Chapter 151: Fourth Corpse Transformation

The lanterns from high above illuminated the walls with a red shade.

Under the night curtain, a beauty wearing a white monastic robe came inside amidst the chilling breeze. Even though it was not yet the time for the leaves to fall, they were falling because of her.

The air seemed to be frozen as all cultivators stood still. Even their heartbeats and breathing became slow as all eyes were staring intensely at this supreme beauty standing by the main door.

‘This is the legendary bloodstained evil woman?’

No one believed that this elegant beauty in front of them was the evil woman who slaughtered millions. Her white monastic robe was spotless like lilies on a rainy day. Her black hair was held by a jade pin without any trace of murderous intent on her body.

She gradually walked inside the pavilion and walked past Feng Feiyun, then she sat on a wooden dragon chair in the center without saying a word.

She seemed to have forgotten Feng Feiyun; there were essentially no memories in her mind and not a trace of emotion in her eyes.

Although she did not speak, no one dared to spark the first conversation, including the Qin Clan’s dao protector, Young Noble Flawless, and the old woman on the seventh floor. Everyone held their breath lest they incite the wrath of this monster of the legend.

After Xiao Nuolan’s arrival, what used to be the rowdiest place in Fire Beacon City suddenly became a very quiet place where one could even hear the cries of street vendors right outside. No one inside dared to move even a single step.

Feng Feiyun stood in the hallway closest to Xiao Nuolan. Even though he was not nervously trembling like the other cultivators, he still felt a weight on his back and couldn’t maintain his composure.

However, in the eyes of all the cultivators present, he was the calmest. His backing had finally arrived, and all the people who offended him tonight would not have a good ending.

The person with the most fear on his face was the Qin Clan’s dao protector. His heartbeat was rapid and he slightly lost control of his legs. In the end, he started speaking with a trembling voice: “Honorable Evil Woman, earlier was just a misunderstanding. My Qin Clan does not intend to offend you.” [1. Evil woman doesn’t sound as bad as a title in Chinese, although it is a bit funny that he is calling her evil woman when he is trying to suck up.]

Xiao Nuolan dismissively glanced at him once, then she recalled her gaze and said: “Hand the items over!”

Everyone was puzzled by her sentence. What items? She was looking for something?

Under the confusion, she suddenly reached out her hand, and a slender shadow palm suddenly gripped Nalan Xuejian’s neck in the private room. However, at this time, Monk Jiu Rou also made a move and unleashed a golden palm seal onto Xiao Nuolan’s sleeve.


Even though Monk Jiu Rou and Xiao Nuolan took action almost simultaneously, Monk Jiu Rou was half a step too late and Nalan Xuejian had been captured by her.

Nalan Xuejian used the Buddhist Jade Bead earlier to fight Qin Zhan so its aura leaked out, which was why Xiao Nuolan came to this place searching for it.

“Thump thump thump!” The sound of the buddhist staff appeared.

Monk Jiu Rou broke the doors of the private room and rushed out while wielding the Invincible Buddhist Staff. His body and the staff were all covered with a golden brilliance as he brazenly attacked Xiao Nuolan.

This Monk Jiu Rou was extremely powerful and not much weaker than Xiao Nuolan with his frightening cultivation.

In just a blink, he unleashed more than two hundred moves and finally took Nalan Xuejian back from Xiao Nuolan. However, he paid a price as a drop of blood inched out from his thick arm for it was cut by Xiao Nuolan’s finger.

Even though the wound disappeared in an instant without leaving even a scar, it was clear that he lost to Xiao Nuolan earlier.

Nevertheless, he managed to take Nalan Xuejian back so this exchange could be considered a tie. Xiao Nuolan still calmly sat on her chair like before with an emotionless gaze as she glared towards Monk Jiu Rou and Nalan Xuejian’s direction. She opened her red lips and said: “Hand over the Buddhist Jade Bead to me!”

So it turns out that she came here for the Buddhist Jade Bead. Feng Feiyun had a bad feeling for the bead was on Nalan Xuejian. If she truly wanted to take it, then Nalan Xuejian would be in danger even with Monk Jiu Rou’s protection.

Masters of their level could only maintain an unbeaten state and essentially couldn’t protect the people around them.

With his golden light and one hand wielding the Invincible Buddhist Staff while the other held onto Nalan Xuejian’s hand, he said with a dignified tone: “Amitabha, Benefactor Xiao has accomplished the fourth Corpse Transformation and reversed life and death, why is it that your evil tendency is still as grave as before? It truly shouldn’t be like this ah!”

A completely dead person naturally couldn’t live again. This was the rule of the heaven and earth. What was called reversal of life and death was to let this dead person undergo Corpse Transformation and achieve a new change from it.

The first Corpse Transformation would allow for one to climb out of their graves and use their corpse body!

The second Corpse Transformation would allow for a non-rotten, impervious diamond body!

The third Corpse Transformation would allow for a strand of intelligence with fighting prowess comparable to a Giant!

And the fourth Corpse Transformation would allow for the reversal of life and death. The bones will regain life again, and with their intelligence restored, they would be no different from a living person. Xiao Nuolan was currently in this state.

She had embarked on a cultivation path different from all other cultivators. This was her fourth transformation, and there will be a fifth and sixth in the future… Maybe she will even reach the legendary ninth Corpse Transformation in the future and achieve eternal immortality.

An immemorial deified record had written down that there was an evil progenitor who reached the eighth Corpse Transformation and tore an ancient immortal into pieces. His immortal blood fell into the mortal world and turned into nine lakes of blood. Even till now, one could hear the wailing noises of the dead ancient immortals at the lakes of blood.

Of course, this was only an excerpt of the deified record. Future generations had never seen this ancient immortal’s blood lakes so they all assumed that this was only a fictional tall tale preached by early people.

However, Xiao Nuolan was already so monstrous after her fourth transformation; if there was really an eighth transformation evil progenitor, then he would really be able to slay immortals.

Although Xiao Nuolan was a mortal, she could no longer be considered one. She was now divided into a different type of existence: Yin World Three Evils — Corpse Evil.

Of course, the “Yang World Three Strange and Yin World Three Evils” were still foreign to the cultivation world. Only Treasure Seeking Masters who traversed the boundaries would come into contact with them. Under normal circumstances, the Yang World Three Strange and Yin World Three Evils would all stay in the Yin and Yang Worlds or in a few special spatial planes.

This was the first time a large amount of Corpse Evil, like Xiao Nuolan, came into the light at the Godly Jin Dynasty.

Yang World Three Strange: Void Strange, Abnormality Strange, Incorporeal Strange.

Yin World Three Evil: Corpse Evil, Ghost Evil, Divine Evil.

After these thoughts flashed in Feng Feiyun’s mind, many previous doubts had become clear as if he managed to see through many recent events.

Xiao Nuolan wanted the Buddhist Jade Bead to use the pure buddhist energy inside the bead to undergo the fifth Corpse Transformation; slaughtering millions of lives inside the Grand Southern Prefecture to accumulate their blood energy and stealing the Buddhist Jade Bead were equally important in her eyes.

All things were second to cultivation. She had an indomitable dao heart that was never seen before. A different dao would have a different path, whether it was killing or saving people.

She did all of this in order to reach the peak of the immortal path, but many people didn’t want her to reach the fifth Corpse Transformation and obtain the Origin Dao Fruit, such as the Yang World’s King or the Yin World’s Mother.

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