Chapter 126: Fire Beacon City

“This time, we are going to Fire Beacon City to buy Spirit Stones. There are three houses with the most Spirit Stones. One is the Three Mysterious Gate, another is the Yin Gou Ward, and the last one is the City Lord’s mansion. What do you guys think is the best place to go and buy Spirit Stones?” Liu Qinsheng was an experienced person and was pretty familiar with everything in Fire Beacon City.

“The Yin Gou Ward is a property of the Yin Gou Clan, there will absolutely be superb experts presiding there. We can mess with anyone, just not the Yin Gou Ward ah!” Wang Meng may appear to be foolhardy, but he knew who he could and couldn’t mess with.

Liu Qinsheng then continued: “Fire Beacon City’s Lord is also a powerful person. To be able to reign over such a chaotic place like this, he absolutely isn’t an easy person to mess with. Any of the ten knights below him has enough strength to suppress all directions with their extraordinary techniques.”

They were discussing before even entering Fire Beacon City.

Feng Feiyun then added: “Then the only one left is the Three Mysterious Gate, what is the gate’s background?”

Wu Jiu, Wang Meng, and Luotuo Zi (blockhead) all shook their heads. Only the smart Liu Qinsheng who knew better spoke: “When it comes to the Three Mysterious Gate, we have to talk about the leading Ji Clan of the Godly Tiger County.”

The Grand Southern Prefecture had twenty-six counties. Each county had vast territories with rich resources and close immortal gates. The Ji Clan, with the power to reign over one county in the south, naturally had powerful strength with countless immortal gates below its banner and were protected by them.

And Fire Beacon City was at the south end of the Godly Tiger County. The several thousands of miles surrounding it was covered by the deadly and murderous border territory.

Because of the special geographical situation of Fire Beacon City, there were many powerful cultivators congregating to this place. The underground dark organizations were comparable to large immortal gates.

“The Three Mysterious Gate is classified as a big sect. There are thirty-eight cultivators of the God Base realm. Its Gate Master is the disciple of the Ji Clan’s third elder and was also his oldest disciple. One could say that the Three Mysterious Gate is a sect under the Ji Clan’s banner.” Liu Qinsheng explained.

It seemed like the Three Mysterious Gate was not easy to play with either. Thirty-eight God Base cultivators — this was equivalent to thirty-eight elders; it was absolutely a big sect.

Feng Feiyun contemplated for a moment, then he smilingly said: “I have a good idea, we can try this once.”

“Daniu, everyone will listen to you.” Wang Meng coarsely added.

Feng Feiyun continued: “Isn’t the boy earlier the son of the Three Mysterious Gate’s Lord? After being beaten by us, he will surely find his father to get revenge. Why don’t we try a feint maneuver?”

Wu Jiu and Wang Meng did not understand after listening. Only Liu Qinsheng’s eyes flashed with a bright light as he smirked then clapped his hands and said: “This is not a bad idea, but… wait until after we drink flower wine, then we can talk about it again.”

“Right, very right, visiting the brothel is the main business. As for buying the Spirit Stones, we can take it one step at a time, one step at a time.”

“Just wait until we spend three days there, not one day less. The beauties in the Supreme Beauty Pavilion number more than eight hundred and all of them are drop-dead gorgeous. Especially the ones with their name cards in the front, they are all goddesses descending down to our mortal world.”

*** ***

The four bandits pervertedly smiled and smiled some more. The matter of buying the Spirit Stones was completely forgotten and they only cared about drinking the flower wine in the brothel. Feng Feiyun was not carefree like this. This time, his responsibility was much greater than these four bandits at Fire Beacon City, so he could not relax at all.

Fire Beacon City was indeed a large citadel at this desolate border, and the walls were double the size of the other ancient cities; it was built by boulders weighing dozens of thousands of jin. There were some places where the engraved formations were visible. There were towers to fire arrows along with fire and formations. There was always the patrolling Godly Martial Army riding desolate beasts on top of the city walls.

War could happen here at any time, and these walls had been destroyed more than ten times, but it was rebuilt each time and became more brilliant and bigger than before.

This was the benefit of a special location.

Coming into Fire Beacon City, one could see many strange architectures from the other countries. There was a mansion with red walls and curved eaves-tiles. There was a buddhist palace built with white pebbles while another was an old building made from ancient timbers…

In the ancient street one hundred meters wide, there were many horse carriages in a lively and bustling scene. People from different countries and zones all came together at this place. There was a beauty with golden hair and blue eyes carrying a treasure bow on her back, causing half of the street to have a faint sweet fragrance coming from her body. There were also four Ancient Strong slaves that towered at three meters, pulling a yellow carriage while issuing rolling sounds on the road. There were also cultivators with white cloth wrapped around their heads while wearing white robes; they seemed like mummies walking on the main street.

“Ah… Save me ah! Save me!”

Three, five men were chasing a delicate maiden. They laughed in a depraved manner as they forced her into a dead-end alley.

They pushed the girl into the wall and slowly stripped articles of clothing from her body.

