Chapter 145: Temptress

The red dress was just as thin as a pair of cicada’s wings. One could faintly see the jade-like skin underneath and the indistinct purple coat covering her plump and towering bosom.

She wore a delicate fragrance, a fragrance like the scent of the cereus flowers blooming at night. This scent was capable of drowning others with thoughts of desire.

Xue Wu exposed half of her white-jade shoulders. Although the charming curves were all revealed right in front of Feng Feiyun, her pair of silky eyes did not have the vulgarity of an ordinary flirtatious woman and instead carried an elegant charm.

It was a feeling of an undressing goddess or a saintess searching for love!

Just standing there was enough to make many cultivators burn with lust. If they didn’t see her monstrous power from before with their own eyes, then some brutes among them would have already gone forward and forced her into their embrace to crazily kiss and caress to their heart’s content.

The key point was, who would dare to do such a thing?

One palm easily knocked away the five generals. She was at least at the grand achievement God Base realm; it could even be first level Heaven’s Mandate.

In the entire Supreme Beauty Pavilion, only Young Noble Flawless might have the power to dominate her.

However, Young Noble Flawless was a graceful gentleman and considered himself to be perfect. He was the number one amorous lover in the world, so naturally, he would not commit such a sleazy act. Even if he wanted Xue Wu, he would use his abilities to completely win her over or use his absolute charm to sway her so that she will obediently fall into his arms.

Wang Meng and Wu Jiu rushed over as they stared at Xue Wu while wiping the blood off their noses. This caused Xue Wu to reveal an enchanting smile that could even charm the wind and willow trees.

It was better when she wasn’t smiling. Her smile could truly steal the life from people. Seven or eight cultivators from the pavilion directly fainted and almost died from her charm.

The blood ran from the noses of Wu Jiu and Wang Meng even more fiercely than before.

Feng Feiyun was closest to her and could even smell the physical scent that emanated from her body. If it was any other cultivator standing in his position, they might have not been able to control themselves and would have committed some embarrassing acts.

However, Feng Feiyun’s willpower remained strong; he revealed the same indifferent smile and said: “Lady Xue Wu is indeed the temptress of this world. If you keep on teasing my friends, I cannot guarantee that they won’t come straight for you.”

“Wanting to get on top of me without money — there were a few men like that. However, they are now all dead men.” Xue Wu still carried the same old charming smile as her jade fingers gently covered her glistening lips. Her alluring presence never diminished.

Her busty breasts swayed up and down from her laughter. It was such a powerful wave that it caused the spectators to become dazed and confused. Their only wish was to grasp the two little white rabbits that were too big to cup with one’s hand and squeeze them to their heart’s content.

Her waist was especially slender and curvaceous. Her figure was more explosive than any other women Feng Feiyun had seen before as it especially ignited the evil and lustful flames within the souls of others.

Feng Feiyun no longer doubted that she was able to kill people with her charm!

After Wu Jiu and Wang Meng heard her answer, they immediately shuddered and regained their wits. They were extremely shaken and quickly took some distance away from this temptress. Step by step, they went back into the private room.

It was too frightening. If she wanted to kill, even bandits who could sweep through the world like them would not have the strength to fight back.

“So if I pay money, I can jump on you?” One of Feng Feiyun hands was caressing Yu Chan’s soft cheek while he started to tease Xue Wu.

Many people here began to curse Feng Feiyun’s bottomless greed.

Xue Wu began to take another look at this boy before her. This was her first time encountering a man with a willpower strong enough to be able to easily talk to her like this in her presence.

He was not like a young and reckless teenager and more like an old man with a high cultivation and profound willpower.

“You are such a bad boy. You are already hugging Little Sister Yu Chan yet you are still thinking about me. Can you handle it all by yourself?” Xue Wu deliberately teased Feng Feiyun.

“I have always been a greedy person. Whenever I see a beauty… I do not want to let go of even a single one. Young Noble Flawless, are we a bit similar in this regard?” Feng Feiyun asked.

With a smile on his face as he gently touched a violet gold bracelet on his wrist, he answered with ease: “When a man sees a beauty, they should be a bit greedy. Even though the beauty might be cursing and denouncing this type of man, in the end, deep within their bones, they actually like men like this.”

“Such wisdom! Young Noble Flawless is truly an experienced senior when it comes to winning over flowers. If a man is not bad enough and not greedy enough, a woman will not like them.” Feng Feiyun smilingly agreed.

“You are also an elite at winning over flowers!” Young Noble Flawless thought about the supreme beauty of Dongfang Jingyue, so he spoke these words. However, he changed his course of direction right after: “Unfortunately, right when I had just arrived at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, I met one of your acquaintances. If you are too greedy tonight, she will not be pleased. The consequence will be very grave so you should really rethink it, ah! Men should be greedy, but they also should have the capability to be greedy. The most taboo thing is to… die in the hands of your own woman. Many men like us who are greedy for women will end up with such an outcome. Haha!”

