Chapter 144: Frightening Xue Wu

Feng Feiyun slightly peeked from the corner of his eye. He knew that Young Noble Flawless’s cultivation was amazing and would immediately detect him once he revealed even the slightest clue, so he was not surprised by it.

However, Young Noble Flawless did not reveal Feiyun’s identity; he clearly didn’t want to be a vile character. With his identity and status, he didn’t need to be a big mouth so he acted like an expert and a man instead.

Young Noble Flawless was indeed perfect!


Wu Jiu’s skeletal structure exuded a silver brilliance as if it was made from diamond. He cracked the armor of one of the generals in three different places. However, the two people still fought all the way from the fifth floor to the third floor.

Even though Wu Jiu had the advantage, he couldn’t defeat this general in a short period of time.

Meanwhile, Wang Meng was fighting another general and became more vigorous as time went on. He only used pure strength as the main force. Each of his fists were like two divine steel plates slamming against each other, causing painfully deafening blows.

The entire pavilion was no longer peaceful as an air of battle raged in the atmosphere due to the continuous fighting commotions. Many cultivators quickly fled out of fear for being hurt by the waves of impacts.

With a reddened face, it looked like Luo Lin had smoke coming out of him due to anger. His party of ten generals... One was wasted by Young Noble Flawless in just a second, one was frozen by Feng Feiyun, and the other two were continuously pushed back by the two barbarians. These were the ten generals who were renowned in Fire Beacon City?

The glory of the ten generals has been completely lost tonight.

“We have always bullied people and had never been bullied before. If we ten generals don’t reverse this battle, then where will our face go?”


The private room’s door with a metallic luster was knocked away and flew towards Feng Feiyun from above. Even though it was just a door, the force it contained was more than ten thousand jin.

Feng Feiyun slightly smirked and simply tweaked his body and waved his hand. A light shot out from the inside of his sleeve and shattered the flying door into broken pieces of wood all over the place.

Six monstrous auras crazily surged and cloaked the sky and clouds with darkness while carrying terrifying screams.

Without any warning, the six remaining generals all left their room and stood in six different positions. One stood at the end of the corridor while another trod on a wooden balcony. One was hanging upside down on the ceiling rafter while another landed on the cornice of the sixth floor above.

The six generals completely surrounded Feng Feiyun in the middle and blocked his escape. Each of them pressured towards Feng Feiyun with great battle thirst.

The aura of the six peak God Base experts combined together and created a resonance like the suppression of six mountains.

Even people who were not within the circle of war felt as if a thousand jin was placed above their heads as they begin to lose their breath. One could only imagine how terrifying the force Feng Feiyun was under while standing in the middle.

Even a heaven-defying early God Base genius would still die from the suppression.

Although Feng Feiyun was still smiling like before, he was not having an easy time. The Dragon Horse River Diagram flew out and floated above his head. It covered his body, along with Yu Chan, like an invisible barrier, halting the pressure from the six peak God Base experts.

Feng Feiyun’s body was powerful with a fortified blood flow with spirited lights; thus, he was not afraid of the pressure from the six generals. However, while in his embrace, Yu Chan was unable to withstand such an amazing force. Even though she didn’t make a sound, she was deathly pale as her soft body slightly trembled.

Even though she had an early God Base cultivation, her true power was not only ten times below Feng Feiyun.

“If you want to die so badly, I’ll send you to kingdom come!” Feng Feiyun’s countenance revealed a ruthless look. He took out a jade box from his chest and opened it. A weeping black aura immediately rushed out with an indescribable corroding force.

This box contained corpse poison. Feng Feiyun secretly gathered it after helping Dongfang Jingyue with her wounds inside the Mortal Life Cavern that day. It came from ancient corpse monks and could even nearly poison a master like Dongfang Jingyue to death. This was absolutely a top class poison in this world.

Feng Feiyun initially wanted to use it against a grand achievement God Base expert, but because of the threatening pressure from the six generals, he had no choice but to use this corpse poison box on them.


Feng Feiyun struck the jade box and the corpse poison immediately splashed out, turning into a purple haze. It broke through the six generals’ aura and directly sprinkled upon their bodies.

Some corpse poison splashed outside and fell into the pavilion filled with formations. They corroded the formations and turned them into smoke. Even the corridors were burnt into corpse flames.

