Chapter 128: Exceptional Divine Treasure

“One bronze coin!” Feng Feiyun directly put the stone in his hand back down!

The one-armed old man was taken aback and cursed in his mind. Earlier, the guy was praising the stone for falling down from the heavens. Now, he was giving the price of only one bronze coin — truly a poor motherfucker.

“Little Brother, an immortal was enlightened by sitting on top of this stone, why don’t you pay a bit more?” The one-armed old man asked.

“I only have one bronze coin, so I can’t even if I wanted to pay more!” Feng Feiyun shook his head and stood up as if wanting to leave.

Even though the old man was disappointed, one bronze coin was still money. It was only a random stone picked up on the street. He bit his teeth and said: “Fine! Today, I will sell it to you with a blood-vomiting price of one bronze coin.”

“Good! It is a deal then!” Feng Feiyun suddenly laughed out loud and shot out a bronze coin with his fingers. Then, he grabbed the stone as big as a human’s head with lightning speed and stood up. Naturally, he was also afraid that this one-armed old man would go back on the deal.

What is this kid laughing so happily about, did I make a mistake this time? The one-armed old man placed the one bronze coin away while beginning to doubt in his mind.

The party of Wu Jiu and Wang Meng also frowned. They felt that Feng Feiyun didn’t need to do such a foolish thing. Even though it was only one bronze coin, one bronze coin was still money ah!

“Daniu, can you now tell us about the mystery of the stone?” A glint of wisdom appeared in Liu Qinsheng’s eyes. Others might feel that Feng Feiyun was bored so he found something entertaining to do, but Liu Qinsheng felt that there was something else going on.

The other cultivators didn’t leave as well as they had the same question in their minds. Even the one-armed old man stretched out his neck and pricked his ears to listen.

Feng Feiyun smilingly glanced at everyone, then he placed the yellowstone on his palm as he asked: “Do you see the difference between this yellowstone and the other ordinary yellow stones? Can’t see it, right? You will see it now.”

Feng Feiyun channeled his spirit energy, filling up his palm!


The spirit energy automatically ignited into a First Dark Origin Flame. The yellowstone’s temperature gradually rose as it was wrapped in flames.

The First Dark Origin Flame was a type of flame born from the burning of spirit energy. Ordinary stones would instantly melt in a second. Even a few tougher stones would turn into sand from the First Dark Origin Flame in an instant.

However, this ordinary yellowstone was not burnt by the First Dark Origin Flame. Instead, the flames began to dance on top of it. Its color started to change from yellow to red, becoming more and more gorgeous and eventually, it became a crimson red just like blood.

At this time, even a fool would see this yellowstone’s extraordinary character!

The one-armed old man stretched out his neck and continuously rubbed his eyes in disbelief at the scene in front of him.

The corner of Feng Feiyun’s lips slightly smirked. He recovered his energy and the First Dark Origin Flame disappeared. The color of the stone in his hand also quickly faded back to its original yellow shade.

It was as ordinary as before without any noticeable energy whatsoever.

However, no one dared to look down upon this stone any longer.

Everyone’s gazes were attracted as they stared at the yellowstone with the utmost curiosity.

“Daniu, what on earth is this amazing treasure?” Wang Meng shook his head after regaining his wits.

Not only him, but everyone else present also had the same question.

“I don’t know either!” Feng Feiyun laughed while answering.

“You don’t know?”

Everyone did not believe him. After all, this piece of yellowstone was left on this street for who knows how many thousands of years. Countless experts and predecessors had passed by, but no one saw its extraordinary characteristic. Maybe other people even kicked it around a few times.

He was able to see its remarkableness, so how could he not know what kind of treasure it was?

Feng Feiyun truly was not lying. His Heavenly Phoenix Gaze was only at the beginning level, and his sight was only equivalent to that of a third-rank Treasure Seeking Master.

Many treasures could only be vaguely sensed that it was not normal, but one couldn’t really see through its essence.

Previously, Feng Feiyun — with his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze — only noticed that this yellowstone had an aura that was slightly different from the surroundings. It was as if there was a vague sound coming from it, just like an egg that was wrapped by a layer of rock, but it absolutely did not have any aura of life.

Feng Feiyun shook his head and replied: “Only by destroying the layer of rock will we find out what the hidden treasure inside is.”

Feng Feiyun conveniently took a rusty blade from a nearby street vendor and started to cut on the yellowstone. His cutting was very slow; he was only removing extremely thin layers at a time for he was afraid of damaging the treasure inside.

The news traveled quickly and the crowd grew larger and larger in size. In the beginning, there were only more than ten, then it became several dozens, and now, there were several hundred packing the stall so tightly that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

“There is someone who found an amazing divine treasure at the street stall!”

“One stone became as red as blood under the flames. Someone has started to cut it, I think it might be the great treasure of this generation.”


Cultivators, one after another, came running towards the stall, clogging the whole street.

“Swish! Swish! Swish!”

The blade in Feng Feiyun’s hand became faster and faster as it cut out rock powder. The yellowstone that was initially the size of a human head became half as small.


Another blade fell down, and the yellowstone suddenly changed into a blood-red color.


The blade in Feng Feiyun’s hand was shattered by an invisible force into iron powder, falling onto the ground while emanating rustles. Feng Feiyun felt a monstrous aura attacking his brain, causing him to have the urge to throw this stone far away.


A breeze from an unknown source blew by, creating screaming noises as if there were ghosts and devils shouting and roaring.

It was indeed strange to have such a cold breeze blow by when the scorching sun was up high.

“Daniu, maybe we shouldn’t cut through it anymore. Why is it that I feel that it is not a treasure inside, but more like a bleeding heart.” Wu Jiu felt chills throughout his body and it seemed as if there was cold air coming out from the top of his head.

“Probably not. I can feel that this aura might be strange, but it is definitely a shocking piece of treasure.” Liu Qinsheng lightly signaled to the other three bandits.

If there was really a great treasure inside the yellowstone, then someone will definitely try to rob it. The four bandits implicitly understood and began to take caution. They stood around Feng Feiyun and didn’t let anyone near.

Feng Feiyun was very curious and also didn’t want to stop. He took the great machete on Wu Jiu’s back and continued to chip away.

The stone became increasingly smaller, and the color became redder — just like blood — as it flashed through all directions.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The stone in Feng Feiyun’s hand then cracked as it began to move as if it was coming back to life. Its movement caused Feng Feiyun’s hand to become numb.

“Break for me!”

Feng Feiyun felt that it was reaching the critical point, so he finally unleashed a blade downward. The rock-like egg shell fragmented, and a crimson brilliance burst out and flew several thousand zhang up straight to the heavens.

Many people who saw this light felt astonished. They actually thought that a peak master was breaking through the grand realm of Heaven’s Mandate.

This crimson light was not only blinding, but also extremely hot. Even though Feng Feiyun’s palm was protected by the Infinite Spirit Ring, it was still burnt.

Meanwhile, the surrounding cultivators who were watching the spectacle couldn’t handle it. Some of their eyes were stabbed by the crimson light and started to bleed. Others’ clothing and hair caught on fire and began to crackle with flames.

No one expected that such a terrifying power would emerge from a piece of rock!

Feng Feiyun channeled his entire cultivation and used the power of the Infinite Spirit Ring to unleash the power of the six ancient diagrams to barely suppress it. However, because the light was too strong, he simply couldn’t see what kind of divine treasure it was.

He could only vague hear that there was a strange and very sad sound; it was as if a goddess from an immemorial era was crying.

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