Chapter 138: Battle at the Brothel (1)

The Three Mysterious Gate was a large immortal gate with more than ten thousand followers; the number of experts was as numerous as the clouds. It was under the Ji Clan’s banner and was on equal footing with the city lord of Fire Beacon City.

Luo Lin naturally would not place anyone in his sight within Fire Beacon City.

“20,000 gold coins!” Luo Lin made it to the fifth floor as his heavy black armor banged on the wooden balcony, lifting up a layer of gray dust.

20,000 gold coins was a massive sum and enough for Lady Yu Chan to personally host them.

20,000 gold coins was, of course, not a small sum to Luo Lin, but it was still within his capabilities. The Three Mysterious Gate’s fortune came from its mines, and the price of one True Mysterious Spirit Stone was equivalent to hundreds of thousands of gold coins.

“20,001 gold coins!” Young Noble Flawless’ voice was still relaxed; it was as if he didn’t put 20,000 gold coins — nor Luo Lin — in his eyes.

At this moment, the entire pavilion was silent. Many people were in awe because of the 20,000 gold coins while others couldn’t move because of the aura from the ten generals.

Feng Feiyun still had a smile on his face and suddenly signaled to Liu Qinsheng with a glance.

Liu Qinsheng got the hint as he laughed. He coughed twice and began to speak: “Lady Yu Chan is a beauty of our kingdom. 20,000 gold coins to invite the lady to play us a tune is truly an insult. Does no one else dare to name a higher price?”

The four bandits were the type that loved causing chaos, so Wang Meng slammed down hard on the table and shouted: “If I was as rich as Young Master Luo, then I would directly raise the price to 30,000 gold coins!”

“30,000 gold coins really is nothing to Young Master Luo!” Luotuo Zi smilingly added.

Luo Lin glared at the room next door. Even though he knew these people were provoking him, he maintained an enjoyable glow while saying: “30,000 gold coins!”


After this bid came out, the entire scene was shocked. Each and every cultivator almost stood up from their seats.

20,000 gold coins was already scary enough, but now, it jumped all the way up to 30,000 gold coins. If it was any other day, then this price was enough to invite two red plaque ladies.

“This is just burning money away!”

“Only the young master of the Three Mysterious Gate would be able to do this. It seems like no one else will raise the price, 30,000 gold coins is already too much.”

“It seems like Lady Yu Chan will surely be a guest for Luo Lin’s bed tonight!”


Many women inside the Supreme Beauty Pavilion threw alluring glances at Luo Lin and put on their most voluptuous stances, wanting to seduce this god of wealth under their skirts.

However, Luo Lin didn’t give them a single glimpse. He was already tired of playing with this level of women. Only red plaque girls were able to stimulate him. He could already imagine Yu Chan trapped beneath his body, causing him to shiver in pleasure.

“30,001 gold coins.” Young Noble Flawless casually bid.

The smile on Luo Lin suddenly froze as a killing intent flashed in his eyes. He glared towards the scarlet room and looked through the purple curtain in the window. He could faintly see a young man smiling contemptuously at him.

“Truly not knowing life from death!” One of the ten generals rushed out and each step took him nine meters far to directly arrive at this room.

This general was in full body armor; the stench of blood after many years of bloodshed could not be washed away; instead, the smell was filled with the accumulated grievances of the dead.

Blood energy — along with an aura of grievances — rotated around his body, transforming into a terrifying image of a “dead warrior.”

“Awwwrw!” This translucent dead warrior image roared as the general pierced through the room with an energy hand as he invaded.


The door to the room suddenly closed. No one could clearly see who was inside nor was any sound coming from it.

The ten generals were all peak God Base characters and had survived countless battles. As they were baptized with the blood of war, any of them was able to fight against three peak God Base cultivators.

No one dared to stop these powerful characters from killing.

There must be blood everywhere Inside this room…


A black figure was thrown out from the room and smashed the railings on the fifth floor, then it fell all the way down to the ground on the first floor. The thick iron armor caused many cracks on the ground.

