Chapter 154: Zuo Qianshou

Although Fire Beacon City was located at the border where war raged on all year round, it was also situated in the middle of three different nations with hidden dragons and villains. Thus, it was always busy and lively. There were always cultivators with different styles of clothing and looks coming into the city.


The morning bell consecutively rang nine times as the gates in all four directions opened to welcome in a new day.

The rooms and buildings along the streets filled with mist were all closed; their owners were still cultivating, aspiring to reach a higher realm.

The morning was the best time to cultivate during the day.

Without leaving his room, Feng Feiyun stayed in an ordinary inn while hiding in Fire Beacon City for the last three days.

Three days had passed and Fire Beacon City was still calm; Xiao Nuolan did not come find him. This tranquility was a bit too strange. Even though Feng Feiyun was very wary of Xiao Nuolan, he couldn’t hide in this place forever.

Only six days remained; he must find Zuo Qianshou. Otherwise, even if he could wait longer, the Ji sisters couldn’t.

“There have been too many unbelievable changes at the Grand Southern Prefecture. The evil woman really is terrifying, and her corpse army is truly strong. They not only captured Violet Firmament City in ten days, but they also took over four big counties: the Hundred Ridge County, the Yellow Mud County, the Sky County, and the Three River County. All of them had turned into death zones with corpses and rivers of blood everywhere.”

“It was better to be dead; those who are alive and still living in the city full of corpses are truly in hell.”

“Even the Feng Clan, the Qin Clan, the Grand Development Gate, the Violet Cloud Grotto… These top powers were all defeated and lost more than half of their elder level experts. I’m afraid only the Godly Martial Army of the dynasty will be able to fight against the evil woman. Otherwise, in less than a year’s time, the entire Grand Southern Prefecture will turn into a death zone.”

Feng Feiyun passed by a corner and found several cultivators who had escaped from the Sky County. They sat at a wine tent and were talking about the recent events of the prefecture.

There was another group sitting next to them that consisted of a few young people. One member of the group lamented and said: “The number one beauty, Nangong Hongyan — a fairy-like lady, is preparing to go sightseeing with Young Noble Flawless today; they will recite poetry and become friends. This is actually her first outing with another person.”

“Rumor has it that Nangong Hongyan’s beauty is no less than the sixth-ranking beauty from two years ago, and her cultivation reached the first level of Heaven’s Mandate. She is both beautiful and talented. Such a fairy in this mortal world... Only a Grand Historical Genius like Young Noble Flawless would be eligible to win her favor as they travel to places together.”

“There is a super human behind Young Noble Flawless as his backing; Nangong Hongyan’s real goal might be this person.”

“That makes sense, I heard that Nangong Hongyan was indebted to the sixth-ranking beauty, but this beauty was captured by the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion to become one of its pillars. Maybe Nangong Hongyan wants to borrow the power behind Young Noble Flawless to save the sixth-ranking beauty.”

“These are merely baseless assertions. The truth is that Nangong Hongyan being together with Young Noble Flawless is not a bad thing at all; a talented man and a pretty woman coming together — this really is a good pairing.”

Feng Feiyun slowly walked out of the wine tent with a smile on his face. These people only saw the surface; competitions for gains in the cultivation worlds were extremely deadly. Anyone who had some achievements in cultivation would not be a fool, and they would all fight for their best interests.

Regarding both the great changes in the prefecture and Nangong Hongyan traveling together with Young Noble Flawless, these were only occurrences on the surface. Ordinary cultivators were not privy to the deeper hidden matters.

However, this had nothing to do with Feng Feiyun. He followed the old fart, Third Boss, to find Zuo Qianshou’s place.

This was a poor slum in Fire Beacon City. The majority of the structures were all small buildings that housed more than several hundred thousand varied cultivators. This place was very chaotic, and there were bodies of cultivators who were killed last night hanging on the wall; torn limbs were floating by the rivers, carrying a grisly air.


A wooden door was opened and a hard-featured man walked out. There was still a perverted grin on his face while, shirtless, he looked towards a pretty girl standing by the wooden door and said: “You little wench, you’re truly horny; I’ll come back tomorrow for you.”

This man glanced over at Feng Feiyun as some glimmers appeared in his round eyes. He recognized the uncommon air around Feng Feiyun’s body and knew that he was not a sheep, so he scowled then turned around to leave without trying to hide it.

