Chapter 139: Battle at the Brothel (2)

Under the lead of a servant, Luo Lin and the other nine generals entered a private room. Then, the red door was shut.

At this point, four out of the six high-class rooms on the fifth floor were occupied.

The first room to the south had five people — Feng Feiyun and the four bandits.

The second room to the left of Feng Feiyun’s had Young Noble Flawless and the royal uncle from the Po Luo Country.

The third was to the north with the mysterious person who backed up Feng Feiyun. Even though it was unknown whether the person was male or female, it was most likely a friend and not an enemy.

The fourth room to the right was the group of Luo Lin and the nine generals.

Tonight, the fifth floor of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion could be described as a gathering of big shots. There was the young master of the Three Mysterious Gate and Young Noble Flawless, but the most mystifying aspect of the people downstairs was the groups in the north and south rooms.

Many people started to ponder about the origins of these two.

The supreme beauties on the seventh floor were also alarmed. Even those who were not on the red plaques came out from their rooms to look at the blue water mirror with their pretty, crystal eyes that resembled the clear moon.

“A battle between dragons and tigers will happen tonight. It won’t be just a simple auction. These famous people from the cultivation world will not be able to bear losing.” A woman dressed in a red brocade robe gently leaned on the jade balcony above with her mysterious charming eyes that were capable of stealing the souls of men.

“This reminds me of the competition ten years ago at the Godly Capital. At that moment, all the kings of the younger generation gathered at the Beauty’s Smile Pavilion. Descendants of the four great clans, princes of the Godly Jin Dynasty, the young leader of the Dao Gate, the young lord of the Divine Spirit Temple, the descendant of the Sen Luo Temple, the young corpse master of the Southern Prefecture, the witchcraft genius of the Ancient Jiang race… At that moment, it was truly a battle between dragons and tigers. All of them were young leaders of all the great powers. They fought ruthlessly just to support the goddesses in their hearts.”

“It was the real burning of money at that time. Millions of gold colds were spent along with all types of Spirit Treasures and Spirit Weapons just for the smiles of the beauties. I still haven’t forgotten the impressive scene of all the young kings competing.” A woman with the appearance of a heavenly goddess spoke carefully. Even though the scene today at the Supreme Beauty Pavilion was not as majestic as the competition at the capital ten years ago, there were many famous young characters here today. At the moment, only Young Noble Flawless and Luo Lin showed themselves. There were many heaven-defying geniuses who came from Violet Firmament City and were present at the pavilion. They were situated on the sixth floor and had been keeping quiet this whole time.

Of course there will be a storm tonight. Young people were always passionate and free with their passionate romance. To be able to win a woman was tantamount to winning face; none of them would be willing to admit defeat.

A great battle will also most likely take place, and it won’t stay at a simple auction. The so-called rules will be easily broken.

“Young Noble Flawless is the Po Luo Country’s prince, and he is also recognized as the future heir to the throne. He is extremely wealthy and very few could match him. Luo Lin competing with him will — without a doubt — end in his defeat.” Yu Chan was holding a scroll with her slender fingers while her other hand had a bronze brush as she gently outlined a drawing above the scroll in a calm and elegant demeanor.

“Rumor has it that the Po Luo Country has an extremely fierce person. Four hundred years ago, he arrived at the Godly Jin Dynasty and challenged everyone. He even defeated more than thirty experts of the Giant level. His fierce name was extremely renowned with an unstoppable momentum. Later on, he was defeated by a mysterious grand character, so he went back into seclusion at the Po Luo Country and never stepped inside the Godly Jin Dynasty again. I heard that Young Noble Flawless was the only disciple of this extremely fierce person.”

“I had also heard about this man’s legend. Even the four great clans are dreary of this person. With such a powerful backing, Young Noble Flawless is absolutely the best choice.”

“Hongyan, what do you think?” Yu Chan turned back and looked at the white mist.

The mist was like red cotton threads with the appearance of an aquatic weeping willow on a sunny spring day.

A supreme figure sat on the balcony above, observing the moon in the sky. She faintly sighed: “Young Noble Flawless is not a simple character. I’m afraid that before you could charm him, you would have already been enchanted by him. If I want to give myself to someone, then it has to be someone who truly has a great background, great talents, and great intelligence. Only such a person would be able to help me save… complete that matter, and that person will be worthy of me giving myself to him for my entire life.”

