Chapter 156: Both Cold And Lonely People At The Edge Of The World

Nearly two hundred long years had passed; amazing experts eventually became old with gray hair, and some have already stepped into their graves.

Meanwhile, there were even more people rising to become the overlords of a new age.

It seemed that Zuo Qianshou had realized that he had aged as his breathing became more urgent than before. He was no longer able to lift a single finger with his once stout back that was now bent due to old age.

“So it turns out to be a Supreme from the Yang World visiting my abode. Please forgive my lack of hospitality. Cough cough… This little old man’s body has become frail and has less than three days to live; I only want to spend my last days in peace.” Zuo Qianshou’s appearance was as if he was near death as he was coughing repeatedly.

Earlier, he had the vitality of a bull, yet he suddenly became ill in just a moment and only had three days left to live? Who would believe such a thing!

This old guy was truly a swindler!

Although Sha Hangyun was completely wrapped in a black robe, his cold eyes still revealed an awe-inspiring glare. He then spoke with an ominous smile: “Does Master Zuo think I am a three-year-old brat? I still clearly remember that Master Zuo still has at least one hundred and sixty more years!”

“Cough cough!” Zuo Qianshou violently coughed and took out a black handkerchief from his chest pocket to wipe the corner of his mouth. It was stained with blood after a few wipes. He then struggled to breathe as he said: “This old man initially was going to live for one hundred more years, but as a Treasure Seeking Master, all of us have to enter a few forbidden places and meet some immemorial ancient texts. We find out things that should not be known, so our lifespan will decrease or be met with a few ominous things. Even a Grand Treasure Seeking Master would not be able to escape this misfortune, not to mention this old man who has not reached such a level yet.”

Treasure Seeking Masters truly saw some things that ordinary cultivators couldn’t. Many top and historically famous Treasure Seeking Masters died a miserable death at old age — truly a sad fate.

“So that’s how it is.” Sha Hangyun murmured to himself with some disappointment.

Zuo Qianshou continued to cough out blood all over the ground.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun was really suspicious of the fact that a person running out of lifespan and vitality still had so much blood to cough out like this.

Sha Hangyun was silent for a moment, then his eyes suddenly shot out two cold glints. He fiercely swung his sleeve as a black mist flew out from within and turned into an extremely terrifying claw that was covered in scales. The darkness caused spectators to become quite frightened.


The claw shattered the low wall and attacked the seven fourth rank arrays inside the yard all the way towards Zuo Qianshou’s head. The seemingly dying Zuo Qianshou suddenly burst out a white star with his left hand and deflected Sha Hangyun’s claw. His back suddenly became straight with glowing eyes that were filled with spirit. He suddenly dragged Feng Feiyun into his room and activated the dozens of defensive formations after closing the door.

“Haha! Master Zuo is still so sly like this, I almost got fooled by you.” Sha Hangyun stood on dense black clouds like a ghost flying towards the wooden house without taking any steps.

Zuo Qianshou replied: “This Zuo has long since ignored the matters of the Yin Yang Two Worlds, and I don’t associate with the cultivation world anymore. You shouldn’t have come to find me.”

“I simply wanted to ask Master Zuo for help with a certain matter, nothing more.” Although Sha Hangyun came to ask for a favor, he didn’t have the attitude of someone seeking for a favor. He seemed more like one who came to capture someone.

“I really have stopped doing these things.” Zuo Qianshou seemed to not want to help anyone anymore.

“I naturally would not ask you for a favor without anything in return. I brought along a grand gift for you.”

Sha Hangyun magnificently stood there and slightly reached out with his hand, then a black cloud carried the bound Ji Cangyue over. The claws that were covered in scales pinched Ji Cangyue’s snow white neck as he coldly laughed: “I heard that two hundred years ago, Master Zuo went inside the most protected place in this world, the Godly Imperial Palace, to steal the Dragon Spirit Stone for a peerless woman of the Ji Clan. This romantic feeling was truly deep.”

“Shut up!” Zuo Qianshou shouted.

Feng Feiyun hadn’t seen Zuo Qianshou so serious like this before, especially with so much hate. His left hand ferociously crushed a pillar, causing it to cave inward.

