Chapter 167: Wanxiang Pagoda’s Disciples


The Second Transformation Corpse Evil felt the extraordinary presence of this corpse fire as if it was the natural repression of a stronger fighter versus an inferior fighter. It immediately turned around to run. It stomped its foot heavily on the ground and then shot up towards the sky like a cannon, landing more than ten miles away. Then, with another stomp, it disappeared from sight.

“A Fourth Transformation Corpse Fire really has the ability to suppress these Corpse Evils, haha! It seems that as long as I do not meet Xiao Nuolan, I would not need to be afraid of any other Corpse Evils.” Feng Feiyun found the benefits of having Xiao Nuolan’s corpse palace inside his dantian.

Feng Feiyun searched for the eight skeletal corpse palaces inside the burnt ashes. All of them were as big as a hand with the shape of a palace that had an entrance.

These were the essences and primal corpse palaces of the eight corpses left behind after they were incinerated.

“Fellow Daoist, I am willing to pay 800 gold coins to buy these eight corpse palaces.” Suddenly, a voice appeared. It was a handsome young man in a white scholarly robe whose voice traveled across one thousand miles. Not too long later, he descended down from the sky while riding a strange, azure bird that had three hundred years of cultivation.

“I am willing to pay 8,000 gold coins!” Another pretty girl with a white robe also came down while riding a four hundred year old crane like a goddess.

“Gu Lianqiu, if you are willing to pay 8,000, then this Murong Zhuo is willing to pay 30,000 gold coins for these eight corpse palaces!”

Another white-robed young man riding a giant beast like a qilin quickly arrived from the mountain.

… …

All of these white shadows raced through the sky as fast as lightning.

They seemed to have come from the same place because they all wore the same white dao uniform. The only difference was the markings printed on their chests; some had cauldrons while others had beast pictures and spirit stones. Also, the amount of these markings were not similar.

Not much time passed before seven men and women stood before Feng Feiyun.

They all had strange mounts, and they were also quite generous; several thousand gold coins appeared to be nothing to them.

Feng Feiyun analyzed these young people who had suddenly arrived and found that all of them were quite dignified. The men were handsome and the women were beautiful. They all carried a noble aura; it was clear that they were groomed from a young age, and the newly rich young masters could not compare to them.

Their talents were not all at the heaven-defying level, and some of them had ordinary talents. However, without any exception, all of them were full of confidence.

Only people with true abilities could wield such confidence.

“Who are you?” Feng Feiyun became alert and quickly asked.

“Wanxiang Pagoda, God Base level, blacksmithing department, Murong Zhuo.”

“Wanxiang Pagoda, Immortal Foundation level, beastmaster department, Gu Lianqiu.”

“Wanxiang Pagoda, Immortal Foundation level, beastmaster department, Qin Long.”

“Wanxiang Pagoda, God Base level, dan-master department, Luo Shixiong.”

… …

All seven of them introduced themselves and subtly revealed a sense of pride.

Everyone had their arrogant moments, but the most important part was whether they had the ability to be arrogant or not.

This group had the ability to be arrogant because they were all part of the five mysterious grand masters, and they were also disciples of the Wanxiang Pagoda. Either of these two identities was quite prestigious in the cultivation world, not to mention that their clans were especially notable.

“So they are Wanxiang disciples!” Feng Feiyun was quite surprised. Why did the disciples of the pagoda come all the way to the Trinity County of the Grand Southern Prefecture?

The Wanxiang Pagoda was the sacred ground for learning in the Jin Dynasty, and more than seventy percent of all grand mysterious masters came from it. One could see its great influence in the cultivation world.

With the appearance of the Evil Woman, the rest of the world trembled in fear. As the sacred ground of mysterious masters, the pagoda naturally could not ignore such a matter. These seven disciples were sent here to investigate the movement of the Corpse Evils.

They wanted to kill a few Corpse Evils and take their corpse palaces back to the pagoda; only then would their task be considered complete.

