Chapter 160: Yang Soul Holy Embryo

Feng Feiyun revealed a nefarious smirk like a classless brute who would even bully both the elderly and children. He was sinister and cruel enough, a piece of scum that would be looked down upon even by a little girl.

His one hand held Ji Xiaonu’s light blue cold-as-ice hand, and the other wielded a knife that was pressed firmly on her white neck. With a very evil smile on his face, it was as if he was about to say: “Little Girl, take your clothes off!”

“Villain, from the first time I saw you, I already knew that you were a scoundrel; I’m really regretting not crushing your dog head with one stomp back then.” A blue light shot out from Ji Xiaonu’s eyes; a blue glimmer shined on her face as if it was sculpted from blue jade.

Her other hand slightly turned. Five sharp and cold fingers swept towards Feng Feiyun’s cheek.

“Foolish girl!” Feng Feiyun also grabbed her other hand. His knife gently tapped on her face as he threatened: “If you don’t obey me nicely, do you think I wouldn’t take off all of your clothes just like your sister…? Hehehe!”

“Pervert, what did you do to my sister?” Ji Xiaonu was immobilized by Feng Feiyun, so she could only let out a sobbing cry: “Who did we ever offend! Why do all of you want to chase us until the very end? We only want a peaceful life, why must you all make it so difficult…”

The blue brilliance on her body gradually receded as she reverted back to her normal human form with two lines of tears falling down her face — quite a pitiable look.

“Grandpa Sun, the only person who was willing to help us is already dead. Everyone in this world is wicked. What did you do to my sister, what did you do to my sister!?”

Feng Feiyun’s biggest fear was a girl crying in front of him; a sense of pity rose in his heart so his grip slightly loosened, then he said: “The truth is…” Feng Feiyun said in a serious manner: “The truth is, I am already your brother-in-law!”

Ji Xiaonu became startled and emotionally exclaimed: “Impossible! If you have already become my brother-in-law, then how come you don’t have half of the Yang Soul Holy Embryo?”

Feng Feiyun’s eyes slightly narrow and he quickly asked: “Becoming your brother-in-law will give me half of the holy embryo, then where is the other half?”

When one refines their soul to the origin and removes all the Yin inside, one would achieve a pure Yang soul; this was called the “Yang Soul”.

In Daoism, what was referred to as the “Holy Embryo” was a type of Violet Palace Gold Core. By using the body to condense the three factors — spirit, energy, and soul to the utmost completion, this was the Holy Embryo.

The Violet Palace existed in the middle dantian. Only Heaven’s Mandate cultivators would be able to form a “Heaven’s Mandate Gold Core” in their middle dantian, and the Holy Embryo was the most mythical existence among the Heaven’s Mandate Gold Cores. Rumor has it that only Holy Saints would be able to condense the Violet Palace into a Holy Embryo.

It could be said that a cultivator wanting to become a supreme Holy Saint must first refine their Violet Palace into a Holy Embryo.

A Yang Soul Holy Embryo combined the advantages of both the Yang Soul and Holy Embryo. If Feng Feiyun could create a Yang Soul Holy Embryo, then his talents would immediately surpass the Eight Grand Historical Geniuses with an unstoppable foundation. His cultivation speed would be ten times, no, one hundred times faster than an ordinary person and he would be without any bottlenecks.

So the two of them held the Yang Soul Holy Embryo. If a Giant expert was able to cultivate the Yang Soul Holy Embryo, then their strength would jump several times and they would also gain many other great advantages. With the strength of one person, they would still be able to sweep through the entire cultivation world at the Jin Dynasty.

No wonder why so many experts wanted to catch the two of them!

Feng Feiyun knew more than anyone else about the difficulty of condensing a Holy Embryo; even his former life couldn’t successfully condense a Holy Embryo. If he actually did it, then he would have already become a supreme Holy Saint.

“Where did your sister place half of the Holy Embryo? And is the other half on you?” Feng Feiyun threateningly asked.

Ji Xiaonu was taken aback. At first, she was slightly confused, then she suddenly thought of something and immediately blushed. She bit her white snow teeth and coldly glared at Feng Feiyun: “I absolutely will never tell you, just kill me!”

“The Yang Soul Holy Embryo is a mysterious and inexplicable existence; it will only bring about a calamity to you guys. I can help you temporarily safe keep it…” Feng Feiyun sternly spoke.

“Pah! Pervert, in your dreams!” Ji Xiaonu spat on Feng Feiyun’s face while her black eyes were filled with anger.

“Creak!” The door was opened and the Third Boss came in with his walking stick and bent over back. His pace was stuttering as his old eyes looked at the strange air in this place, then he slightly scolded: “Feiyun, how could you be so violent towards a girl? Feelings need to culminate slowly, you can’t rush it, can’t rush it…”

Feng Feiyun let go of Ji Xiaonu’s hands and used his sleeve to wipe the saliva from his face, then he said: “Old Man, you misunderstood…”

“Young people need to be honest. Although my ears don’t hear very well anymore, I still heard her calling you a pervert, so how could I be misunderstanding this situation?” Third Boss was like an elder and patted Feng Feiyun’s shoulder as he earnestly said: “You really can’t rush it, can’t rush it ah. The girl is still so young, a matter like this… should wait for another two years ah!”

