Chapter 159: I Am A Villain

The southern frontier’s wind was blowing. The steep winding road in the mountain coiled around the dangerous cliff; if a person slipped down this path, then they would absolutely die a horrific death without leaving behind a discernible corpse.

Monk Jiu Rou stood on an old road and blocked the small path with both hands clasped in front of his chest like a venerable high monk as he spoke: “Dear benefactors, drop down your blades to become buddhas; leave behind the stolen spirit stones and gold! What!? This monk is absolutely not a greedy monk; I will not touch these spirit stones and gold coins, I will give them back to their rightful owners. Motherfucker, your father is telling the truth, I am not trying to steal them!” Monk Jiu Rou shouted and immediately shattered the clothing on his body, causing them to fly around chaotically like a broken butterfly.

“Shit, this monk is too barbaric, he is absolutely an evil monk of the contemporary times!”

“Daring to play with us Huang Feng bandits, this bald donkey is really blinded by money and is looking at the wrong people.”

“Brothers, let's play with him!”

The four bandits, Wu Jiu, Wang Meng, Liu Qinsheng, and Luo Tuozi had accomplished a big business in the last several days. They not only captured the young master of the Three Mysterious Gate, but they also robbed their spirit stone treasury.

It was a struggle for them to escape the experts of the Three Mysterious Gate all the way to the bottom of the Huang Feng Ridge, but they didn’t expect to meet this wicked monk.

With traces of his visit to the brothel, this monk was even more rugged and burly than them; not to mention his white tiger tattoo. His face was fierce as if he was afraid that other people wouldn’t figure out that he was a wicked man.

“Brothers, don’t listen to this baldy’s nonsense, I only want to know where Feng Feiyun is?”

Nalan Xuejian spoke at this time. The aggressive bandits suddenly became a lot more law-abiding as the anger on their faces disappeared. Wu Jiu revealed a silly smile and said: “We also don’t know where he ran off to?”

The group of Liu Qinsheng also nodded their heads because they were also looking for Feng Feiyun.

“Don’t worry! Boss Feng got the protection of Boss Evil Woman, no one would dare to touch him… Why did you hit my head? Did I say something wrong!?” Wang Meng turned around and shouted at Liu Qinsheng.

Liu Qingsheng didn’t care for his shouting and looked at the sky with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“He and Xiao Nuolan have nothing to do with each other. Plus… plus, without my permission, he is not allowed to have any relationship with another woman.” Nalan Xuejian angrily exclaimed. Her glare with her crescent eyes caused Wang Meng to lower his head.

Meanwhile, Liu Qinsheng and Luo Tuozi were just snickering — serves him right!

In the far distance, two people were arriving at a rapid pace; it was Feng Feiyun and Zuo Qianshou. Their speed was as swift as two large black birds flying above the cliffs.

Feng Feiyun quickly saw the people ahead and happily went to greet them: “I was worried about you guys and didn’t expect that all of you had already escaped Fire Beacon City.”

The four bandits were respectful towards Feng Feiyun; inadvertently, they were treating him like their oldest brother.

“Not only did we successfully escape, but we also took twenty-eight Mysterious True Spirit Stones. This time, we obtained a big harvest.” Liu Qinsheng opened a chest the same size as him. Outside of gold and paper money, there were also twenty-eight pieces of white spirit stones filled with spirit energy.

The gold and paper money were taken from the Yin Gou Ward by Feng Feiyun. It was worth more than twenty million gold coins — truly not a small treasure, but these bandits didn’t even touch a coin.

Bandits also had their own code of honor, so Feng Feiyun couldn’t help but look at them in a better light.

“Hehe! There is also this brat here!” Wang Meng was carrying someone; the bones in his body were broken and he was tied up by ropes like a dying pig.

He was the young master of the Three Mysterious Gate, Luo Lin!

Luo Lin was miserable to the extreme and was tortured by these four bandits to the point of near collapse. At this time, his mouth made sounds, begging for mercy.

Feng Feiyun smilingly said: “He is not worth many coins, so why are you carrying him to the Huang Feng Ridge?”

Wang Meng quickly shook his head and said: “This guy is the young master of the Three Mysterious Gate; after we beat him up, he decided to sell out the sect and told us the location of its two mines. Hehe, the riches of these two mines, just thinking about it makes me happy.”

Feng Feiyun gently nodded and didn’t glance at Luo Lin again. Such a coward would not be able to go far on the cultivation path even with great innate talents.

With the character of these bandits, the moment they robbed the mines would be the funeral of Luo Lin.

“Feng Feiyun!” A shrill voice rang right beside Feng Feiyun.

Feng Feiyun took a deep breath, then he turned around and laughed: “Ah, it is Xuejian ah! It really is a coincidence!”

