Chapter 153: Corpse Palace

On a full moon night at the southern frontier with the cold breeze blowing!

The night was pitch black with plumes of smoke scattering in the sky.


Feng Feiyun was like a ghost as he soared through thirty-seven big streets and more than one hundred alleys before suddenly landing on a majestic city wall. He breathed out a few cold breaths of air and carefully turned around. After confirming that Xiao Nuolan did not chase after him, he finally became relieved.

That situation earlier was way too dangerous as he almost died at her hands.

This was the second time he managed to barely escape with his life from her grasp.

“Why did the Spirit Vessel suddenly rush into her body? What the hell is going on?” Feng Feiyun knew the value of the Spirit Vessel more than anyone else. At the very least, it was a Saint Treasure; even the Daomization Stone was not comparable to the Spirit Vessel.

Moreover, the Spirit Vessel had something to do with his big reincarnation secret, so he must take it back from Xiao Nuolan.

The Infinite Spirit Ring on Feng Feiyun’s thumb had calmed down. The six ancient diagrams once again turned into the six ancient engravings above the ring’s surface and maintained their flat and unimposing appearances.

“Something is not right!”

Feng Feiyun slightly channeled spirit energy into his fist and a mass of green corpse fire suddenly appeared. He unleashed it on the ancient wall, resulting in it being burned by the flames and emitting crackling sounds. In just a second, there was a two meter high hole with one meter of depth.

This was the wall of Fire Beacon City; it was engraved with countless formations. Even the First Dark Origin Flame would not be able to inflict such great damage.

‘What is going on with this corpse fire?’

Feng Feiyun was shocked. He didn’t care about anything else as he soared over the wall to leave Fire Beacon City. He then sat in the meditative pose on the ground with both hands placed on his dantian. He withdrew his focus into his body as he became lost inside his dantian.

The dantian was divided into the upper dantian, middle palace, and lower dantian.

Before reaching the Heaven’s Mandate realm, cultivators all trained their upper dantian. Only by breaking through the death gate of the Heaven’s Mandate realm would cultivators be able to break through the dantian sea to open the violet mansion inside the middle palace.

The upper dantian was also called the dantian sea. It was vast and endless; the Spirit Vessel originally floated above the dantian sea while the Dragon Horse River Diagram was floating above the boat.

However, once the Spirit Vessel disappeared, the diagram disappeared along with it.

There was only one “God Base” — around the size of a rice grain — suspending above the dantian sea, producing dazzling light that was filled with rich spirit energy.

No, something’s wrong!

Outside of the God Base, there was also a corpse palace — an exquisite palace made out of bones the size of hands.

This was the inner palace of a Corpse Evil; after completing the first Corpse Transformation, the body of a Corpse Evil would create one corpse palace.

A corpse palace was just like the dantian of a cultivator; it was the place where the origin spirit energy was stored. Once a corpse palace was taken out from a Corpse Evil, then this Corpse Evil would lose their spirit energy and turn into a true corpse, falling into eternal sleep.

This corpse palace had four gates, which meant that this Corpse Evil’s inner palace had undergone four transformations!

Feng Feiyun’s eyes suddenly opened and shot out two strange green lights, causing some creatures in the dark to issue hissing sounds as they ran away in fear.

“The Spirit Vessel and the Dragon Horse River Diagram flew into Xiao Nuolan’s body while her origin corpse palace went inside my dantian. What the hell is going on?”

Feng Feiyun’s expression rapidly changed. Sometimes he was lost in contemplation, sometimes hesitation, and sometimes he was relaxed…

Why did the treasures in their dantians suddenly change?

Feng Feiyun made the effort to recall what happened, but the only answer he was certain of was that it was not something deliberately done by Xiao Nuolan because the corpse palace was her origin. Only when it was inside her body would she be able to complete the fifth transformation to reach a higher plateau on the immortal road.

Could all of this be the doing of that Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel?

This Spirit Vessel was truly strange. Ever since Feng Feiyun met it back at the Yellow Spring Road, strange events happened one after another. An immemorial divine boat that was even bigger than a mountain actually went inside his dantian. What was inside the boat? Where did it come from? Why was it flying on the Yellow Spring Road?

Everything was a mystery!

Xiao Nuolan wanted to get back her origin corpse palace, and Feng Feiyun also wanted to get back his Spirit Vessel!

“Such a monstrous power!” Feng Feiyun could feel the evil corpse energy hidden inside the palace, especially its corpse flame. Earlier, Feng Feiyun only channeled a strand of its power yet it could burn a huge hole in the wall. If he mustered all of his strength, then he would be able to burn this hundred feet high wall into ashes.

“This is a flame created by a Corpse Evil after its fourth transformation, it must be much stronger than the Second Dark Underworld Flame.”

