Chapter 121: Broken Tombstone, Death of a Master

The first rays of the morning sun had come down, and the sun was a crimson red like a vermilion dan.

In the mountains were many green towering pine trees. Layers upon layers of white mist cleansed the peaks. Within this ethereal charming scene, the rolling mountains were like an Immortal’s mountains floating above the clouds.


A loud explosion came from the distance, quaking and shattering the mist. A black energy elongated into the sky as the sounds of swords shrilled the high horizon.

The group of bandits was alerted and all of them stopped at the same time. They assumed that there was an ambush so they entered a state of combat.

“Second Boss, it seems that there is someone attacking people in our territory!” A thief smelled the air and could discern a faint scent of fresh blood.

“Go, go check it!” The bandits changed their course and headed towards the direction where the sounds of battle were coming from. They naturally wanted to go retake their stuff. Feng Feiyun was also curious. Outside of the Ji Clan people, there were other cultivating experts here in Wang Wu Mountain?

When they rushed to the place, they saw a tombstone towering at thirty meters below the mountain. There were cracks all over the tombstone that was filled with broken pieces. It seemed as if it could break apart at any moment.

There was a painting of an old man engraved on the tombstone. However, at this time, there were countless lines on the painting, and the drawing lines had become faint.

Once the tombstone broke, the old man’s painting would be crushed as well.

“Old Man Sun, where are you hiding the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record? If you don’t tell me, I will destroy your tombstone with one fist.” Ji Fengleng stepped on top of the tombstone majestically as he showed a murderous glare in his eyes.

He looked to be around his early twenties, but his cultivation was not ordinary. Like Ji Cangyue, he was also a Death Spirit Child that was trained by the Ji Clan, using a lot of resources. He could be considered a hero amongst the younger generation.

Old Man Sun was a supreme master, but his lifespan didn’t have much left as his spirit energy dissipated. Plus, his body was filled with unrecoverable wounds from the fight with Sha Hangyun. If this wasn’t the case, how could he be trampled on by a junior like Ji Fengleng?

A day like this would eventually happen to old people. When their prestige was no longer enough to protect themselves, they could eventually be killed by a junior. This was the sad fate of powerful fighters.

Old Man Sun naturally had his own pride — the pride of a master. He was camping on a spot amongst the tombstone as his old eyes stared towards the far direction, remembering his old glorious days as his gaze became fainter and fainter.

“Grandpa Sun, Grandpa…” From afar, Ji Xiaonu saw the sad and dreary look of Old Man Sun and she couldn’t help but have teardrops flow down her eyes as she shouted painfully: “Ji Fengleng, you who take advantage of another’s precarious position will not die a man’s death!”

Even though the girl was trapped in the iron cage, she didn’t care about the pain from the iron chains on her body and still cried out.

“Girl…” Old Man Sun turned his gaze towards the Ji sisters. One was imprisoned by the chains while the others was sealed in a layer of ice. His ancient gaze grew even dimmer as if it wanted to cry, but there were no teardrops coming out, “Grandpa… will not be able to protect you guys!”

His voice was a bit whimpering.

Old Man Sun secretly glanced at Ji Xinnu one last time. Not many people noticed this glance, but Feng Feiyun noticed it. A person near death looking at his loved ones was not something surprising, but why was he looking at Ji Xinnu instead of Ji Xiaonu?

Could it be that the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record was on Ji Xinnu’s body!? Feng Feiyun was a bit moved. The Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record was the pinnacle of sacred records, how could anyone not be interested?

“Since you don’t know right from wrong like this, I will now send you off on your journey.” Ji Fengleng threw a powerful fist into the tombstone, breaking it into pieces. The painting of the old man turned into ashes as well and disappeared in this world without leaving a trace.


Ji Fengleng’s cold eyes then turned over towards the Huang Feng bandits. His body directly turned into a black shadow and flew upward. When he appeared again, he was already standing in front of everyone.

He simply had a passing glance over Ji Cangyue, then he stared at the Ji sisters on top of the Scaled Tigers. Clearly, the Ji sisters — in his eyes — were much more important than Ji Cangyue.

“Boy, what are you looking at, your father is telling you that all the girls here belong to the Huang Feng Ridge. Look one more time and I will dig out your eyes.” Second Boss slammed down his giant axe and roared from his throat. The thunderous sound shook the leaves nearby, issuing many rustles.

“Huang Feng bandits! How interesting!” Ji Fengleng naturally didn’t care for these bandits. Who was he? He was a Ji Clan’s Death Spirit Child who had an extremely high status. Dealing with these people would be as easy as turning his palm.

“Ji Cangyue, fancy that you are a Death Spirit Child yet you were still captured by a small worthless group of bandits. And you even let the criminals of the clan get captured as well. What do you think will happen to you if the upper echelons heard about this?” Ji Fengleng, with his hands behind his back, coldly said with an arched chin. His pale white face looked at the sky and simply didn’t bother to look at these Huang Feng bandits.

There were competitions between the Death Spirit Children. Ji Cangyue had a high status within the Ji Clan, but now she fell into the hands of these bandits. To the upper echelons of the Ji Clan, this was definitely a bad piece of news because she was a woman after all.

Ji Cangyue didn’t say anything and closed her eyes.

“Hey, where did you come from. And you’re even calling us worthless bandits as if there are no one here, we are all great bandits.” The bald thief jumped out again. Earlier, this guy wanted to chop off Ji Cangyue’s fingers and were stopped by the other angry bandits. At this moment, his head still had two large purple bruises on his head.