Nalan Xuejian glared at him once before her eyes shifted towards Ji Cangyue in his embrace. She stomped her foot and angrily asked: “Who is she?”

“A friend!” Feng Feiyun replied.

“What kind of friend?” Nalan Xuejian inquired further.

“Well… A good friend!” Feng Feiyun quickly took off and ran for his life towards the Huang Feng Ridge. When he passed by Monk Jiu Rou, he gave him a fierce glare. This Monk Jiu Rou’s eyes were still closed; he didn’t stop moving his buddhist beads while chanting amitabha as if he didn’t see Feng Feiyun’s eyes that seemingly wanted to eat him alive.

This monk was really too wicked, he almost caused Feng Feiyun to die in Xiao Nuolan’s hands. Now, he was pretending as if nothing happened.

Before nightfall, they finally returned to the Huang Feng Ridge. Nalan Xuejian and Monk Jiu Rou also followed them up the mountain. Nalan Xuejian was always sticking by Feng Feiyun’s side while chattering incessantly like a little sparrow.

Monk Jiu Rou sighed each time at the scene. This was truly a one thousand year calamity, even the evil woman couldn’t take care of him. This scourge’s life was really amazing ah!

The oil lights were flickering in the faint night scene!

Amidst the wilderness, copper oil lights were burning and illuminating the far cliffs red.

Zuo Qianshou was indeed an expert on formations and locks. The extremely complex Eight Veins Dragon Seal turned into a toy in his hands. He quickly rescued Ji Xiaonu from her chains.

The Eight Veins Dragon Seal consisted of eight different chains with eight formations and eight locks; inside the chains were the sealed souls of eight serpents. They were crafted by eight different special steel and were capable of locking a grand accomplishment God Base.

Feng Feiyun picked them up and after researching for just an hour; he quickly understood the formations inside. His finger shot out eight different lights, causing the eight formations on the chains to activate again.

“Ba! Ba! Ba! Ba!” The eight black chains — like eight dark serpents — quickly coiled around Ji Cangyue’s soft body and completely intertwined together as the formations connected with their runes…

The chains that initially locked Ji Xiaonu were now locking Ji Cangyue.

Naturally, Ji Cangyue was not Feng Feiyun’s friend. If she was allowed to wake up, then the first person she wanted to kill was the playboy Feng Feiyun who took her first kiss.

Plus, Feng Feiyun also touched her entire body; this was something that even her fiance had never done before.

Given the opportunity, she would definitely kill Feng Feiyun to hide the secret. If the matter between her and Feng Feiyun was to be spread, then not only would she lose all face, but even her fiance’s face would be gone.

Feng Feiyun, of course, also understood this, so he used the Eight Veins Dragon Seal to lock her. This woman was a Death Spirit Child of the Ji Clan, and she surely knew a lot of secrets.

“Feng Ergou, where is this place?” Ji Xiaonu slowly woke up. The chains left her weakened so she was lying on the bed with a tired expression.

Waking up at a strange place caused her to feel a bit frightened. She bit her teeth and quickly sat up to observe her surroundings.

“The Huang Feng Ridge!” Feng Feiyun said with a dark expression while holding a fingernail knife.

Ji Xiaonu’s memories became clearer. That’s right, she clearly remembered that she was captured by Ji Cangyue, locked by the dragon seal, then the Huang Feng bandits took her away.

Her beautiful face sank. A blue light appeared on her still-innocent features. Her body slightly shifted as she retreated to a corner of the room. Then she put on a defensive posture before speaking: “You are really a bandit of the Huang Feng Ridge!”

“You are completely correct.” Feng Feiyun slightly looked up and looked at her in a sinister glare: “I really am a villain. Only a foolish woman like your sister would think that I was a pitiable beggar. Kehkeh, her saving me was really just leading the wolf into her house!”

Feng Feiyun’s laugh was quite wicked; he really bore a striking resemblance of a great villain.

“You are not allowed to call my sister a foolish woman!” Ji Xiaonu’s eyes turned into a complete blue with a faint brilliance. Her long hair also turned blue with moving glimmers while her skin put on a shade of clear blue as if it was crafted from blue jade.

“Ba!” Her fingers extended by one meter as if they were five swords crawling forward.


Feng Feiyun’s eyes narrowed and easily blocked her cold-as-ice hand. After looking at her mysterious blue body, he understood that she really wasn’t a human. In her body flowed a blue blood with an ancient aura — dense and strange.

Feng Feiyun then placed his knife on top of her neck, intentionally wanting to scare her. His eyes turned cold as he interrogated: “What are you and your sister? Why is it that so many people want to capture you two?”

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