Chapter 165: Corpse Evil

The divine deer pulled the bronze carriage onward and headed north while scattering dust everywhere.

There was a wind talisman of the first rank placed on top of the divine deer, allowing it to travel eight thousand miles each day.

Three days later, Feng Feiyun’s group had traveled for more than twenty thousand miles; they had left the Godly Tiger area to enter the Hundred Peaks Range. Feng Feiyun purposely avoided Xiao Nuolan and wanted to leave the Southern Prefecture as fast as possible, so he took no breaks during the day and only left a few hours at night to rest. This way, the divine deer could recuperate.

They then kept on heading north for five more days, traversing dozens of thousands of miles. They eventually left the southern border to leave the Southern Prefecture, and the inhabitants of this place became scarcer and scarcer, creating a truly ominous scene.

Up above and in the sky was a circular group of crimson clouds; it painted a scene of a peony flower on fire.

“Boss, something isn’t right ah! Why do I suddenly have this bad feeling... Could it be that the corpse army of the evil woman has already attacked the Trinity County?” Liu Qinsheng, who was riding on his qilin, looked with a deep gaze at the sky above, a sky that was seemingly baptized by blood.

In order to avoid the grand corpse army, Feng Feiyun didn’t mind traveling for several thousand miles more and purposely went around the Trinity County. He would rather take the long route than to meet those terrifying corpse monks.

Feng Feiyun put away his Eight Arts Volume; today’s training made his mastery of the Dark Water Art even more complete, so he had started researching the Crimson Fire Art.

First was water, then the second was fire, third was wood, fourth was metal, and earth was fifth.

If one were to divide the power of the Minor Change Art into fifteen sections, then the Dark Water Art would only encompass one part, the Crimson Fire Art would take up two parts, the Verdant Wood Art would take up three, the Platinum Metal Art would take four, and the Yellow Earth Art would take up five.

One could say that the Crimson Fire Art’s power was twice that of the Dark Water Art, but its learning curve was also doubled. Feng Feiyun had spent several days, but he couldn’t utilize its real power.

“I also felt an ominous aura from the north that’s soaring in the sky, wanting to devour the heavens itself.” Feng Feiyun got off the carriage while the two Ji sisters — like two maids — followed right behind him; their goddess-like beauty blinded the thirty slaves at the back.


While holding a long whip in his hand, Wang Meng slashed these slaves and shouted: “What are you looking at? Keep on looking and I’ll dig out your eyes!”

Eventually, the sun finally hid behind a mountain.

Only the sunset that emitted a scarlet shade could repaint the clouds in the sky. The wicked shrills of the cold wind also added to the eerie atmosphere.

“We shall sleep here tonight. Stay alert, I have had a feeling as if someone has been watching us from behind.” Feng Feiyun’s eyes swept towards the deep jungle right behind them as if he was searching for something.

These words caused everyone to feel alarmed, and they all turned around to look as well. Could it be that some type of monster was following them?

The thirty slaves in their tattered clothing didn’t have the endurance of cultivators, even if their bodies were strengthened with the Wind Talismans. They suffered from an endless amount of fatigue, so after hearing Feng Feiyun’s words, they finally exhaled a sigh of relief. Some of them began to set up their tents while others went to pick up dry wood to prepare for dinner; all of these matters were taken care of by the slaves.

“I still feel that tonight will not be peaceful. Wang Meng, Liu Qinsheng, the two of you need to be careful; I will go and scout ahead.”

After giving orders to the two, Feng Feiyun immediately rode the scaled tiger along with the Ji sisters into the sky. In the blink of an eye, he had traveled dozens of miles away.

Not too long after, a small town became visible, so the scaled tiger landed right before it.

“Strange, why is there not even a single person around here?”

This small town was enough to house several hundred families, but it was exceptionally quiet at this moment. There wasn’t even a single person in sight. There were no living beings nor dead existences, so it was apparent that all of the townsfolk had already left.

Examining the traces left behind, they must have left within the last three days.

Not to mention, it seemed that they were in quite a rush; many things were left behind. What kind of situation could have warranted their sudden departure like this?

“Woof woof!” A lone mangy dog crouched on the street with a dispirited look. The sunlight from the horizon prolonged its shadow.

Autumn was drawing near, so as the breeze made its visit, the leaves also fell down from the wutong tree in front of the tower.

“Come!” Feng Feiyun jumped back on the scaled tiger’s back and stood on its extremely large head.

The Ji sisters also seemed to feel a repressive aura. This was too strange, and even Ji Xiaonu — who liked to argue with Feng Feiyun — at this moment was completely silent.

The scaled tiger continued to fly forward, and they saw several small towns. Everyone there also evacuated, creating a frightening solitary atmosphere. Not even the sounds of animals and birds remained.

The sky became darker and darker.


Right when Feng Feiyun intended to return, suddenly, a black corpse fog shot out from a mountain below like the bombardment of a tidal wave.

Feng Feiyun snorted and condensed a black light at the tip of his finger. The Dark Water Art immediately rushed out and shattered the corpse fog, then it kept on attacking.

A miserable scream emanated, similar to the shrills of ghosts.

Feng Feiyun immediately jumped down from the scaled tiger with the Ji sisters right behind him. This was the first “living” thing that they had encountered along the way, so naturally, they couldn’t easily let it go.


A shadow appeared several meters right before Feng Feiyun. A black fog billowed from its body that was covered with corpse hair.

Feng Feiyun was even faster; with one kick, he knocked an adjacent tree towards the shadow, shooting the trunk like an arrow towards it.


The shadow was knocked away and it once again fell to the floor, wounded.

Feng Feiyun’s body suddenly shifted and immediately appeared right before the shadow. He trampled on it with one foot as it kept on screaming out noises that were human-like, but not quite; ghastly, but not completely demonic.

“A corpse evil that has undergone the first Corpse Transformation!”

A faint crimson flame gathered on Feng Feiyun fingers as many red layers of red radiance came together.

“Crimson Fire Art!”

Although Feng Feiyun’s Crimson Fire Art was only at the basics of the basics, there was no problem using it to destroy the evil energy of a first transformation corpse evil.

The corpse evil’s black hair was burnt into ashes that scattered onto the ground, revealing its body beneath.

After being burnt away, more than half of the corpse evil’s vitality also withered away. As time passed, it helplessly lay limp on the ground.

“The skin is intact, and the internal organs also have yet to decay. It seems that this is a new corpse that had only transformed within the last three days. It had not devoured enough blood nor essence; no wonder why it is so weak like this!”

After cultivating the Eight Arts Volume, Feng Feiyun was quite knowledgeable regarding the Yang World’s Three Strange and the Yin World’s Three Evils.

“Pss!” Suddenly, the corpse evil’s eyes shot out two beams of light towards the sky and pierced the cloud before exploding like two fireworks.

These were the pupils of the corpse evil!

The corpse evil on the ground also burst into blood and pus. Luckily, Feng Feiyun had quickly retreated. Otherwise, he would have been completely covered in blood right now.

“Its eyes exploded — this is to inform the surrounding corpses. We need to leave this place fast. Soon, extremely strong corpse evils will gather around here. Maybe even one thousand year old corpse evils will show up.” Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu came right behind Feng Feiyun and spoke.

Feng Feiyun gazed at the dim darkness and heard several sharp gusts of wind that was accompanied by the terrorizing shrieks from corpse evils. The leaves started to fall and even the ground trembled.

“Such powerful corpse energy!” Feng Feiyun knew that they couldn’t run away, so he took a step forward to protect the Ji sisters right behind him.

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