Chapter 140: Battle at the Brothel (3)

The 100,000 coins bid, naturally, was shouted out by Feng Feiyun!

It did not only intimidate the cultivators outside, but also the four bandits in the room.

“Daniu, where do we have 100,000 gold coins?” Liu Qinsheng quietly whispered.

“One cannot casually call out prices at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. There is a great power behind it; it is not wise to cause trouble at this place.” Wang Meng actually offered a word of advice — a truly rare scene.

They all knew that Feng Feiyun only had 30,000 gold coins and could not take out 100,000 gold coins.

Feng Feiyun confidently motioned his hand to tell the four bandits to calm down, then he quickly shouted: “100,000 gold coins to this young master is just like nine oxen losing one strand of hair. If anyone wants to try, this young master will take you on all the way.”

The moment his words resonated throughout the pavilion, several powerful divine senses swept towards him.

Only peak God Base cultivators would be able to spread their divine sense in order to see the many things invisible to the naked eye. Other people might not be able to sense the approaching divine senses, but Feng Feiyun’s spiritual awareness was extremely sharp and ten times more powerful than these divine senses.

“Hmph!” With one finger, Feng Feiyun gently waved in the air and a spirit energy arc formed around his body.

“Bang, bang!”

All the divine senses that came to spy on him immediately shattered!


The people who tried to check Feng Feiyun’s identity all failed and didn’t even catch a glimpse of him. They then knew that he was someone versed in formations, so they stopped sending more divine senses.

At this moment, Young Noble Flawless — next to Feng Feiyun — recovered his calm and indifferent manner. A gentle smile appeared on his face as he spoke: “This Su Yun is even more curious about you, friend. An ordinary person could not afford to take out 100,000 gold coins.”

At this moment, the stage belonged to Feng Feiyun and Young Noble Flawless. The other people were just waiting for the result and no one else dared to bid.

Feng Feiyun clearly knew just how extremely wealthy Young Noble Flawless was. 100,000 gold coins was a gigantic amount to others, but it definitely would not be able to deter him.

He was able to build a palace made from gold, so it was clear that he did not mind wasting money.

“If Young Noble Flawless wants to keep bidding, then even though I am just a nobody, I will still try my best.” Feng Feiyun smilingly replied.

“No, no, you are clearly an old friend of mine. Even though I cannot guess who you are at this moment, but if you are a friend, then it is not an issue giving Lady Yu Chan to you.” Young Noble Flawless attentively began to predict the identity of the person next door. However, even with his excellent wit, he could not relate this person to Feng Feiyun… In the end, Feng Feiyun was only a dispirited remnant chased away from his own family.

This was only the beginning. Even the secretive characters who were not bidding still thought that 100,000 gold coins was a high price and so, they had no intention to bid. They wanted to save their money for the two remaining red plaque girls.

The little servant girl smiled sweetly and said: “At the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, one must pay the winning bid first before Lady Yu Chan will appear.”

100,000 gold coins was not an amount available to any ordinary person, so the reason why the ladies chose to do it this way was to prevent intentional troublemakers. In fact, many cultivators inside the pavilion were secretly smirking and believed that the person who just bid will not come up with 100,000 gold coins.

These type of troublemakers were there every year and it wasn’t a surprising matter.

Feng Feiyun slightly opened the iron chest and took out a large stack of golden paper. From just the little crack of the opened chest, a golden light erupted from within, dyeing the entire room into a golden shade.


The iron chest was closed again!

Feng Feiyun held 100,000 gold coins worth of paper money with two fingers, then he handed it over to Wang Meng and smilingly said: “Go hand it to Lady Yu Chan, let her know the style of the rich.”

Wang Meng’s initially big eyes were wide open like a pair of fish eyes. His hand was shivering a bit while accepting the paper money. He licked his lips a bit before suddenly opening the door and proudly walked outside.

“Open your eyes and look closely, 100,000 gold paper money. Now you know what a rich person looks like!” Wang Meng walked across the fifth floor's corridor while spreading the paper money in his hands in the most brandish style. He shouted across the entire pavilion with a roar, causing even the lanterns hanging up above to shake continuously.

Meanwhile, Feng Feiyun and the other three bandits facepalmed inside their private room. This was too embarrassing; if they knew this would happen, they wouldn’t have sent him out.

Has this fellow never seen gold before?

It couldn’t be helped, however. Even though each time the Huang Feng bandits looted, it was always a monstrous sum, but all of it was always given to the Third Boss. Their shares didn’t amount to much so 100,000 gold coins to them was a great sum.