Young Noble Flawless inadvertently poked Feng Feiyun’s pain.

Feng Feiyun became a bit silent as his eyes swept past each of the private rooms. Who on earth was this acquaintance? Could it be the grandma, Dongfang Jingyue? No, that’s not right, if she came to Fire Beacon City, then Zheng Dongliu would have told me already.

Then who was it?

Feng Feiyun wouldn’t have guessed that Nalan Xuejian and Monk Jiu Rou were hiding in the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. However, Nalan Xuejian did not recognize Feng Feiyun at this moment since she did not come out from her room and Feng Feiyun had changed his voice.

Otherwise, with Nalan Xuejian’s character, she would have already exploded after seeing Feng Feiyun hugging Yu Chan and flirting with Xue Wu.

At that point, Feng Feiyun would not be laughing so easily like this.

“Thank you for letting me know, and I will remember these words well. However, no matter who is in the pavilion right now, they will not be able to stop my will to seek the flowers and steal their hearts. A man in such a romantic place should have some courage; otherwise, the beauties would become disappointed. Right, Lady Xue Wu?” Feng Feiyun reached out his hand, wanting to touch Xue Wu’s chin, but it only touched the air.

Xue Wu was already standing three feet away before anyone knew it and smiled: “Don’t go randomly touching without handing any money over, lest I start to kill!”

Feng Feiyun withdrew his hand and suddenly turned around to say: “I have named the price of 200,000 gold coins. Does no one else want to bid? If not, then Lady Xue Wu will belong to me tonight, correct?”

The entire pavilion turned silent.

Luo Lin was already extremely frightened as he sat inside his private room, so how could he dare to raise the price?

Meanwhile, Young Noble Flawless naturally came for Nangong Hongyan. Before knowing Feng Feiyun’s true strength, he did not want to compete against him. In the end, the battle at Jing Huan Mountain still left a mark on him.

As for the others, they were intimidated by Xue Wu’s powerful cultivation. A woman with such a powerful cultivation while being so flirtatious… They did not have the slightest bit of confidence of being able to control her.

At the moment, only the three heaven-defying geniuses on the sixth floor were capable of bidding against Feng Feiyun. However, they did not open their mouths so clearly, they also had no intention of raising the price.

No one said anything for a long time!

“Haha! It seems like you and Little Sister Yu Chan have to serve me tonight!” Feng Feiyun reached out with his other hand around Xue Wu’s waist. She did not escape this time. On the contrary, she took the initiative to glue herself all over Feng Feiyun’s body.

“Haha, we will have to wait to see if you can satisfy me or not.” Xue Wu softly whispered into Feng Feiyun’s ear and exhaled a gentle fragrance as she directly rested her beautiful head on Feng Feiyun’s shoulder.

One hand with Yu Chan and the other with Xue Wu; one talented beauty and one alluring temptress — they were both the finest of this world. Just one of them was enough for one to be jubilated, but he actually had both of them in his embrace.

The group of people within the pavilion were extremely jealous and envious.

The door of the private room was shut once again. The soul-stealing laughter of Xue Wu rang from inside along with the wonderful guqin playing of Yu Chan. Outsiders could only imagine the flowery affair that was going on inside.

This Temptress Xue Wu was absolutely not an orthodox woman; maybe she was already on top of Feng Feiyun and doing him instead.

“Hmph! Us heaven-defying geniuses from the Evil Killing Alliance have no interest in prostitutes unless it is a prostitute around Nangong Hongyan’s level. Then, maybe we will be a bit interested.” Qin Zhan’s voice rang from inside his private room. Clearly, he didn’t like Feng Feiyun’s arrogance so he spoke such unhappy words.

However, his words directly offended all the women inside the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

Women in the Supreme Beauty Pavilion were despised and looked down upon so they more or less have a sense of inferiority and didn’t want others to bring up the word “prostitute.”

This was especially true for proud women like Xue Wu and Yu Chan. Even though they resided in a brothel, they only sold their skills, not their bodies. If they actually gave their bodies to someone, then they would immediately buy their freedom and leave the Supreme Beauty Pavilion to follow that someone with all of their heart. Even if these men hated and despised them, they would keep on following them without ever letting go. They were even willing to become maids and servants.

This was because, deep in their hearts, they considered themselves to be pure girls who only sold their skills, not their bodies — they were not prostitutes. If they gave their bodies to men but these men did not want them, then it would be the biggest psychological blow to their mind; it would be enough to break them.

No matter how great their cultivation was or how amazing their talents were and even taking into account their beauty, all of these things would not change one fact — they were born into a lower class and were called prostitutes by others.

However, they did not want to be called prostitutes.

This insult to their circumstance was ten times more intolerable than being forcefully ravaged.

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