Chapter 147: The Way She Is

“To be able to escape twice from my Myriad Swords Becoming One... You can be considered a heaven-defying genius. However, you have too little battle experience and your anger has blinded you, resulting in too many openings. Even though your cultivation is equal to mine, I can kill you in ten moves!”

Qin Zhan slightly frowned. If it was an ordinary genius, then he could kill them with just one sword. However, after two moves in a row, he could only give him a minor injury. It was clear that this handsome scholar was also a heaven-defying genius.

“You are too arrogant!” Nalan Xuejian rarely fought against cultivators of the same realm so her battle tactics were indeed lacking compared to a battle-hardened Qin Zhan.

The Buddhist Jade Bead rose from her palm and emitted a faint green brilliance. The nine holes on the bead shot out nine buddhist wisps as countless buddhist images surrounded her body.

“Since you have Myriad Swords Becoming One, try my Myriad Buddhas Becoming One then.” Even though Nalan Xuejian took out the Buddhist Jade Bead, the time she spent cultivating the buddhist art was too short and she couldn’t control the powerful force of the bead.

Even though a faint myriad of images of buddhas surrounded her body, giving her a dignified and pure look, the truth was that she suffered a backlash from the power of the bead and was quite heavily wounded.

“Aizz! Crazy girl, crazy girl!” Monk Jiu Rou gently sighed but still did not intend to help her. How will she be able to let go without experiencing insufferable pain?

Nalan Xuejian completely suppressed the flying sword by just borrowing a strand of the bead’s power. She accepted the pain from the backlash and rushed into the sword gleams all over the air.

Qin Zhan finally stood up as his finger formed countless sword forms. The one hundred and eight sword energies and the buddhist images fought for more than ten moves with equivocal forces, resulting in an earth-shattering battle.

“Snow Bird’s Soul!” Qin Zhan shouted and spewed out a white brilliance from his mouth that enveloped a strange white colored bird. Its body was around a foot long and it had three pairs of wings. In addition to the two claws covered by sharp iron scales, its beak was like a sharp sword that had a cold aura circulating along the surface.

“Truly a heaven-defying genius — someone who’s one out of ten thousand. He actually cultivated a beast’s soul inside his body.”

The first class clans all had great capabilities and could groom strange beasts. Afterwards, they would kill these strange beasts and forcefully extract their souls and store them inside the bodies of young disciples.

Those who were able to master the strange beast’s souls and refine them inside their bodies were all experts with extraordinary aptitude and willpower.

This Snow Bird was initially only a four hundred year old strange beast, but it was subdued and refined into his body when he was fifteen. As Qin Zhan’s cultivation increased, the Snow Bird’s power also increased, and it is now comparable to a five hundred year old strange beast.

Of course, this only included ordinary five hundred year old strange beasts and not a few ancient beast races or heaven-defying ones.

Still, the power of a five hundred year old strange beast was quite terrifying. One claw tore through eighteen buddhist images as it rushed into the battle and personally unleashed its might, creating fiery sparks from its scaled claws.


Countless battling shadows soared in the sky with fiery flashes and bird trillings as buddhist lights were broken one after another.


The battle ended as the Snow Bird went back inside Qin Zhan’s body with a victorious attitude. Qin Zhan also withdrew his flying sword and smilingly spoke: “Forcing me to use my Myriad Swords Becoming One along with the strange beast’s soul... Even though you lost, your cultivation is not bad at all. I intend to let you go, but the condition is that you have to tell me Feng Feiyun’s whereabouts.”

Qin Zhan looked down from above in the both-hands-behind-his back pose, just like a king of the younger generation, disdaining all existences. He was someone who didn’t put anyone else in his eyes.

The winner must have a winner’s attitude. Winners become kings and losers become bandits — this was the way of life.

At this very second, Nalan Xuejian was no longer as confident and at ease as before. There were at least ten different wounds on her body. The Snow Bird tore off a piece of flesh from her back as a lot of blood gushed out from the wound, staining her white robe red.

She half knelt on the ground as she was drenched in sweat while constantly panting. Her frail body seemed as if it would fall down at any second.


The backlash from the Buddhist Jade Bead shook her entire body, causing her to spew out a mouthful of blood.

Many women could not bear to see this any longer as they secretly lamented, but no one came to help her up because Qin Zhan’s cultivation was too great and no one dared to offend him.