Everyone walking by were just staring indifferently as if they were used to such a scene. No matter how much the maiden was crying for help, no one extended a hand to help her.

“Don’t… Help me… Ah…” She appeared to be younger than sixteen, and her crying was very miserable.

Feng Feiyun slightly frowned. Even though he already knew that Fire Beacon City was a chaotic and dark place where the strong could bully the weak, he didn’t expect it to be so filthy to this level.

Liu Qinsheng pressed down on Feng Feiyun’s arm and said: “Daniu, don’t be rash, there are no good people here at Fire beacon City. Being a good person will only cause you to die earlier.”

“You are saying… to not help her even though we are seeing this?” Feng Feiyun naturally had his moral bottom line.

Liu Qinsheng shook his head and replied: “People who can survive at Fire Beacon City, why would they need your help?” As his voice faded, there were several miserable screams coming from the dead-end valley.

He saw that the man who earlier wanted to rape the girl was now lying in a pool of blood. And the initially delicate and sad girl was fixing her tattered gown as she coldly scowled. She wiped the blood on her hands and squatted down with her graceful and soft body as she took the money pouch along with weapons from the bodies of these men.

Feng Feiyun was stunned with his mouth opened from seeing this scene!

The girl weighed the money bags with her hand, then she held several weapons and walked out from the alley. Her cold eyes glanced at Feng Feiyun, then she shook her sleeves and left.

Only the cold, dead bodies covered in blood were left in the alley.

“Right, there are no good men or nice women in this place.” Feng Feiyun, who had suffered in the hands of a woman before, had now learned another lesson.

It was never peaceful inside this city. By only walking on one road, Feng Feiyun had seen four, five instances of murder. This was truly not a good place, and without power, one simply couldn’t survive. However, even with power, one wouldn’t live for long either without wits.

“Selling strange and great treasures here, aged Spirit Grass, ancient Spirit Weapons, masterful calligraphies, finest-ranked Spirit Stones. Only need five coins to pick any, pick any! Five bronze coins to buy anything. Absolutely items with great value, absolutely not a scam. Selling hands down to make some money.”

After arriving at one street, it was even more chaotic. Both sides of the street were filled with street vendors. A person directly had a mat on the ground with many strange things on top.

Many people surrounded this place and selected the displayed items.

“Brother, you have really good eyes, this is a fifth rank Spirit Dan, refined by the current dynasty’s tutor, and it took him thirty years. I took a lot of effort just to obtain it. I see that Big Brother is a handsome and high-class man, so I will sell it to you for a cheap price — eighty bronze coins, how about this? Fine! Fine! Big Brother is a regular so, only fifty bronze coins then! Can’t go any lower than this, this is already a price that makes me want to jump off a building! Oh heavens! Big Brother, don’t leave. We can look at something else, I have a Spirit Treasure Ancient Heaven Restoration Divine Cauldron, real calligraphy from the renowned Young Child Xiandan…”

“Last day! Last day! Tomorrow, I will go on a journey to Po Luo Country. Today, I vomit my blood as I sell everything at a super low price; all of these rare and precious treasures for cheap to everyone. Spirit Stones, Spirit Dan, Spirit Grass, the cheapest is at three bronze coin. I’m not waiting any longer, this chance will never come again.”


Feng Feiyun passed by the street and shook his head again and again. These people really blew it out of proportion. Spirit Weapons were the top divine weapons. Even the lowest ranked Spirit Weapon would be worth more than ten Ancient Cities. How could a few dozen bronze coins buy one? Spirit Medicines and Spirit Dan were expensive as well for they start at around one million gold coins.

Even though many people knew that the sellers were scammers, they still went around to look just in case they could get lucky and find a real treasure.

Feng Feiyun was also curious and two flames glimmered in his eyes. He activated the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze technique to scan these stalls. With just a glance, he was already disappointed. It really only had lousy things and no real treasures.


Feng Feiyun’s gaze suddenly paused as it fell on a stall.

“Daniu, don’t bother, there is nothing good at this place. If you really want to buy a rare treasure, then go to the Yin Gou Ward. The Yin Gou Ward is the place where all of the treasures of the entire Godly Jin Dynasty gathered.”

“This is true, this is true, the Yin Gou Ward is absolutely the wealthiest power in this world. Their storage walls are broken from having too much wealth ah! It is a shame that its real boss is the Yin Gou Clan, so no one dares to have any ideas.”

“Hehe! If someone is able to hook up with the heavenly miss of the Yin Gou Clan, then they will not have to worry for the rest of their lives.”

Feng Feiyun glanced at these bandits and helplessly shook his head then said: “I’m afraid no one in the world can embrace her in their arms. She is a scorpion, and she will bite them to death.”

Finished speaking, Feng Feiyun went to the stall that he noticed earlier.

Even though this place only had random stores, but occasionally some people were still able to find real ancient treasures. This had happened before where people spent five bronze coins to buy a real root of Horn Dragon Spirit Grass. Someone else also bought a broken Spirit Weapon from the antiquity, and there was even a person who bought a real dragon scale.

Even though the probability was extremely low, it was not impossible.

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