Chapter 164: Bu Tianya

Feng Feiyun lifted the corner of the carriage’s curtain and took a look. With giant black eagles soaring high above, the mountain-life city walls were right in front of him.

Wang Meng and Liu Qinsheng were Third Boss’ confidants, so they also came along with Feng Feiyun on his trip to the Wanxiang Pagoda.

It was a long trip filled with dangers, so between these two bandits, one was a bodyguard and the other played the role of a strategist.

They were not ordinary people, so Third Boss had his own reasons for telling the two of them to follow Feng Feiyun.

Wang Meng had a stout body and while wearing heavy armor, he stood on top of the boulder-like scaled tiger. He was filled with explosive energy, causing the thirty slaves behind him to feel fear; they didn’t dare to act rashly.

Liu Qinsheng was also no less impressive. He was riding a qilin while wearing a white scholar robe with a feathered fan in his hand. Sometimes, he would stroke his goatee with a wily grin. As he stared at the majestic city walls, he smilingly said: “We got some trouble!”

Feng Feiyun’s gaze also shifted towards the city wall.

“Son of the demon, the Evil Killing Alliance’s Bu Tianya is here waiting for you, you cowardly turtle!”

One could find these large characters written on the ancient hundreds-of-feet-tall walls of Fire Beacon City. They could clearly be seen even while standing ten miles away. The ink was still fresh, so it was clearly written within the last few days.

After Bu Tianya got the news that Feng Feiyun appeared at Fire Beacon City, he immediately rushed here on his divine deers, completely exhausting seven of them before he finally entered the city five days ago.

However, once he arrived, he didn’t even see a trace of Feng Feiyun’s shadow, so he came up with this scheme in order to force Feng Feiyun out.

Bu Tianya sat still in a meditative pose on top of the wall for five days straight. There was a black banner filled with light and a dark energy pierced the sky.

He trusted that if Feng Feiyun saw the words on the wall, then he would definitely come out to fight him.

The wind at the high area not only blew his hair into a messy state, but it also caused his banner to flutter.


A bronze carriage came quickly from afar, and behind it were three wooden vehicles for cargo along with more than thirty slaves that wore iron chains on their hands and ankles.

A burly armored man that rode a great scaled tiger was slashing the slaves with his whip, demanding them to quickly step forward.

Bu Tianya was alarmed and opened his lively eyes. He looked at them with some disdain for he knew that this was a young disciple on a vacation from some clan; he had seen such a scene too many times already.

Not to mention thirty slaves, he had even seen someone bring several thousand slaves on a trip to show off their wealth. These type of young masters in these small places could not get into his sight.

“Haha, what a joke, this is clearly someone boasting without any shame, daring to call Feng Feiyun a cowardly turtle. If he actually appears, I’m afraid he will beat that certain person until he was down on his knees, begging for forgiveness.”

Below, the bronze carriage stopped as a derisive laughter emanated from inside.

Bu Tianya gave a cynical laugh and said: “Do you know who you are talking to?”

“How could I not know the famed first disciple of the First Heaven Gate, Bu Tianya? The First Heaven Gate can be considered a great sect with a thousand years of heritage; it is comparable to the Grand Development Gate and the Violet Cloud Grotto. However, its current generation’s talents seem to be on the wane; there doesn’t seem to be a single notable heaven-defying genius. Truly a shame, truly a shame…” Feng Feiyun sarcastically replied.

The First Heaven Gate, the Grand Development Gate, and the Violet Cloud Grotto were referred to as the three great pillars of the Grand Southern Prefecture’s cultivation world. All three had been established for more than one thousand years, and they had a formidable amount of resources and more than one million disciples. They were powerful enough to be compared to the top clans within this prefecture.

Anyone with the least bit of common sense would not carelessly defame the First Heaven Gate. ‘If they knew that I am the first disciple of the First Heaven Gate yet they still dare to say these overreaching words, then their identities must not be ordinary.’

‘It seems like I was mistaken!’

“Who might you be? Why not come out of the bronze carriage to meet me face to face?” A divine light condensed in Bu Tianya’s eyes as his pupils began to move like two vortexes.

“I’m only a nobody, how could I get into the Bu Tianya’s eyes?” Feng Feiyun said.

“Then I will have to personally make you come out.” Bu Tianya’s eyes shot out two explosive lights like two black burning comets descending from the sky.

Feng Feiyun still sat in the carriage as his finger gave birth to a radiance. The water vapor within a radius of ten miles was controlled by him. A countless amount of white mist appeared and quickly gathered at his fingertip.

“Dark Water Art!”

With a reach of his finger, a myriad of water vapor condensed into the same place and turned into a flooding technique.


