Chapter 120: Passionate Confrontation

Taking advantage of someone in a difficult position to do this type of thing was something Feng Daniu couldn’t do personally. However, if he was forced to do it, then this was another matter.

A beauty on the ground at one’s mercy — this was a great fortune that was hard to meet in a thousand years!

If he spared this beauty, there wouldn’t be another beauty!

When Feng Daniu opened her first button, Ji Cangyue only had ashes in her mind. With Feng Daniu’s great perception, he naturally saw the subtle changes in her eyes and knew that she wanted to seek her end.

He quickly made a move and gripped her chin then clasped her cheeks, not allowing her to bite her tongue.

Even though she was a Death Spirit Child, her skin was smooth and sleek, inciting a passion of wanting more when being touched in others’ hands. Ji Cangyue’s eyes were full of despair. She struggled but couldn’t free her beautiful face from Feng Daniu’s grasp.

“You… let go of me!” As the two were struggling, the black cloth on Feng Daniu’s face suddenly slipped down, revealing a handsome young face with brows as sharp as a sword with a godly complexion. Both of them were slightly taken back as their four eyes met each other in a daze.

“You are…” Ji Cangyue noticed the familiar appearance and immediately recalled. Wasn’t this that Feng Ergou who was sneaking sex in the woodshed?

Feng Feiyun’s face, at that moment, was covered with dust and his hair was disheveled like a beggar. However, at this moment, even though his clothing was still ragged, his face was very clean and was countless times more handsome than before. It is no wonder why Ji Cangyue was lost for a long time before being able to recognize him.

‘It is over, Ji Cangyue must have guessed my identity right now. After all, I said that she was a bandit from the Huang Feng Ridge. Then, clearly, Feng Ergou was not a real Huang Feng bandit either.’

Ji Cangyue was very perceptive and immediately understood after Feng Feiyun revealed his face. She slightly glanced towards Ji Xiaonu in the iron cage. So Feng Ergou was not a bandit and only pretended to be one for the rescue.

After understanding the intricacies between everything and catching Feng Ergou’s weakness, Ji Cangyue’s heart was suddenly revived and was no longer so afraid like earlier. Her lips then curled into a charming smile.

Even though the two didn’t say anything, they had an exchange through their eyes. If Feng Feiyun dared to touch her, then she would reveal his identity.

“Feng Ergou, you need to protect me or I will make it so that both of us will die together!” Even though these words never came out, her cold-as-ice smile on her face clearly sent this message out.

At this moment, Feng Feiyun was riding a tiger and couldn’t get down. His hand was still on her body. He suddenly bent his head down and touched her white ears with his lips as he whispered: “What on hell do you want?”

This action was very intimate. From the eyes of the bandits behind them, it seemed like Feng Feiyun was kissing her face.

“Feng Ergou, these bandits are extremely heinous. If they rape me, then your little lover over there also wouldn’t be able to escape from their claws.” Ji Cangyue’s mouth was tightly pinched by Feng Feiyun because of the fear that she would be spouting unfavorable words, but her faint laughter made Feng Feiyun want to strip her naked and immediately take her on the spot.

He hated being threatened by a woman the most!

Feng Feiyun slightly lifted his head and smelled the sweet fragrance on her face as he coldly gazed at her pair of smiling eyes. The two were very close and could even hear each other’s breathing.

Ji Cangyue seemed to understand Feng Feiyun’s goal, so even though she was completely controlled by Feng Feiyun and even her blouse had two opened buttons, she was still confident that Feng Feiyun would absolutely not touch her and would do his best to protect her.

Her eyes were filled with a complacent smile!

‘This is too outrageous, smiling comfortably like this!’ Feng Feiyun angrily stared at her, then he suddenly kissed her lips. It was a powerful kiss as their two lips tightly intertwined. The smiles in Ji Cangyue’s eyes immediately disappeared. Her entire soft body became tight as she felt Feng Feiyun’s lips, causing her red lips to change its shape. His tongue began to slip through her defenses and quietly began to entangle with her sweet tongue.

It was like a poisonous snake sneaking into a virgin’s chamber!

This bastard actually dared to kiss me!

She really wanted to bite off Feng Feiyun’s nasty tongue, but her jaw was held tightly by him so she couldn’t move her teeth. She could only watch Feng Feiyun and allow his tongue to invade her.

Ji Cangyue spitefully thought that this scoundrel was absolutely a veteran in her mind. She felt her tongue being toyed with by Feng Feiyun with no power to fight back. She almost fainted from the suppression of his kiss.

