Chapter 133: Northern Profound Chilling Ice Armor

Note: Beiming = Northern Profound. One of the strongest inner force techniques from Jin Yong. This is a homage/reference to Jin Yong – Northern Profound Divine Art.

The giant turtle shell had a golden color to it, just like an old piece of armor or an ancient bell.

Feng Feiyun’s white jade colored skin exuded a metallic luster. Each time he took a step forward, the ground started to have small cracks.


A layer of rock and soil was knocked away by a cold energy.

Beiming Tang was indeed a top leading genius that was carefully trained by the Beiming Clan. Even though he was suppressed by Feng Feiyun under the ground, it did not injure him.

A blue light flew out from the ground!

A layer of chilling ice formed on top of Beiming Tang’s body, turning into an exquisitely carved ice armor. The helmet, gauntlets, breastplates, leggings, and boots were all condensed into existence by the chilling ice as they emitted a blue light.

“This is… the Northern Profound Divine Art. Beiming Tang has cultivated to the third level of the Northern Profound Divine Art, the Metamorphosing Physique, to form the Northern Profound Chilling Ice Armor.” The Po Luo Country’s royal uncle had extraordinary experience and immediately recognized this ice armor.

The “Northern Profound Divine Art” was the number one cultivation manual of the Beiming Clan, and only members with absolute loyalty could practice it. Each time a layer was cultivated, they would have fantastic abilities.

Only by accomplishing the third level would one be able to condense the Northern Profound cold energy to form this armor.

This was the Northern Profound Chilling Ice Armor. It was considered the number one defense within the same realm.

Only Beiming Tang and Beiming Baitian — within the younger generation of the Beiming Clan — were able to successfully cultivate this technique.

Strongest defense within the same level — this could already be considered unbeatable, and this was also the reason why Beiming Baitian could become one of the Grand Historical Geniuses.


Feng Feiyun, once again, channeled the energy of the Infinite Spirit Ring, and a giant hand appeared in the sky. It struck Beiming Tang flying away once again, smashing into all the stores and buildings on the left side of the street.

However, Beiming Tang’s armor was not broken. He simply coughed out some bright blood, then stood back up.

“To be able to harm me through my ice armor… I’m certain that you are using the power of a Spirit Treasure.” Beiming Tang gazed on Feng Feiyun’s left thumb with a covetous look.

He was from the Beiming main branch, but he couldn’t get a Spirit Treasure. If he could get this Spirit Treasure from Feng Feiyun’s hands, then it meant that not only would he possess an invincible defense within the same realm, but also an invincible offense within the same realm.

Feng Feiyun truly used his Spirit Treasure, but this was not its real power, so it couldn’t break through the ice armor.

An early God Base and a grand achievement God Base will have a huge disparity in power when they both channel a Spirit Treasure.

The higher the realm, the more powerful the power unleashed by the Spirit Treasure will be.

“So what if you know? Today, I will teach you how to behave and to stop thinking that all the treasures that you see belong to you.” The God Base in his dantian shined brilliantly, and a white energy — in its entirety — poured towards the Infinite Spirit Ring.

The Spirit Treasure was activated one more time. A crimson dragon shadow crawled on the ring’s surface and roared continuously.


Under the repression of the Spirit Treasure, Beiming Tang didn’t even have the power to fight back. The sword technique was immediately dissipated by the Spirit Treasure.

His body pummeled away yet again.

Feng Feiyun tried to kill the snake by slamming its head, so he quickly channeled his Spirit Treasure and slammed him into the ground.

Even though the Infinite Spirit Ring’s power couldn’t break through the Northern Profound Chilling Ice Armor, its force still permeated through the armor, slamming Beiming Tang and causing him to constantly vomit blood.

His scalp was jarred into cracks while shedding drops of blood.

The armor originally had a blue color, but now it was stained by fresh blood into a beautiful red. It was clear and dazzling, like an armor made from rubies.

“Boom! Boom! Bang…”

The ground had been broken into small pieces by this battle. The entire old street became a deserted and pitiful ruin as dust flew everywhere. This did not appear to be a battle between two cultivators; it was more like a mighty army had just passed by.

“Oh heavens! Beiming Tang is a top genius of the younger generation and also from the main branch of both the Beiming Clan and the Dao Gate. But he actually got beaten without any opposition.”

“Without the Northern Profound Chilling Ice Armor protecting his body, he would have died long ago.”

“The innate talents of that other boy is even higher than Beiming Tang. I can faintly see the rise of the ninth Grand Historical Genius.”

“If he has ten years of time without being eliminated by the big powers, then he absolutely could become a Grand Historical Genius. But at the moment… he is still too far off compared to the other Grand Historical Geniuses.”

