Chapter 132: Number One Defense Under Giant

“Beiming Tang is a top genius of the Beiming Clan. His master is a great character from the Dao Gate. He surely left the mountain in these few recent days to travel.”

“Beiming Tang’s innate talents might be a bit lower compared to his older cousin, Beiming Baitian, but the difference is not big. This is one of the leading characters of Beiming’s current generation.”

The one-armed old man who fooled 400,000 bronze coins from Beiming Tang had slipped away unnoticed a long time ago. One could do nothing but run after making such a blunder.

Everyone was in awe and fear towards Beiming Tang. Even the royal uncle of the Po Luo Country hid his arrogance and slowly inched backward.

“So what if he is from the Beiming Clan, does that give him the right to be a thug?” Feng Feiyun became more crazy as he fought. Even though Beiming Tang’s sword technique was still hindering him, he gained enough breathing room to even speak a little.

He dared to compare the Beiming Clan to thugs?

Even a Giant would not dare to make such a rude statement. This was the same as offending the entire Beiming Clan.

“Something is wrong ah! This poor boy is also not simple, he actually managed to fight against Beiming Tang for dozens of moves without losing. This isn’t something an average person can do. Could he also be someone with a great background?”

“Maybe he is a disciple of a reclusive Giant and is dressed poorly on purpose. Otherwise, how could he dare to be so arrogant in front of the Beiming Clan like this?”

“If it is only an ordinary Giant, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be this arrogant in front of the Beiming Clan.”

Everyone felt that Feng Feiyun’s origin was not simple due to his boldness while taunting the Beiming Clan.

“Everyone, look!” Someone exclaimed aloud: “That ornamented ring on the poor boy’s finger. It seems to be a treasure from the Sen Luo Temple, the Infinite Spirit Ring.”

“It does look like it, could this boy be a disciple of the evil Sen Luo Temple?”

All of the spectators were shocked yet again. Before, they felt that there was something very strange about Feng Feiyun and the four bandits. At this moment, after seeing the black Infinite Spirit Ring on Feng Feiyun’s finger, they immediately turned Feng Feiyun into an elite of the Sen Luo Temple.

No wonder why he dared to clamor against Beiming Tang. So he had the giant Sen Luo Temple as his backing.

These cultivators began to retreat; no one dared to take a step forward. This was a fight between the two superpowers, the Sen Luo Temple and the Beiming Clan. Anyone who involved themselves would be those who think that they have lived enough already.

Beiming Tang was also slightly surprised. Could this ordinary beggar boy truly be an elite from the evil Sen Luo Temple? But so what, the Beiming Clan was not scared of the Sen Luo Temple.

Beiming Tang gathered all of the qi in his body and condensed it onto the sword. This sword pierced Feng Feiyun’s chest, but the result was outside of his imagination. It did not pierce through him; on the contrary, it felt as if it pricked a steel plate.

“Clang!” The sound of metal heavily colliding resounded!

The sword energy blasted Feng Feiyun ten zhang away.

At this moment, his entire body was bleeding. A divine light from his dantian gently flashed and wrapped around his body. A pure energy started to flow into his dantian.


His Immortal Foundation was transforming into a God Base!

A solid, impenetrable white stone formed inside his dantian.

This “God Base” — at the moment — was only as big as a rice grain. It illuminated a blinding light that contained spirit energy seven times more than before. The change in quality of the spirit energy made it much purer.

Even without the usage of a Spirit Treasure, Feng Feiyun’s battle prowess raised nearly ten times compared to before!

He had formally entered the early God Base realm!


The spirit energy went around his body in a circle, and all of his wounds were immediately cured!

Feng Feiyun gently pulled up his sleeves as his will to battle became even more intense. With a pair of eyes filled with vibrant vitality, he gazed at Beiming Tang and spoke: “Now we can truly begin!”

Even though he broke through to the early God Base, Feng Feiyun was still very cautious. He considered Beiming Tang as a very formidable opponent.

