Chapter 124: Leaving the Mountain

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“Spirit Vessel”

The divided realms will be listed in this chapter for the readers’ convenience to dispel the vague sensation!


Cultivation has eight realms: Spirit Realm, Immortal Foundation, God Base, Heaven’s Mandate, Nirvana, Heaven’s Emergence, Saint Soul, and Immortal Realm.

The first three (Spirit Realm, Immortal Foundation, God Base), are all “foundation building” realms, divided into early, intermediate, and peak.

This is the process of a mortal turning into a cultivator.

Beginning from the “Heaven’s Mandate” realm, this was the real beginning to the mysterious dao path. Each realm will have a huge level difference as well as lifespan.

By reaching the Heaven’s Mandate realm, one’s lifespan will be in the several hundred years, and they will seem like immortals in the eyes of ordinary people.

Because there is such a difference between the higher realms, they are divided into 9 layers each.

9 layers of Heaven’s Mandate, 9 layers of Nirvana, 9 layers of Heaven’s Emergence, 9 layers of Saint Soul, and 9 layers of Immortal Realm.

Anything after Immortal Realm is temporarily unannounced!

“I am not a disciple of the Feng Clan. I have zero relation with the Feng Clan.” Feng Feiyun wiped the blood on his fingers clean and began to channel all the spirit energy in his body to ready for a fight to the death.

“Impossible, the Feng Clan’s blood flows in your body, this absolutely cannot be fake.” Third Boss came out from the tree’s hollow. He still had the hunchback appearance. With completely gray hair, he carried a Great Machete on his back while wearing red shorts.

Wearing such coquettish clothing at this age would even brighten a blind person’s eyes.

The old man didn’t have any intention to fight and intensely looked at Feng Feiyun with his hollowed eyes: “You came here for the two little girls over there, right?”

This old guy was very smart and knew Feng Feiyun’s intention with just a glance. But at this second, he didn’t want to make a move and took back his stick.

Feng Feiyun was a bit confused. He contemplated about how this old man earlier wanted to kill him, but after knowing that he was a disciple of the Feng Clan, he suddenly stopped. Could this old man be a predecessor from the Feng Clan? Or had some relation to them?

No matter what, at least it was not a bad development.

“That’s right.” Feng Feiyun did not deny.

Third Boss, with his hunchback, nodded his head and weakly said while clutching his stick: “What is your relationship with them?”

“Old Man, you are too nosy.” Feng Feiyun became a bit impatient, so his two hands formed fists and condensed spirit energy below his feet. He would not hesitate the moment he sees an opening.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to talk. Looking at your age, you must be a fifth generation disciple of the Feng Clan! Your talent is barely scraping by to a level that could be considered as not too embarrassing. Then, at this generation’s Hidden Dragon War, what position did you placed at ah?” Third Boss seemed to be sure that Feng Feiyun was a Feng Clan’s disciple, and he also seemed to know everything about the Feng Clan like the palm of his hand.

Every twenty years, the Feng Clan held a Hidden Dragon War, and this year was indeed the year of the war.

Feng Feiyun did not feel any killing intent on the other person so his caution lowered. He replied: “I have already been disowned by the Feng Clan. I’m afraid these hidden dragons of the Feng Clan — at the moment — all want to kill me to go back and claim credit.”

Third Boss lifted his brows with a slightly ugly expression and said: “The Feng Clan normally would never disown clan disciples. At the very least, this had never happened in the last two hundred years. It seems that you must have committed a heinous crime for this to happen. Truly a black sheep of the family, deserving even more than death.”

“Hmph! Old Man, if you don’t know the story, then don’t be spouting nonsense. The upper echelons of the Feng Clan are only those whose hearts are clouded by greed. In order to refine a treasure, they kicked me out of the clan and even ordered people to deal with my family. This type of bullshit clan, I do not need!” Feng Feiyun did not talk about the Evil Demon Battle Armor and only said that it was a treasure. In the end, the real meaning of the Evil Demon Battle Armor was not something anyone could accept.

