Chapter 150: The Evil Woman Arrived!

The two other heaven-defying geniuses assumed that Qin Zhan would easily be able to suppress Feng Feiyun; they didn’t expect him to lose so quickly at the hands of an early God Base cultivator.

These two were from the Violet Cloud Heavenly Grotto and they came with Qin Zhan to Fire Beacon City. One male and one female; the male who wore a loose violet robe was around eight feet tall. With a heroic stature, he seemed to be around twenty years old.

The woman was adorned with a violet dress and had a printed flowers belt on her waist. She was a bit younger than the man and, with brows like jade feathers and white-as-snow skin, she was also a natural born beauty, an absolute city toppling beauty!

The man’s name was Zi Chuan and the woman’s name was Zi Qing; they were a pair of brother and sister.

These two were the most talented prodigies of the Violet Cloud Grotto and they flew down together from the sixth floor at the same time while standing on two violet clouds, just like two immortals descending from the heavens.

Zi Chuan held a cloud sail with flowing lights, exuding surging divine waves. [1. Like a battle banner/sail.]

Zi Qing summoned a divine whip that was akin to an extremely poisonous serpent. It shuttled in the air, causing jarring noises. [2. A whip with multiple small sections, like Ivy’s weapon in Soul Calibur.]

“No one will be able to save him!” Feng Feiyun exerted more force in his foot and trampled through Qin Zhan’s chest cavity as his ribcage was shattered and inner organs were desecrated. So much blood spewed out of his body that it painted Feng Feiyun’s right foot red.

He actually stomped Qin Zhan to death. The son of the evil demon was really ruthless. This was a heaven-defying genius; if he didn’t die, then he would have become a Giant in the future.

A great clan like the Qin Clan would only have a few heaven-defying geniuses like this every generation, so they were absolutely treasures that warranted heavy protection. However, someone like this actually died in the hands of Feng Feiyun and turned into a bloodied corpse on the ground!


Feng Feiyun directly attacked with the Infinite Spirit Ring and the black ornamented ring turned as big as a fist. A crimson dragon shadow moved on the ring as it unleashed a frightening power.

The activated power of the Spirit Treasure encompassed the entire pavilion. It tore a gap in the cloud sail in Zi Chuan’s hand, then waves of spirit energy broke a section of Zi Qing’s whip.

These two heaven-defying geniuses were knocked flying away at the same time, slamming into a wall. Fortunately for them, a body protecting qi managed to offset this force; otherwise, they would have been gravely wounded.

“The power of a Spirit Treasure!”

Zi Chuan gently touched the cloud sail as his expression became extremely serious.

When Feng Feiyun fought against Qin Zhan earlier, even though he used the power of the Spirit Treasure, he was still hiding it. But right now was different, he exerted the strongest power of the Spirit Treasure within his own limits so this one blow knocked away both Zi Chuan and Zi Qing.

Feng Feiyun touched the ring with his finger and said: “Of course it is a Spirit Treasure!”

A Spirit Treasure’s power was too great and it could allow a clan to prosper and suppress an entire domain. Even ordinary Heaven’s Mandate experts would not be able to have a Spirit Treasure, yet Feng Feiyun, who was only of early God base, was able to fight with a Spirit Treasure.

No wonder why he could kill Qin Zhan!

A Spirit Treasure’s power was not limited to just this, so it seemed as if Feng Feiyun had never used his full strength from start to finish.

At this time, all of Fire Beacon City was enveloped with a cold darkness. Different layers of divine clouds condensed together in the sky as a light fell down as if it was signaling the coming of a god.


The beam of light quickly disappeared, but the black layers of cloud became thicker in the sky. No one knew when, but an old man wearing a golden robe stood right outside of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

He came out from the beam of light with lightning running across his body. Between his wrinkled eyes was a murderous intent as he gently stepped inside the pavilion.

“I’m just one step late after all!” This old man came before Qin Zhan’s body and stared at his shattered chest with blood still flowing outward. His murderous intent became even thicker and this coldness caused all the cultivators present inside the pavilion to shiver.

This old man was very powerful and had reached first level Heaven’s Mandate. He had lived for two hundred and sixty years, and he was the dao protector of Qin Zhan.

In fact, heaven-defying geniuses from the great powers all had their own dao protectors from the previous generation. When they traveled, their dao protector would also secretly follow. As long as it was not an absolute life or death situation, their dao protector would not appear.

If Qin Zhan didn’t meet Feng Feiyun, then no one in the entire Fire Beacon City would dare to kill him, so this dao protector was not worried for his life.

However, once he sensed that Qin Zhan’s vitality rapidly weakened, it was already too late when he arrived.

