eyes: “The heaven-defying geniuses from the Evil Killing Alliance again! I didn’t go to cause trouble for them, yet they actually came to me first. No, something isn’t right, how did they know our route?”

“It was Ji Cangyue! She is Bu Tianya’s fiancee; this bitch must have secretly informed them!” Liu Qinsheng’s left arm was completely severed from the shoulder, revealing his white bones. He was lying limp on the grass, completely powerless in an extremely weak state.

His pale face was even more frightening. The blood around the area was all from his body.

Feng Feiyun approached, wanting to prop him up, but once he got into the grass bush, he found that Liu Qinsheng’s legs were broken into three sections. His ankles, knees, and thighs appeared to be struck by rods countless times. His bones had become residue and his flesh became bloody mud.

Not only was his arm severed, but even his legs were crippled.

“Who did it?” Feng Feiyun gritted his teeth and asked.

“Bu… Bu Tianya…” Although Liu Qinsheng was in such a miserable state with blood dripping from his lips, there was a faint smile on his sorrowful face: “He told me to tell you a message, that he will deal with you in this manner. He will cut out all the bones in your body, then feed them to the dogs. This is the result for daring to touch his fiancee.”

“But… I told him, that he will die a pathetic death, so he kicked my chest... This kick… Cough cough!” Liu Qinsheng spoke, still with a smile.

Feng Feiyun noticed that his chest was caved inward with at least two broken ribs as blood was flowing out. Feng Feiyun’s hands started to shiver a bit.

Wang Meng and Liu Qinsheng naturally were not good people, but they were quite loyal and brotherly to him. After seeing Liu Qinsheng’s life force leaving his body nonstop, Feng Feiyun felt a great anger.

He took out the last top of Spirit Spring Water in order to help prolong his life.

“No... it won’t have any effect…” Liu Qinsheng shakily pushed Feng Feiyun’s hand away as his eyes became even more muddled. Then, he said: “My dantian has been shattered, even a drop of Spirit Spring Water will not be able to save me.”

Feng Feiyun placed his hand on Liu Qinsheng’s dantian, but blood started to flow the moment he touched it. Bu Tianya was way too vicious.

“Bastard!” Feng Feiyun’s fingers started to crack and his hair stood on end.

“This is all because of me, they came for me…” Feng Feiyun was silent for a long time. He laid Liu Qinsheng’s body flat on the ground so that he could feel a bit better.

“If you truly feel guilty, then… help me with something!” Liu Qinsheng spoke.

“Say it!” Feng Feiyun replied.

An even greater sadness appeared in Liu Qinsheng’s eyes. Although he was a bandit, he had not always been one. It was simply because of a big mistake that he couldn’t do anything except escape to Fire Beacon City to avoid his enemy.

His mouth began to utter his story: “I was a strategist for the Heaven Shaking Marquis, a third rank Wisdom Master, but I committed a great mistake… Sigh…”

Not only Feng Feiyun, but even Wang Meng and the Ji sisters all came around. They knew that Liu Qinsheng’s life was at its end, and these were his last words, so they became quite sentimental.

“I slept with the eighth concubine of the Heaven Shaking Marquis and even made her pregnant.” Although his face was pale and his body was bloody, there was still a glimmer in his eyes.

If it was an ordinary day when he heard such crazy words, then Feng Feiyun would have absolutely laughed and teased him, but he couldn’t laugh right now.

The Heaven Shaking Marquis was one of the eighteen Heavenly Marquises of the Godly Jin Dynasty; he had more than 30,000,000 troops in his control. Even a few great clans were a bit dreadful of him.

This was a character that could shake the earth with one stomp in the Godly Jin Dynasty’s imperial court, and Liu Qinsheng actually slept with his eighth concubine. No wonder he had to run all the way to the southern border.

“This happened more than ten years ago, and I have once begged Third Boss to seek for news about the baby. Third Boss was a great friend, and he went out of his way to help me by taking a trip to the Godly Capital. He found out that the baby that year was not executed, and the eighth concubine also didn’t die.”

“How can this be?” Feng Feiyun wondered; a character like the Heaven Shaking Marquis... If someone made him a cuckold, then he should have executed the eighth concubine and the baby.

“Haha! The Marquis’ status is very high in the court, so even if he clearly knew of this affair, he didn’t dare to publicize it. He could only try his best to cover it up. Aizz! This trip to the Wanxiang Pagoda... I wanted to secretly meet this child once, to see if it is a boy or a girl, to see if they have grown up. But… It seems like I will not have the chance…” There was a tinge of red on Liu Qinsheng’s face, but having spoken to this point, he suddenly coughed out some blood. He wanted to say something else to Feng Feiyun, but the sound would not come out.

“Your child is in the Wanxiang Pagoda? What is their name… Hey… What are you asking me to do?” Feng Feiyun lamented his fate. How could a wife from a Marquis’ household care for a strategist? It seemed that Liu Qinsheng and the eighth concubine had a great tale between them.

Unfortunately, he was no longer able to speak.

Those right before death usually suffered this heartache. They wanted to speak, but the words would not come out — this was a feeling even worse than death itself!

Liu Qinsheng’s body stretched straight as his eyes gazed at the moon in the sky. They became more and more blurred. He raised his hand as if to catch something, but in the end, it helplessly fell down to the ground.


Everybody was slowly filled with a bleak sensation. Everyone had a different story; Liu Qinsheng risked his life to enter the Wanxiang Pagoda just to secretly see his child once, but the old heavens would not even grant his little wish.

The heavens let him die along the way. Even in his death, he didn’t know what his child looked like. Heck, he didn’t even know if they were a boy or a girl.

What kind of unwilling and reluctant feeling was this ah!

“I’m going to make mincemeat out of that bastard, Bu Tianya!” Wang Meng’s eyes were a bit teary. His brother died with regrets, so he was extremely enraged and emotional. He chased towards the distance, but he only managed to run a few steps before he fell head first into the ground. He was seriously injured. Although his body was powerful, he could no longer stand straight.

He attempted to stand up several times, but he kept falling down again and again.

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