Chapter 146: Intolerable Bullying

Yu Chan’s jade fingers gently stopped and the guqin sound also paused!

Xue Wu was also no longer smiling. It was as if her heart was hurt due to her self-esteem. Even supreme beauties could not get rid of this word “prostitute”. Her eyes revealed a murderous intent and very much wanted to kill Qin Zhan, but she knew that even after doing so, many people will still call her a prostitute behind her back.

Unless they can find someone who will love and marry them, this will forever be an untieable knot.

However, even though men all liked brothel girls, they will absolutely not marry a brothel girl. This was not just harmful to a man’s reputation, it also carried an impact on their future career.

This was an even more untieable knot!

From the past till now, beauties usually had sad ends and worldly women had the most unfortunate fates! [1. Worldly women is a nicer way to say prostitute.]

Qin Zhan also seemed to realize that his choice of words was wrong, so he immediately added: “Our Evil Killing Alliance’s aim is to slay the demon’s son, Feng Feiyun. Only by using the blood of that animal would we be able to appease the millions of dead souls in the Grand Southern Prefecture. We naturally wouldn’t waste time before cleansing the evil just because of a... worldly woman.”

A cold chill emanated from the private room to the north on the fifth floor as a serious voice appeared: “Who did you call an animal?”

“Hmph! Naturally, Feng Feiyun!” Qin Zhan did not hesitate at all and remained unperturbed.

“You think you are qualified to curse him? Anyone who curses him deserves to die!” The voice appeared again.

“You dare to threaten me? I, Qin Zhan, have cultivated for almost twenty years and remained undefeated. No one has ever dared to threaten me! I’ll curse him again; Feng Feiyun is indeed an evil half demon half human, am I wrong in calling him an animal? Moreover, he was the one who woke up the evil woman and caused millions of people to die. He is not only an animal, but also the servant of the evil woman!”

Qin Zhan naturally was not a foolish person and, on the other hand, was even a bit smart. He simply said these words in order to provoke his opponent into making a move.

A person who supported Feng Feiyun so much would naturally have an extraordinary relationship with him. As long as he could capture her, then the fear of not being able to find Feng Feiyun would disappear altogether.

Qin Zhan being able to become a heaven-defying genius of the Qin Clan meant that his cultivation method and intelligence were well above ordinary people. He had already prepared to take action.

“Hmph!” Feng Feiyun snorted and began to channel the spirit energy on this body.

However, someone else became even more angry and stepped out to make a move before him.


A golden buddhist lotus flew out with a bursting pure buddhist brilliance. It was initially as small as a fist, but once it reached the sixth floor, it had evolved into a huge nine petal lotus.

This was unleashed with a pure buddhist force that was brimming with golden brilliance and buddhist power.

Qin Zhan was still sitting back on his chair with a wine jug in his hand as he poured more into his cup. Meanwhile, the three foot long sword on his back automatically unsheathed as a dragon-like sword glint directly broke through the window, bringing along a green light.

“Brother Qin actually successfully cultivated the Flying Heaven Sword Art, could it be that your cultivation has reached peak God Base?” Another heaven-defying young man was quite surprised.

The Flying Heaven Sword Art was an extremely difficult sword technique to cultivate. Only peak God Base experts would have the necessary divine intent to successfully learn this technique. The stronger the divine intent, the more powerful this sword controlling art became in its killing way.

Qin Zhan lightly shook his head and smiled: “I’m still the same as before at intermediate God Base. Who says that one can only form divine intent at the peak God Base level? Even though I am only at intermediate God Base, I already formed six different strands of divine intents — enough to control the sword to kill people. We are heaven-defying geniuses, so naturally, those street dogs and cats cannot compare to us.”

Since they were called heaven-defying geniuses, they naturally were extremely gifted and were familiar with a few heaven-defying means. Even though Qin Zhan was only of the intermediate God Base level, he could easily kill a peak God Base cultivator.

Disciples like them at these top clans all had magnificent founding ancestors. Their blood lineages were naturally powerful and the talents of their future disciples would not be much worse. With careful grooming along with utilizing a few drugs, their battle prowess would be much greater than ordinary cultivators.

Cultivators with ordinary backgrounds naturally could not compare to the prodigies from these big clans. Just the level of their cultivation methods alone were several times weaker, so what will they use to compete against these geniuses?

The group of Qin Zhan naturally had the capabilities to be arrogant and essentially didn’t put these barbarians from the outskirts in their eyes. Even though he was only at intermediate God Base, he was confident that he could defeat all the cultivators within the same realm at this place.


The Flying Heaven Sword Art was indeed powerful. It was sharp and flexible. Just one slash was enough to immediately break through the buddhist lotus flower as it rushed outside and cut towards the other direction.

Qin Zhan didn’t only want to break the enemy’s spirit technique, but he also wanted to go on the counterattack and force them to make a move.


