Chapter 123: Third Boss’ Stick

In the sky up above was a suppressive murderous intent. The layers of black clouds stacking on top of each other created an ominous mountain.

An enormous claw faintly loomed amidst the clouds, creating an impressive scene. The invincible gigantic aura encompassed the entire Huang Feng Ridge, stopping the fierce beasts from howling and the ferocious birds from screeching.

All of the bandits rushed out from being alarmed. Some were frightened by the scene in the sky while others’ expressions heavily sank.

“Someone is taking the peerless beauty away.” Feng Feiyun on top of the roof loudly shouted.


A wooden house’s door was knocked flying away. Second Boss, with the giant axe on his shoulder, flew out and loudly exclaimed: “Who? Who dares… Ohhhh…”

His voice suddenly halted as the pair of eyes as big as a bronze bell stared at the giant claw in the sky. It was only a glance, but it rendered him completely speechless.

Masters at Sha Hangyun’s level were extremely frightening and would absolutely be the type that stood at the highest peak of the cultivation world in the Godly Jin Dynasty. Even if the Huang Feng Ridge had some hidden supreme masters, they were still lacking quite a bit compared to Sha Hangyun.

“Hand over the other two women; otherwise, I will turn this place into a death zone in an instant.” Sha Hangyun’s voice ferociously descended down from above like a heavenly god’s decree.

The vicious bandits were intimidated by him, and no one dared to make a move. However, Feng Feiyun was fearless. Mao Wugui had said before that if the Ji sisters fell into his hands, death would be the sure outcome.

He would absolutely never allow that to happen.

“You dare to threaten my Huang Feng Bandit — courting death!” Feng Feiyun stomped on the roof and unleashed a large amount of spirit energy. His body pierced straight to the sky; he actually wanted to fight against Sha Hangyun.


All of the bandits were moved by Feng Feiyun’s courage that dared to fight against such a dangerous opponent. ‘This Feng Daniu guy is truly courageous and determined.’ However, this makes sense. Tonight was his turn to have a heavenly night with the supreme beauty, but at this moment, the supreme beauty was taken away by someone. Any man would angrily curse at someone’s mother.

Sha Hangyun’s power was truly too great. Even all of the bandits admired Feng Daniu’s courage, but they knew that it was only a moth flying into the fire. The opponent only needed to flick his finger to completely crush him.


Naturally, it was not outside of anyone’s expectations. The huge claw in the sky directly swatted Feng Daniu away like swatting away a fly.

“Daring to maneuver against me… This one claw is enough to kill you ten times over.” Sha Hangyun was very confident that his claw earlier was enough to smash a peak God Base cultivator into countless pieces of flesh, let alone a peak Immortal Foundation cultivator.

“Fuck! Don’t be boasting! Brothers, this guy doesn’t have any power and is only bluffing!” Feng Feiyun stood up on the ground and wiped away the mud all over his body. He accepted Sha Hangyun’s claw from before and remained uninjured.

The bandits rubbed their eyes a couple of times and then looked towards the giant claw in the sky. So it was only a bluff.

“Fuck, daring to come to our Huang Feng Ridge and acting arrogant. Brothers, open the Underworld Jaw Grand Formation, we will fuck him up!” Second Boss swung his giant axe around while standing on a huge boulder. Then he suddenly threw his axe outside and into a huge lake in the middle of the mountain range.


The giant axe fell into the water and immediately, there was a godly light that flew into the sky followed by waves and waves of brilliance that came from the eight peaks nearby, piercing the sky. The nine lights immediately covered the entire Huang Feng Ridge, condensing into a huge golden formation that hovered above.

The runic lines on the formations were very dense and covered a hundred mile radius. When such a large formation was active, it could attack and defend. Even if a heavenly army came, they would still be completely destroyed.

The bandits utilized the Underworld Jaw Grand Formation and began to fight against Sha Hangyun. The two fiercely exchanged blows, shattering the high mountains and caused half of the mountain range to collapse.

Finally forced these bandits to deal with Sha Hangyun!

Feng Feiyun took a deep breath with a strained expression. Even though Mao Wugui’s turtle shell blocked most of the power from Sha Hangyun’s claw, his blood was still churning from the force.

“Boy, you are truly a scam. I’m afraid these bandits are not a match for Sha Hangyun and many will die because of your trick.” Mao Wugui came out again and sat on Feng Feiyun’s shoulder. His big turtle eyes stared intensely at this battle and exposed a very humanized grin.