He thought that the old man would get angry, but this time, it was outside of Feng Feiyun’s expectations.

“These words… spoken without any incorrectness. Feng Yiyi and Feng Yihu are indeed shameless people for treasures. That year… Cough cough. Boy, which branch of the Feng Clan are you from?” Third Boss asked.

Feng Yiyi and Feng Yihu were both ancestors of the Feng Clan, and they were both characters of the Giant level. Third Boss was able to call out their names; it seemed that he really had roots from the Feng Clan.

“The twelfth branch.” Feng Feiyun answered.

The sharp eyes of Third Boss suddenly flashed as he asked: “Who is your grandfather?”

“Feng Yizhi.” Feng Feiyun replied.


Third Boss immediately paused and carefully judged Feng Feiyun. His ancient eyes were filled with a complex light and his five fingers were quivering, but he didn’t say anything in the end and went back inside the tree.

What was wrong with this old guy!?

Feng Feiyun stood outside of the tree for a long time without seeing the old man coming out, so he shouted: “Hey, are you gonna let them go or not?”

“Even if I hand the two girls over to you, you still wouldn’t be able to save them.” The tree was silent for a moment, then Third Boss continued: “One person is sealed by the Ji Clan’s Eight Vein Dragon Lock, the other is frozen by Jade Cold Energy. And at best, she could only live for nine more days.”

Third Boss’ attitude was much better than before.

“They can’t die.” Feng Feiyun replied.

“Don’t tell me, ah? Are they your wives? If they are your wives, then this old man — on the contrary — could point a living path for you, and maybe you can save them.” Third Boss revealed a smile.

The Ji sisters saved his life before, and he absolutely could not watch them die like this. Feng Feiyun was quiet, then he spoke with a softer voice: “I beseech predecessor to point the way.”

In order to save his benefactors, Feng Feiyun could humbly ask for help. He didn’t feel that this was a shameful matter.

Third Boss smilingly said: “There are two methods for unsealing the Eight Vein Dragon Lock. The first is, of course, finding the Ji Clan’s ancestor and letting him personally unseal the lock.”

“These words are pointless!” Feng Feiyun was at a loss for words.

“Hehe, so you can only pick the second method. At Fire Beacon City, there is someone named Zuo Qianshou. This person is quite unbelievable; there is no lock in this world that he can’t open, no formation that he can’t unseal, and no talismans that he can’t dissipate. Even the ten Grand Heavenly Evil Sealing Formation of the Godly Capital’s Grand Prison was broken by him, allowing him to escape from inside. If you can get his help, then the Eight Vein Dragon Lock, to him, is just child’s play.”

Feng Feiyun asked again: “Then what do I have to do to break the Jade Cold Energy?”

“This… A person frozen should be dead without a doubt, let alone frozen by the Jade Cold Energy. However, this girl doesn’t seem like a human, so there is still some vitality in her body. If you want to break this layer of ice without hurting her life, only one type of flame would be able to do this.”

“What type of flame?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“Buddhist Karmic Flame! Karmic Flame is the most gentle flame in this world, and only the Karmic Flame would melt the Jade Cold Energy.” Third Boss answered.

Feng Feiyun wondered in his mind and immediately asked: “Why did you tell me all of this, we don’t seem to know each other?”

“If I were to tell you that I am your grandfather’s grandfather, would you believe me or not?” Third Boss smilingly said.

Feng Feiyun suddenly changed his expression and knew that this old man was making fun of him, so he replied coldly: “I’m your grandfather!”

Finished speaking, Feng Feiyun turned around and left.

If Third Boss told him so many things, then he naturally wouldn’t hurt or kill the Ji sisters. Thus, he temporarily didn’t need to worry about their lives. Even though he didn’t know why the old man was helping him, he was sure that this old man had something to do with the Feng Clan.

Nine days!

Time was really too pressing!