The private room door was opened. A handsome young man quickly rushed out with a stomp and reached out with his five slender fingers that eventually turned into a white colored palm print to crush the sword energy.

He finally showed up!

“The world always said that Young Noble Flawless was the most attractive man. I don’t think this is the case. This young man’s charm is even more frightening than Young Noble Flawless.” A person was amazed by Nalan Xuejian’s impressive looks.

Disguised as a man, Nalan Xuejian had a pressing handsomeness with her elegant white robe. Her black hair was tied up by a blue band. She was truly like an intellectual young scholar who was studying for the imperial tests.

The eyes of this young scholar were of a fine black dan color with a nose as tall as the green peak, with lips that were gentle and beautiful to the point of exuding a devilish charm. Many women inside the pavilion secretly glanced at her and were instantly enchanted.

Even several red plaque girls on the seventh floor were astonished. It was as if they had just saw their prince riding on a white stallion. As long as Nalan Xuejian was willing to take their hands, they were willing to run away with her to anywhere on earth.

Meanwhile, the male cultivators were not feeling too well and were cursing in their minds. This scholar was truly a devilish man and was way too unreasonably handsome.

“Even though Feng Feiyun is a jerk, these words are reserved for me. If other people dare to curse him, I will definitely take their life.” Nalan Xuejian held a paper fan in her hand and stared at the private room above with a chilling gaze.

“I’m really scared now ah! Haha! So it turns out to be a pretty boy wanting to protect the animal that everyone wants to kill. It seems like your relationship is not normal; don’t tell me you guys have that kind of love?” Qin Zhan basically didn’t put Nalan Xuejian’s threat in his eyes and retorted without any fear.

The other two heaven-defying geniuses also smiled with an implicit understanding and said: “So it turns out that Feng Feiyun likes men. If this news comes out, the reputation of the demon’s son will become even more renowned.”

“You all want to die!” Nalan Xuejian almost cried from anger. They actually dared to tarnish Feng Feiyun like this and threw all the crimes onto him without actually knowing the facts. All of them were truly deserving of death.

Two pupils flashed from within her pair of beautiful eyes as the spirit energy condensed in them. It shot out a light as thick as a finger and turned into a Fragmenting Moon Spirit Sword.


Qin Zhan was still drinking wine in his room. He used his divine intents to control the flying sword with impeccable expertise and ease as it slashed the Fragmenting Moon Spirit Sword created by the dual pupils.

“Myriad Swords Becoming One!”

The Flying Heavenly Sword Art in the air turned into one hundred and eight lights like meteors flying through the sky or a myriad of arrows flying out.

Myriad Swords Becoming One was a supreme sword technique of the Qin Clan. At its perfection, one sword could turn it into 16,384 swords. Qin Zhan naturally could not cultivate this art to its extremity, but these one hundred and eight spirit sword energies were already very frightening.

Numerous sword energies exploded around Nalan Xuejian’s body. There were three sword energies that cut through her arm sleeve, creating three bloody marks as drops of blood dripped down.

“Haha! Pretty boy, even though your cultivation is also intermediate God base, you are absolutely not my match. I am unbeatable within the same realm. With just your meager cultivation, you still want to stand up for that animal, Feng Feiyun. Sooner or later, you will die at the hands of our Evil Killing Alliance.”

Qin Zhan heroically added: “However, your talents are indeed good. If you kneel to the ground and bow down to us three, then I can consider letting you go.”

“We have to destroy his face as well. I feel very uncomfortable looking at his ladyboy face.” Another heaven-defying genius joined in.

Nalan Xuejian had never experienced such a level of oppression. She bit down on her teeth and covered her gushing wound with her small hand. She slightly glanced towards her private room only to find Monk Jiu Rou still in meditation while his eyes were closed. It was obvious that he had no intention of helping her.

“Brother Qin’s cultivation is really amazing. You don’t even need to use your body; just your single flying sword art is enough to defeat all experts of the same realm in this world. If you meet that animal Feng Feiyun, you will surely be able to slay him with one sword.” Another heaven-defying genius insulted Feng Feiyun on purpose, wanting to make Nalan Xuejian even more angry.

Sure enough, Nalan Xuejian became enraged once again as she clenched her fingers tightly and coldly said: “You all are going too far!”

“We are truly bullying you. What will you do with just your level of cultivation? Even if you train for three more years, you still wouldn’t be my match.” Qin Zhan channeled his Heavenly Flying Sword Art and one sword went straight towards Nalan Xuejian. It left behind a faint wound on her neck. If she didn’t react fast enough just now, she would have been killed due to a severed head.

After Nalan Xuejian came out from her private room, Feng Feiyun had always been holding his wine cup in silence without any movement. A complex emotion appeared in his eyes before he fiercely emptied his cup in one gulp.

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