Chapter 163: Rich Young Master

Deep on an old path, a bronze carriage was pulled by a giant and it created a large blinding dust patch.

Feng Feiyun sat on a white blanket made out of lamb skin while holding a bronze cup to drink a sip of fine wine.

With the incense that emitted from the brass tripod, the burning of the finest musk caused the entire carriage to be filled with a sweet scent.

“Good wine! At this moment, in the entire Grand Southern Prefecture, maybe I am the only one enjoying life so much like this.” Feng Feiyun closed his eyes and became intoxicated from the wine.

Seven meters long and four meters wide, the carriage was very spacious like an extremely extravagant room.

It was covered with a white sheepskin blanket with two bronze tables filled with fine wine and a delicious feast.

Of course, the most enviable and jealousy-inciting things were the two beautiful girls sitting in the corners. One appeared to be around thirteen to fourteen while the other was around fifteen to sixteen. Both were young and pure with their delicate features.

They were wearing blue silk robes with their lovely hair tied up into a bun. Their waists were decorated with jewels and jades while adorning precious jade seashells on their necks.

The Ji sisters were always wearing shabby clothing before, but now, they were wearing extravagant dresses, turning them into two entirely different people. They seemed to be goddesses coming out from a painting.

Their styles resembled two little female servants from a great family accompanying their young master.

In the morning, before leaving the Huang Feng Ridge, Feng Feiyun purposely took a shower and did his hair. He then wore a purple silk robe with an expensive gilded pair of boots; he no longer had the same sloppy appearance like in the past.

Before, he resembled a beggar, but now, he was more like a handsome young master from an immortal gate.

Ji Xiaonu, who was initially unhappy with Feng Feiyun, also became dazed after seeing his valiant appearance; she couldn’t believe her own eyes! This villainous bastard was actually so handsome. Who knew how many pretty girls would be deceived by his appearance from now on?

“Pah! Feng Feiyun, you better let me go. Otherwise, the Ji experts will mince you into pieces.” Ji Cangyue was locked by the Eight Veins Dragon Seal; the eight iron chains were connected to the bronze carriage and they imprisoned her in the corner.

The seal not only trapped her body, but it also closed off her veins so she couldn’t utilize her cultivation. She was now no different from an ordinary person.

Although she could use the Eight Veins Dragon Seal, she couldn’t unlock it.

Feng Feiyun slightly smirked and glanced at her. Then, he carried his knife over to her and used the tip to point at her pretty face while saying: “Tell me, why does your Ji Clan want to capture these two sisters?”

Ji Cangyue’s tall and delicate body were tightly attached to the bronze wall of the carriage. Her well-endowed chest kept on shaking up and down. Regarding the physique alone, the Ji sisters were truly far below her. Both the front and the back were filled in complete perfection.

This was really a stunning woman ah!

“Hmph!” Ji Cangyue scowled with a gaze as cold as ice while her eyes stared straight at Feng Feiyun. She boldly faced him and did not yield.

“So you won’t tell me… heh!” Feng Feiyun scratched his nose and said: “I already know even if you don’t tell me. You want to steal the Yang Soul Holy Embryo on their bodies, right?”

These words were not only meant to test Ji Cangyue, they were also testing the Ji sisters, so he paid attention to the intricate changes in their eyes.

The Yang Soul Holy Embryo was too crucial to Feng Feiyun. Maybe he was the only one who understood its true value; the wealth of the entire Godly Jin Dynasty combined still couldn’t compare to it.

However, the Ji sisters wouldn’t tell him its location so he had no strategies left to try, thus he decided to try and get something out of Ji Cangyue.

The moment these words came out, all the girls inside the carriage started to panic. The Ji sisters were startled and had to hold onto their sleeves. One could see that they were quite alarmed; it was as if they were afraid of being assaulted by Feng Feiyun.

Ji Cangyue’s cold eyes also produced a ripple of emotion, yet she still shut her mouth tightly. She slightly turned her pretty face away without saying a word.

Feng Feiyun looked at her pink jade-like lips and thought about the wonderfulness of her sweet tongue, so he started to laugh out loud.