The Dark Water Art was horrifying and directly destroyed the two glints from Bu Tianya’s Heaven Breaking Gaze, and its power did not diminish and continued to strike at Bu Tianya, who was sitting on top of the wall.

Bu Tianya’s hands were punctured by the Dark Water Art and four bleeding wounds appeared!

He furiously retreated for more than nine meters and almost fell off the wall. Although his hands were stained with blood, his battle intent remained undiminished as he coldly said: “You can’t be just a nobody.”

“Bu Tianya, you are too conceited. The cultivation world is too large, and people more powerful than you are everywhere. It is best for you to be more humble.” Feng Feiyun didn’t want to linger around with him for too long. He shot out a palm and erased the words on the wall, then he commanded: “We’re leaving!”

Standing on the scaled tiger, Wang Meng revealed his large front teeth and chuckled at Bu Tianya, then he quickly rode ahead to open the way. They very quickly entered Fire Beacon City.

In order to get to the Wanxiang Pagoda, one must first go through Fire Beacon City through the south gate all the way to the north gate. Then, they would have to keep north all the way through the entire Grand Southern Prefecture for more than 200,000 miles.

“Whoosh, whoosh!”

Two purple lights flew out from the city and landed on the city wall. They were two heaven-defying geniuses from the Violet Cloud Grotto, Zi Chuan and Zi Qing.

“Brother Bu, I felt a disturbance in the worldly energy earlier, what happened?” Zi Chuan asked.

Bu Tianya channeled his Spirit Qi, wanting to repair the wounds on his hands, but these four wounds were invaded by Dark Water Qi so the recovery rate was quite slow. He only managed to barely stop the blood from flowing.

This spirit art was too strange and its destructive property was amazing.

Bu Tianya looked at the caravan that had entered the city and said with a deep glare: “Earlier, I met a mysterious guy whose cultivation is no less than mine. I was caught off guard and became wounded by his one move. Fire Beacon City — truly a place filled with sleeping dragons and hidden tigers.”

Zi Chuan and Zi Qing glanced at each other with surprise. Bu Tianya was the first disciple of the First Heaven Gate and also a heaven-defying genius. He once entered an evil city alone and fought against everyone, killing all the evil-doers in that city. He became famous from just this one feat.

Bu Tianya was absolutely a great hero in the contemporary times. In the First Heaven Gate, countless junior brothers and junior sisters looked up to him; he was absolutely not useless like how Feng Feiyun ridiculed him earlier.

His cultivation was also one step higher than Zi Chuan and Zi Qing.

“I have asked around in your stead. Ten days ago, in Fire Beacon City, someone saw Feng Feiyun carrying Miss Ji before disappearing completely.” Zi Qing’s bright eyes and white teeth in her purple dao dress had quite a divine look.

Bu Tianya clenched his fists and emitted a cold glare from his eyes before saying: “Feng Feiyun again! If he dares to touch even one strand of Cangyue’s hair, then I will absolutely grind his bones to dust.”

Bu Tianya was Ji Cangyue’s fiance!

‘Bu Tianya is indeed formidable. Even though I took him by surprise, I could only leave a minor injury on him.’ Feng Feiyun sat in the bronze carriage and refined the black mist in his hand. Although he wounded Bu Tianya earlier, Bu Tianya’s Heaven Breaking Gaze also penetrated his veins.

Nevertheless, his golden blood shot out a bright brilliance and quickly dispelled the gaze’s power.

“If Bu Tianya used his great banner, then he could defeat you within ten moves.” Ji Cangyue coldly spoke in the corner of the carriage.

“Unfortunately, we have already left Fire Beacon City, and that fool might still be sitting on top of the wall to enjoy the breeze, haha!” Feng Feiyun did not refute her statement. However, this did not mean that he was truly weaker than Bu Tianya. If it was real fight, then Feng Feiyun was seventy percent confident in being able to defeat him.

Luckily, Feng Feiyun also didn’t know that Bu Tianya was Ji Cangyue’s fiance. Otherwise, he would have fought him well before leaving Fire Beacon City.

Ji Cangyue’s alluring face had a sad and worried appearance. ‘If I keep staying by this bastard Feng Feiyun’s side, then sooner or later, my chastity will be hard to keep. I must find a way to let Bu Tianya know so that he can save me.”

There is a way!

Ji Cangyue secretly pinched a wound on her jade finger; blood began to drip down from it and it slid down to the ground from the carriage’s gap.

Ji Cangyue was from the Ji Clan’s main family that had a special and ancient blood; it had a special imprinted marking.

Any cultivator could find out which clan the opponents belonged to just by analyzing their blood. Third Boss used Feng Feiyun’s blood to guess that he was a disciple from the Feng Clan.

As long as Bu Tianya discovered the bloodstain on the ground, then he would be sure to follow after her.

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