Chapter 166: Second Transformation Corpse Evil

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” The howling wind became even more fierce, so fierce that even the ancient trees began to shake. A faint dark mist began to silently approach above the ground.

“Xsttt!” Without any warning, a Corpse Evil with a pair of crimson eyes that was covered in hair like a gorilla walked out.

This was initially a human, but because of the corpse transformation, its hair started growing a lot longer so it didn’t resemble one anymore.

With her agile reaction, Ji Xiaonu prepared her bow. A glimmer shot out from the bow, and it turned into a blue serpent flying outward.

This iron bow was a weapon of the Treasure level, and its arrow was also created by the finest steel. It was shot out after the energy gathered, and it could break through the defense of an early God Base. However, this bow couldn’t harm this Corpse Evil even in the slightest.

Its long black hair was tougher than even armor, so it was as if it was adorned with a set of black armor. A spark exploded from the friction caused by the arrow hitting the armor-like hair. It was blocked and deflected into flying outside and into a tree.

“Boom!” This maple tree turned into pieces of broken wood on the ground.

The Corpse Evil became enraged and pounced towards Ji Xiaonu with eyes as red as blood.

Although Ji Xiaonu’s cultivation was not low, her battle experience was very lacking. Seeing the terrorizing Corpse Evil soaring towards her, she was at a loss at this moment and could only retreat before almost falling on the ground.


A golden light burned on Feng Feiyun’s hand as he punched the Corpse Evil, causing it to fly ten meters away. However, its body immediately got up; it was obvious that even Feng Feiyun’s fist couldn’t hurt it.

Feng Feiyun’s hand, on the other hand, was in pain as he lamented the corpse’s terrifying defensive capabilities. Even though it was only a First Transformation Corpse Evil, its defense could already compare to a peak God Base cultivator.

Only the secret arts of a Treasure Seeking Master would be able to suppress these evil monsters. For example, the Crimson Fire Art was specifically designed to restrain these Corpse Evils.

Naturally, other Treasure Seeking Masters would also have different troves of secret skills.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

In just a moment, seven more Corpse Evils rushed out from the forest; now, there were eight of them.

Eight pairs of bloody eyes — more frightening than wild animals — were staring intensely at Feng Feiyun’s group of three.

Although Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu were abnormalities, they were still girls who weren’t as bold as Feng Feiyun. They couldn’t help but to use their movement techniques to get close to Feng Feiyun. It seemed that he had become their pillar…

“Eight First Transformation Corpse Evils, and their auras are not that dense, so they are clearly newborn.”

Even if someone was killed by a Corpse Evil, only one out of one thousand would transform into a murderous monster. The other unlucky ones would just turn into regular corpses and eventually rot back to the earth.

The appearance of eight Corpse Evils meant that eight thousand people died at the hands of these corpses.

It seems that the Evil Woman’s grand corpse army already attacked this place.

The earth heavily shook as all eight Corpse Evils pounced at the same time with their outstretched black claws.

Countless corpse energies intertwined together and filled the entire forest; the energy was dense to the point where even the heavens would lose its color. The moon was swallowed and one couldn’t see their own hand even if it was placed right in front of their eyes. Only the shrill screams of the corpses existed beside one’s ears.

Feng Feiyun gathered his energy and stretched out one finger, then he pointed it at the ground. Countless blazing crimson flames erupted from the ground and immediately incinerated half of the mountain. The eight Corpse Evils chaotically scurried around like eight lanterns; they wailed for a long time without stop.

The flames burned the corpses and the night also turned red.

From afar, it seemed as if the whole mountain was set on fire.


A horrifying light rushed down from another mountain in the distance. It was initially more than thirty miles away, but in a flash, it appeared right behind Feng Feiyun. And with one claw, it scratched a huge wound on Feng Feiyun’s back where one could even see his spine.

The ninth Corpse Evil!

Feng Feiyun’s golden blood began to drip down; in it contained a thick corpse aura as a black mist began to form. The corpse poison had permeated into his blood.

This was a terrorizing existence that had underwent the second Corpse Transformation, and its speed actually almost exceeded a grand achievement God Base cultivator, so that was why it was able to harm Feng Feiyun like this.


The Infinite Spirit Ring flew out and channeled its spirit energy to strike away the Second Transformation Corpse Evil that appeared out of nowhere.

Although Feng Feiyun was taken by surprise and suffered a severe injury, his bloodlust was provoked. He recalled the ring and turned around to retaliate. His body turned into a shadow with the ring in his hand, and he continuously unleashed more than one hundred moves against the Second Transformation Corpse Evil.

As fast as lightning, their battle vibrated in the sky as a dark light encompassed one man and one corpse.

This Corpse Evil no longer had hair covering its body, and it had cultivated to the point where it had an impenetrable diamond body. With Feng Feiyun’s current mastery of the Crimson Fire Art, he essentially could not harm it.

The First Corpse Transformation was easy; one thousand bodies contaminated by the corpse poison could have one transformed corpse.

However, for a Corpse Evil to undergo the second transformation, the process would be extremely arduous. Even within ten thousand Corpse Evils, there would not necessarily be one that was able to transform the second time.

This not only required a huge amount of blood energy and souls as the foundation, but it also required a few special treasures that were born naturally from the earth. These treasures must have a dao-seeking property as well as be in a special location for earth corpses so that its own heavenly aura was able to assist the process.

Therefore, only the extremely talented within the Corpse Evils would be able to successfully transform twice into this impenetrable diamond body.

Its battle power was also remarkably horrifying. In the past, even with Dongfang Jingyue’s amazing cultivation and the accompaniment of the Haotian Spirit Mirror, she was also majorly wounded by two Second Transformation monk corpses and nearly died.


Feng Feiyun retreated with his pair of fists filled with blood. Some was his own, but some was also blood from the Corpse Evil.

So powerful, such a terrifying power!

Although Feng Feiyun’s fists were reinforced with the Spirit Treasure’s power, they couldn’t break through the corpse’s defense, and he was barely able to fight evenly against it.

“This is just a Corpse Evil that recently transformed the second time. Its power is roughly equal to the force of six qilins, and it is among the weakest of Second Transformation Corpse Evils.”

Six Qilins of power was around 320,000 pounds, and many peak God Base cultivators were unable to release such a powerful force.

“Your back is hurt, and you have been invaded by the corpse poison. I will fight in your stead!” Ji Xinnu looked at the gruesome wound on Feng Feiyun’s back and immediately shifted her body forward. Her slender jade hands turned into a blue color — transparent like a sapphire. Ten nails as sharp as swords stretched out from her long and slender fingers.

Her nails were also of a blue color, shining like crystals while exuding a cold and dark air.

“There is a man here, so there is no need for a woman to fight. Stand back!” Inside Feng Feiyun’s body was a corpse palace that belonged to a Fourth Transformation Corpse Evil, so he simply didn’t care for this little bit of corpse poison because it couldn’t harm him at all.

Moreover, he cultivated the Immortal Phoenix Physique, so his body’s recovery rate was several times greater than an ordinary cultivator. The wound on his back has already been half healed.

The Second Transformation Corpse Evil spewed out multiple gusts of black air and once again turned into a shadow to strike. Feng Feiyun did not flinch and moved forward instead. The Evil Woman’s corpse palace inside his dantian quickly activated as a green corpse fire shot out from his palm.

This corpse fire did not have any heat, and rather, it carried a cold ice-like sensation.

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