No joke, if threatened by someone, if one doesn’t earn a little something back, then wouldn’t it be such a shame? Feng Feiyun did not hold back and placed his one hand on her soft cheek while his other hand explored inside her dress.

“Ah!” After feeling her chest, Ji Cangyue’s desperate and empty eyes that were cold from Feng Feiyun’s grab suddenly opened and her five fingers tightly held Feng Feiyun’s invading hand.

Seeing her murderous cold eyes, Feng Feiyun didn’t continue any longer. He knew that if he kept on going, then she would bring him down with her.

After mercilessly pinching her white little rabbit, he withdrew his hand from her dress. His hand picked up the sweet jade smell from her body, and his other hand also let go of her body as his tongue exited her mouth. Finally, he kissed her smooth cheek before letting her go entirely.

‘So what if you are a Death Spirit Child, if your father wants to kiss, then I’ll kiss!’

Feng Feiyun touched his slightly itching lips while laughing at Ji Cangyue. There was a bite mark on Ji Cangyue’s sexy lips, caused by her shining white teeth. One could only imagine how much hatred was in her heart at this moment. If her cultivation recovered, then she would definitely desperately fight Feng Feiyun till the very end.

A woman’s eyes were the most deadly, especially when, the more beautiful she was, the deadlier she would be.

“Hey! Daniu, you should be eating her when you are on top ah! Why did you only squeeze twice then be done?” A person in the back urged and couldn’t wait any longer.

Feng Feiyun put away the smile on his face and said with a bit of a silly expression: “I think… That no one can hold back against this woman — she’s absolutely the best in this world. However, we have three thousand brothers, and there are only three hundred of us here. Even though we might like it, but isn’t this a little bit unfair to the brothers who are not here?”

“What do you mean?” The Second Boss was, of course, someone who cared for comradery. After hearing Feng Feiyun’s words, he suddenly understood.

A good thing should — of course — be shared with everyone!

“Bring her back to the Huang Feng Ridge. Wait until when all of the masters come, then we will spend the night with her every night, haha!” Feng Feiyun burst out in laughter. Such a proposal was only meant to buy more time.

As long as he and Ji Cangyue’s cultivation recovered, it would then be enough to kill half of these Huang Feng bandits.

“Bah… Hmph! Ivory would never come out of a dog’s mouth!” Ji Cangyue stared at Feng Feiyun with resentment. The mouth of this bastard was truly even more cheap than the Huang Feng bandits’. One day, I will cut off his tongue.

But after having thought of Feng Feiyun’s tongue, she thought about the scene from earlier and her pale face immediately blushed as her hatred became stronger.

Although everyone felt disappointed as they stared at Ji Cangyue and felt the evil fire burning in their bodies, “Daniu” made a lot of sense. He was truly a good brother who values loyalty.

As a result, the group of bandits took the Scaled Tiger towards the Huang Feng Ridge. On the Scaled Tiger’s back were, of course, the two Ji Sisters. One was trapped in an iron cage surrounded by iron chains and talismans while the other was frozen. Even though the bandits were clearly interested, they couldn’t get to the two girls. In the end, they could only bring them back to the Huang Feng Ridge.

There was a rumor that the Huang Feng Ridge had an expert with a deep understanding of talismans. Maybe he could let the girl trapped in the iron cage out. This girl was also one of the finest grade beauties in this world, so everyone was filled with anticipation.

As for our cold beauty, Ji Cangyue, she was naturally carried by Feng Daniu. One hand was holding her waist while the other was around her slender legs — truly so enviable.

“Big Brother Daniu, are you tired? I can help you carry her so you can get some rest?” A person volunteered.

“No need, no need, I’m not tired.” Feng Feiyun’s spirit energy was heavily consumed and had not recovered, so how could he not be tired? At this moment, he was drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. But he didn’t dare to hand Ji Cangyue over to these bandits.

Just her sharp eyes from the cold beauty alone was enough for Feng Feiyun to be frightened. It seemed to be saying that if you dare to hand me over to these bastards, we will perish together.

Ji Cangyue also had no other choice ah! Even though this bastard Feng Feiyun was not a good person, and he was even a perverted wastrel, but in the end, I was only taken advantage of by him for now. Being taken advantage of by one person was still better than being touched by many people. Plus, even though this bastard was a bit shameless, at least his figure resembled a human and was a lot better looking than those bandits.

These were the thoughts of an inexperienced woman. Of course, it was the complete opposite for men. If there were beauties wanting to ride them, then they wouldn’t want just one. Oh please, great lord, the more the better ah!

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