Chapter 148: Who is Invincible in the Same Realm?

Feng Feiyun helplessly rubbed his forehead, then he whispered: “Xuejian, the heavens is my witness ah! When did you see me going in another woman’s bed?”

“Earlier, I clearly just saw you and those two beauties together. It must have felt really good, right?” Nalan Xuejian didn’t let go of the topic and spoke, revealing her snow-white perfect teeth. She seemed like a little chicken wanting to peck Feng Feiyun.

She wanted to teach this playboy a lesson, but he caught her into his arms and she simply couldn’t move.

Feng Feiyun gently held down her sweet shoulders as he carefully wiped away the blood on the wounds on her back. ‘She is so young and still so little; not to mention, she’s innocent to the point where she would choose to fight someone else just because of me. It really is too foolish.’

Nalan Xuejian stubbornly wiggled a couple of times before stopping, then she slightly spoke while whimpering: “Everyone said that you jumped down the yellow well and was buried along with the Mortal Life Temple to become a corpse without a soul, but I didn’t believe it. You bastard, you like to play dead the most; how could an ancient well bury you?”

Feng Feiyun replied: “Of course I won’t die. Even if I want to die, I have to wait for your approval first.”

“But at this moment, I wish that you would die, the sooner the better, so that I won’t have to see scenes that make me angry anymore.” Nalan Xuejian glared at him as she was clearly still angry.

“Angry little monk, oh wait, it is an angry little nun, ahaha!” Feng Feiyun quipped.

Nalan Xuejian suddenly became angry and pounded on Feng Feiyun’s chest several times as she said: “You already know that I will absolutely never become a nun, never ever… ah!” Her sudden outburst reopened her wound as blood spewed out.

Feng Feiyun quickly took out a drop of Spirit Spring Water from his robes. Even though this drop was worth millions of gold, he didn’t hesitate to give it to her to help her heal.

The medicinal effect of the Spirit Spring Water quickly radiated throughout her body as it covered her like a cocoon covered by white fog.

“Daniu… Boss, are you really the son of the evil demon?” Wu Jiu stepped out from the private room and asked.

Feng Feiyun stared at him and replied: “Correct. If you guys are afraid of being involved, then you can leave at any time!”

“Pah! Do you think we are the type who is afraid of dying? You don’t consider us your brothers at all!” At this time, Wang Meng finally smashed the table with a slap and suddenly stood up.

“Thats right, what have we not seen before? That year, I even slept with the wife of the Heaven Shaking Marquis, what do I not dare to do?” Liu Qinsheng stroked his goatee and coughed twice before also walking out.

“We three thousand Huang Feng bandits stick together!” Luo Tuozi also heroically declared.

Even though these four bandits were evil and had committed many atrocious crimes before, they greatly valued comradery. Even though Feng Feiyun was under attack by cultivators from the entire Grand Southern Prefecture, they would still dare to fight against all of these immortal gates and clans.

“This is my problem and it has nothing to do with you guys. Help me take good care of Xuejian. Leave my matters to myself. Even if I am beaten to death, you guys still shouldn’t interfere; otherwise, I won’t consider all of you to be my brothers anymore.”

There were more than 100,000 small sects within the Grand Southern Prefecture and more than ten great powers. There were also plenty of those who had great cultivations, so who would dare to offend all the cultivators of one prefecture?

Feng Feiyun didn’t want them to take action because he didn’t want them to become trapped in this storm. Otherwise, their lives would be lost all for naught.

“So you are Feng Feiyun!”


A loud bang came from the sixth floor above. The room door was shattered by a wave as the three heaven-defying geniuses appeared. They sat around a four-cornered table while eating and drinking with music; they seemed to be very calm and indifferent.

They were all top experts of the younger generation. With all three of them here, they were quite confident with dealing with Feng Feiyun, who only had an early God Base cultivation.

“Like I said, rumors shouldn’t be completely trusted. How could someone like him oppose predecessors of the Giant level? He’s only an early God Base, it will be easy for me to deal with him.”

A heaven-defying genius held a wine jar made from white porcelain and poured it directly into his mouth, issuing gulping sounds.

“This rumor is simply false. Today, in front of everyone, I want to defeat the son of the evil demon and then take his head to appease the souls of the dead.” Qin Zhan glanced at Feng Feiyun down below while revealing a contemptuous smirk.

Feng Feiyun gently soared upward onto the cornice tiles of the sixth floor dozens of feet above. He smilingly spoke as he was basking in the wind: “Since you are so powerful, I really want to fight you for a round or two.”

Qin Zhan’s mighty power was apparent. Even though everyone was shocked at Feng Feiyun’s true identity, he only had an early God Base cultivation.

