Chapter 137: Jade Cicada (Yu Chan)

“Are you kidding me? This matter was spread all over the Grand Southern Prefecture, so how could it be false?” The cultivator dressed in white burst out in laughter.

All the cultivators nearby also laughed; even the brothel women were smiling while covering their mouths.

A chilling air came from the other room as this person coldly snorted: “I dare you to badmouth him one more time.”

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Feng Feiyun is the henchman of the evil woman, an enemy of humanity. Anyone would have the rights to kill him. If he appears in front of me, I will stomp him flat on the ground… Haha…” The laughing cultivator dressed in white suddenly grabbed his neck. Blood kept on seeping out of his fingers, staining his hands red.

Drop by drop, blood dripped down to the floor, issuing ticking sounds!

His eyes were wide open as he began to tremble before he twitchingly fell to the ground as his life abandoned him.

The corpse was covered by ice and finally, it burst into bloody icy remnants.

This death was too horrifying and made the rest of the pavilion become silent. Even the heartbeats of everyone could be heard.

“If anyone else dares to speak ill of Feng Feiyun, this will be the result!”

People looked over at the room with the faint burning candle light while appalled. They knew that there was a top level genius in the cultivation world inside, so they didn’t dare to utter a word; they were obviously stricken with fear.

Only the royal uncle of the Po Luo Country snorted, but he also didn’t say anything. The silence came again, followed by the sounds of wine cups touching as the party began once more.

Feng Feiyun frowned and realized that the person who had just spoken was also on the fifth floor just opposite of his room.

The fifth floor had six rooms that created a circle.

Clearly, that person was also a cultivator of the God Base realm, but who on earth was this person?

Everybody criticized him, but this person stood up and spoke a word of justice for Feiyun, and he even killed for it.

Feng Feiyun closed his eyes and wanted to use his spirit sense to first feel it, but there was a gentle power stopping him. He simply perceived that it was a mere emptiness and could only give up in the end.

On the seventh floor of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, there were thick, vast white clouds covering the mountains and pavilions that hovered in the sky. One could even hear the crisp and clear sounds of running water along with faint zither melodies. All of this culminated into an illusion that seemed to be the land of the immortals.

There was a servant with two bobs tied up in her hair. She was around the age of twelve or thirteen and had a polite countenance while wearing a little pink dress; it was easy to tell that she was a beauty. Her hand held a jade-green lantern as she came out from one of the floating pavilions and stood on the seventh floor, looking down below.

“There are three ladies tonight with red plaques!” The little girl had jade eyes and beautiful brows. Even though her voice was young, it resonated throughout the entire Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

Only the top ten girls of the pavilion would have red plaques. This meant that there were three ladies tonight within the top ten that were willing to go out and play a tune or dance. As long as the price was high enough, they might even be willing to serve drinks and entertain guests.

After the little girl spoke, the pavilion turned silent once again for everyone knew that the real main course had begun.

The little girl took out a red plaque and gently glanced around before speaking: “Ninth red plaque, Lady Yu Chan. Lady Yu Chan is seventeen years old, versed in stringed instruments, and had learned under Great National Maestro Jing Wuyin. She once entered the state of becoming one with the heavens with her musical skill. Outside of this, Yu Chan also had an impeccable memorization skill and will never forget anything she had read. She had read more than thirty thousand literature works and is knowledgeable in many worldly matters. She’s truly worthy of being labeled an all-erudite master.”

“The auction begins, we’ll start at one hundred gold coins!” She continued on. One hundred gold coins were equivalent to one million bronze coins. It was an absolutely monstrous amount to ordinary people, an amount that could last them a lifetime, but this was not close to the price for one of Yu Chan’s tune.

People had already raised the bids as it quickly soared to five hundred gold coins!

“Motherfucker, the women here are really expensive. If this keeps up, it would take thousands of gold coins just to see this Lady Yu Chan’s face!” Wang Meng — once again — slammed the table hard.

Liu Qinsheng drank the fine wine that was poured by the girl in his embrace as he shook his head and smiled: “I don’t think so. I have already researched about this Lady Yu Chan. This is a new person, and I think her first night is still available. Plus, she learned music from Grand National Maestro Jing Wuyin; just the three words Jing Wuyin alone is worth more than ten thousand gold coins. Many people probably came here for Yu Chan’s first night; I predict that the price will be as high as the heavens tonight.”

Wang Meng lamented with a sigh: “We only have thirty thousand gold coins. Even if we could win the bid for her, I’m afraid we won’t have much left.”

“If we can’t do it, I’ll just make mincemeat out of anyone who bids against us.” Wu Jiu tapped the steel saber on his back and said.

