Chapter 152: Spirit Vessel’s Change of Hands

“You may not necessarily need the Buddhist Jade Bead to complete the fifth Corpse Transformation. The Daomization Stone should be enough for you to become enlightened to satisfy the dao requirement for the fifth transformation!” Feng Feiyun was afraid that Xiao Nuolan would move against Nalan Xuejian so he quickly voiced these words.

Besides Monk Jiu Rou, no one else dared to open their mouth in front of Xiao Nuolan. This was the absolute oppression from a higher power towards the lower. Only a soul as powerful as Feng Feiyun would be able to ignore her suppression.

Xiao Nuolan turned around and carefully looked at Feng Feiyun.

Everyone became nervous from this. This was an evil woman that had massacred millions of people in the Grand Southern Prefecture. It was one thing when she didn’t take action, but once she did, half of Fire Beacon City would collapse instantly.

Xiao Nuolan slowly stretched out her slender hand, revealing a crimson stone as beautiful as a woman’s eye.

“It was you who handed the Daomization Stone over to me!” It seemed like Xiao Nuolan started to have an impression of Feng Feiyun.

Many powerful cultivators present had heard of this tenth rank spirit stone called the Daomization Stone; it was even more precious than the Dragon Spirit Stone inside the Godly Jin Imperial Palace. It could be considered the number one treasure of the dynasty.

And Feng Feiyun actually handed this Daomization Stone over to the evil woman; he truly was her royal hound.

Feng Feiyun didn’t reply.

“If you know the fifth Corpse Transformation so clearly, then you should also know its difficulty. I want both the Daomization Stone and the Buddhist Jade Bead.”

Xiao Nuolan no longer looked at Feng Feiyun and put away her Daomization Stone, then she stood up from her seat.

The moment she stood up, everyone immediately stepped backward in fear!

Feng Feiyun’s heart also jumped fast. He wasn’t afraid of the evil woman making a move towards him, but rather, at Nalan Xuejian.

At this time, a golden light appeared behind Feng Feiyun. Monk Jiu Rou, who carried Nalan Xuejian, slid over three feet right behind Feng Feiyun.

A strange smile appeared on Monk Jiu Rou’s fierce-looking face. Feng Feiyun instinctively had a bad feeling and wanted to dodge but he was one step too late.

This not-very-kind Monk Jiu Rou kicked Feng Feiyun’s back towards Xiao Nuolan, then he ran away with Nalan Xuejian. In the blink of an eye, he escaped the Supreme Beauty Pavilion and disappeared amidst the night curtain, leaving behind sparse sounds of laughter: “Benefactor Feng, thank you for helping us two escape. If you happen to die, then this monk will surely chant for you for three days and help you reach salvation... for seven days…”

The voice became smaller and smaller before disappearing completely!

“Motherfucker! Your father…” Feng Feiyun was quite angry!

This kick from Monk Jiu Rou was not light at all. Feng Feiyun directly slammed into Xiao Nuolan’s body and hit quite a voluptuous part. His head almost struck Xiao Nuolan’s face, but luckily, he slightly tilted his head at the last moment so his head finally landed on her sweet-smelling shoulder.

This hug was quite strong. If there weren’t two buffers on her chest, then Feng Feiyun might have broken a rib or two.

Xiao Nuolan — from start to finish — didn’t move a bit. She simply stood there firmly and didn’t even bat an eye or lift her finger.

This scene shocked everyone present. This Feng Feiyun was too bold. He was only a hound yet he still dared to hug her without letting go.

Everyone wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads and felt that this Feng Feiyun was too scarily perverted.

Other people wouldn’t dare to breathe in front of the evil woman, yet he actually dared to hug her.

Feng Feiyun also felt the same way in his mind as his chin was placed above her fragrant right shoulder. He could clearly feel the outlines on her dress and could even sense the faint temperature emitted from her cheek and ear. However, it was not a warm feeling, but rather a cold-as-ice sensation.

Her body was as cold as a block of ice; it simply didn’t have a human’s temperature.

Feng Feiyun’s hands didn’t dare to move. He kept on maintaining this position as his robe was drenched in cold sweat. His mind constantly lamented that he was dead for sure, for sure this time.

