Chapter 143: The Battle Is Heating Up

The two generals were both peak God Base experts while their armor was of the Treasure level. Their two spears had bathed in the blood of countless cultivators.

The ten generals of the Godly Martial Army were all top characters capable of suppressing the evils in Fire Beacon City. They would not suffer defeat unless it was to someone of the Grand Historical Genius level, like Young Noble Flawless.

Feng Feiyun had sensed the murderous intention, but he didn’t change his expression. He still hugged Yu Chan while standing at the hall, ignoring all the gazes sweeping on his body.

“Bang, bang!” Wu Jiu and Wang Meng — like two small mountains — ferociously stomped the ground and used the momentum to rush out from the private room!

These two barbarians were extremely powerful. Their two fists directly knocked the two invincible generals flying away, breaking a wall of a room and a pillar.

Wu Jiu and Wang Meng each stood at one of Feng Feiyun’s side. They were more than two meters tall and had explosive muscles revealing their prowess.

“Come again!” The two generals crushed the debris and once again rushed forward.

Even though they were struck by Wu Jiu and Wang Meng’s fists, their strong cultivation suffered no injury. On the other hand, they became even more battle-thirsty and the spears in their hands were affected by this, turning themselves into a blood-red color.

This red was the color of fresh blood that had just spilled out from a dead body.

Wu Jiu and Wang Meng — the barbaric nature of these two crazy fellas also fired up. They roared a battle cry and rushed out to battle.

There were countless engraved formations in the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. At this moment, someone activated all of them. If this wasn’t the case, then the entire pavilion might collapse from the fight between these four.

“These two ragged barbarians can actually fight against two peak God Base generals!”

“These two barbarians are clearly the followers of that young man over there. To be able to have peak God Base followers, this young man must be a heaven-defying genius. Even though he only has an early God Base cultivation, his identity is definitely not bad and he probably has a great power as his backing.”


Yu Chan’s little girl heart was slightly trembling while being in Feng Feiyun’s embrace. Her beautiful bright eyes glared at Feng Feiyun and noticed that, outside of his shabby clothing, disheveled hair, and a face covered in dirt, if he changed his clothing, then he would easily be a handsome boy.

She knew that a few geniuses from the big clans like to dress slovenly while maintaining a low-profile.

Wu Jiu and Wang Meng’s battle against the two generals were quite shaking as the air became agitated. However, Feng Feiyun was still standing there leisurely. His real opponent was not Luo Lin, but the three heaven-defying geniuses on the sixth floor above.

However, the three geniuses, at this moment, did not speak. Naturally, they felt that they were above this and considered the fight between Feng Feiyun and Luo Lin to be the playing of two brats. The level was too different, so they disdained the thoughts of taking action.


The third general rushed out. He was eight feet tall with a black mist surrounding his entire body and body armor. The souls of victims seemed to be hovering around while screaming ghastly grievances as well. In just a blink of an eye, he was already in front of Feng Feiyun.

His body was like a shadow with ghost-like speed. An iron claw with a frightening chill aimed straight towards Feng Feiyun’s heart.

Ever since reaching early God Base, Feng Feiyun’s battle power had increased by countless times. He essentially didn’t care for this type of ordinary peak God Base expert, especially when he had a Spirit Treasure in his grasp.

The Infinite Spirit Ring on Feng Feiyun’s thumb began to turn as a countless amount of spirit energy traveled from this thumb to his arm before encompassing his entire body and ultimately ending above his head to turn into a huge black palm.

“Boom!” This palm descended from the sky and bashed this general’s head, directly pushing him down from the fifth floor all the way to the first floor.

Even the formations could not stop this power from breaking through the four wooden floors.

Feng Feiyun did not move a single bit from beginning to end, still maintaining his leisure. This really astonished all the nearby spectators.

And even the three heaven-defying geniuses on the sixth floor slightly snorted: “A bit interesting!”

Yu Chan’s cute eyes had glowing waves running through them. Even though she was suppressed by Feng Feiyun and couldn’t move, she felt an extremely powerful force from Feng Feiyun’s body. This force was oppressive; it took her breath away and made her feel as if her body and soul had been conquered.

“Poof!” This general fell to the ground on the first floor and broke the formation runes, creating three cracks on the ground. He crazily vomited out blood; if it wasn’t for his great willpower that was culminated from countless years of battle, he wouldn’t be able to stand up at this moment.

“Fight again!” This general was not convinced and wiped the blood from his mouth. He slammed his fists together as his will to battle surged once more.

Since the battle had started, he refused to lose!

The ten generals all had their own pride and would absolutely refuse to lose against opponents of the same realm. Not to mention, this opponent was two minor levels below him. If he were to be defeated, then he would never be able to lift his head again.

“You are not my opponent. Fighting again means your own demise!” Although Feng Feiyun respected people who refuse to lose, if he didn’t kill his opponent, then his opponent will kill him. There was no other option.

“Burn away and give me the will to fight!” The general’s blood in his body started to boil as flames flicked through the gaps of his body armor. The flames mixed together with the black mist and made him even more terrifying.

In order to take Feng Feiyun’s life and to protect the unbeatable dignity of the ten generals, he actually burned away his blood force in order to stimulate his true potential.

Feng Feiyun also became serious. He also knew this forbidden art where one burns his own blood force. However, unless it was an absolute life-or-death situation, he would never use such a move. This technique truly consumed one’s potential and vitality.

Feng Feiyun was the patriarch of the Demon Phoenix Clan in the past and he knew many heaven-defying techniques, but they were not something he could cultivate at this moment. He needed to wait until first level Heaven’s Mandate before cultivating the great demon phoenix techniques.

This was because newborn phoenixes were already of the first level Heaven’s Mandate realm. There was no Spirit Realm, Immortal Foundation, and God Base so naturally, there were no corresponding cultivation methods.

However, there were several early techniques that Feng Feiyun could forcefully use at the early God Base level. Unfortunately, they were truly harmful to oneself in exchange for great power.

This general burning his blood could be considered a type of forbidden technique, but this was not even considered trash compared to the Demon Phoenix Clan’s forbidden technique.

“If you want to burn your blood, then I will freeze your blood.” The Infinite Spirit Ring and the Dragon Horse Diagram in Feng Feiyun’s dantian harmonized together and turned at the same time in resonance. An icy mist flew out from Feng Feiyun’s dantian.


Countless amounts of freezing energy condensed into a Dragon Horse Diagram. With a roar from the beast, the diagram immediately suppressed the general down to the ground again, even before he could make a move.


The diagram formed from the cold energy wrapped his armor and turned into an iceberg, completely freezing his body.

The entire pavilion was flooded by this cold energy; it was as if winter had arrived, and it sent shivers to everyone.

“So it is you. It seems like I will not only be watching beauties tonight, but also some entertainment!” With a flashing divine brilliance in his eyes that gradually disappeared, Young Noble Flawless managed to detect the Dragon Horse Diagram appearing in just an instant and was able to guess Feng Feiyun’s identity.

He was a bit surprised after finding out, then he began to laugh.

After the battle at Jing Huan Mountain, Feng Feiyun was already renowned in the world after battling several Giants. His battle prowess and aura frightened everyone at that time. Young Noble Flawless was also present at that point, and he remained unable to forget that battle.

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