Chapter 134: Past Lifetime and This Lifetime

Xiao Nuolan!

She stood in front of Feng Feiyun while still wearing the same stainless white monastic robe and a silky waistband. There was no emotion in her deep eyes, and one couldn’t even sense any energy from her body.

How could the Evil Woman become a human?

She essentially did not recognize Feng Feiyun, or rather, Feng Feiyun was not worthy of being remembered by her.

Why did she appear at this place?

No one understood Feng Feiyun’s feelings at this moment. He only wanted to get far away, the farther the better.

“Hey! Who the fuck are you, ehh? You think we would just hand it over because you said it?” Wu Jiu directly walked up and pointed at Xiao Nuolan while cursing for a good while.

This bald brute was indeed single-minded. Even if the most beautiful woman in the world offended him, he would still chop her head off without any hesitation.

Xiao Nuolan slightly glanced at him. Feng Feiyun noticed the murderous intent in her eyes so he quickly took out the Daomization Stone and directly placed it in her palm.

After holding the Daomization Stone, her murderous intent suddenly disappeared. She essentially didn’t bother to look at anyone else at this place and turned around to depart.

The two monk corpses also left. Their flesh was rotten but golden lights glimmered in their eyes. They respectfully followed her; their steps were not stiff but rather quite flexible.

“Those two monk corpses have reached the third Corpse Transformation.” With a frown on his face, Feng Feiyun clenched his fists tightly and stared towards Xiao Nuolan’s pretty back as she was walking away. Why did this Evil Woman come to Fire Beacon City?

Feng Feiyun knew better than anyone about her strength and ruthlessness. Rumor has it that even Violet Firmament Ancient City had been broken through by her and was turned into a city of death. Several great powers in the city were forced to leave for they didn’t dare to fight her directly.

There must be a reason why she appeared at Fire Beacon City.

“She, who is she? I felt as if my soul was breaking from just her glance.” The always-fearless Wu Jiu — at this second — was drenched with sweat, wetting his outfit. At this point, his heart was still beating fast.

Xiao Nuolan only gave him half a glance, yet it was almost enough to take his life.

If Feng Feiyun didn’t quickly hand the Daomization Stone over to her, then he would certainly be a dead man without even a bone remaining at this minute.

“Run away as far as possible when you see her in the future.” Feng Feiyun murmured not only to remind Wu Jiu, but also to himself.

Even though he had to hand over the Daomization Stone to Xiao Nuolan, there was no sense of loss for Feng Feiyun. In the end, such a treasure was coveted by countless great powers. Without sufficient strength, one could not hold onto it.

The Daomization Stone could be considered the number one treasure of the Godly Jin Dynasty. If Feng Feiyun kept it at his side, then he would be dead in less than three days with his corpse left behind in the wilderness.

“Hmph! No one besides my Beiming Clan should even dream about having a treasure like the Daomization Stone.” Beiming Tang stood up with blood still dripping from the corner of his mouth. He shouted at Xiao Nuolan, wanting to use his clan’s prestige to scare her.

Xiao Nuolan immediately paused her steps!

Feng Feiyun’s heart jolted. He suddenly kicked Beiming Tang even further away this time.

This bastard! If Xiao Nuolan became angry, then all of Fire Beacon City will be reduced to ruins and everyone will die in her hands.

“The Daomization Stone… belongs… to my Beiming Clan.” Even though he was kicked flying away, Beiming Tang’s voice still carried a sense of unwillingness as it echoed from far away.

Xiao Nuolan didn’t turn around. She merely paused then left straight afterward!

Feng Feiyun — at this time — finally breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, he had almost been killed by Beiming Tang’s foolishness!


“Sigh! I want to find the bastard Feng Feiyun. If I don’t find him, he will surely be finding other women. Don’t stop me, I won’t become a nun, I really won’t become one! If you keep on forcing me, I will kill myself. Do you think I won’t dare to do it?”

At a bustling location in Fire Beacon City, a girl wearing a faint blue monastic dress was crying loudly in the street. She was only around fourteen or fifteen and had her long black hair ornamented with a jade pin.