A green flame appeared on Feng Feiyun’s finger. It caused the atmosphere to burn into a distortion, creating strange sounds as the leaves nearby were also scorched.

“Xsh xsh!” A very subtle sound rang from one of the bushes.

Feng Feiyun became serious as he directly shot out the corpse flame in his hand into that bush. Immediately, there was a scream like the sound of a pig being butchered: “Motherfucker, what is this flame! Why is it so terrifying, it is burning me to death!”

A white little turtle ran out and kept on miserably screaming. The corpse flame had ignited its tail into a burnt black color while emanating some strange smell.

“Mao Wugui!” Feng Feiyun murmured.

Mao Wugui was a spirit beast that had cultivated for several thousand years; its defensive power could be considered number one in this world. After it combined with Feng Feiyun, his defense immediately became the best below the Giant level, but at this moment, its tail was completely burnt by a strand of corpse flame. From this, one could easily tell the terrifyingness of the corpse flame.

A few meters of earth on the ground was burnt into a black color and became harder than even iron.

“Boy, what flame was that earlier, why is it so scary? Could it be the Second Dark Underworld Flame from the depths of the earth?” Mao Wugui buried his tail in the mud and finally no longer felt the pain.

Feng Feiyun didn’t want others to know that Xiao Nuolan’s corpse palace was now inside his dantian. Otherwise, all the masters wanting to deal with Xiao Nuolan would all come running after him. As long as they could kill him and steal his corpse palace, then Xiao Nuolan would never be able to reach the fifth Corpse Transformation. After all, this was an outcome that many people didn’t want to see.

He should not only not expose the corpse palace, but also never use the corpse flame, lest some Wisdom Masters figure it out. Even though the corpse flame had great destructive power, if a Heaven’s Mandate expert wanted to kill him, he would still have a hard time inflicting real damage to the enemy just like before.

The cultivation gap was really too wide, and it was not something where one or two killing moves would change the outcome. The other person’s speed could completely surpass the time it took for him to strike with the corpse flame.

So unless it was an absolute last resort, he must never use the corpse flame.

“How did you know I was here?” Feng Feiyun cautiously answered with a question instead.

If Mao Wugui could find his location, then Xiao Nuolan could find it as well. If he were to meet Xiao Nuolan again, then he would die without a doubt.

“We fatefully combined our bodies once so I am very familiar with your presence. It was not difficult to find you.” Mao Wugui said.

“Your sister is the one who fatefully combines bodies together with you!”

“Cough cough!” Mao Wugui also realized that his words were misleading, so he coughed out two fragrant turtle spits on the ground before speaking: “Brat, what is your relationship with Xiao Nuolan?”

At the moment, everyone felt that Feng Feiyun had a special relationship with Xiao Nuolan!

“She wants to kill me; not only does she want my soul, but she for sure wants my life even more right now!” Feng Feiyun solemnly answered.

Mao Wugui naturally did not believe him: “If you don’t want to say it, then I won’t force you. However, I will still warn you, it is better to stay away from her; otherwise, you will offend many frightening characters. Her cultivation is powerful so she naturally isn’t afraid of these characters, but you… you will die even before knowing what killed you.”

Mao Wugui’s small-as-beans eyes revealed a serious look. His head couldn’t help but shrink back into the turtle shell after thinking about those frightening characters.

Mao Wugui didn’t need to warn him. Feng Feiyun naturally also wanted to stay as far away as possible from Xiao Nuolan.

“Right, where is that one Snow Bird’s Soul?” Feng Feiyun clearly saw Mao Wugui being knocked away by the Snow Bird’s Soul, so how did this turtle escape to this place?

“I ate it!” Mao Wugui said in a serious manner.

“You ate it?” Feng Feiyun was a bit skeptical. In the end, it was a five hundred year old strange beast and not just any regular bird.

“I’ll change to your surname if I am lying!” Mao Wugui angrily exclaimed.

“Yikes… It is better if you don’t use my surname!” Feng Feiyun rubbed his nose and said.

If Mao Wugui had the same surname as him, then he would be called a wind turtle! [1. This joke is probably better in Chinese, Feng = Wind.]

Feng Feiyun looked at the stars in the sky. It was almost daytime; his identity as the son of the evil demon had been exposed so the dozens of heaven-defying geniuses from the Evil Killing Alliance will absolutely receive the news; they would all come running towards Fire Beacon City.

Qin Zhan was one of the weakest members of the alliance; the truly powerful ones might already be on the way.

Kill the evil demon’s son to become famous in the world.

At the moment, Xiao Nuolan was most likely searching for him as well in order to regain her origin corpse palace. This was really being under siege with murderous intents from all directions.

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