Feng Feiyun’s eyes almost rolled out completely and he suddenly found this Third Boss to be quite something. He didn’t want to tangle with him on this matter, so he asked: “How is Xinnu over there?”

Third Boss scratched his head and finally remembered the important business, then he said: “The Jade Cold Energy has been dispelled by that high monk’s Karmic Flame, so she is no longer frozen and has woken up.”

Feng Feiyun finally breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that Monk Jiu Rou was indeed a buddhist monk and finally did something good for once.

Ji Xiaonu’s eyes brightened and she rushed past Feng Feiyun and Third Boss to go outside.

Feng Feiyun slightly smirked and also followed her.

The Ji sisters were finally saved, and Feng Feiyun felt that he had completely repaid his debt to them. However, he was quite excited about the Yang Soul Holy Embryo. It was countless times more valuable than a Daomization Stone.

The closer one’s cultivation was to the top, the more one would yearn to cultivate into a Yang Soul Holy Embryo.

“If Sha Hangyun or a person from the Ji Clan obtains the Holy Embryo, then they might be able to create a paragon expert in a short amount of time with a cultivation no weaker than Xiao Nuolan.” Feng Feiyun’s eyes became serious and reminded himself: “It seems that Xiao Nuolan’s strength is alarming quite a few people, thus they want to stop her offense. This requires them to have the power to stop her, so obtaining the Yang Soul Holy Embryo is the fastest method.”

“Sister, I thought that we would never meet again… Hoo-hoo” The two Ji sisters hugged each other.

Ji Xinnu’s will was a lot stronger than Ji Xiaonu. Her pretty expression with her almond eyes slightly changed. She only gently bit her lips but didn’t cry out. However, tears were welling up in her eyes.

“Big Sister, Feng Ergou is not a good person! He is a bandit from the Huang Feng Ridge. His villainous deeds are numerous and he truly is wretched and dirty…” Ji Xiaonu embraced her sister while angrily glaring at Feng Feiyun and declared.

Feng Feiyun’s earlier expression really disgusted her.

Standing next to a candle, Feng Feiyun revealed a slight smile and said: “I’m afraid there is a misunderstanding between us.”

“There can be no misunderstanding!” Ji Xiaonu retorted.

“Xiaonu, I’m afraid you really misunderstood him this time. I heard the seniors say that we were saved because of him; he really did us a favor ah!” Ji Xinnu explained.

Ji Xiaonu then pleaded: “Sister, you have been tricked by this villain, he actually wants… In the end, he is definitely a bad person. Sister, you must trust me and not let him fool you this time. His deception skills are too formidable.”

“But he cannot fool my eyes, I can recognize his true self with just a glance.” Ji Xiaonu put on a cold face and snappily declared.

Everyone present burst out in laughter and felt that this little girl was really funny.

Ji Xinnu gently shook her head and smiled apologetically towards Feng Feiyun: “Xiaonu is really frank and a bit insensible, I hope that Young Master Feng will not blame her.”

Feng Feiyun nodded his head and also smiled: “Of course not.”

Ji Xiaonu was quite livid with her glaring eyes; it was as if she wanted to stare this liar Feng Feiyun to death. ‘How come no one believes me, not even Big Sister?’

Feng Feiyun really was a villain ah! Simply endlessly wicked!

The Ji sisters had just woken up and were still weak. Everyone quickly took their leave so that they could rest.

Feng Feiyun was the last person to leave, but Ji Xinnu’s sudden and gentle voice came: “Young Master Feng, I have something to give you.”

“What is it?” Feng Feiyun’s heart jumped, could it be the Yang Soul Holy Embryo?

“It is something... very important, but… this item cannot be given to you for free, you must promise to help us do one thing!” Ji Xinnu was also very torn at this moment and thought for a long time before saying these words.

With her power alone, she wouldn’t be able to kill her enemy and could be killed by them instead.

Grandpa Sun had died so they could only beseech someone else for help.

She couldn’t completely trust other people, so only Feng Feiyun was left. At the very least, he saved them before.

“Haha! Not just one thing, I will agree even if it was one hundred things!” Feng Feiyun was ecstatic; if he really obtained the Yang Soul Holy Embryo, then reaching his past cultivation within one hundred years would become a certainty. He could even surpass that to become a Holy Saint.

This was fate!

Feng Feiyun felt that his bad luck streak was over and his fortune had taken a turn for the better.

“Give me the Yang Soul Holy Embryo! I am a person who finds joy in helping others. I will help you with anything.” Feng Feiyun shut the door tight and sat down on the bed before he smilingly whispered to Ji Xinnu.

Ji Xinnu was first astonished, then her elegant face blushed red and rebukingly stared at Ji Xiaonu, then he whispered: “Young Master Feng… I’m afraid you misunderstood, it is not the Yang Soul Holy Embryo…”

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