Sha Hangyun not only didn’t shut up, but he kept on going: “Master Zuo was indeed worthy of being the number one expert on formations, and you are definitely the first person to infiltrate the Imperial Palace. Not only did you steal the Dragon Spirit Stone that the Godly Jin Dynasty used to protect its nation’s fate, but you also disturbed the Jin Emperor who has a supreme cultivation. I really admire your actions ah!”

Zuo Qianshou was drenched in sweat. Sha Hangyun’s praises failed to make him feel proud and, on the contrary, they only made him miserable.

The wound from two hundred years ago was torn opened again by someone.

This Zuo Qianshou fella was indeed the number one bandit in the world. To actually go as far as to steal a national treasure like the Dragon Spirit Stone... However, if he dared to commit such a task, he must have been ready to accept death. In the end, even a Giant invading the Imperial Palace would surely meet their end.

However, isn’t the Dragon Spirit Stone still there in the Imperial Palace? Feng Feiyun became even more curious. What exactly happened so many years ago?

Sha Hangyun went on to say: “Unfortunately, your life-risking endeavor was all in vain. When you handed the Dragon Spirit Stone to Ji Lingxuan, you didn’t get the most kingdom-toppling smile in return from the beauty, but a merciless blade instead. This blade not only cut off Master’s right hand, but also the indomitable fighting spirit and soul from before. There is a sadness called disappointment, and there is a pain called despair.”

“Stop… Stop talking... Please, I beg you.” Zuo Qianshou was like a deflated ball as he lost all his spirit. He crouched down on the ground next to a tree as his body was shaking all over while begging.

At this moment, he was such a pitiable man.

He wanted to cover his ears to stop listening, but… he only had one hand!

Sha Hangyun did not intend to spare him. He coldly laughed and continued on: “I’m very curious about what happened afterward? Why did Ji Lingxuan take the Dragon Spirit Stone, capture you, then enter the Imperial Palace? She then gave the stone to the Jin Emperor and… she even offered him her body. Ji Lingxuan is now Consort Ji, one of the four Grand Divine Consorts right now, while Master Zuo was imprisoned in the Imperial Prison and lived a life as a prisoner of darkness. Hehe, what the hell was this about?”

Sha Hangyun already knew the answer, yet he kept on inquiring. His dark laugh was extremely harsh to the ears of Zuo Qianshou. It was as if Sha Hangyun was laughing at a fool, the world’s biggest loser.

Zuo Qianshou laid on the floor with his legs rolled up. His eyes were glazed over as if he was heavily wounded by punches and kicks from one thousand men.

He seemed even older as he kept on coughing up more blood.

This time, he was really coughing out blood, unlike before.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was also extremely depressed. Even though Sha Hangyun was merely recalling Zuo Qianshou’s tale, it caused Feng Feiyun to think about himself.

He and Zuo Qianshou were the same kind of people. They were both very romantic and had extreme talents, but both of them lost it all in the hands of a woman.

Shui Yueting killed Feng Feiyun in order to become the strongest in the world.

As for Ji Lingxuan... In order to approach the most powerful man in the world, the Jin Emperor, not only did she use Zuo Qianshou, but she also chopped off one of his arms and imprisoned him in the Imperial Prison. If it wasn’t for Zuo Qianshou’s great skill in formations and locking arrays, he most likely would have been imprisoned there for his entire life to eventually meet his pathetic end.

Alas, even though he managed to become free, it was a life worse than death. He could only hide in this ancient city and put on a disguise as a one-armed street peddler while the goddess he once adored fell into another man’s arm and became a Divine Consort.

This pain was even more miserable than Feng Feiyun’s.

There was a vengeance that could not be carried out and a grievance impossible to describe with words!

Feng Feiyun thought Shui Yueting was vicious enough, but at this moment, he found that Ji Lingxuan was ten times more vicious than Shui Yueting!

How could a woman’s heart be so cruel like this? Feng Feiyun looked at the gray-haired Zuo Qianshou laying on the ground and couldn’t imagine him two hundred years ago. He must have been a handsome and heroic man, capable of sweeping through the world, but because he lived a life unbecoming of a human, he became old too fast.

“I know that Master Zuo must loath Ji Lingxuan to the bones, but because you are afraid of the Jin Emperor, you don’t even dare to step a single foot inside the Imperial Capital, let alone get revenge. So, today, I brought you a grand gift. I trust that Master will really like it. Hehe!” Sha Hangyun seemed to have guess that Zuo Qianshou was hurting inside, so he wanted to hand over his gift.

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