The Huang Feng Ridge was indeed a place of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. The three thousand bandits focused their power to activate the Underworld Jaw Grand Formation and unexpectedly forced back Sha Hangyun, a Giant level character. When Feng Feiyun came back from Third Boss’ place, the grand formation had sunken down to the ground and the battle was already over.

The sky became clear again with a bright moon hanging up.

Even though they forced Sha Hangyun back, the Huang Feng Ridge also suffered a debilitating blow. Many bandits were gravely injured and there were traces of fighting everywhere.

No one could sleep tonight out of fear that Sha Hangyun would come back one more time.

The next day at dawn. “Bang! Bang! Bang!”

“Daniu, open the door!” The baldy outside knocked heavily on the door.

Feng Feiyun had just put on his clothes to open the door with bleary eyes: “Wu Jiu, you couldn’t sleep?”

The baldy, Wu Jiu, carefully looked at Feng Feiyun and felt frustrated. He rubbed his bald head with his fingers and asked in astonishment: “Daniu, such a big event happened last night, yet you were still able to sleep?”

“Why wouldn’t I be able to?” Feng Feiyun asked.

“Your wife was taken by someone else, you don’t feel bad at all?” Wu Jiu inquired.

“She has already been taken away. At worst, I could just take someone else back today.” Feng Feiyun stretched his back while revealing a sleepy look.

Wu Jiu burst out in laughter: “Second Boss was worried that you wouldn’t be able to bear it and specifically told me to comfort you, but it seems like it was unnecessary.”

Truth be told, regarding Ji Cangyue, he had no emotional attachment, but he did have some physical connection to her. Feng Feiyun was a little worried that she was captured, but such a thing would be dealt with by the experts of the Ji Clan. Even if he wanted to do something about it, he was not a match for Sha Hangyun.

A Death Spirit Child’s status was very high at the Ji Clan, and they wouldn’t just sit by idly.

Feng Feiyun asked: “Then what are you doing here?”

Wu Jiu tapped his bald head and replied with a loud laugh: “Third Boss said that the battle last night greatly harmed the Underworld Jaw Grand Formation, and we need a huge amount of Spirit Stones to fix it. He ordered you to bring some other brothers down the mountain to buy some. He specifically wanted you to do it personally.”

“So it is like this ah!” Feng Feiyun’s sleepy face immediately disappeared, and he understood Third Boss’ intention. This was him creating an opportunity for Feng Feiyun to come down from the mountain and go to Fire Beacon City to find Zuo Qianshou and Buddhist Karmic Flame.

This was a hard to come by opportunity, so Feng Feiyun naturally had to utilize it.

After this news came out, there were suddenly a few thick-skinned people coming by and wanted to come as well.

“Daniu, when we were killing the Ji Clan’s brat, you agreed to invite me to Fire Beacon City to drink flower wine for three days.”

“Daniu, to be a kind and honest man, you need to be true to your words.”

“If we are going to go, we have to go to the Supreme Beauty Pavilion. This is the number one brothel of Fire Beacon City. I heard the rank six beauty of the Godly Jin Dynasty had performed at this place.”


These three guys were part of the people who killed Ji Fengleng, and they were all ferocious men. On the outside, they acted as if they wanted to help Feng Feiyun buy items but, in reality, they only wanted Feng Feiyun to invite them to the Supreme Beauty Pavilion for the flower wine.

Feng Feiyun really did say these words, so he couldn’t refuse at this moment. He had no choice but to bring the three of them, along with Wu Jiu, down from the Huang Feng Ridge towards the rumored most dangerous border city — Fire Beacon City.

“If we are going down to buy Spirit Stones, did you guys bring the funding?” Half of the way there, Feng Feiyun suddenly thought of this problem.

Wu Jiu was dumbfounded and asked: “We Huang Feng bandits buying Spirit Stones, do we still need money?”

“……” Feng Feiyun was speechless. That’s right! How could he forget this? Bandits only rob, since when do they pay with money?

It seems like the acquisition of Spirit Stones would not be so easy.

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