Chapter 157: Between Life And Death

Zuo Qianshou was indeed a ninth rank Treasure Seeking Master; even though he had almost collapsed from the pain of his evoked bitter memories, his dao heart and will were still strong. He quickly stood up from the ground and forced himself to suppress all his emotions.

The sun recently rose and all of Fire Beacon City was basked in the warm sunlight.

However, Zuo Qianshou’s place was covered with a black mist and a depressing atmosphere.

Sha Hangyun carried Ji Cangyue over, revealing a cruel glint under his eyes as he smiled: “This girl is a Death Spirit Child of the Ji Clan, and she is actually from Ji Lingxuan’s first branch. She has a similar appearance as well. Master Zuo has the utmost hatred against the Ji Clan so I’m sure you won’t refuse this gift, right?”

Sha Hangyun believed that no man would be able to refuse such a gift!

Although Ji Cangyue’s stunning appearance still looked calm, she couldn’t hide the fear in her eyes. Sha Hangyun captured her just to hand her over to an old man, plus this old man and her aunt had such a past. This was over for her!

Her heart sank to the bottom. It seemed that she will not only be unable to maintain her chastity, but she might have to forfeit her life as well.

Zuo Qianshou thought for a moment, then he shook his head and said: “This is my issue with Ji Lingxuan, so it has nothing to do with other people. Plus, this matter happened so long ago that I have completely let go of it. Supreme should just take your gift and leave! I will not help anyone with any favors anymore.”

The heaviness in Ji Cangyue’s heart was lifted, but the hand gripping her neck tightened and almost broke her neck.

“Master Zuo truly disappointed me. If this is the case, then this Sha Hangyun can only make you go to the Ji Clan myself. I’ll be offending you.”

Sha Hangyun coldly stared at Ji Cangyue. An evil aura seeped into her pretty eyes, causing her to faint, then it threw her outside.

Her delicate body slammed into a tree, causing a loud bang to resound before she finally fell onto the ground.

Ji Cangyue was definitely a supreme beauty with similarities to Divine Consort Ji Lingxuan, but Sha Hangyun didn’t care for the fairer sex and discarded her like trash.

This was an Abnormality!


The black mist on Sha Hangyun’s body began to move; a huge claw with black scales reached outward. It was like a small mountain and it immediately shattered seven or eight formations.

The ground trembled ferociously. Feng Feiyun felt a monstrous energy coming from underground. He could resist this force only by channeling all of his spirit energy in his body.

“Brat, Sha Hangyun’s cultivation has reached the Nirvana realm, I am not necessarily his match. Wait a bit and escape when you find an opening! If you can run to the Huang Feng Ridge, then tell that old Feng Dugu to quickly come and save me.”

Zuo Qianshou assumed that Feng Feiyun was the Third Boss’ disciple so he didn’t want to involve him lest he dies at the hands of Sha Hangyun!

Although Zuo Qianshou was a Treasure Seeking Master with techniques capable of suppressing the Yang World Three Strange, Sha Hangyun’s cultivation was several levels higher than him. Even if he used a heaven-defying formation with an Abnormality suppressing art, it was still difficult to be Sha Hangyun’s opponent.

He finally activated his most powerful formation technique; his left hand rapidly formed arrays in the air. Although he only had one arm, there were images of more than one thousand hands in the air and they quickly carved out a fifth rank teleportation formation. Then, he shot it to Feng Feiyun’s head.

The forming speed and rank of this formation was countless times better than Feng Feiyun’s.

Not to mention that although this spatial formation could only traverse a short distance, there were no more than three people in the entire Jin Dynasty that were capable of carving such an array.

“Xshh!” Spatial fluctuations started to form and a brilliant white light appeared. One second later, Feng Feiyun appeared outside of the wooden house ten meters behind Sha Hangyun.

Even though Sha Hangyun was trying to break the formation, he still felt the spatial change right behind him so he unleashed a black mist as fast as lightning towards Feng Feiyun's chest.

Although this was just a casual blow, it was equal to an attack from a Giant — extremely powerful and unstoppable.

