Chapter 162: The Future


All the moisture nearby was affected, and even the mist in the nearby mountains was not unscathed. Layers of white fog rose from the ground and quickly gathered towards Feng Feiyun.

The white mist extended to the distance like smoke hanging in the air.

“Dark Water Art!”

Feng Feiyun’s finger slowly pointed forward. “Xshhh...” A black light shot out from his finger and turned into many continuous smaller strands.


The opposite cliff and the ensuing mountain were penetrated by his one finger, creating a hole with a one-meter diameter.


Because the Dark Water Art gathered too much moisture, many areas in the opposite cliff turned into sand. The wind blew by and sand immediately scattered into the air.

The Dark Water Art was not only a skill to find treasure, but it also had frightening power with a battle potential no less than the divine arts of those great clans.

Feng Feiyun was a bit satisfied with this spell, but this was not its complete power. There was still room for mastery and improvement. He began to read the Eight Arts Volume again and continued to practice this technique.

“He has already passed the beginning basics.” Zuo Qianshou looked at the distant mountain that was penetrated by one finger with some apprehension in his heart.

The corner of Feng Dugu’s eye slightly jumped as he said: “This brat is actually so talented regarding the Treasure Seeking Art, why don’t you take him in as a disciple?”

Zuo Qianshou was a ninth-ranked Treasure Seeking Master. Moreover, his research regarding formations was peerless in this world. If Feng Feiyun could become his disciple, then his future accomplishment would be quite extraordinary.

Zuo Qianshou shook his head and declined: “His talents truly tempt me, but I’m afraid I will not have the chance to teach him.”

“You wish to go to the Godly Capital?” Feng Dugu knew Zuo Qianshou very well.

Zuo Qianshou nodded his head and said: “I don’t want to live like a fool hiding away for the rest of my life!”

“You really should go.” Feng Dugu agreed.

There were some matters that must be resolved. Otherwise, one’s cultivation would never be able to progress and, in the end, they couldn’t escape the unavoidable fate of life.

Zuo Qianshou said: “But we cannot waste his talents. Let him go to the Wanxiang Pagoda. In the future, maybe he could become a world-renowned Grand Treasure Seeking Master.”

Feng Dugu stared at Feng Feiyun from far away and also nodded his head. The Wanxiang Pagoda was indeed a sacred ground in the contemporary times; Zuo Qianshou came from it.

With two light breezes, Feng Dugu and Zuo Qianshou disappeared without a trace.


Vigorous footsteps that emanated from the distance suddenly came about: “Brother, Brother, this is not good ah!”

With a large iron saber on his back, Wu Jiu jumped one hundred meters high then landed right behind Feng Feiyun, creating a huge pit in the ground.

Feng Feiyun was not alarmed; he slowly stood up from the big boulder and asked: “What happened?”

“The evil monk has taken the little Bodhisattva away. At that time, our little Bodhisattva cried and said that she wanted to meet you one last time, but the evil monk refused and forcibly dragged her and flew away.” Wu Jiu explained.

The evil monk was naturally Monk Jiu Rou, and the little Bodhisattva he spoke of was referring to Nalan Xuejian.

Monk Jiu Rou was determined to take Nalan Xuejian in as a disciple to cultivate the Mortal Life Ancient Scripture — the heritage of the buddhist faith. Taking her away was a reasonable response, but this came a bit too sudden.

Although Monk Jiu Rou was very vicious towards other people, he was quite doting towards Nalan Xuejian. There was no way that he wouldn’t take her to see Feng Feiyun after seeing her cry.

So there was only one explanation!

An ominous sense of foreboding appeared in Feng Feiyun’s eyes: “Surely, that evil woman Xiao Nuolan has found the Huang Feng Ridge. That Monk Jiu Rou must have sensed her presence so they decided to flee.”

If this was the case, then this place was no longer safe. Feng Feiyun would also have to run.

A sharp whistle came from the mountain path!

“Boom!” Wang Meng also came from above and stood next to Wu Jiu, creating a pit in the ground as well.

“Brother, Third Boss wants you to come back; he has an important matter to discuss with you.” Wang Meng said.