“The son of the evil demon is the servant of the evil woman. If he is here at Fire Beacon City, does that mean that the evil woman also came to Fire Beacon City?” The moment these words came out, everyone started shivering with fear, including the three heaven-defying geniuses.

Although everyone believed that any of the three could defeat Feng Feiyun, if the evil woman came to Fire Beacon City, then everyone will die without a doubt.

“Whew!” Qin Zhan’s mind was stout. He quickly dismissed the fear towards the evil woman as his finger gently assumed the sword technique. Then, the flying sword on his back immediately rushed out.

It was the Flying Heaven Sword Art again.

Feng Feiyun just stood there as the cold wind blew by, causing his hair to flutter chaotically. The moment Qin Zhan’s sword left its sheath, he suddenly rushed out as his figure turned into a shadow. He was just like a ghost flying above the rooftop of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

The flying sword’s shadow in the air issued whistling sounds and constantly battled against the faint shadow. Sometimes it appeared in the west and sometimes it soared all the way to the east.

There were sword energies flying all over the pavilion. A few flame sparks combined with the sword energies resulted in a very blinding spectacle.

Even though Qin Zhan was still sitting calmly in his chair, he started to feel tense. His five fingers rapidly formed different sword forms just to barely keep up with Feng Feiyun’s transforming movement.

How could one’s speed be so fast?

Qin Zhan felt that his sword technique variations were gradually slowing down as they were unable to keep up with Feng Feiyun’s movement, resulting in sweat drops forming on his forehead. He suddenly shot out five flashes from his hand into the flying sword.

“Myriad Swords Becoming One!”

One hundred and eight sword energies suddenly took shape and rushed out like rain.

“Break it!” Feng Feiyun pointed his finger forward and sketched a large circle in the air. Then, he struck this circle with his palm. It did not destroy the sword energies, but rather, the six strands of divine intent that were controlling them.

“Boom!” The one hundred and eight airborne energy swords all disappeared and turned into one hundred and eight remnants of lingering smoke and dust.

At this time, Qin Zhan could no longer idly sit so he suddenly stood up. But at this time, a shadow soared forward and ended up right next to him. It unleashed a ferocious palm towards his shoulder.

It was Feng Feiyun!

Qin Zhan’s eyelids shrank as his heart jumped. He didn’t have time to think so he immediately stomped on the wooden floor, thus his body lowered before Feng Feiyun’s palm could reach his shoulder.

Feng Feiyun’s palm strike failed so he immediately unleashed a second one. This one directly carried the force of five Qilins right towards Qin Zhan’s head from above.

One move after another! Feng Feiyun essentially didn’t want to give him a chance to breathe.

“Snow Bird’s Soul!” Qin Zhan opened his mouth and spewed out a blinding white light. A strange bird’s soul rushed out and swung its claw, tearing the five Qilins apart.

The Snow Bird was a strange beast’s soul with five hundred years of cultivation, thus its battle power was quite terrifying, especially its sharp beak — truly strong and unbreakable.

“Mao Wugui, I’ll leave it to you!”

Feng Feiyun pulled out a white turtle the size of three palms from his chest. Its shell was like rusty steel and its head was as big as a fist. What was even more disproportionate were its four legs; they had grown a bit too much.

If it wasn’t for the turtle shell, people would actually think that it was a little white duck.

“A trifling matter, leave it to me…” Before Mao Wugui could finish his words, he was already knocked outside by the Snow Bird’s soul. He was flipped upside down next to a wall and couldn’t get up even after a long struggle.

A frustrated black line appeared on Feng Feiyun’s forehead as he shook his head in disappointment. Suddenly, a fierce sword energy flew up from below. This sword slashed out a sword shadow around ten meters long and was as wide as a door. This gigantic sword was seemingly capable of cutting open the sky.

Such a monstrous sword energy could truly split apart a peak God Base cultivator.


The Infinite Spirit Ring flew up from Feng Feiyun’s hand and became suspended in mid-air as it condensed all of its spirit energy into a gigantic palm. Countless ancient symbols gathered above the palm as a huge and terrifying “Spirit” word from the palm descended down from the sky, smashing away all the sword energies occupying the area.


The gigantic palm seal in the sky not only annihilated the sword energies everywhere, but it even forced Qin Zhan back to the ground as both of his legs were drilled into the ground. His half-step Spirit Treasure flying sword also had a crack while his surroundings were filled with disintegrated gravel.

To be beaten by an early God Base like this... If he hadn’t been able to slash open a crack at the very last second, creating an opening to find a path towards survival, he most likely would have died from that spirit palm seal just now.

Feng Feiyun stood on the fifth floor’s hallway and condescendingly glanced at him before saying: “This is your invincibility within the same realm?”

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