Feng Feiyun first joined together with Mao Wugui once more. A divine turtle armor covered his body like a steel jade plating and it blocked this attack.


A hole with a ten meter radius was formed on the ground. Inside the dark space, soil was eroding by the dense black mist.

“Sha Hangyun, do you know who you just killed?” Zuo Qianshou thought that Feng Feiyun had died in the hands of Sha Hangyun, so he rushed out from the wooden house. He drew a divine cloud compass with a ten meter diameter that resembled a giant mirror to stop the attacks that were approaching Feng Feiyun.

“I have never cared about the consequences when I kill people!” Sha Hangyun’s body that was covered in a black mist became larger and larger. It became even more frightening, so frightening that one could faintly see the black feathers inside.

An Abnormality naturally was not a human; his human body was shaped by a great technique. His real body was hundreds of meters high like a terrifying mountain.

Zuo Qianshou and Feng Dugu had a great relationship; he didn’t expect Feng Dugu’s disciple to die right in front of him, and it made him very guilty.

However, Sha Hangyun was no longer like what he was before. His cultivation was countless times stronger than two hundred years ago. It might have caught up to Feng Dugu’s cultivation so, naturally, there was no need for him to be afraid of Feng Dugu.


A white light flew out from the crater. Feng Feiyun was now holding Ji Cangyue with one hand, and then he started to escape: “Senior Zuo, I will find someone to help you.”

Sha Hangyun muttered a surprised, “oh.” Strange, his attack actually didn’t kill an early God Base cultivator!

“Where are you escaping to!” Sha Hangyun noticed the weirdness of Feng Feiyun and felt a familiar aura on his body, so he instinctively felt that he could not let him escape.

A black tornado swept by. Sha Hangyun’s humanoid body suddenly turned ten meters taller like a black giant and reached out for Feng Feiyun with one hand.


Zuo Qianshou carved out eighteen formations in a row and activated them together to break Sha Hangyun’s world-shattering attack, then he coldly said: “Sha Hangyun, you are not worthy of being a Yang World’s Supreme. You actually made a move against a junior like this, have you no shame?”

“Killing is never a shameful thing!”

Sha Hangyun unleashed a fist with all of his strength. Fire and thunder shot out and it knocked Zuo Qianshou flying away, leaving him with a wound as blood was flowing out nonstop.

This was Sha Hangyun’s true strength, and he was still a top power even among Giants.

Faster! Faster! Faster!

Feng Feiyun constantly shouted in his mind. He didn’t understand why Sha Hangyun turned mad and abandoned Zuo Qianshou to crazily kill him.

Even though he was as fast as the wind and evasive like a ghost, the black clouds still rolled down on him from above as a giant scaled claw slowly loomed over his head.

Although it seemed slow, but in a flash, the claw was already next to him as if it wanted to crush him into pieces.


Before the wind reached his body, Feng Feiyun already felt his bones and muscles being squeezed by the pressure; he had no choice but to unleash his corpse fire.

A green corpse fire immediately eroded Sha Hangyun’s claw.

“Second Dark Hell Flame?” Sha Hangyun’s claw was wounded so he quickly pulled back and let out a scream.

Feng Feiyun’s body was soaked in sweat and he didn’t have time to think. He rapidly ran forward. If only he could escape Fire Beacon City, then even Sha Hangyun would have a difficult time killing him.


After escaping for three extra seconds, the black clouds began to follow him once more.

Right when he felt desperation, he suddenly saw a stunning figure in a blue pavilion right in front of him.

She seemed to be waiting just for Feng Feiyun. Although her back was turned, her aura was completely focused on him and she said: “Hand the corpse palace over, now!”

Xiao Nuolan had a peach flower in her hand; the flower still had some dew with spirit energy circulating on it.

She seemed to be enjoying the flowers, but she had already entrapped Feng Feiyun’s escape path.

Feng Feiyun quickly stopped and cursed his unlucky day. He actually encountered two ferocious people, one even more dangerous than the other. Could today really be his fateful end?

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