Chapter 129: Daomization Stone

The sudden crimson brilliance burst out, carrying along with it a scorching temperature like the burning divine flame of a cauldron.

The sound was very weak, but any cultivator at the God Base realm could clearly hear the cries of a woman.

Not long after, this light gradually dimmed down and completely disappeared, hence revealing its true form!

“This is…”

Feng Feiyun couldn’t believe his eyes. This was a sanguine colored stone around the size of a human’s hand. What shocked him was that it had the appearance of a woman’s eye; it was both long and narrow like a fiery mirror.

Both the shape and the outlines were too similar to a human eye. On the surface were outlines of the pupil with a fine and smooth eye, and there were even natural eyelashes as well.

This eye was truly beautiful — prettier than any woman’s eye. If it appeared on a woman, then it was truly the eye of a fairy.

This was not shaped from Spirit Stone or refined by Spirit Treasure for there was no sign of human tampering; could this be born from nature?

If it was really born from nature, then with such a size, the value of this crimson stone might even be higher than Spirit Treasures.

“Such a powerful spirit awareness, it actually automatically gathers the world’s spirit energy… Could it be… that this eye wants to revive itself?”

Feng Feiyun felt its beating with a very clear and orderly frequency, just like a living heart. However, this beat could only be sensed and was imperceptible with ordinary vision.

A crimson stone was automatically gathering the world’s essence as if it was purposefully cultivating. It was no different from a living being. Given the chance, it might be able to become a demon from cultivation.

Stunning stone demon!


A surge of cold air exuded from the inside outward. In an instant, it froze Feng Feiyun’s arm into a block of ice. And the four bandits standing around Feng Feiyun were also covered with a frosty layer.

This chilling aura was too ferocious as it thrust itself into Feng Feiyun’s blood. His blood vessels began to quickly freeze. At the same time, it was spreading towards his heart as if it wanted to turn him into an ice man.

The sensation of being frozen was extremely painful. It felt as if the flesh in his entire body was being cut into small pieces by a frozen blade.


Right when the layer of ice reached Feng Feiyun’s chest, the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel that was cleansing his dantian immediately started to flash. It was only a glint of light, but all of these ice crystals immediately retreated like the receding tides. All of the cold energy was suppressed back into the crimson stone.

On top of the Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel was the Dragon-Horse Mountain and River Diagram. The seemingly alive Dragon-Horse neighed and directly suppressed the crimson stone on Feng Feiyun’s hand, causing it to tremble and, in the end, a tranquil scene was restored.

Feng Feiyun naturally was clearly aware of everything that had just happened in his body. The Azure Bronze Spirit Vessel was indeed worthy of being a Saint Soul Treasure with its matchless magicalness to be able to completely suppress this crimson stone.

This was a perfect beautiful stone eye, but it was even more like an evil pupil.

“I know what it is now, this is a Daomization Stone. One of the eighteen types of Spirit Stones, it is ranked 7th.” A man with gray hair and a gray beard shiveringly pointed at the crimson stone on Feng Feiyun’s hand and exclaimed.

There were eighteen different types of Spirit Stones in this world. Each of them were naturally created by the heavens — extremely mystical. They were the treasures fought for by all cultivators.

Within it, the lowest ranked stone was the “True Mysterious Spirit Stone,” and it was also the most common Spirit Stone used by cultivators in training. However, even a True Mysterious Spirit Stone the size of a fingertip could still be sold for tens of thousands of gold coins.

This was why these Spirit Stones were treasures. Even for a grand clan like the Feng Clan with more than ten mines and more than 10,000 slave miners, they could only produce around one hundred pieces of stones like this each year. Plus, they were only the lowest types of Spirit Stones.

A few grand sages — who were also Treasure Seeking Masters — created a report that indicated that the reserves of the eighteen types of Spirit Stones in the world become rarer by more than ten times for each increase in rank. In order words, if the 18th rank True Mysterious Spirit Stone had 10,000 pieces, then the 17th rank Five Grains Spirit Stone would only have 1,000 pieces, and the Dan Spirit Stone ranked at 16th would only have 100 pieces…

And the truth was that the amounts produced each year by the grand clans mirrored the findings in this report.

A top power could only dig out a few hundred True Mysterious Spirit Stones, a few dozen Five Grains Spirit Stones, and only a few Dan Spirit Stones each year. There were even years where they could not produce even one Dan Spirit Stone.

As for the even higher ranked Spirit Stones, they were even rarer and could only be found with extreme fortune. Sometimes, it required several dozen years to find just one. In the cultivation world of the Godly Jin Dynasty, only a few were dug out in the last few thousand years.