This was… this was actually a general!

This general feared by everyone inside Fire Beacon City had numerous deep footprints engraved on his helmet, causing it to cave inward. He was passed out on the ground — completely motionless.


The Po Luo Country’s royal uncle came out from the elegant room and stood on the fifth floor’s balcony while smiling at the group of Luo Lin from afar: “Anyone else who dares to take one step in this room will not just be simply kicked on the head like him.”

The royal uncle then waved his sleeve and went back inside the room.

To be able to kick a powerful general flying away and render him unconscious on the floor... There must be a supreme expert inside the elegant room.

“You dare to be so arrogant inside Fire Beacon City? Today, I actually want to see what kind of god you are.” Luo Lin became even more cold and wanted to bring the nine generals to break in at the same time.

Many cultivators held their breaths and looked up at the fifth floor in anticipation for the eventual great battle.

Feng Feiyun slightly smirked as he changed his voice and spoke: “Young Master Luo, you should rethink it ah!”

Luo Lin suddenly paused and looked at the room next to the elegant room as he coldly spoke: “What are you trying to say?”

“I don’t want you to suffer heavy losses and mess with someone you don’t know about.” Feng Feiyun naturally didn’t want to save Luo Lin, but he didn’t want him to die at this place to Young Noble Flawless.

Luo Lin, this rich young master, still had some use to Feng Feiyun!

“Haha!” Not only Luo Lin, but all nine generals burst out in laughter.

“At Fire Beacon City, is there still someone I don’t dare to mess with?” Luo Lin arched his chest with his nose up high in the air; he was filled with arrogance.

Feng Feiyun then slowly explained: “I’m afraid Young Noble Flawless will not be happy with your words.”

The moment the three words “Young Noble Flawless” came out, all the laughter disappeared and was replaced by gasps.

“The person in the elegant room is the legendary Young Noble Flawless?”

“Oh god! I was wondering why the royal uncle of the Po Luo Country came out of that room. So it was because Young Noble Flawless was inside.”

“No wonder why he could kick a general away so easily. What kind of character is Young Noble Flawless? He is the hero of this generation, someone who has never tasted defeat!”


Many cultivators went wild, especially the stunning beauties. Their eyes became bright as they were excited about Young Noble Flawless, who was considered the most handsome man in the world. He actually came to the Supreme Beauty Pavilion?

The three words “Young Noble Flawless” was enough to let all the girls in this world to scream and become crazy.

Meanwhile, Luo Lin’s face changed while the nine generals slightly trembled all over before gathering all of their battle intent in preparation for a fight to the death at any moment.

No one could stay calm while facing an opponent like Young Noble Flawless. Even though they had survived numerous battlefields, they still gradually tensed up.

Young Noble Flawless gently tapped on his table while smiling: “Which friend might you be to be able to recognize me?”

The entire Supreme Beauty Pavilion went crazy as Young Noble Flawless voiced his confirmation.

At this moment, only Feng Feiyun and Young Noble Flawless were able to be relaxed!

Feng Feiyun also gently knocked on the table twice while he smilingly spoke: “Young Noble Flawless only loves and remembers beauties. I am a nobody, so such a great character like you will naturally not keep me in mind.”

Feng Feiyun continued on: “Young Master Luo and Young Noble Flawless are both dragons and phoenixes among men. It is not the way of gentlemen to fight at a flowery place like this. I, this nobody, have a suggestion: Tonight, we will only compete with bidding and will not compete with cultivation!”

Luo Lin clearly knew that this was Feng Feiyun helping him by allowing him an easy way out. In the end, even if he cultivated for thirty more years, he would not be able to compare to Young Noble Flawless. Thus, he quickly spoke: “I agree. I, of course, have to give Young Noble Flawless some face.”

“Competing with money... I like it!” Young Noble Flawless gently laughed.

Luo Lin also laughed!

Feng Feiyun, of course, also laughed even more joyously as he thought in this head: ‘Wait a little longer and see if you all can still laugh!’

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