Chapter 149: Heavenly King Of The City, Tiger Of The Earth

The Supreme Beauty Pavilion has been established for several hundred years, and there were more than one thousand defensive formation arrays. It even had a few forbidden arrays that could guarantee its survival for a thousand years. However, after a few battles, there were still several holes on the seventh floor’s balcony with more than one hundred of the formation arrays shattered.

Many cultivators escaped from the pavilion and knew that there will be a bloodbath tonight. There will absolutely be a heaven-defying genius laying in his own blood tonight.


Qin Zhan pulled his legs out from underground. His pair of shoes had turned into ashes as his pants were also destroyed. With blood beads continuously dripping down, countless wounds covered his eyes.

A heaven-defying genius was beaten to such a state; this was the first time this had ever happened to Qin Zhan throughout his battle history.

“I will show you what is considered invincible in the same realm!”

Qin Zhan threw away his treasure sword that had shattered in his hand. It embedded itself into the ground and issued gentle sword vibrations.

It was damaged so badly that it became a useless sword.

“Crank crack!”

The sword suddenly broke into nine sections and became pieces of scrap metal on the ground. Qin Zhan personally buried the sword as if he was performing a pre-war ritual. The battle intent on his body surged even more ferociously. It was as if he became a rising sun that covered the entire pavilion.

Feng Feiyun’s eyes narrowed as he felt a great energy from the earth furiously rolling into Qin Zhan’s body.

“Heavenly King of the city, tiger of the earth!”

Golden clouds shrouded Qin Zhan’s legs from below the earth and then directly spread all over his body. A grand and majestic power formed from within his body as a gigantic divine tiger encompassed his body and issued roars that shook the heaven and earth.

This divine tiger was like the soul shadow of Qin Zhan. With golden eyes as big as a bowl, black runes that turned into a majestic word “King” could be found on its forehead.

Seven or eight formations of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion were immediately shattered by the tiger’s roar while the other formations became bleak without any brightness.

“Rumor has it that the Qin Clan had two great forbidden grounds: the Heavenly King’s Obelisk and the Myriad Sword Mountain. They contained the two most supreme cultivation techniques of the Qin Clan — the Heavenly King and Myriad Swords Becoming One manuals. These were the two secrets manuals of the Qin Clan. Future disciples who were able to cultivate one of the two techniques would be able to sweep through the world, but who would have thought that Qin Zhan was able to cultivate both of these heavenly manuals to their beginner realm.

“The Qin Clan is the second oldest clan of the Grand Southern Prefecture; countless wise sages and heroes came from there. Among them were many supreme peerless masters that were renowned for several generations. These people all became enlightened from the Heavenly King’s Obelisk or the Myriad Swords Mountain. From them, countless cultivation ideas and divine weapons were left behind; one could even say that these are the two great cultivation grounds. Qin Zhan had surely cultivated in both of these areas, not to mention that he became enlightened in the basic dao from these two origins.”

“The Myriad Swords Mountain is easier compared to the difficulty to become enlightened at the Heavenly King’s Obelisk. I heard that there are more than one hundred thousand young disciples in each generation in the Qin Clan, but only one or two people will be able to learn the divine techniques above the Heavenly King’s Obelisk. I can’t believe that the number one expert of this Qin Clan’s generation, Qin Ming, was not able to do it yet Qin Zhan was able to.”

“Above the Heavenly King’s Obelisk is an eternal engraving of all the universal laws that belonged to the Qin Clan’s Progenitor. Any divine techniques from the Heavenly King’s Obelisk are all supreme techniques.”

The Qin Clan had a prestigious status within the Grand Southern Prefecture and it was much older than the Feng Clan. Even though the Qin Clan was not as powerful as it once was, it was still an unbeatable leader in the Grand Southern Prefecture. Only the other three or four great powers were able to oppose them.

At the moment, the divine technique used by Qin Zhan was from the Heavenly King’s Obelisk. It used one’s own spirit energy to channel the veins inside the earth, so it woke up the Divine Tiger’s Soul hidden beneath the ground — the Earth Tiger!

Once he reached the Heaven’s Mandate realm, he would even be able to use this Earth Tiger to summon a Heavenly Sky City. Then, he would truly become the king of the same realm. Even if he met geniuses of the Grand Historical level, he would still be able to challenge them.

“Rawr!” A tiger roar that shattered the heaven and earth!

Qin Zhan’s hands were like tiger claws as they burst into a golden brilliance. His body shot up and a giant divine tiger’s soul also soared upward. The blinding golden light encompassed Feng Feiyun as the two fought inside the divine tiger’s soul.

The two of them rapidly shifted with attacks as fast as lightning, causing torrential winds and thunderous explosions.

An old woman on the seventh floor of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, while holding a wooden rod that had a dragon head, appeared from the void and stumbled forward while walking. She didn’t stop the great battle between the two young ones. Instead, she only gently placed her two dried-up hands on a wooden top inside the pavilion.

A faint silvery metallic sheen emanated from her palm and covered the entire pavilion. Each window, each door, each table, each wall — it was as if they were all transformed into something that was made from metal. No matter how destructive the force of Feng Feiyun and Qin Zhan was, it couldn’t hurt even a corner of the floor.

This old woman, dressed in a noble manner, gazed down below with her old eyes.

After the red plaque beauties saw this old woman, they immediately kneeled down to salute her. Even Nangong Hongyan flew down from the flying pavilion from above and respectfully bowed down before the old woman.

