Chapter 158: Sha Hangyun Became Quite Injured

The billowing evil cloud with its black mist still swept forwards with a momentum that wanted to destroy the heaven and earth!

Sha Hangyun’s body became increasingly larger like a demonic god slamming into more than ten buildings; countless cultivators were killed by him for no one could stop his approach.

Up ahead, Xiao Nuolan happily stood there like a green willow tree next to a peach forest. Her picturesque black hair fluttered in the wind. She opened her pretty eyes to look at the black clouds in the sky without a trace of emotion.

The two corpse monks wearing crimson monastery robes were sitting in a meditative pose on a gazebo in the distance; buddhist and corpse lights were mixing among their bodies, and they were sometimes issuing dry loud laughter.

Like the divine sound of a Buddha or the ominous whispering of hell!

Although Feng Feiyun was quite a schemer, he had no way out and had to say: “Big Sister, we can talk later; I am very busy today. Well then, goodbye for now!”


Xiao Nuolan, with a peach flower in her hand, turned into a beautiful white brilliance and suddenly appeared before Feng Feiyun to block his path.

Only three steps away!

This was a woman who has lived once again after dying one thousand eight hundred years ago; this was a cruel person who underwent her Fourth Corpse Transformation.

Her eyes were like black crystals with some reflections, but the indifference and coldness were even more dominating; it was as if all existences in this world were only stones and dead wood, and there was no need for her to have any feelings for them.

Feng Feiyun could only pause again; he could feel the chill coming from her body that seemingly wanted to freeze him.

Feng Feiyun always became frightened when he saw her. It was as if she was his natural bane.


Sha Hangyun caught up with his billowing evil clouds. He then roared: “Brat, I want to see where you will run off to now!”

A murderous air developed in the sky and blotted out the sun. Then, a tremendous force came quelling down.


This force could destroy a mountain of black iron, but an invisible energy emanated from Xiao Nuolan shattered it like a heavenly moon capable of destroying all evil.


Sha Hangyun withdrew his momentum and turned into a person dressed in a black robe — completely hidden.

Even though he had heard of Xiao Nuolan’s famous name, he had not seen her before and couldn’t recognize her at this moment. But as an expert, he felt that this supreme beauty before him was not ordinary.

However, he couldn’t tell what was extraordinary about her.

“Keh Keh!” At this moment, the two corpse monks inside the gazebo speaking in buddhist tongue turned around and issued a raucous laughter.

Xiao Nuolan had both hands behind her slender figure and arrogantly stared at Sha Hangyun. Her pretty eyes filled with an immortal starry light caused Sha Hangyun to shiver, and he couldn’t help but retreat four meters back.

His feet slid on the ground, causing a “xshhh” sound.

“So powerful?” Sha Hangyun’s heart jumped; he had to slam on the ground before steadying himself.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes turned and became aware of this delicate situation; a scheme popped up in his mind. He quickly ran behind Xiao Nuolan and arched his chest before shouting at Sha Hangyun with his head held high: “This is my boss, you should know better and leave. Otherwise, today, you will not come out alive.”

Xiao Nuolan, on the other hand, simply stood there majestically without moving, just like a goddess.

Sha Hangyun carefully judged Xiao Nuolan, then he scowled with contempt: “I, Sha Hangyun, became famous for hundreds of years; how could I be scared by a little girl? What a joke.”


Sha Hangyun stomped on the ground with one foot as a rolling murderous black cloud rushed forward with wild roars of ghosts.

A fissure formed. At first, it was only the width of a finger, but it started to spread wide into the size of a palm, then one meter… It became wider and wider as if it wanted to split this Fire Beacon City into halves.

He was indeed a top expert even among Giants! Feng Feiyun shivered and secretly appreciated his luck in escaping from Sha Hangyun’s grasp earlier.

Xiao Nuolan still remained immobile as her starry eyes gazed at Sha Hangyun.


The murderous black cloud above the ground immediately burst into nothingness!

Sha Hangyun’s chest shattered as his body directly flew away and smashed into a bell. He constantly vomited blood and fell on the ground without being able to stand up for a long time.