“You son of the evil demon; do you really think you can hold the rest of the world in disdain just because you have the evil woman as your backing?” A faint air emanated from the dao protector’s body and directly pressed the two Violet Cloud heaven-defying geniuses and Feng Feiyun back.

Cultivators at the Heaven’s Mandate realm were all people with great abilities and five hundred years of lifespan. They normally rarely appeared in the cultivation world; most of them usually cultivated in isolation in order to steal fate from the heavens. Each time they increased one level, their lifespan would be increased by an additional sixty years.

Feng Feiyun situated his soles firmly on the ground and stabilized his body. He spoke without any arrogance nor weakness: “So only your Qin Clan is allowed to kill me and I’m not allowed to kill your people?”

“Good, good, good for a junior. This old man is the dao protector of Qin Zhan. Since Qin Zhan has died, you will have to be buried with him.”

The gray hair on this dao protector’s head fluttered even when there was no wind blowing. A red brilliance began to form in the middle of his brows like a peerless heavenly eye. A sharp sword gleam condensed; it was powerful enough to cause others to palpitate. Its mere preparation stage was enough for Feng Feiyun to feel the threat of death.

A first level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator compared to a God Base cultivator had a gap like the heaven and earth. If a God Base cultivator was only an extremely powerful person among mortals, then a first level Heaven’s Mandate was an immortal in the eyes of ordinary people.

Feng Feiyun felt like his body was stuck in quicksand in front of this dao protector. He couldn’t even move a single finger; it was as if the enemy could take his life by pressing one finger.

Suddenly, this suppressive force went away and Feng Feiyun felt light again. He only saw this old dao protector’s face filled with fear. He carried Qin Zhan’s body from the ground and immediately broke the window to escape into the darkness.


But right when he had just broken through the window, he was slapped back inside and slammed onto the roofbeam. His old body seemed sluggish as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

A first level Heaven’s Mandate was heavily wounded by just one slap!

With blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth and with eyes filled with fear, this dao protector looked at the darkness outside of the window and spoke while shivering: “Respectable evil woman, I didn’t mean to offend Feng Feiyun, I was just joking earlier.”

Feng Feiyun also felt a monstrous aura coming from the outside. He looked towards this ominous window and only saw that the black clouds outside were descending even more. The gusts outside caused the trees to rustle as if countless ghosts were dancing amidst the falling leaves.

All the cultivators that reached the God Base realm — at this time — felt an abnormal presence suppressing down on them. People with a higher cultivation felt such an apprehension even more clearly.

No wonder why a first level Heaven’s Mandate dao protector suddenly ran away; it turned out that he felt this abnormal aura and knew that Xiao Nuolan had arrived.

He wanted to escape but he was one step too late.

“Click clack!”

Faint footsteps rang from the outside. The speed was not fast nor slow, but it had a certain mysterious rhythm that caused listeners to lose their mind. At this moment, no one inside the pavilion dared to breathe loudly as all of their gazes were focused on the main door.

One cultivator could not handle this oppressive atmosphere so he jumped down from the window on the third floor, wanting to escape from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. However, the moment he jumped outside, a miserable scream emanated.

Right afterward, everyone started to hear the sound of flesh being eaten as if wild dogs were eating a corpse. However, Feng Feiyun knew that they weren’t wild dogs, but rather, those ancient monk corpses; they were eating human flesh. The evil woman still hadn’t set her foot into the pavilion, but she had already scared the cowardly cultivators to death inside; after several thumping sounds, they fell to the floor and their bodies became stiff.

It didn’t matter if one had a high or low cultivation, at this moment, everyone was frozen with chills as if they had entered hell.


The yellow main door of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion was slowly opened as a cold blast entered. Under the lanterns from up high, one could see a long shadow entering the lobby. A monk corpse that wore a red monastic robe came in from the outside.

His monastic robe was very bright as if it was dazzlingly brand new, but the body inside was withered and black with parts rotten to the core, revealing their frightening bones.

A golden glow resided inside this monk corpse’s eyes as they swept through everyone present. He placed his palms together in front of his chest and began to chant a buddhist mantra. This buddhist mantra was extremely dry and coarse; it was as if it was the language of the corpses.

There was still blood on his hand. Earlier, it was him who used a slap to stop the fleeing dao protector.

This was a corpse who had underwent his third Corpse Transformation, and his cultivation was not much weaker than a Giant.

He respectfully stood next to the main door as his two hands formed different buddhist seals. He slightly bowed his head as if a great character was about to arrive.


Author: Everyone might be a bit confused about cultivations; allow me to explain. Reaching the God Base realm will allow one to become an elder. The Giant realm is 7th-9th Heaven’s Mandate. All of these minor levels are called Giant. However, the majority of Giants are stuck at the 7th Heaven’s Mandate level.

Half-Giants are peak sixth level Heaven’s Mandate.

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