The girls wanted to say something, but the old woman stopped them and spoke with a husky voice: “The son of the evil demon is actually here at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion... Could it be that the evil woman also came to Fire Beacon City?” She murmured.

The world was full of panic in the current times. The Grand Southern Prefecture had sweeping changes and even characters of the previous generation cowered before the name of the evil woman. This was why the person named Feng Feiyun, the one who caused all of this by waking the evil woman, attracted the attention of many predecessors.

One person was the evil woman, one person was the son of the evil demon. They were both foreign forces and no one actually believed that they had nothing to do with each other.

The Giants of the previous generation allowed the heaven-defying geniuses to form the Evil Killing Alliance because no one from the previous generation was willing to be the first to kill Feng Feiyun, lest they incite the wrath of the evil woman and bring about a deathly calamity.

Even though the great cultivation powers of the Grand Southern Prefecture publicly proclaimed to be allies in order to deal with the evil woman, it was not a real fortified alliance. They all had their own thoughts and no one wanted to be the first to oppose the evil woman.

It would be difficult for the evil woman to destroy the cultivation world of the Grand Southern Prefecture, but it was not difficult for her to kill one Giant.

Unwittingly, the evil woman — in the eyes of others — had become Feng Feiyun’s backing, a pillaring mountain that reached the heavens.

On the other hand, the geniuses of the younger generation didn’t have as many prohibitions. As long as they killed Feng Feiyun, they would be renowned throughout the world. As for the evil woman, would she actually let go of her pride and actually make a move against a young junior?

In fact, Feng Feiyun was just like the rest of them, harboring great fear towards the evil woman. He wanted to be as far away from her as possible, but even if he spoke these words right now, no one would believe him anyway.

“Feng Feiyun, I admit that you really are stronger. If you could break through to intermediate God Base, then you will most likely be able to defeat me. However, the current you won’t do.”

Qin Zhan roared as countless streaks of lightning spewed out from his mouth and all of them struck Feng Feiyun’s body, knocking him flying away.

A monstrous tiger claw swept through the sky like a small mountain that compressed the air into torrential gales.

Even though Feng Feiyun was struck by dozens of lightning bolts, the golden blood inside his body flowed quicker and gathered all of this lightning into his palms. With countless lightning sparkles in his palms, he recklessly exchanged blows with the monstrous tiger claw.


It was blocked!

Before the gigantic Earth Tiger, Feng Feiyun’s body may seem small, but it was able to compete evenly against the tiger claw. More than ten lightning bolts shot out from Feng Feiyun’s palm, forcing Qin Zhan and the Earth Tiger back.

Feng Feiyun also flew up from the ground and stopped around ten feet away.

“A heaven-defying genius really has amazing battle prowess; a peak God Base cultivator definitely cannot compare with one. With the Earth Tiger technique, Qin Zhan can easily massacre any of the ten generals of Fire Beacon City.”

“But he still isn’t able to kill the evil demon’s son. I feel that Feng Feiyun’s aptitude is a strand stronger than heaven-defying geniuses. If Qin Zhan only had an early God Base cultivation, then surely, he would be torn into pieces at this very second.”

Young Noble Flawless still sat at ease inside his private room; he smilingly said: “How much longer do you guys want to fight for? I am still waiting to talk to Lady Hongyan. If you keep on fighting, the sun will soon rise.”

Feng Feiyun glanced towards his direction and smilingly replied: “Brother Su should drink another cup, I’ll end this battle soon.”

“The only thing ending is me ending you!” Qin Zhan stomped on the ground with the Earth Tiger next to him and unleashed a fist along with the tiger claw. A gigantic tiger claw that carried a golden light from the sky came smashing down.

Feng Feiyun stood at the grand entrance of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. He gently stepped on the ground with his right foot. A momentum from the earth rushed out and it encompassed his entire body.

Borrowing the earth momentum to destroy the Earth Tiger!

The formed Earth Tiger was the soul of the earth, and the momentum borrowed by Feng Feiyun was the energy of the earth.

One person forged the soul while the other assembled the momentum.

“Break for me!”

Feng Feiyun slowly raised his palm that was filled with a golden light. The pitch black Infinite Spirit Ring on his thumb quickly rotated and created a majestic tornado.


Before anyone knew it, the Dragon Horse River Diagram appeared above the golden palm. Its entire body was covered with mysterious patterns and, with a neighing sound, it crashed into the Earth Tiger.

How could the earth’s soul that was turned into an Earth Tiger by Qin Zhan be a match for the dragon horse? It was quickly defeated!

Feng Feiyun’s palm channeled the momentum of the earth and mercilessly slammed down towards Qin Zhan’s head. Qin Zhan’s body then turned into a sharp sword, aiming to break through the palm seal, but he was ruthlessly suppressed instead.


His body was stained with blood and he fiercely slammed into the wall. However, even though Qin Zhan was defeated, his mouth spat out a sword made out of blood. It traversed the gaps of the palm seal and slashed down a lock of Feng Feiyun’s hair; it almost pierced through his head!

Feng Feiyun rubbed the faint presence of blood on his forehead. Earlier, Qin Zhan almost reversed the situation and Feng Feiyun could have died under his blood sword. Heaven-defying geniuses truly were all amazing characters.

Such a person… must not be left alive!

Feng Feiyun’s body was like an exploding pellet that rushed forward as he immediately stood in front of Qin Zhan. He kicked Qin Zhan away, collapsing his chest cavity, causing it to cave inward.

Showing mercy to the enemy was akin to being ruthless to oneself.

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