“Daniu, how much money is left in the chest?” Liu Qinsheng gauged the iron chest with his gaze and felt that Feng Feiyun was becoming even more enigmatic.

Feng Feiyun simply shook his head while smiling and didn’t reveal the amount of gold inside the chest.

The bandits became even more curious after seeing his reaction, but they didn’t ask again.

“Bang!” Luo Lin broke the corner of his table with one blow for he recognized Wang Meng’s voice and coldly exclaimed: “So it is them!”

He was filled with hatred after being beaten into a pig head by the group of Feng Feiyun outside of the city. This world was truly small for enemies; he didn’t expect to meet them again at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

A general asked: “Luo Lin, the people you want us to kill are these guys?”

“Yes, if Generals could kill these five peasants, I, Luo Lin, will greatly repay this gratitude.” Luo Lin replied.

“To be able to spend 100,000 gold coins... Then they must have even more money on them. Even if you didn’t ask us, they would still be dead for sure.” The nine generals were not of the moralistic crowd. The moment they saw 100,00 gold coins, their killing intent surged. Even though they couldn’t provoke Young Noble Flawless, that didn’t mean they couldn’t provoke these five peasants.


“They actually took out 100,000 gold coins, their identities must not be trivial. Maybe it is a young master from a great power on a traveling trip; I will try to find out his true identity.” Yu Chan accepted the 100,000 gold coins and held a guqin as she leisurely walked outside.

Wang Meng was waiting outside. This two meter tall man, after seeing Yu Chan, suddenly drooled from the corner of his mouth. It dripped onto the floor, creating a plopping noise.

100,000 gold coins to invite her out was not expensive at all! This was his thought at the moment!

Yu Chan had just finished her coming of age ceremony. She was slender with a thin waist while wearing a stainless white dress. Her milk-white skin appeared to be extremely soft and alluring to the touch.

She carried a seven-string guqin and came out from the faint mist like a goddess descending down from the heavens to be lost among the mundane earth.

Yu Chan and Wang Meng created a sharp contrast, just like the beauty and the beast.

Her smile and speech were very natural, and it caused Wang Meng to have a nosebleed. She then spoke soft words: “Big Brother, do you need a handkerchief?”

“No... No... No need, no need…” Wang Meng directly used his sleeve to wipe the blood off his nose. He arched his chest and said: “Please come with me, Lady Yu Chan. Our big brother has been eagerly waiting for you for a long time now.”

Yu Chan followed behind Wang Meng and became even more cute and petite. She smiled and asked: “Your big brother likes to listen to the guqin?”

“He? He doesn’t like music and can’t play it either ah! He just wants to sleep with Lady Yu Chan. It is best if Lady Yu Chan takes the initiative, his body… has a little problem! Of course you understand, haha!” Wang Meng said in a low voice.

Because Feng Feiyun didn’t take Ji Cangyue on the spot last time, there was a rumor that spread across the Huang Feng Ridge stating that Feng Feiyun’s body was sickly and he couldn’t perform that one thing!


Having heard this, Feng Feiyun’s face almost met the table. Motherfucker, this bastard! He cannot keep his mouth shut!

A black frown started to form on Yu Chan’s forehead, but she was still smiling as charmingly as before: “Your big brother must be a young handsome talent. Being gifted in both martial arts and literature, he must have a great background, right?”

“He… Uh. Of course, our big brother is surely young and talented, and also handsome and gifted. He’s as good-looking as a banished immortal, the best among the Huang Feng Ridge’s top ten youths…” Wang Meng smilingly answered.

‘I actually thought I could have a discussion with him regarding music and literature!’ Yu Chan was extremely disappointed. From seeing this slovenly brute, one could see that their big brother must not be much better. He was most likely a shirtless brute with a dark and barbaric face.

Plus, this big guy had also said that their big brother was a man without love for literature or arts, he simply only wanted to sleep with her — oh heavens! ‘Why did I have to meet such a person!?’

Yu Chan really did not want to meet the person inside. If she didn’t already collect the 100,000 gold coins, then she most likely would have walked away at this very moment.

Wang Meng opened the red wooden doors with an exaggerated laughter. Even though he thought his laugh was friendly and hospitable, but from Yu Chan’s perspective, his laugh belonged to a bandit who had just captured a girl to make her their wife — frightening enough to make a girl cry.

Yu Chan looked at the opened door and felt as if she was — step by step — going into a bandit’s cave.

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