Chapter 136: Supreme Beauty Pavilion

Feng Feiyun’s outfit was full of holes. With dirt all over his face along with disheveled hair that was covered with a few leaves here and there, who knows how many days it has been since the last time he took a bath.

He wasn’t even wearing a pair of shoes; it was as if he was a beggar!

However, he was carrying a huge iron chest on his back. Just the chest alone was hundreds of pounds while the money and gold inside were worth twenty-eight million gold coins.

He was bringing this iron chest to the brothel!

At this time, the sky was darkening. The decorating street lamps — along with festive commotions — appeared outside of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion as the crowd was weaving in and out. No matter whether one was a genius of an immortal gate or a rich merchant, everyone had a joyous expression. This was the paradise for men; since they were seeking the flowers to discuss the beautiful moon, naturally, they would be smiling.

The four bandits, standing in front of the pavilion, were quite bored from the wait.

Wu Jiu saw Feng Feiyun approaching from afar, so he suddenly became ecstatic and yelled out loud: “Daniu, you are finally back! How many gold coins did you get?”

Feng Feiyun came from the busy street up ahead and directly threw the heavy iron chest forward. Wu Jiu used both of his hands to firmly catch it and felt its weight and heard the clattering sounds of gold coins emanating from inside.

“Haha! This weight must be at least thirty thousand gold coins!” Wu Jiu burst out in laughter. He didn’t know that there was not only gold coins inside the chest, but also paper money.

Liu Qinsheng, Wang Meng, and Luotuo Zi were all looking at Feng Feiyun with admiration. Being able to get thirty thousand gold coins in less than an hour, he was truly a god among men ah!

One has to keep in mind that Liu Qinsheng has been a bandit for more than ten years, and his total savings was only ten thousand gold coins. Feng Daniu only went for a quick round trip and immediately obtained thirty thousand gold coins. This was the gap between a great man versus ordinary ones!

Third Boss was so right. It was definitely not bad to hang out with Daniu.

Feng Feiyun simply smilingly nodded his head a little bit and didn’t tell them the total amount of gold coins in the chest. The five of them, led by Feng Feiyun, immediately went inside the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

The five of them truly weren’t dressed any better than beggars. A servant of the pavilion wanted to stop them from entering, but Feng Feiyun directly took out a gold coin and placed it in his hand.

This servant immediately became dumbfounded and came close to tears from excitement. He respectfully led Feng Feiyun’s group to an elegant room on the fifth floor.

The pavilion had seven floors. Because of Feng Feiyun’s big gesture, they were able to go to the fifth floor.

“Our Supreme Beauty Pavilion is the most enjoyable place in Fire Beacon City, maybe even the entire Grand Southern Prefecture. Money can buy anything and can satisfy any of esteemed guests’ demands.” The servant bowed over while sucking up with laughter.

Feng Feiyun sat in the middle of the elegant room and behind him was a painting of a certain scenery. This drawing skill was at least worth several ten thousand bronze coins to commission.

Wang Meng could not wait any longer. He slammed on the table and used a crude voice to shout: “Then you go bring Nangong Hongyan here for your father. Our boss wants her to serve some drinks.”

He slammed the table with full strength and, while emitting a thunderous noise, it almost shattered the table that was made from water jade, causing the servant to be frightened to the point where he kneeled straight down on the ground.

“Guest… Miss Nangong does not serve drinks, and she also won’t show up.” The servant was shivering on the ground while glancing at Wang Meng’s arms that were as thick as a rice bowl. He quickly averted his gaze downward from fear.

“Then get the hell out…” Wang Meng suddenly stood up. He wanted to kick this servant flying away, but Liu Qinsheng held him back and commanded the servant: “Arrange four girls that can play harps to come entertain us. On top of that, call for five young pretty girls to come serve us drinks.”

This was clearly not Liu Qinsheng’s first time at this place to drink flower wine as he was very knowledgeable regarding its rules.

At this time, the slave breathed a sigh of relief as he tumbled out of the room and closed the doors.

“Fuck! Liu Qinsheng, motherfucker, your taste is too small. Even if we can’t meet Nangong Hongyan, at least let that dude bring a beauty that has a rank that’s within the top ten to come serve us drinks ah! For what reason did you just casually order some inferior goods?” The anger in Wang Meng’s heart was not dissipating.

Feng Feiyun and Liu Qinsheng, on the other hand, were slowly drinking their wine with a calm, smiling demeanor.

“This is your first time here, and I don’t blame you.” Liu Qinsheng then took another sip as he continued: “All girls within the top ten are city-toppling beauties. Regarding cultivation, there might be some who are stronger than you; regarding talents, you are not equal to even a fraction of theirs; regarding one's appeal, one of their words would bring about countless experts that are willing to die for them.”

Feng Feiyun played with his wine cup while he smilingly added: “Sometimes, a phrase from a supreme beauty can cause Giants to give up their lives. This is their true power.”

Liu Qinsheng nodded and kept the conversation going: “This is why all the beauties within the top ten of the Supreme Beauty Pavilion are all arrogant. Some of them don’t work, and even when they are working, there are auctions just to bid for their presence.”

“The person with the highest price will have their company for the night?” Luotuo Zi asked.