However, the Corpse Evil’s might far exceeded their expectations. Now, a First Transformation Corpse Evil was three times stronger than a First Transformation Corpse Evil of the past, so they never found an opportunity to strike.

Therefore, after evacuating the people within a thousand mile radius and luring dozens of Corpse Evils to this area, they wanted to separate and defeat them. However, they didn’t expect for someone else to take the initiative and burn the eight Corpse Evils and even take away their corpse palaces.

Anyone who could send back corpse palaces to the pagoda would contribute a great merit, and the rewards would naturally be rich. Even someone with their identity would be tempted, so they didn’t mind spending several ten thousand gold coins to buy it from Feng Feiyun.

“Fellow Daoist, just name any price, I must buy these eight corpse palaces.” Luo Shixiong gauged Feng Feiyun and felt that he was a rich young master who was traveling with two beautiful maids. Even though he had a decent cultivation, he should be tempted by money.

Luo Shixiong firmly believed that everyone had a price, no matter how wealthy they were.

“I don’t lack money!” Feng Feiyun played with the eight corpse palaces in his hand and answered with a faint smile.

Luo Shixiong didn’t expect such a direct refusal, so his face suddenly became dimmed. The other disciples also let out some amusing laughter.

Luo Shixiong couldn’t restrain the anger that showed on his face; he scowled then bit his teeth before he took out a pretty little dan bottle from his robe and said: “This is a first rank top pill bottle personally refined by me, containing Spirit Rising Dan. One pill can increase one’s spirit energy to the point where it would be comparable to harshly cultivating for one year. One cannot buy these pills with gold. There are three pills left in this bottle, which should be more than enough for your eight corpse palaces.”

The other six were no longer laughing as they stared at Luo Shixiong with surprise. This guy was actually willing to pay such a price for the eight corpse palaces! Truly someone who came from a great background.

However, Feng Feiyun didn’t care for the Spirit Rising Dan; he only felt that these people were very arrogant. Since the very start, they didn’t even look at him, so he was quite annoyed.

Was the Wanxiang Pagoda truly so great? Is being a mysterious master really that amazing?

Feng Feiyun also didn’t care for the eight corpse palaces. He gazed at this Luo Shixiong fella, then he shook his head and smiled before directly throwing the eight corpse palaces straight to the ground into the black ashes.

Afterwards, he didn’t bother to give them a glance as he climbed on top of the scaled tiger’s back with the Ji sisters. They soared into the sky and disappeared into the night curtain.

If you are so arrogant, then please discard your pride and pick up the eight corpse palaces on the ground.

“Too arrogant…” Luo Shixiong gripped his fists and remembered the look of disdain in Feng Feiyun’s gaze before leaving; it was as if Feiyun was donating these corpse palaces to beggars.


Till now, they would always be the ones to give charity to others!

He really wanted to fight Feng Feiyun, since no one had ever disrespected him like this before.

“Really so bullish ah!” If Teacher didn’t previously warn us to not pick on the weak unless it was a last resort, then I would have taught him a lesson so that he could learn the rule of the jungle.” Murong Zhuo’s expression turned cold. He was a heaven-defying genius and also the strongest in this group as an intermediate God Base. Even among the many experts at the pagoda, he was somewhat famous.

None of these seven mysterious masters were willing to bend their backs to pick up the eight corpse palaces on the ground. How could someone with such distinguished backgrounds like them pick up something purposely thrown away by someone else?

That would be too humiliating!

“We should still kill a Corpse Evil and take its corpse palace, then go back and report it. As long as we don’t meet a Second Transformation Corpse Evil, there will be no danger.” Gu Lianqiu’s pretty eyes glanced over these eight corpse palaces. Even though she was very close, she couldn’t go to pick them up so she felt a bit regretful.

She felt that the departed teenager just now was not simple. To be able to kill eight Corpse Evils... The seven of them combined couldn’t compare to him. Murong Zhuo would most likely have been taught a lesson instead.

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