Chapter 142: Battle at the Brothel (5)

Heaven’s Mandate was a mysterious and amazing realm. Only one out of ten grand achievement God Base cultivators could reach this realm.

God Base was an extremely important realm to cultivators, and it needed a huge amount of spirit energy to create the most firm and solid cultivation foundation. It was divided into early, intermediate, and peak stages; each of these minor levels had a great gap between them and there was a discrepancy of three to five times the battle power.

In other words, intermediate God Base cultivators could easily annihilate early God Base cultivators. There was a great difference in the power of God Base cultivators, and they could easily kill each other.

Of course, this was without taking into consideration the heaven-defying geniuses who were able to surpass a level to fight or even kill a cultivator two levels higher. However, these geniuses were too rare; there would only be one in ten thousand or even one in one hundred thousand.

Because of the Immortal Phoenix Physique, Feng Feiyun could fight against enemies two minor levels higher than him. This aptitude was indeed worthy of being called a heaven-defying genius. Even the great clans, such as the Ji or Feng Clan, would only be able to train a few of them every generation.

To be able to surpass one level was a “genius” — one in every ten thousand.

To be able to surpass two levels was a “heaven-defying genius” — one in every hundred thousand.

To be able to surpass three levels was “Grand Historical Genius” — there were only eight of them in the entire Godly Jin Dynasty’s younger generation.

In order to cultivate the most unshakable foundation, most cultivators at the God Base realm all practiced very slowly to chip away at their foundation. This might even increase their own talents and propagate them into the Grand Historical Genius level.

This was the reason why there was a fourth minor level for the God Base realm — grand achievement God Base.

After breaking through peak was grand achievement God Base.

Once one reaches this level, cultivators would all want to transform their physiques for another evolution in order to easily break through the Heaven’s Mandate gate.

Peak God Base cultivators were already horrifying and were able to exert five Qilins of force from just one punch. A few were even able to unleash six Qilins of power, which was equivalent to 160,000 jin to 320,000 jin of power.

And grand achievement God Base cultivators were even more terrorizing. They could easily exert seven Qilins of power — 640,000 jin. The even more heaven-defying ones could even fire off 1,280,000 jin.

Outside of raw power, the spirit energy itself underwent a wonderful change in essence. One could say that there was an essential difference between peak God Base and grand achievement God Base.

One grand achievement God Base could easily kill ten great peak God Base cultivators.

The current Feng Feiyun could fight against peak God Base cultivators, but if he wanted to fight against a grand achievement God Base... Unless he was able to reach peak God Base, there would be no way to stop them. Even heaven-defying geniuses would have to leave their heaven-defyingness to their dreams.

The Supreme Beauty Pavilion’s fourth rank, Temptress Xue Wu, has already been at grand achievement God Base for a long time. After training for half a year in seclusion, she has most likely been able to reach the profound first level Heaven’s Mandate.

Yet such a woman was still a performer and was even selling herself; such a thought was quite ridiculous.

“I am a fan of Temptress; the prettier one is, the more I like them!” Feng Feiyun hugged the elegant Yu Chan in one hand and opened the door of his private room with the other. He directly walked outside and stood next to the balcony with one hand on the rosewood railing as he laughingly declared with a loud voice that resonated throughout the entire pavilion.

As a young man, if he didn’t indulge in pleasure now, then when would be the time?

A great man should not be hiding in fear. If people wanted to compete, then he will shake the earth with a fight!

With one hand holding a supreme beauty and the other hand holding a paper fan that he took from Liu Qinsheng, he gazed down below with a majestic and commanding presence.

Countless eyes projected over at his direction the moment he walked out of the room. Even the hidden young geniuses inside their private rooms all released their divine senses and scanned towards his direction.

Many people were curious about his identity so when he walked out of the room, it attracted the attention from all the experts in the pavilion. In a flash, he became the eye in the center of the storm.

"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!”

Feng Feiyun raised his palm and released nine strikes with lightning-fast speed that shattered all the invisible divine senses. He laughed and exclaimed: “If you want to meet me, then come out. Why use divine senses? Such cowardly actions... What if you all scare my little beauty, Yu Chan?”