For example, with regards to the Dragon Spirit Stone that is ranked at 10th place, only one was found in the last several thousand years. At this moment, it was placed in the imperial palace of the dynasty in order to protect the fate of the kingdom.

Sometimes, a stone like this was enough to protect a kingdom’s fate, allowing it to prosper for several thousand years without decline.

For the 18 types of Spirit Stones, each of them had their own special purpose. For example, the True Mysterious Spirit Stone contained a large amount of spirit energy, doubling the cultivation speed for cultivators. Powerful cultivators all used these stones to cultivate instead of absorbing the world’s spirit energy.

The Five Grains Spirit Stone was even more miraculous than the True Mysterious Spirit Stone. After consuming one Five Grains Spirit Stone, a cultivator would automatically reach the mystical Bigu level; the level where starvation was no longer an issue without eating.

And the Dan Spirit Stone ranked at 16th was even more valuable than the Five Grains Spirit Stone. As long as anyone wanted to refine anything higher than a third rank pill, then they needed to have the Dan Spirit Stone. The higher the amount of Dan Spirit Stone, the higher the chance for a successful pill refinement.

Without adding the Dan Spirit Stone, it was essentially impossible to refine any pill above the third rank.

As for the Spirit Stones ranked at the front, the preceding one was rarer and more mythical than the one after.

And because the rarity of the 18 types of Spirit Stones increased by the dozen, this was why the prices of the Spirit Stones also increased by the dozen.

For instance, if a True Mysterious Spirit Stone the size of a fist had the price of 300,000 gold coins, then the price of a Five Grains Spirit Stone was 3,000,000 gold coins, and the price of the Dan Spirit Stone was 30,000,000 gold coins. The Spirit Stones at the front naturally had even more terrifying prices.

Due to the scarcity along with their prices, the status of Treasure Seeking Masters in this world was very prestigious. Grand Elders of the immortal gates, astronomy officials of dynasties, and Grand Dan Masters often needed to turn to Treasure Seeking Masters for assistance.


No one reacted when they heard the words Daomization Stone, but when the rank of 7 was announced, everyone suddenly exploded!


Everyone turned crazy!

A rank 10 Dragon Spirit Stone was enough to become the presiding treasure of the Godly Jin Dynasty and was able to protect the dynasty’s fate for several thousand years without declination. This Spirit Dragon Stone was absolutely ranked amongst the top ten divine treasures of the Godly Jin Dynasty’s cultivation world.

But at this moment, a rank 7 Daomization Stone suddenly appeared. This could truly be the number one divine treasure in this land, and it would shock the entire dynasty.

A person expressed his doubts and said: “Impossible, absolutely impossible! Rumors stated that the Daomization Stone was formed by supreme masters at the end of their lives by burning their entire dao intent in their bodies. With this, one piece of dao stone would be formed. And this dao stone would need over ten thousand years to breed itself before turning into a Daomization Stone. A ‘Dao Stone’ capable of turning into a ‘Daomization Stone’ has such a low chance, it is not even one in tens of thousands.”

“It is difficult to be enlightened in the dao, but transforming into the dao is even harder. Only great characters with cultivations that reach the heavens would be able to successfully transform into the dao. I don’t think there has ever been such a divine character in the Godly Jin Dynasty.”

The Daomization Stone was ranked 7th because it contained the dao of a supreme and unparalleled expert. If one could learn from the dao inside the Daomization Stone, then they could become another supreme and unparalleled expert.

Even though everyone was in disbelief, there were still people who believed that this was a Daomization Stone.

“I can see a profound supreme dao hidden inside the crimson stone. Each outline on top of its surface is a separate dao. As long as one can become enlightened in even one of the dao on its surface, then they could cultivate to the Giant level.”

“This could be a Goddess from the High Ancient Era condensed after a dao transformation. This Daomization Form even started to cultivate itself. If no one took it out from the yellowstone and let it cultivate for a few thousand years more, then maybe the dead Goddess could be reborn and would dominate the world once more.”

Even though everyone had different perspectives and speculations about this Spirit Stone, they were certain that this Spirit Stone was an absolute priceless divine treasure. At the most conservative estimate, its value would exceed a Spirit Treasure.

Everyone’s gazes became red hot as they ogled at the crimson Spirit Stone in Feng Feiyun’s hand. No one was able to hide the greed in their eyes.

Many powerful cultivators were gearing up, revealing their murderous intents while looking at Feng Feiyun.

The whole street was covered by a stormy atmosphere as if a rain of blood was approaching.

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