“If he really is an evil disciple trained by the Sen Luo Temple, then not many powers would dare to eliminate him.”

Feng Feiyun’s actions were decisive and ruthless for he wanted to kill Beiming Tang at this place. One had to pull out the weeds by the roots, so he didn’t want to leave him half a chance of survival.


Feng Feiyun punched his white fist that resembled a steel jade. It struck Beiming Tang’s chest and the force collided with the Ice Armor, causing his clothes inside to be torn apart, leaving behind a bright red fist mark.


He still couldn’t break through the Northern Profound Chilling Ice Armor, and he did not cause real harm to Beiming Tang.

“The reason I lost today is not because my talents and cultivation are weaker than yours. It is only because of the Spirit Treasure. If I also had a Spirit Treasure, I would surely…”


Before Beiming Tang could finish speaking, Feng Feiyun punched his left cheek. The wind created by the fist went through the armor and left a red mark on his face.

This was a clear sign of humiliation ah!

And it was even in front of so many people. The Beiming Clan’s face was completely lost.

“Boy, do you know who my older cousin is?” Beiming Tang’s eyes were filled with hatred and toxicity. He stood up and wanted to channel his energy one last time to recklessly fight Feng Feiyun in order to save some face.

However, because he had to refocus his spirit energy, Feng Feiyun — once again — kicked him away. He crashed head-first into a tree, splitting it in half.


The sturdy tree trunk was broken by him, and his head was basically buried underground.

“Even if your big cousin is the emperor’s father, and if he dares to come and save you, I would still beat you down.” Feng Feiyun stomped on Beiming Tang’s butt and channeled all of his energy into his foot to stop him from standing up.

Beiming Tang’s unparalleled cultivation — at this moment — was rendered useless by the Spirit Treasure’s power. He could not get up from the ground even after mustering all of his strength into his arms and legs.

If Feng Feiyun resembled a divine turtle at the moment, then Beiming Tang’s current actions looked even more like a turtle.

“My big cousin is one of the eight Grand Historical Geniuses, Beiming Baitian!” Beiming Tang shouted.

“Grand Historical level genius!” Feng Feiyun frowned and recalled the battle that day between Young Noble Flawless and Dongfang Jingshui. These two were also Grand Historical Geniuses, and their battle prowess was indeed heaven-defying; they were able to shatter even the high mountains.

“Beiming Baitian ain’t shit. Young Noble Flawless and Dongfang Jingshui teaming together wouldn’t even be my opponents. Even if he comes here, I still won’t spare you.” Even though Feng Feiyun was boasting, his face was not red and instead showed complete calmness — full of heroism.

Of course, everyone knew he was bragging, but it was indeed courageous to be able to say such a thing.

Some rowdy noises came along. The cultivators from the distance quickly spread out as if they were avoiding poisonous serpents, and they all clamored.

“What a beautiful woman!” Someone spoke this praise.

“Why are there two corpses following her while wearing tattered monastic robes? Could she be a Corpse Controller from the Western Prefecture?”

“No, Corpse Controllers need talismans or corpse spirits to control battle corpses. However, these two corpses are just following behind her. Their eyes have some spirituality as if they have their own sentience.”


Everyone moved even further back and didn’t dare to stand in her way.

Feng Feiyun naturally heard the talks from these people, and the smile on his face became slightly stiff. An evil aura emancipated from behind him, giving him a cold shiver all over.

This strange aura was so familiar; it was so familiar to the point of sending chills down his spine.

“Clak clak.”

Gentle footsteps rang from behind him.

Although he didn’t see the person who had just arrived, Feng Feiyun’s back was already drenched in cold sweat. Even the God Base in his dantian became pale without any colors for it was suppressed by an invisible force, and it was near the brink of shattering.

He lifted his foot from Beiming Tang’s butt and slowly turned around.

“Hand the Daomization Stone over to me!” A cold-as-ice hand was already stretched out in front of Feng Feiyun.

Her voice was also as cold as ice; moreover, it carried a clear murderous intent. It painfully pierced the ears of all the listeners, and they felt as if they were completely frozen, being unable to move even an inch.

Her hands were also finely crafted and very soft, almost like they were carved from a beautiful jade by a master craftsman. There were no blemishes on her delicate and silky white, long fingers.

It made others want to reach out to touch her soft, jade-like hand.

But after seeing this jade-like hand, Feng Feiyun’s eyes crazily contracted as chills ran down his spine. He only wanted to get as far away from this hand as possible.

This hand had already strangled one Giant to death, and it even almost strangled him as well.

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