Ji Cangyue noticed his bare gaze staring at her. Combined with his perverted laugh that was capable of scaring girls away, her delicate body shivered and she finally spoke: “Feng Feiyun, if you ever lay a hand on even a finger of mine, my fiance will grind you into dust.”

“Fiance? Your fiance is really great, right? Has he kissed you before?” Feng Feiyun smilingly teased her.

“You…” Ji Cangyue thought about how her first kiss was robbed by Feng Feiyun and felt guilty for her fiance.

“Has he touched your chest before?” Feng Feiyun laughed and continued.

“You…” Ji Cangyue bit her lips; if it wasn’t for the seal, she would have already jumped at Feng Feiyun right now.

“Aizz! Miss Ji is a great beauty in this world — capable of toppling cities. Unfortunately, your entire body has been touched by me. If you don’t tell me the truth, then I don’t mind cuckolding your fiance, hehe.” Feng Feiyun’s knife slightly glazed over Ji Cangyue’s face.

“Bastard, you dare…” Ji Cangyue was really afraid. After all, Feng Feiyun was not a virtuous gentleman; he was three parts good and seven parts evil.

“Aizz! Some women have a desire to be forcefully loved. Since Miss Ji is so stubborn, don’t tell me that you are waiting for me to assault you?” Feng Feiyun no longer smiled and became very serious.

The more serious he became, the more frightened Ji Cangyue felt. However, she was a Death Spirit Child who underwent strict training, so even if Feng Feiyun cut off her arms and legs, she was still unlikely to give in.

“Foolish stubborness!” His eyes turned cold as the knife in his hand slowly reached down. Its cold and sharp edge slightly drew on her smooth neck.

“Xsh!” The sharp knife easily cut through her dress. Feng Feiyun’s hand was quite steady as he slowly controlled the knife. From her neck to her chest, the tear on her dress became larger and larger. Her fragrant and snow white skin completely dazzled others.

“Xsh!” The luxurious silk dress tore apart even more, and even her personal white corset emerged as it was cut apart, revealing a seductive valley below. Between the two peaks was a milky white that caused others’ hearts to boil; they would be filled with imagination.

Feng Feiyun’s hand slightly paused. If the knife reached down any more, then her mysterious top half would completely appear before him. Ji Cangyue was still silent. While gritting her teeth, her hateful eyes gazed at Feng Feiyun. Her terrifying and firm eyes sent a clear message; even if Feng Feiyun actually raped her, she would still not utter half a word.

“Miss Ji is indeed a heaven-defying talent of the Ji Clan; I am truly impressed by your willpower. Aiz! I really failed. However... I have changed my mind!” Feng Feiyun took back his knife and smiled at her, then he said: “Forcing a woman is not as great as stealing her heart. As long as I take your heart, you will naturally tell me everything.”

“Bah, in your dreams!” Ji Cangyue coldly scowled.

“Haha, sooner or later, there will be one day when you will kill your fiance and then shamelessly follow me. Amidst the lonely curtain of the night, you will secretly cry tears of love because of me!” Feng Feiyun laughed and once again drank the fine wine from his cup.

“Crazy bastard!” Not only did Ji Cangyue think this, but the two Ji sisters also thought the same. This guy was arrogant beyond cure. Ji Cangyue would rather like a dog before liking him, that’s for sure.

“Oh!” The bronze carriage slightly shook before coming to a halt.

Wang Meng, who majestically rode a scaled tiger behind the caravan, suddenly said: “Boss, we made it to Fire Beacon City!”

The bronze carriage, the scaled tiger, and the thirty slaves right behind them were the spoils of the Huang Feng bandits, but they have now become Feng Feiyun’s property.

One naturally couldn’t be shabby if they wanted to go to the Wanxiang Pagoda to become a student. Otherwise, how could they hold their heads high amidst the disciples of the immortal gates and clans?

Feng Feiyun suddenly turned into a wealthy young master with his own caravan, money, slaves, guards, maids, and even a “female slave.”

These were all the must-haves from the children of rich families!

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