Beiming Tang had a peak God Base cultivation. Plus, with his innate extraordinary talent, he was not any weaker than Feng Feiyun at the moment. One could even say that he was still two small levels above Feng Feiyun.

Even though Feng Feiyun could surpass two small levels to kill his opponent, his enemy was also a supreme prodigy capable of exceeding two small levels as well. And so, only when their realms were the same would Feng Feiyun feel confident in beating Beiming Tang.

The disparity of two small levels was not insignificant, what could he use to make up for this?

“Boy, I will lend you a hand.” Mao Wugui’s head stuck out halfway from Feng Feiyun’s robe.

“What can you help me with?” Feng Feiyun didn’t have too much hope for this old man. This turtle… Outside of an impenetrable shell, even for a Giant, he really didn’t have other special powers.

“At the very least, I can make it so that your defense becomes number one under the Giant realm!” Mao Wugui was quite confident in himself.

“Number one defense under Giant?” Feng Feiyun asked again.

“All Techniques Become One, True Body Harmonization!”

Feng Feiyun quivered crazily and felt as if his body suddenly weighed ten thousand jin; it was almost like carrying a small mountain.

“Fuck! What are you doing?”

Feng Feiyun noticed that the eyes fixed upon him started to change. Many people were grinning and were unable to suppress their laughter. It was as if they had just witnessed the most ridiculous thing in this world.

Feng Feiyun’s body was covered by a turtle shell. This shell resembled divine iron and had an extremely ancient rustic look that was carved with sacred runic outlines.

His skin also turned white. His face, arms, legs — everything turned into white jade. Moreover, it was terribly tough.

This was truly the true Unbreakable Diamond Physique.

But this appearance…

“He truly is an evil man from the Sen Luo Temple, what kind of evil technique is this?” A person wiped the cold sweat off their forehead.

Feng Feiyun became livid and asked: “This is the number one defense under Giant?”

“Cough cough! This is me helping you. I wouldn’t do it for someone else even if they begged for such a powerful defense!” Mao Wugui’s voice from came inside Feng Feiyun’s body.

Not giving Feng Feiyun time to think any longer, Beiming Tang began his offense once more. This time, the sword technique was very profound. Even though he only stabbed forward once, there were more than one hundred sword shadows.

The sharp sword energies sliced both sides of the street — along with the stalls — into pieces, creating sounds of debris collapsing and shattering.

Clearly, the change in Feng Feiyun’s body caused Beiming Tang to feel pressured. This sword was one of his several secret techniques, the “Sword Canon” within all of the sword techniques of the Dao Gate.

“Clang! Clang! Clank!”

A countless amount of sword energy directly struck Feng Feiyun’s body, creating innumerable sparks. However, they were all blocked by the turtle shell and did not do any damage.

The “Sword Canon” naturally was better than this, but the key point was that Feng Feiyun’s defense was truly amazing.

Beiming Tang’s expression started to slightly change. He really thought that Feng Feiyun cultivated an evil technique from the Sen Luo Temple, so he took out a Wind Thunder Talisman from his chest.

This Wind Thunder Talisman was carved from White Jade and was about the size of a palm.

He slammed the Wind Thunder Talisman into Feng Feiyun’s chest!


A streak of lightning — as thick as an arm — descended from the sky right on top of Feng Feiyun’s body. Numerous lightning bolts surged through his skin and shell for a long time without dissipating.

A Wind Thunder Talisman was able of trampling a small mountain, but it didn’t even hurt a strand of Feng Feiyun’s hair.

Beiming Tang, this time, was really stunned. In this short moment, he couldn’t move from his spot.

“My turn!” Feng Feiyun channeled the Infinite Spirit Ring and the power of the Spirit Treasure appeared in his palm. Six ancient diagrams flowed up and down on the ring as an image of a huge palm began to form on top of the sky.


A palm that resembled a huge group of clouds directly pressed down on Beiming Tang’s head and firmly shattered the stone on the ground, pushing him down underground.

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