This bald guy with a fierce stature was around forty years old. He held a grand sabre around three meters long and directly headed towards Ji Fengleng.

Feng Feiyun’s gaze focused on this bald fella and noticed something very interesting. Even though this bald fella appeared to be a little dumb, the bones in his body had turned into a pale gold that were almost ten times harder than steel.

Because Feng Feiyun cultivated the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze, he could see through others’ flesh and bones. Otherwise, no one could imagine such a silly bandit being capable of refining his body to such a high level.

“No matter whether you are a great bandit or a small bandit, you will be a dead man in my hands.” Many lights exuded from Ji Fengleng’s hand. He slapped out a fist and unleashed the power of four Qilins!

The four Qilins faintly appeared in his palm, reaching a force of 80,000 jin. Even though Ji Fengleng looked down on these bandits, he noticed the extraordinariness of this bald guy, so he did not hold back on this one fist.

“Boom!” The bald head threw his three meter long sabre into the ground and also unleashed a palm outward. This palm seemed very ordinary and was without any spirit energy added. However, once Ji Fengleng’s hand touched this palm, Ji Fengleng immediately felt that something was wrong.


Ji Fengleng’s front bone in his arm immediately broke and he retreated five steps back before stabilizing as his hand kept on shaking; blood drops were dripping down.

He looked at the baldy and saw that he was standing there as steady as Mt. Tai. He was like an immovable bronze bell!

“Haha! Boy, you can’t even block one blow. If I, Wu Jiu, used my full strength, then one blow would have been enough for your mother to not even recognize you.” The bald head laughed loudly and said.

All of the bandits burst out in laughter. It seemed that this boy was just a speartip made out of wax, even Wu Jiu could defeat him in one blow!

“How can this be…” Other people might not know Ji Fengleng’s power, but Ji Cangyue was very clear. He was absolutely a top fighter within the younger generation. Even an elder of the last generation was not his match.

No matter how powerful these bandits may be, they were just a bunch of unorganized scoundrels. How could they defeat a Death Spirit Child carefully trained by the Ji Clan?

If a Death Spirit Child really couldn’t handle one blow like this, then the Ji Clan shouldn’t be mixing in the cultivation world anymore. They definitely could not call themselves a top power within the Grand Southern Prefecture.

One could only say that there was a problem with this baldy, and that he was absolutely not just a simple bandit.

“Be quiet! These Huang Feng bandits are all ferocious villains from all over the Godly Jin Dynasty. To be able to reign over this Fire Beacon City, and even the Godly Martial Army could not destroy them, one could see a clue from that. These three thousand Huang Feng bandits have so many supreme experts hiding within. Maybe there are even some characters of the half-Giant level.” Feng Feiyun’s sight was better than Ji Cangyue. He saw through many people who were hiding their cultivation and real faces. However, within these bandits, there were people that his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze could not make heads or tails out of.

Ji Cangyue’s expression changed again as her black pupils began to move. If these bandits were as terrorizing as Feng Feiyun’s words, then how could they escape from their hands?

“Who the hell are you people?” Ji Fengleng also noticed that something was wrong.

“We are the ones feared by all, flowers could only wither at the sight of us. We are the number one bandits renowned throughout all of Fire Beacon City, the Huang Feng Bandit.” Second Boss arrogantly said with his cheeks puffed up and wide eyes along with his messy beard arched over his chest.

If the Huang Feng bandits really were the number one bandit group at Fire Beacon City, then there was no chance that Ji Fengleng had not heard of their great name. However, the reality was that the Second Boss was just boasting. Before now, Feng Feiyun and Ji Cangyue had never heard about the Huang Feng Bandit. Ji Fengleng naturally had never heard of them either.

However, even though their name was not well known, the cultivation of the baldy from earlier was as clear as day at this place. Even if Ji Fengleng was not convinced, he could only accept it.

“If you all are the number one bandits of Fire Beacon City, then sit there and wait to be suppressed by the Ji Clan’s masters!” Ji Fengleng knew that he was not an opponent for these mysterious bandits. Finished speaking, he directly flew upward and stomped onto a cliff to quickly escape.

“Motherfucker, that guy dared to threaten our Huang Feng army. Brothers, we cannot let that boy escape. Whoever kills him, your father will invite that person to Fire Beacon City to drink flower wine for three days.”

Feng Feiyun naturally didn’t want Ji Fengleng to escape and bring the supreme masters of the Ji Clan to this place. If that was the case, then the Ji sisters would really have no surviving path.

At this moment, the only thing he could do is to provoke these bandits into killing Ji Fengleng.

“Daniu, you need to be true to your words ah!”

“I heard that there is a Supreme Beauty Pavilion in Fire Beacon City; all the women there are motherfucking goddesses. Your father had wanted to go for a long time but the price is, unfortunately, really too high. Now, with someone paying, I only need to kill someone, then I can enjoy it for three days.”

“Count this Wang Meng in. Daniu, you are not allowed to renege!”

“I, Wu Jiu, as well!”

“How can such a good thing be without me!” Second Boss’ spirit was high as his messy beard went flying, he was the first one to rush outside. Even though he was carrying a giant axe that weighed ten thousand jin, his ability was very bullish. He stomped hard on the ground and directly jumped more than one hundred meters high.

It was just like a giant gorilla knowing how to fly!

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