“Oh heavens!” A person finally whimpered as they covered their mouth with their hand and couldn’t believe the scene unraveling in front of him.

Luo Lin had a gloating smile on his face. ‘This guy is dead for sure. Even if you are the dog servant of the evil woman, since you dare to disrespect her like this, you surely will be minced to pieces. This is truly karma ah!’

The dog servant of the evil woman dying by her hands — this was something pleasing to everyone else.

“Da… Daniu, you are too domineering! You are absolutely the first person in this world who dares to hug the evil woman. Even if you die in her hands, your name will forever be passed down in history!” Liu Qinsheng swallowed his saliva as he spoke.

Feng Feiyun’s heart was beating very fast and it could be heard throughout the pavilion.

“Give it to me!” Xiao Nuolan spoke.

“What… What?” Feng Feiyun still didn’t move like before. His ear gently rubbed against Xiao Nuolan’s ear as his chin felt the sensation of her shoulder.

“Your soul!”

Xiao Nuolan slowly raised her hand as her five slender fingers aimed for Feng Feiyun’s head. It was as if she wanted to penetrate his head to take out his soul.

She felt that Feng Feiyun’s phoenix soul was a bit too powerful, and his soul power was even stronger than hers. If she could obtain this phoenix soul, then not only would her chances for success at the fifth Corpse Transformation increase, but it could even help her sixth transformation.

But in the eyes of others, her hand was gently stroking Feng Feiyun’s head as if it was the intimate action between two lovers lost in love.

“Wow!” This action shocked many people. Could it be that Feng Feiyun was not the servant or slave of the evil woman, but rather her lover?

Only, Feng Feiyun couldn’t say anything at this moment to dispel this misunderstanding. He couldn’t move his body and could only watch as Xiao Nuolan’s hand was slowly placed above his head.

His scalp became numb as all the muscles in his entire body were tense.

It was this horrible hand again that almost crushed his neck the first time; the second time it wanted to reach inside his head. This was akin to completely destroying him.

“Boom!” A storm suddenly rose up inside Feng Feiyun’s dantian. The Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel burst with an azure light that was as dazzling as the stars; it rushed out from his dantian through his chest, then his neck, and all the way to the spirit platform inside his brain.

The Spirit Vessel used Feng Feiyun’s body as the medium, his flesh and blood as the pathways, and his spirit energy as the driving force to soar straight up.

Right at this moment, Xiao Nuolan’s jade hand was placed above Feng Feiyun’s head; this Spirit Vessel suddenly dashed straight into her palm’s position.

Feng Feiyun and Xiao Nuolan’s body slightly shook. This extremely pale light flashed in Xiao Nuolan’s palm. The eighteen divine and ancient sails above the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel quaked as it rushed into the palm of her hand.


The Spirit Vessel inside Feng Feiyun’s body penetrated into Xiao Nuolan’s body and it suppressed her dantian.

Her body and spirit energy were halted for a short moment.

At this split second, Feng Feiyun grasped the chance and escaped from her evil hands. He shifted his body and immediately escaped from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion and into the darkness of the night.

Run, run, run. The farther the better!

Feng Feiyun’s entire body was sweaty and he couldn’t care less about the Spirit Vessel entering Xiao Nuolan’s body nor the disappearance of the Dragon Horse River Diagram from his body.

Meanwhile, the six ancient diagrams on the Infinite Spirit Ring were flashing with brilliance. These six diagrams had the same origin as the Dragon Horse River Diagram; they formed into an ancient formation that was constantly rotating above the ring.

After a brief pause, the evil woman regained her freedom and felt a change in her dantian. The Spirit Vessel inside her body congregated a new divine light inside her dantian. Even though her cultivation became three parts stronger than before, there was a faint sensation of a chain making her feel uneasy.

Was this a blessing or a curse? Was it an immortal’s luck, or was it doom?

Was this a supreme Saint Treasure or was it prepared for someone else?

She gently clenched her fists as her starry eyes looked above at the mist-filled night sky.

She then disappeared from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion in the next second!

The night was no longer serene like before!

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