Feng Feiyun shook his head and replied: “You are underestimating these bandits too much. Just the person who set up this Underworld Jaw Grand Formation alone would not be much weaker than Sha Hangyun. Plus, the mysterious First Boss — from start to finish — hadn’t yet appeared. Maybe he is a person of the Giant level, a character powerful enough to deal with Sha Hangyun once he makes a move.”

Mao Wugui nodded his head. There were many strange revelations throughout this Huang Feng Ridge, and it was absolutely not a simple place. Many characters who were considered dead in the cultivation world were all hiding in this place. If these people actually made a move, then even if Sha Hangyun’s cultivation was heaven piercing, he still wouldn’t necessarily be able to ward off their siege.

“Come, time to save people!” Feng Feiyun rapidly sped down the steep cliff and jumped into a forest. He took advantage of the bandits having to deal with Sha Hangyun and ran to Third Boss’ door, wanting to take the Ji sisters away.

There was a hollow entrance beneath a robust willow tree; it was completely dark inside. Feng Feiyun saw Third Boss coming out of this entrance earlier during the day.

The Ji sisters were taken here to this Third Boss’ place!

Third Boss was a master of formations and talismans, and only he — out of the entire Huang Feng Ridge — could open the Eight Vein Dragon Lock on Ji Xiaonu’s body.

This willow tree had grown for countless years, and just a piece of exposed root alone had a one meter thick diameter.

Feng Feiyun did not hesitate and directly headed towards the large opening of the tree. He absolutely had to bring the Ji sisters out of the Huang Feng Ridge before the battle ends, so he had to be extremely fast.


The moment he rushed in front of the entrance, a powerful force pushed him back.

A stick protruded out of the entrance and pointed at Feng Feiyun’s chest to knock him back.

“Cough cough! Why so noisy at night, disturbing my sleep.” A hoarse and old cough came from the tree’s base as if he was talking in his sleep.

Feng Feiyun felt a dull ache in his chest as his eyes sank. He once again stepped forward with more caution. Step by step, he went forward without making the slightest sound.

“Xshh xshh!”

As the night wind blew by, a leaf fell from above.


When Feng Feiyun approached the tree again, another stick came out from inside. It was as fast as a black lightning and it was impossible to avoid. It once again pointed to Feng Feiyun’s chest and knocked him flying away.

This old man had an unfathomable cultivation!

Feng Feiyun knew that this Third Boss was an absolute monster, and he had been found as well.

“Third Boss, a supreme devil has come to trouble the Huang Feng Ridge. Second Boss told me to come ask for your help.” Feng Feiyun respectfully asked while standing beneath the willow tree.

There was no sound in the tree’s hollow. It was as if the old man had fallen asleep again and didn’t hear Feng Feiyun’s words.

Feng Feiyun asked again: “Third Boss…”

“So noisy ah! Boy, who are you?” An ancient voice came from the tree’s hollow again.

“Of course a renowned man of the Huang Feng Ridge, Feng Daniu.” Feng Feiyun replied.

“Your surname is Feng?” The old voice sounded slightly strange and suddenly said: “I’ll see what qualifications you have to bear the name, Feng.”

A stick flew out from the tree with an extremely slow speed. It was as if an invisible person was carrying the stick, coming from inside towards Feng Feiyun.

This scene was truly strange!


The stick swept across!

Feng Feiyun knew that this person was a supreme master so he didn’t dare to be careless. The blood within his body began to boil, and he channeled the maximum power to his hand to grab the stick.

A monstrous force came down and struck Feng Feiyun’s hand into a bloody pulp. The stick then swept across his body and — once again — knocked him flying away.

This Third Boss was very extraordinary and didn’t show up at all. He only had to throw a stick out to easily defeat Feng Feiyun.

If this old man really came out from the tree’s hollow, then he could really have the strength to fight Sha Hangyun.

Feng Feiyun’s fingers were still dripping golden blood, and his mood had sunken to the lowest point. Just a tiny Huang Feng Ridge yet it was hiding such a monster. Clearly, this master did not want others to find out his identity and cultivation.

And at this moment when this old man utilized such a powerful strength, it clearly meant that his identity was revealed. Then, he absolutely could not let Feng Feiyun leave this place alive.

A new force came out from the tree’s hollow and took a drop of Feng Feiyun’s blood on the ground back into the tree.

Why did he take Feng Feiyun’s drop of blood?!

“You are a disciple of the Feng Clan?” There was a hint of surprise in the voice within the tree: “Boy, you are a disciple of which Feng Clan’s generation?”

“I am not a disciple of the Feng Clan. I have zero relation with the Feng Clan.” Feng Feiyun wiped the blood on his fingers clean and began to channel all the spirit energy in his body to prepare for a fight to the death.

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