Feng Feiyun furrowed his brows and said: “We’ll go back, then.”

He put away the Eight Arts Volume and went back to the Huang Feng camp with the two bandits. Along the way, they met many returning bandits; some of them captured dozens of slaves and were whipping them on.

One bandit robbed three gold chests that were stained with blood; it was apparent that many people died under his saber.

Feng Feiyun glanced at the scene with indifference. In this world, the strong wins and the weak loses; the weak will surely become the prey of the strong, and no one could change this.

“What is your cultivation now?” Third Boss narrowed his eyes and asked.

Feng Feiyun liked this old bandit; this bandit took good care of him and surely had some roots with the Feng Clan. He could even be a Feng predecessor.

“I might have reached the elementary Treasure Seeking Master level.” Feng Feiyun was very confident about his cultivation and he also had a strong interest regarding the Eight Arts Volume. Even though he only cultivated this technique for ten days, the spirit energy in his body grew faster than usual and his cultivation could be said to have suddenly become stronger.

Third Boss nodded his head and took out a black iron order. This iron order was around the size of a hand and was quite heavy with the three words “Treasure Seeking Master” carved on top with molten iron.

Along the borders of the iron order were nine magical small white stones that emanated a faint light.

The nine magical small white stones represented his identity as a ninth-ranked Treasure Seeking Master — an extremely prestigious position.

“Treasure Seeking Master Iron Order!” Feng Feiyun said.

Third Boss nodded his head and spoke: “This is Master Zuo’s iron order, and he asked me to give this to you. Use this to easily enter the Wanxiang Pagoda and become a disciple to study treasure seeking techniques.

The Wanxiang Pagoda was the sacred ground for learning techniques in the present times, and its authority could exceed even the government of the Godly Jin Dynasty. “Treasure Ranking Codex”, “Ten Greatest Masters List”, “Heavenly Beauty Chart”, “Eight Grand Historical Geniuses”... All of these rankings were created by the students and teachers from the Wanxiang Pagoda, and these lists were printed into books. Not only did they sell well in the Jin Dynasty, but also in the four neighboring dynasties.

In order to become one of the five mysterious masters, one must obtain the qualifications from the Wanxiang Pagoda with the iron orders. Only then would others recognize one’s identity as a mysterious master.

This was the pagoda’s influence in the cultivation world, and it absolutely exceeded any great cultivation power.

This was not Feng Feiyun’s first time hearing the great name of the Wanxiang Pagoda. He accepted the iron order and asked: “Has Master Zuo left already?”

“Yes, he went to do one very important thing.”

Feng Feiyun was a clever person so, after hearing the Third Boss’ reply, he managed to guess a thing or two.

The Wanxiang Pagoda was actually a good destination. At the very least, he could temporarily escape trouble.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun’s cultivation was not too weak, and he could even kill some elders from the previous generation. However, it was also not high because it was much weaker than a few heaven-defying geniuses. And when compared to the Grand Historical Geniuses, he was ten thousand miles behind.

Cultivating at the Wanxiang Pagoda for several years could allow him to compete with all the geniuses in this world once he came out.

Feng Feiyun was only fourteen years old at the moment, and he even started to cultivate late. He was a bird without wind supporting his wings; instead of being chased by cultivators until he had nowhere left to go, it was better to find a place to hide.

“The evil woman’s appearance and the hidden waves in the Yang World along with the chaos in the Grand Southern Prefecture — all of this will spread to the entire dynasty in a couple of years.” Third Boss stared at the sky and slowly spoke: “I can faintly see the near future where blood stains the earth and corpses cover this world. Not just anyone can be involved in this calamity; only those with a high cultivation would be able to play an important role. Otherwise, they would just become bloodstains on the ground.”

Feng Feiyun had experienced a lot of things recently, and he also faintly sensed an unusual atmosphere. He then solemnly declared: “These next few years will be when my cultivation explodes. The next time I come back, I will compete and obtain total hegemony against all the talents in this world!”

“I will not have to run any longer, that will be an action taken only by other people!”

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