‘An early Immortal Foundation; there really aren’t any ordinary people in Fire Beacon City.’ Feng Feiyun had this thought.

“Little Brother, you are really handsome. Do you want to give it a shot? You only need twenty silver coins.” The charming young girl by the wooden door was around fifteen to sixteen years old. She could be considered high grade and there were lights moving around her body. She was obviously a cultivator as well.

She threw a sultry wink at Feng Feiyun. The dress on her shoulder was still messy, yet she had already begun to solicit new customers.

Two flames appeared in Feng Feiyun’s eyes as he glared at her, suddenly causing her to shake with a pale expression. She immediately slammed the door shut for she was quite frightened.

Feng Feiyun’s cultivation terrified her; experts of this level couldn’t be bewitched by her, and they didn’t even want to look at her.

Feng Feiyun kept on moving forward before finally arriving at Zuo Qianshou’s place.

According to the Third Boss’ description, Zuo Qianshou was a stubborn fella. In this world, there was no lock that he couldn’t open and no formation that he couldn’t break. Even the Imperial Prison couldn’t trap him because he had escaped from it.

But because of this, he had to flee to Fire Beacon City to live in secret.

If Feng Feiyun wanted to unlock the Dragon Vein Lock, then he needed the help of this reclusive master.

“Zuo Qianshou, Senior Zuo, are you home?” Feng Feiyun raised his voice.

There was no reply as if no one was home, but Feng Feiyun could feel the breathing of someone inside.

“I am under the order of the Huang Feng Ridge’s Third Boss, and I am here to ask for you to take a trip to the ridge.” Feng Feiyun spoke again.


The door was suddenly opened, and a one-armed old man walked out. He only had his left arm and was extremely old looking; he then said: “Why did the old Feng Dugu fella remember me all of a sudden? He must be thinking about my Myriad Images Formation, right?”

The one-armed old man looked up at Feng Feiyun, and the both of them exclaimed at the same time.

“It is you, that swindler!” Feng Feiyun suddenly took a step back.

Zuo Qianshou, on the other hand, directly rushed forward and caught Feng Feiyun’s sleeve: “Smelly brat, I’m the swindler? You stole the Daomization Stone from me, reimburse me right now!”

This one-armed old man was the old swindler with the street stall that sold the Daomization Stone to Feng Feiyun for one bronze coin. He was still distressed to hell at this moment and was screaming in his dreams every night.

This was a piece of Daomization Stone ah! Even if he had good karma for three past lives, he still wouldn’t be able to touch such an immortal fortune like this. Clearly, the Daomization Stone was in his possession, but just because of a mistake, he sold it to Feng Feiyun for close to nothing.

Who was more miserable in this world than him?

“The Daomization Stone is no longer in my hands!” Feng Feiyun smilingly said.

The old man naturally knew what happened later on, that the stone had changed owners, but like before, he still couldn’t swallow this pain as his heart was bleeding. He slowly let go of Feng Feiyun’s sleeve and couldn’t stop shaking his head while sighing. He then slapped his face once: “I shouldn’t be a low life ah! Why did I have to meet a cheat like you? I cheat people my whole life yet this was the first time being tricked.”


He slapped his face one more time with endless regret.

“Senior does not need to feel so regretful, maybe you will find an even better immortal treasure in the future!” Feng Feiyun needed his help so he consoled the fella.

“My ass, do you think a Daomization Stone is like cabbages at the market ah!? Nevermind, Brat, what does the stubborn old Feng Dugu want? Why did he get you to fool me and then invite me to the Evil Infested Ridge? Could it be to cheat me again?” Zuo Qianshou was shaking while standing there with his hunchback. His hands were shivering and his legs were slightly bent as if he couldn’t wield a saber or even walk straight.

Feng Feiyun really doubted whether he was Zuo Qianshou or not; he was more like Zuo Duanshou. [1. Qianshou = Thousand Hands; Duanshou = Broken Hand.]

“Of course not, we are inviting Senior to the Huang Feng Ridge because we need a favor.” Even though Feng Feiyun questioned the capabilities of this disabled person, he still respectfully said so.

“A favor…” Zuo Qianshou murmured and rolled his eyes. He turned around and went back in his room, immediately slamming the door shut.

“Senior, what is this about?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“Nothing, I won’t go. Brat, get the hell out! I gave up a long time ago on doing favors; it doesn’t matter who it is that comes to ask me.” Zuo Qianshou’s voice came from inside.

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