Chapter 130: Blood Stains the Long Street

The one man was distraught and couldn’t believe that he sold a divine treasure for one bronze coin. He fooled people every day just to be ripped off today.

But after seeing the atmosphere filled with a murderous air when the divine treasure was revealed, the old man immediately felt a bit better. At least this deadly disaster will not befall him.

An ordinary man is innocent, but one carrying jade is guilty!

“Young Brother, this old man is from the Su Clan of the Po Luo Country. This Daomization Stone is an ancient treasure that my Su Clan has lost, please return it.” A man wearing a blue silky robe who was surrounded by servants stepped forward. His smile clearly revealed his intentions as he held out his hand.

This Daomization Stone was clearly found on the street and found by Feng Feiyun’s vision to cut out the treasure. A few people’s eyes turned red from greed and naturally lied without any shame.

How was this any different from a straight-up robbery?

The moment this stone came out, Feng Feiyun knew that peace was impossible today. Clearly, someone would immediately jump out. Because of this, he slightly smirked and said: “This is Senior wanting to bully us country folk?”

Both Feng Feiyun and the four bandits were wearing clothes no different from refugees. This was the reason why others felt that they were easy to bully; they wanted to kill them for their treasures.

“Brat, so what if I want to bully you? You better return the treasure that was lost by my Po Luo Country’s Su Clan. Otherwise, there will be dead bodies lying on the street today.”

A muscular man dressed in battle armor stepped out from behind the silk-robed old man. This was a warrior from the Po Luo Country with tens of thousands of troops under his command — truly respectable combat capabilities.

It was obvious that this old man in his silk robe was a noble from the Po Luo Country, hence why he had such a powerful expert protecting him.

Feng Feiyun’s gaze turned cold and glared forward to say: “It is not clear who will be lying dead on the street just yet.”

With a powerful and fortified strength, the Su Clan was the royal family of the Po Luo Country, and it had grand characters of the Giant level. However, Feng Feiyun naturally was not a person afraid of trouble. Even if the Po Luo King came here himself, Feiyun would still be willing to fight.

“Lowly peasant that doesn’t know life from death.” The armoured man formed an image of a godly tiger behind his back. It lifted its head towards the sky and deafeningly roared.

This was a foreign Spirit Technique of the Po Luo Country. It refined the blood of strange beasts into the body to obtain the bloodline — along with the power — of these strange beasts.

A person like this was called a “Savage Beast Warrior!”

Every Savage Beast Warrior at the Po Luo Country had an exceedingly high status along with a terrorizing battle prowess.

“A Savage Beast Warrior has a comparable status to a noble. Here, he is protecting an old man; just what is this old man’s identity in the Po Luo Country?” Some people started to secretly speculate as they felt that this old man in the silk robe was an imperial uncle of the Po Luo Country.

“Savage Beast Warriors are indeed as tough as the rumors claim; his battle prowess is comparable to an early God Base cultivator.” A few cultivators were breathless from the aura of the Savage Beast Warrior; they could only retreat backwards one step at a time.

Feng Feiyun still grasped the Daomization Stone tightly while standing tall on the long street. Even though his clothes were tattered and had disheveled hair, like a crow’s nest, along with his muddy bare feet, his expression showed no fear.

Even though he was in a stormy situation, he stood firm and calm.


The Savage Beast Warrior unleashed a fist, that carried the force of several dozen thousand jin, onto Feng Feiyun’s chest and directly made him slide backward.

Even though he was forced back, he was not injured at all.

The warrior was quite surprised. His fist’s power was capable of shattering an early God Base cultivator, but it could not harm the enemy. This brat truly had the ability to act arrogant.

Right when he was about to act again, Feng Feiyun’s figure suddenly flashed and appeared right in front of him. One palm struck him right on the head.


The armor on the warrior’s body cracked into pieces as his body heavily shook. He then softly fell onto the ground and couldn’t stand up anymore.

Feng Feiyun didn’t bother looking at the warrior that was now lying on the street. His gaze swept all the cultivators nearby and coldly declared: “If anyone else wants to fight, I will entertain you to the end. If you want to seize the Daomization Stone, you better have some real skill.”

Then, his eyes deliberately shone on the old man who wore the silk robe.

The old man — from beginning to end — stood to the side without moving. Even though the warrior was his underling, the old man did not change his expression at all even when he died in Feng Feiyun’s hands.

Only, his claw-like hand began to emit flashing murderous waves as his old pair of eyes also darkened.

This old man was absolutely a true master.

As they gazed at each other, Feng Feiyun felt a penetrating sting from the old man’s eyes.