Nalan Xuejian’s skin was very white; it emitted a touch of brilliance with a soft buddhist presence. Sometimes, she was as cold as ice; sometimes, there was a simplistic naivety hinting towards cuteness. Other times, she had a solemn sacred air like a female bodhisattva.

One person actually had six different temperaments. Her temperaments varied depending on the eyes of different onlookers.

This was because of the six activated Heavenly Buddhist Essences inside her body, causing her to step towards the six desires of the buddhist realm.

“Girl, if you can’t even slash away the most basic lust, then you will have a great tribulation in the future while cultivating.”

Monk Jiu Rou took a big gulp of his wine and continuously sighed while saying: “I have already read his fortune. The boy only thinks of one woman in his heart, and there is no chance he will like another girl. You should quickly forget about him and learn the “Mortal Life Ancient Scripture” — the supreme sacred heritage of my buddhist order.”

“So he likes me?” Nalan Xuejian pulled Monk Jiu Rou’s shirt sleeve with glimmering eyes and batting lashes.

Why is this girl so crazy in love?

Monk Jiu Rou sighed once again. He shook his head and replied: “According to the fortune, there are signs of past and present lifetimes. The cycle of life and death is extremely chaotic and is cut off by the power of fate. I have never seen such a strange fortune like this, and I cannot see who the woman is. However, I am absolutely certain that it is not you.”

“He called me his wife, don’t be spouting nonsense.” Nalan Xuejian retorted.

“A man can call any beautiful woman his wife!” Monk Jiu Rou replied.

“But… but I already have a physical relationship with him.” Nalan Xuejian started to blush a little bit.

“A man could have a physical relationship with any beautiful woman!” Monk Jiu Rou could only sigh.

Nalan Xuejian stomped her feet and angrily exclaimed: “Are you just going to deny everything I say?”

“Girl, I am simply trying to reason with you. Even if you don’t follow the buddhist path, you still shouldn’t marry Feng Feiyun. I prefer you marrying a dog over Feng Feiyun.” Monk Jiu Rou replied.

“Do you hate him this much?” Nalan Xuejian inquired.

“I never hated him, and I even praised and valued him a bit. However, this and that are two different matters. Unless he could cut off his obsession, he will otherwise never be able to like you. By being too close to him, your future will absolutely be torturous. Why must you do this to yourself?”

Even though Monk Jiu Rou was very vulgar and rude to others, he knew the proper propriety when talking with Nalan Xuejian.

Nalan Xuejian naturally did not believe him and felt that Monk Jiu Rou was only trying to make her want to become a nun, to walk on a loveless road towards buddhism.

“Buddha says that there is karma in the past and present life. In this life, if you truly really love someone but he doesn't like you, it is because, in the previous life, he really truly loves you but you didn’t like him. The debt of one’s previous life will be repaid in this life. And the debt of this life will be repaid in the next.”

At the moment, how could Nalan Xuejian listen to Monk Jiu Rou’s words? She couldn’t help but exclaim impatiently: “The dao path cultivates for this life, and the buddhist path cultivates for the next. I heard that I was a beautiful and cute bodhisattva in my last life, so I will have endless karmic beneficence in this lifetime. I am willing to lose all of this good karma just to have a beautiful mortal love…”

Before she could finish speaking, Monk Jiu Rou immediately closed her mouth and scolded: “Nonsense! You cannot be spouting these words randomly in the future.”


A wave of evil aura soared all the way to the sky and covered all of Fire Beacon City!

Monk Jiu Rou slowly released his hand and looked towards the murderous black clouds in the sky to say: “Xiao Nuolan is really coming. She would not give up until the Buddhist Jade Bead is hers. We need to first find a place to hide.”

Monk Jiu Rou looked around and suddenly, a pavilion with festive lights attracted his gaze. It had red columns with green tiles and there were seven levels. There were also countless women wearing colorful dresses with smiles on their faces as if they were fairies in a heavenly palace.

Wow… They really dressed in an enchanting manner!

Supreme Beauty Pavilion!

“No matter how high of a cultivation or how powerful her spirit awareness is, she absolutely will not be able to guess our hiding place, hehe!” Monk Jiu Rou grinned and pulled Nalan Xuejian in one hand with a big wine jar in the other and walked towards the Supreme Beauty Pavilion.

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