It was as if his body was struck by a divine mountain and it was almost torn into pieces. His flesh was mangled as blood stained the long street; the stench of blood was so dense that it caused people to become nauseous.

“You… You are…” Ever since his debut to the cultivation world, Sha Hangyun had never lost so badly like this. To be so heavily wounded by just a glare...

This was absolutely a power beyond Giants.

His eyes were filled with panic because he was quite frightened; this power caused him to not even have the will to struggle.

“Evil… Evil woman!” Zuo Qianshou was chasing right after them and saw Xiao Nuolan from afar. He then fell directly to the ground to carve a teleport formation to flee. ‘Motherfucker, I’m really so unfortunate. Why do I have to meet her?’

“You… You are the evil woman!” Even though Sha Hangyun was a Supreme from the Yang World, at this moment, he was devoid of a Supreme’s aura and only wanted to get as far away from the evil woman as possible.

His first glance was a mistake; he thought that she was only a seventeen or eighteen year old girl. If he knew she was the evil woman, then Sha Hangyun would have fled a long time ago.

“Escaping again!” Xiao Nuolan crushed the flower in her hand into pollen. She didn’t look at Sha Hangyun and turned around to chase Feng Feiyun, who was fleeing for his life.

While Xiao Nuolan was fighting against Sha Hangyun, Feng Feiyun used the chance to escape.

“Brat, over here!” Zuo Qianshou caught Feng Feiyun’s shoulder and dragged him back. A formation appeared above their heads and hid their presence. After an hour, they secretly fled from Fire Beacon City from an empty gate.

After leaving the city, they never stopped running and kept on going for dozens of miles!

At this moment, it was noon. The sun was at its high point like a scorching furnace.

In the forest, several three meter long giant birds were alarmed and flapped their wings up to the sky.

“Finally made it!” Zuo Qianshou’s wounds had healed. An expert of his level would have an extremely powerful body. As long as it wasn’t a mortal wound, it would quickly and automatically heal.

Feng Feiyun also felt relieved after surviving from a calamity. No matter whether it was Sha Hangyun or Xiao Nuolan, his current self could not compete with them.

“Don’t people say that cultivators of the Heaven’s Mandate realm and above rarely appear in the cultivation world? Why is it that I’ve been meeting so many super Giants like this?” Feng Feiyun was at a loss for words.

Zuo Qianshou seriously said: “Normally, Giants would not appear in the cultivation world for dozens of years, but today, the Grand Southern Prefecture has changed completely and even cultivators of the previous generations were alarmed. In the next few years or even the next dozens of years, there will be a time of unrest.”

“However, young people like you will rarely be exposed to the battles of the previous generation. Normally, predecessor experts will not make a move against you for they would look down upon such an act unless your luck is really rotten.”

Feng Feiyun replied: “It seems like my bad luck has reached the highest level.”

Zuo Qianshou glanced at Ji Cangyue in Feng Feiyun’s embrace. With her long hair flowing to the ground, this beauty was indeed radiant; her features were like a goddess and she really did look like Ji Lingxuan of that year.

However, it was only a passing glance!

“Do you also know her?” Zuo Qianshou’s lips were hesitating, but he finally still asked.

Feng Feiyun stared at Ji Cangyue’s shiny lips as if he was recalling that scene when he forcefully kissed her; her sweet tongue intertwining with his — truly charming and seductive.

“Fine, if you don’t want to say it then don’t. However, it is better not to mess with women from the Ji Clan.” Zuo Qianshou looked towards Fire Beacon City and the scattered clouds, then he furrowed his brows: “We will go to the Huang Feng Ridge now. Right, the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record, is it really in your possession?”

“Well… Of course.” Feng Feiyun initially had another task to take care of in Fire Beacon City, but not to mention Sha Hangyun, Xiao Nuolan was also in the city. Going back to the city at this moment was indeed suicidal, so it was better to go to the ridge to save the Ji sisters.

As long as they woke up, all the puzzles could be solved.

Zuo Qianshou also had the same thought as Feng Feiyun. He wanted to know why Sha Hangyun was searching for him. He wanted to not worry about it, but because of how the situation had escalated, it was now out of the question.

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