“You still won’t make a move?” Young Noble Flawless stared at a jade mirror to look at his extraordinarily handsome face. He had a strange smile on his face as if he was murmuring to himself. The Po Luo Royal Uncle was quite confused at such a sight.

Feng Feiyun and Young Noble Flawless were separated by only one wall so he knew that Young Noble Flawless was speaking to him.

Young Noble Flawless smilingly continued: “I can understand your feelings right now. You want to take action, but you are afraid to let her know of your appearance at a brothel — mingling with other women. Haha! If you beg me, I am willing to personally help you save her. Such a good girl like this... Even if you don’t feel bad, I am starting to. However… I’m afraid… that after I save her, she will fall in love with me and would never want to leave.”

Young Noble Flawless was still fairly confident regarding his charm.

Feng Feiyun was in a rather precarious situation. He was not only afraid of Nalan Xuejian causing more trouble like this, but he also did not want to reveal his identity even more. That will only result in an endless amount of pursuit, but did he have any other choice?

How could he not feel pain right now?

“It makes sense though, you already have a talented fourth young miss with great wealth. Your future's already so bright ahead, why would you feel bad for another girl? It seems like only I can to do it in your stead then!”

Young Noble Flawless was still smiling like before.

Feng Feiyun’s expression sank. In the end, he still had to open his mouth: “If your hand reaches too far, I will sooner or later chop it off!”

“I’m so scared!” Young Noble Flawless laughed.

Feng Feiyun no longer changed his voice with these words and started using his own voice.

Finished speaking, he immediately stood up and opened the private room door. He glanced at Qin Zhan and said: “Since you proclaim yourself to be invincible within the same realm, do you dare to fight against someone who is one level lower than you, like me?”

Many people felt that this boy that was dressed like a beggar liked to show off too much and was even a bit nosy. It was as if he wanted to offend everyone tonight.

Qin Zhan, who stood high up above, also glanced at Feng Feiyun. He smilingly replied: “I watched you fight against those trash generals from earlier. You can truly be considered a heaven-defying genius, but you are only an early God Base. If you didn’t have corpse poison on your body, you simply aren’t a threat to me at all. You wouldn’t even be able to see my shadow; our disparity is too great.”

If Qin Zhan knew that even Beiming Tang, who had a peak God Base cultivation, was abused by Feng Feiyun, he wouldn’t be so cocky like this at the moment.

“Don’t tell me all the prodigies of your Evil Killing Alliance are all frogs under the well like this?” Feng Feiyun smilingly retorted.

Qin Zhan turned cold and said: “Boy, you better hold your tongue. Even if you have ten lives, it still won’t be enough if you offend ten heaven-defying geniuses of our alliance.”

The Evil Killing Alliance was called the strongest alliance of the younger generation of the Grand Southern Prefecture. Since Qin Zhan was able to become part of it, he naturally felt flattered and proud, so he wanted to maintain its prestige.

“Is that so? I actually need to offend the Evil Killing Alliance? Do you know who I am or not?” A second before, Feng Feiyun had prepared himself to reveal his identity so he was not afraid to face the consequences.

Even though Qin Zhan had seen Feng Feiyun’s portrait, he couldn’t connect Feng Feiyun and this beggar together at all.

However, someone else immediately recognized Feng Feiyun with just a glance!

“Feng Feiyun, you bastard! You are actually playing around with girls in a brothel! The moment I don’t have my sight on you, you immediately crawl into a woman’s bed.”

Even though Nalan Xuejian was heavily wounded with her bloodied white robe, she stood up in a flash and immediately carried her hurting body over towards Feng Feiyun in anger.

The moment she saw Feng Feiyun, it was as if the wounds on her body became better.

So it turns out that the boy who bought both of the red plaque ladies of the pavilion was this damn bastard, Feng Feiyun. Nalan Xuejian was quite angered by this.

This prodigal wife! There was a very faint glimmer of hope in Feng Feiyun’s mind about maintaining his identity, but she directly called out his name. It was over now, everyone at this second knew that he was the son of the demon, Feng Feiyun — traitor of the Feng Clan, servant of the evil woman.

Although Feng Feiyun felt very helpless at this moment, he couldn’t become mad at her. Her blood was dripping because of him; she was wounded because of him. Feng Feiyun didn’t have the qualifications to become angry at her.

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