This was the terribleness of corpse poison from corpses that underwent their second Corpse Transformation.

On the seventh floor, a red shadow flew circles inside the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. Her speed was fast to the point of being devilish. Even Feng Feiyun could only see a faint shadow; he only knew that it was a woman. He was not even able to discern the material of her clothing.

As for the other cultivators, they didn’t even see her flying past them; they only felt a light breeze drifting by.

“Amazing!” Young Noble Flawless’s eyes flashed as he smilingly praised.

“Thank you!” The red shadow once again disappeared into the clouds on the seventh floor and answered with a charming and erotic smile.

The corpse flames inside the pavilion were extinguished by her in just a flash. Only the six generals’ bodies were filled with thick smoke as the corpse poison corroded their armor and penetrated deep into their flesh and bones.

“Such a powerful poison, it even managed to shatter the armor. We cannot be hit by even a little bit of that poison.”

“So hot… My body is burning up… help me ahhh…” A general suddenly screamed miserably. A drop of corpse poison touched his skin and the corpse flame blazingly burnt through his flesh from this spot as his body was like a torch on fire.


Screams were bellowed out nonstop. The flames wrapped around the armor as the corpse poison enveloped his body. No matter how much he struggled, he could not escape the fate of being scorched by the corpse flame.

The screams became increasingly quieter before only the crackling sounds of the flames remained.

One peak God Base cultivator was burnt into gray ashes and the armor of the Treasure level was also incinerated, leaving only small pieces falling to the ground along with tiny flame sparkles.

The flames did not dissipate and were still burning like before. Wu Jiu and Wang Meng both stopped their battle. All the other cultivators were in dismay and stared at Feng Feiyun with dread as if he was a devil. He was truly even more frightening than poisonous snakes and fierce beasts.

People could not accept the fact that a peak God Base general was turned into black ashes in just a blink of an eye. And it was all because of the poorly dressed young man.

Everyone instinctively took two steps back.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!” The other five generals were relatively luckier. Before the corpse poison could penetrate their armor, they used spirit energy to shatter the armor and managed to escape.

However, their bodies were drenched in a cold sweat. They felt like they were infinitely near death just a moment ago as life and death was separated by a thread. At this time, they were still fearful and their gazes towards Feng Feiyun had changed. They each slightly took a fearful step back.

“You all still want to fight?” Feng Feiyun smiled and scanned over them.

“Of course!” All five generals had great mental strength. Even though the scene from earlier really did scare them, but if they accepted defeat in front of an early God Base boy, then where will their face in the future be?

They were not afraid of anyone of the same realm, not to mention a cultivator two minor levels lower than them.

The five generals stood at a distance and all condensed a spiritual light in their hands, turning into huge black lights that eventually took the shape of many Qilin shadows.

Each of them unleashed five Qilins, which is equal to a power of 160,000 jin.

The Qilins from the five of them combined into twenty-five Qilins of power — equal to 800,000 jin.

The twenty-five gigantic Qilin shadows were just like a grand army that headed towards Feng Feiyun in its entirety with a suppressive force. A man was extremely small in front of a Qilin, not to mention twenty-five of them.

This was the true power of the five generals. Many people began to run for their lives for they felt that the formations of the pavilion will be annihilated by the force of the Qilins, and the pavilion itself was on the verge of collapse.

Feng Feiyun was like a lone leaf under the baptism of a torrential storm that could be torn apart at any moment. However, he still carried an indifferent look while showing no fear.

“You’re truly not giving me any face. What if my little god of wealth gets hurt? Which one of you will bear the responsibility?” A lazy seductive voice appeared in a coquettish manner.

No one was able to see her shadow.

However, a beauty in a red dress appeared in front of Feng Feiyun. Her shoulders were bare as her sweet body fragrance exuded among her black hair that floated straight down like a waterfall.

Her skin was as white as jade while even the slightest of actions was extremely seductive. Her jade and sculpted hand slowly reached out; this hand truly reached the limit of softness.

This gentle outstretch of her palm immediately shattered the shadows of the twenty-five Qilins. Even the five generals were like kites cut from their strings as they all flew outside at the same time, knocking into the walls and creating five big holes when they landed on the street outside of the pavilion.

Just a soft palm was enough to defeat all five peak God Base generals; it was as easy as beating five dummies.

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