“Young Man, you truly don’t know the immensity of the heaven and earth. Daring to kill a general from the Po Luo Country at Fire Beacon City… I’m afraid you won’t live for much longer.” The silk-robed old man slightly stepped forward as an invisible force shook from the ground.

Feng Feiyun felt a mountain rending force coming from below him. It wanted to break his legs, so he quickly channeled all of his energy to retaliate towards the ground.


Feng Feiyun had to retreat for three steps in a row before neutralizing this force.

The old man only took one step forward while Feng Feiyun had to continuously take three steps back. The gap in cultivation was clearly evident.

“To have such a cultivation at your age is truly rare, and your natural talents could be considered excellent. Hand over the Daomization Stone! You cannot hold onto a treasure of this level, and it would only bring about a deadly disaster to yourself.” The old man no longer beat around the bush and directly revealed his intention of wanting the stone.

“With such an innate talent, it would be such a shame to suddenly die in this place.” The old man, once again, took a small step forward as his aura became even more terrifying. It did not only compel Feng Feiyun to take another three steps back, all the nearby cultivators were forced to retreat as well. People with a weaker cultivation immediately vomited blood from the pressure.

Feng Feiyun steadied his blood inside his body and fortified his stance, then he spoke: “You are nothing special compared to others. If you didn’t live longer than me for several decades, and if I could cultivate for three or five years, then I would kill you like killing a pig.”

The old man’s look turned into a dark surly as he was angered by Feng Feiyun. Lightning cracked on his palm as he unleashed a fist across the air.

This palm caused the wind to flutter as six Qilins rushed forward!

His fist actually unleashed six Qilins, a force of 320,000 jin! Just the wind flying by alone caused others to ache as if small knives were slicing their skin.

Feng Feiyun began to channel his Infinite Spirit Ring. He wanted to use this Spirit Treasure to directly attack the old man, but there was someone who suddenly rushed forward.


Wang Meng stomped on the ground and stepped out. His two feet directly shattered the tiled stones on the street. With his feet fortified underground, he unleashed both of his fists forward as he and the old man competed with one blow.


More than ten tiled stones on the street flew away. Wang Meng’s feet on the ground slid backward, creating two long grooves on the ground. He continuously retreated for more than eight zhang before finally stabilizing the old man’s palm.

The old man also had to take a step back as he put down his hand.

Even though Wang Meng lost in this one strike, he successfully blocked this palm. Comparing brute strength, he was only one level below this old man.

“Come again!” The old man became agitated and ashamed. He personally took action, yet he couldn’t take care of these poor peasants; this was truly an embarrassment to the Po Luo royal clan.

He was indeed a royal uncle of the Po Luo Country. He had always been up high above in status, thus he naturally disdained these peasants like Feng Feiyun.


The old man unleashed another strike. This palm was even more powerful and had a force capable of blowing away a high mountain!

“Bam! Bam!”

Wu Jiu and Wang Meng were like two gods of war, standing to the left and right of Feng Feiyun, and they rushed forward at the same time.

Both of them were fierce people. One was naturally born with godly strength while the other cultivated his bones into a golden color. The two trampled the street into small pieces and forced the old man to fly backward.

The old man landed on the ground and continuously retreated all the away till the end of the street before he could stand still.

Other people wanted to seize the treasure, but now they were all sucking in a deep breath and instinctively took two steps back. No one expected for these five refugees to be so powerful. With one stronger than the other, even the imperial uncle of the Po Luo Country was forced back.


Liu Qinsheng slapped off a sneak-attacking cultivator’s head from his body. Blood began to spurt out all over the floor, and the bloody head flying in the sky was kicked into smithereens by Luotuo Zi.

These four bandits were not only strong, they were also ruthless. This suppressed everyone at the scene.

“Motherfucker, who else wants to try? Your father will fuck his whole family.” Wu Jiu waved the grand machete in his hand like an evil god and roared. There was a sudden whirlwind that appeared out of thin air, emanating whistling windy sounds.

Silence. No one dared to even breathe!

Too savage!

Too violent!

Suddenly, a footstep sounded!

Feng Feiyun glanced over at the young man with the daoist robe. He unexpectedly came forward.

This was the idiot who was fooled and handed 400,000 bronze coins to the one-armed old man. At this moment, this daoist-robed young man had a temperament that was beyond ordinary, like a rising bright star.

Feng Feiyun activated his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze and observed the image rising above his head. It seemed to be a burning white sun.

This daoist-robed young man had a great origin, and his personal cultivation was already higher than the silk-robed old man. Such an age with such a cultivation along with innate talents… The background behind him must be incalculable.

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