“Even though Young Noble Flawless’s backing is great, but four hundred years has passed. That fierce person might have already become part of the heaven and earth again… Aiiz! At the very least, he is still considered one of the candidates in my mind.”

Nangong Hongyan’s beautiful voice resembled an oriole’s singing; however, there was a hidden bitterness within. Her enemy was truly too powerful and had a mighty organization at their back. Only by selecting the best man and borrowing his power would she be able to defeat her enemy.

She was just a woman, and she needed a huge amount of power.

The extremely fierce man behind Young Noble Flawless had such power.


The auction resumed again downstairs!

Even though Luo Lin was aware of Young Noble Flawless’s identity, he refused to concede. In the end, there were too many cultivators inside the pavilion. If he truly yielded before Young Noble Flawless’s prestige, then he would not be able to even dream about holding his head high in Fire Beacon City in the future.

‘I will not necessarily lose to you when it comes to wealth.” Luo Lin had such a thought in his mind. He bit his teeth as he named a price as high as the sky: “40,000 gold coins!”

Young Noble Flawless rubbed his hands as he smilingly spoke: “Young Master Luo is truly a bold spender, 40,000 gold coins is not a small sum ah!”

“Along with her peerless literary skills, Lady Yu Chan’s string melodies are amazing. To be able to enjoy her presence alone for one night, 40,000 gold coins is not a considerable sum.” Luo Lin initially only wanted to invite the ten generals to the pavilion for an adventurous night, then ask them to kill those bandits who beat him outside of the city, but who would have thought that there were so many great characters gathering tonight.

40,000 gold coins was already a monstrous sum. Luo Lin would not be able to afford a higher price for much longer so, at this moment, he could only pray that Young Noble Flawless would not raise the price.

However, his prayer has obviously not been heard!

Young Noble Flawless smilingly replied: “Well said. Lady Yu Chan is indeed a talented girl amidst the mundane circumstance. This price is too low, it’s truly an insult to her. I will not only add one gold coin... Well… 50,000 gold coins.”

“Bam!” The nervous Luo Lin directly crushed the wine cup in his hand as he tightly grasped his palms. He wanted to bid again, but a general by his side quickly consoled him: “50,000 is an astronomical price, there is no need to spend so much just for a woman. Just give Yu Chan to him. Aren’t there three red plaque girls tonight? We will just have to wait for the other two later.”

50,000 gold coins were still within Luo Lin’s acceptable range, but it was not worth it for a ninth-ranked lady.

Some people started to shout his name. Luo Lin immediately gave a sigh and spoke in order to save some face: “I think so as well.”

Luo Lin no longer bid!

A young female servant on the seventh floor — with a cute smiling expression — spoke: “Young Noble Flawless is not only a prince, but also the prince inside the hearts of many girls. 50,000 gold coins — truly so generous. This would cause all the other heroes in the world to bow their heads. With such charm, maybe he will imprison the young soul of Big Sister Yu Chan tonight and be able to spend a wonderful night with the beauty.”

Young Noble Flawless only slightly smiled; the harmony of his smile was even more alluring than the smiles of women!

On the seventh floor, Yu Chan threw down her bronze pen as her supremely crafted features revealed an intelligent smile. She stood up and said: “Hongyan, I will go test him for you, to see if this Young Noble Flawless is worthy of your selection or not.”

“Thank you, Yu Chan!” Nangong Hongyan was the number one beauty of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, but she was not arrogant. These women directly used their names to address the others.

Yu Chan put on a white dress as her cotton strands trailed along the ground. Her sleeves gently shook back and forth as she was leaving.

But at this time, inside one of the private rooms, a voice suddenly appeared: “I bid 100,000 gold coins!”

The moment this voice came out, not only did the cultivators inside the pavilion almost fall out of their chairs from astonishment, but even Young Noble Flawless was a bit stunned and almost stood up.

Meanwhile, Yu Chan also abruptly stopped her steps!

All the pretty women on the seventh floor were surprised, and they all gazed towards the water mirror.

“Who is causing trouble?” A pretty woman asked.

Everyone looked at the room next to Young Noble Flawless. 100,000 gold coins were truly shocking; it had to be another king of the younger generation, right?

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