“Forget it! Fire Beacon City is a place where villains gather, and this Supreme Beauty Pavilion is where the extreme evils congregate. I have sensed the presence of many experts, and there are a few characters that are infinitely close to grand completion God Base.” Liu Qinsheng spoke.

Wang Meng and Wu Jiu started to sigh sorrowfully again!

Feng Feiyun simply tapped on the table with his finger while an enigmatic smile was always on his face.

“3,000 gold coins!” Suddenly, the price had been raised thirty times.

“I bid 10,000 gold coins!” This price suddenly shocked the audience.

A group of black iron armored men walked in from the Supreme Beauty Pavilion’s main door. The leading man was Luo Lin, who had been ferociously beaten by Feng Feiyun’s crowd outside of the city. He was also the captain of the Qilin cavalry and had an early God Base cultivation.

Luo Lin was still wearing the chilling battle armor and only revealed his handsome face. He smiled and glanced over all the girls inside the pavilion, showing off his cool and playful expression.

There were ten armored men right behind him. These ten all exuded a monstrous aura; the word “war” was carved on their battle helmets.

Many cultivators knew to take a few steps back for very few people in Fire Beacon City didn’t recognize this group of men.

Luo Lin, son of the Three Mysterious Gate’s master, along with the ten generals of Fire Beacon City.

They represent the two great powers, the Three Mysterious Gate and the Godly Martial Army. Only a few seclusive monsters would dare to provoke both of these great powers at the same time.

“Of course Luo Lin is here. The Three Mysterious Gate is famous for being ludicrously rich, who here could actually beat him?”

“Even if people want to bid, they have to think about whether they can offend the Three Mysterious Gate and the Godly Martial Army or not. It seems like Young Master Luo will be in a one-man show tonight. We can only watch as all the red plaque girls go into his embrace, or maybe even his bed.”

*** ***

While a few cultivators were lamenting and shaking their heads, a discordant voice appeared: “10,001 gold coins!”

This voice came from a room on the fifth floor.

Luo Lin frowned; he then looked at the fifth floor. Even though he was annoyed at this person who dared to mess with his bid, he didn’t place them in his eyes. He brought the ten generals along while going up the stairs made from mahogany. There was already a servant leading the way.

“11,000 gold coins!” As Luo Lin was walking up the stairs, he confidently bid.

“11,001 gold coins!” The lazy and languid voice from that same room came again.

Everyone could tell that this person was causing trouble on purpose for Luo Lin; otherwise, he wouldn’t increase the price by just one gold coin each time.

Who would be so bold as to provoke the only son of the Three Mysterious Gate’s master?

The person bidding was not Feng Feiyun, it came from the room of the Po Luo royal uncle. However, it was not the royal uncle, but a young man.

Of course it was him. He will always be in places where there are beauties.

After hearing the lazy voice, Feng Feiyun immediately knew who the person in that room was. He couldn’t help but smile while slowly tasting his wine.

“15,000 gold coins!” Luo Lin’s voice became a bit cold as a trace of anger was born.

“15,001 gold coins!” The lazy voice was still the same, just like a person who was weak from being drowned in too much sex and alcohol. However, Feng Feiyun knew that this person was absolutely not a weakling.

How could one of the Grand Historical geniuses, a prince of the Po Luo Country, a person considered as the world’s most attractive man, Young Noble Flawless, be a weakling?

“Haha! It seems like Luo Lin is stepping on a nail this time!” Luotuo Zi burst out in laughter.

Liu Qinsheng was more serious. He shook his head and added: “This place is inside Fire Beacon City, it’s not outside of the city. Plus, this time, Luo Lin brought the ten generals of the Godly Martial Army, not the trash of the Qilin Cavalry. The ten generals are all experienced experts who survived countless deadly battles. No matter whether it is their cultivation, will, or battle prowess, it is not something that ordinary cultivators could compare to. This is why the villains in Fire Beacon City are afraid of them.”

“That’s right. If it was outside the city, we can beat the little brat Luo Lin at any time and then run away. However, inside Fire Beacon City, even a grand completion God Base cultivator would have a hard time escaping.”

“Daniu, what do you think about this matter?” Liu Qinsheng asked.

There was a pondering smile on Feng Feiyun face. He replied: “Just wait and watch the show! When necessary, we will interfere. It will be very interesting at that time! Hehe!”

On the seventh floor of the pavilion, several supreme beauties gathered in one place and looked through a water mirror to see what was going on below. Some were happy and some were annoyed.

“The man who dares to bid against a useless young master like Luo Lin is a real man!” Yu Chan’s beautiful eyes carried a deep and charming intent as she smiled elegantly like a white apricot filled with ethereal grace.

All the girls were beauties capable of toppling citadels. They continuously nodded their heads to show their accordance.

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