“If you can afford a price as high as the sky, then they might be willing to sleep with you!” Liu Qinsheng smirked and continued: “Think about it for a little bit. A beauty who is gifted in painting and poetry, elegant and gentle, and with a higher cultivation than you; it would be such a wonderful thing to be able to sleep with them.”

The four bandits all burst out in laughter.

However, Liu Qinsheng did not tell them that he brought ten thousand gold coins last year for the auction, and he could only take a glance at the rank ten beauty; he didn’t even have the chance to drink with her.

The servant — very quickly — brought nine pretty girls to the room. All of them were beauties around sixteen or seventeen years old, ones that could only be found once every thousand miles. This caused the four bandits to suddenly stare in awe.

Wang Meng, who was angry earlier, suddenly became happy as a girl named Jiajia came into his embrace. It was like a flame put out by the water as his entire body became soft from joy.

The four girls, with their pipa, jade harp, flutes, and an ancient zither, started to play behind a purple curtain. Their melody made listeners start to have strange thoughts.

The four bandits were having fun, but Feng Feiyun’s mind was not at this place. If it wasn’t for his curiosity of seeing this Nangong Hongyan that was worshiped by everyone, he would have left much sooner to go find Zuo Qianshou.

The main business was to save the Ji sisters!

This brothel was definitely a great place to find and spread information. Many secrets and recent events could be heard from here.

“The situation has changed, recently, at the Grand Southern Prefecture. Big events happened one after another. Maybe it would even spread to Fire Beacon City in the near future!” A cultivator who had just escaped from Violet Firmament City spoke.

“I don’t know anything about this. It has to be stuff that had only recently happened, right? A few big events?” Another voice appeared.

“This matter is a long tale. First, we have to begin with the traitor from the Feng Clan, the son of an evil demon — Feng Feiyun.”

After hearing his name, Feng Feiyun became interested and channeled spirit energy into his ears in order to carefully listen.

A person close by answered: “I have also heard of news regarding the son of the evil demon. Some people said that the evil blood in his body had awakened, and he could even fight against experts of the Giant rank at the battle back at Jing Huan Mountain. His talent is even higher than geniuses of the Grand Historical level.”

These people were discussing nonstop and inadvertently attracted the attention of everyone around them.

“It is just an exaggeration! If the talent of that shitty son of the evil demon was at the level of Grand Historical geniuses, then he would be renowned throughout the world by now, and no one wouldn’t know his name.”

An old voice came from another room on the fifth floor.

This voice was very familiar!

Feng Feiyun slightly shifted his gaze to the left, then he smirked. The royal uncle of the Po Luo Country also came to the Supreme Beauty Pavilion, and he was inside the room next to Feng Feiyun. This world is truly small for enemies. It seemed like there were hidden dragons and crouching tigers inside the pavilion. Anyone who could enter the fifth floor all had great backgrounds.

“This is not too clear. In the end, people who escaped Jing Huan Mountain alive were too few. The living ones all kept their mouths shut regarding what happened that day. It was as if they were afraid of something.” A cultivator dressed in white replied.

“What a joke!” The Po Luo Country’s royal uncle let out a mocking laughter.

After a short silence, someone else added: “Even though the cultivation of the evil demon’s son could be a bit exaggerated, one thing is for certain: Feng Feiyun is the slave of that demonic evil woman. He was the one who personally revived the evil woman, resulting in the death of millions. The bustling Violet Firmament City that existed for a few thousand years turned into a death zone in one night as blood painted the city red with corpses all over. The Feng Clan, the Qin Clan, and the Grand Development Immortal Gate all had more than half of their members decimated, and the rest had to escape from the city in order to avoid the evil woman.”

“Cultivators could still escape, but mortals could do nothing but despair. I saw — with my own eyes — a young girl around the age of three being eaten alive by a corpse monk. That battle was too horrible; there was even a Giant expert who was nailed to the ancient city walls as his soul bellowed, clamoring all the way to the heavens. He cried for three days and three nights before his blood ran dry and died.”

“Fresh blood gave the sky a shade of pink as blood energy turned into crimson clouds that hovered above the city for days.”

“This disaster did not end there. After the evil woman seized the main city, she reached over to the nearby provinces. In just a few short days, three counties and seventy-four cities of the Grand Southern Prefecture were completely massacred by her. The deaths could not be counted, and many people became blood corpses from the hatred. They turned into a corpse army and began to attack the other counties in the prefecture. This calamity will surely spread to Fire Beacon City. At that time, blood will run like the rivers at this place.”

“This is all because of that demon’s son, Feng Feiyun; the dog servant of the evil woman, the traitor of the human race. All the powers of the Grand Southern Prefecture has started an evil-slaying alliance, including more than ten heaven-defying geniuses. As long as Feng Feiyun shows up, they will decapitate him and use his blood to appease the people who died under the hands of the evil woman.”

The cultivator dressed in white was full of grievances and was outraged. And this passion was spread to the other listeners as all of them started to curse Feng Feiyun.

“Pah! Truly nonsense. The evil woman woke up by herself, yet a few idiots all blamed it on Feng Feiyun. What about this evil-killing alliance; only them alone want to deal with Feng Feiyun? So funny, Feng Feiyun’s one finger is enough to kill all of them.” A voice that sounds like a man but also like a woman came from one of the rooms. This person intended to hide their identity, so there was a change of voice.

However, this person’s age was surely not high.

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