Up above on the sixth floor inside one of the rooms, a mighty wave in the shape of a white wolf rushed out with six complex divine senses filled with an all-encompassing energy.

The six divine senses all belonged to one person.

Keep in mind that only a peak God Base would be able to cultivate one’s first divine sense. In order to exert six strands of divine senses at the same time, this person’s cultivation would very much be infinitely close to grand achievement God Base.

Feng Feiyun then fiercely stomped on the ground with one foot as a wave of spirit energy emanated from beneath him, becoming a thick grand formation that covered his body. This formation’s arranging speed was quite unbelievable; with only a stomp, layers of laws hovered around his body.

“Boom boom!”

Feng Feiyun pointed his finger towards the six strands of divine senses flying towards him. The formation around his body immediately rotated at a rapid speed — like a huge windmill — and completely minced the spirit energy of the six divine senses.

“Really impolite. The brother on the sixth floor must be a heaven-defying genius from the Qin Clan?” Feng Feiyun had fought against Qin Ming from the Qin Clan before, so he had some understanding of their cultivation.

“You are showing off way too much. There are times when a person needs to be humble ah! We are three heaven-defying geniuses from the Evil Killing Alliance; it is better for you to keep a low profile or you will die an undeserving death.” A young male voice came from above with somewhat of a mocking tone.

Feng Feiyun became quite excited. This Evil Killing Alliance was formed just for him and it encompassed all the top geniuses from the great powers of the Grand Southern Prefecture. There were ten of them in total and all of them were heaven-defying geniuses. He didn’t expect for three of them to be here at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

This matter had already shaken the twenty-eight counties of the Grand Southern Prefecture; people called it the strongest alliance in history.

‘It seems like I can’t stop myself from killing tonight. Since you all want to kill me, don’t blame me for killing all of you first.’

The ten members of the Evil Killing Alliance were all heaven-defying geniuses from the great clans and immortal sects, but Feng Feiyun didn’t put them into his eyes at all.

If three of them came, then three will be killed.

If ten of them came, then ten will be killed.

Feng Feiyun laughed in an even more arrogant manner and said: “I’m a person who doesn’t know how to write the word ‘humble’; Yu Chan is mine tonight and Xue Wu will surely also be mine tonight. Since Lady Xue Wu has such a great cultivation, we will raise it by 100,000 gold coins. I bid 200,000 gold coins; if anyone wants to play, then go ahead and raise the price.”

Too arrogant!

Too crazy!

He actually didn’t place the three heaven-defying geniuses from the Evil Killing Alliance in his eyes!

He really raised the price to 200,000 gold coins!

He went as far as to declare sole possession of Yu Chan and Xue Wu!

Who on earth was this young man dressed like a beggar? All the cultivators here were in a daze as their hearts went wild with boiling blood.

“You truly don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth. The great characters don’t want to stoop down to your level, but I, Luo Lin, will throw your insignificant self out of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.” In the end, Luo Lin couldn’t stand it and started to cause trouble. He wanted to release the hatred deep in his stomach; he wanted to stomp Feng Feiyun beneath his foot in front of everyone.

He must take Yu Chan away as well.

Feng Feiyun still stood under the red lanterns while hugging Yu Chan’s slender waist as he smilingly spoke: “Did Young Master Luo not take a shower after falling into the manure pit? Why is it that your words still stink so much?”

“He definitely ate shit at that time!” Inside the private room, Wu Jiu yelled out.

“Of course one cannot avoid eating one or two pieces of shit after falling into a manure pit. Why are you being so loud!? Please spare some face for Young Master Luo Lin?” Luo Qinsheng shouted back at Wu Jiu.

Everyone burst out in laughter.

Luo Lin became quite furious and bit down on his teeth hard. He told two generals to go take Feng Feiyun’s life.


Two generals wearing black battle armor shattered the windows as black lights wrapped around their bodies just like two dragons. They wielded spears and mauled them towards Feng Feiyun’s head.

Finally, someone broke the rules and decided to take action to kill!

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