Chapter 119: Bandits and Beauty

Feng Daniu secretly complained in his mind that his unintentional arrow, the “Cloud Piercing Arrow,” actually attracted an army!

Feng Daniu didn’t know that Ji Cangyue was even more anxious. Her cold eyes glared at Feng Daniu as she didn’t expect that he was actually a Huang Feng bandit. At this moment, she was so heavily wounded, what could she do in this situation?

This group of Huang Feng bandits were not moral people. As their debaucherous words approached closer, Ji Cangyue’s mood sank to the bottom.

“It is over, the Huang Feng bandits actually came here!” Ji Xiaonu, trapped in the iron cage at this moment, was also pale. She recalled the descriptions of these Huang Feng bandits, and they could simply be described as full of heinous crimes. If captured by them, then this would be even worse than being sold into a brothel.

“Second Boss, there is really a beauty, this time we made it big!”

“Oh heavens! I haven’t seen a woman for half a year. You all get the hell out, I want to see what she looks like.”


The group of bandits all flocked forward wearing all sorts of clothing, and the weapons in their hands were also different. However, their abilities were not ordinary, not as trivial as it was stated in the rumors.

More than three hundred bandits all had spirit energy surrounding them. There were a few that had a godly light in their dantian; their majestic auras reached the God Base realm.

These bandits were all vicious and came from everywhere in the world. They were guilty of huge crimes so they had to escape to this dangerous border in order to avoid their enemies.

Amongst them were those whose hands were tainted with the blood of more than one hundred victims. Some destroyed an immortal gate or sect, and others unintentionally killed descendants of a grand clan. Then there were a few who raped the noble daughters of prestigious families in the Godly Capital… Even within these degenerates, some chose to hide their identities along with their cultivation. There were even those who hid their faces because their enemies were truly terrifying!



“Oh heavens, a goddess!”

All the thieves were amazed with their eyes wide open. One of them was petrified while a few had their jaws drop to the ground, and one even had saliva wetting his shoes.

They seemed like they had just been released from the Godly Capital Prison, and their hot gazes were all over Jing Cangyue.

Ji Cangyue was indeed a rare beauty, but she was also a cold beauty with an arrogant temperament, lacking human emotions. But because of this, the bandits became even more excited. All of them were rubbing their hands together, eager to give it a try.

“Second Boss, look at that tender face ah! I really want to lick it once!”

“You need to grow up!” A person with a messy beard and disheveled hair shouted, causing this bandit to unwillingly step back.

This was the Second Boss with a short but sturdy stature. He had a round face with really big ears. His hair and beard covered his entire face. Strangers would actually think that he was a gorilla.

“Second Boss, look at those fine legs — so straight, so white. I really want to give it a go at licking them!” A person was on their knees as their saliva started to drip.

“You are even more unpromising.” The large axe on Second Boss’s shoulder swung and immediately knocked him flying outside.

The axe in Second Boss’s hand was around the size of a large millstone, and the axe’s blade was around three (Chinese) meters long. The axe’s head was even larger than his body. If it wasn’t ten thousand jin, then it would still be several thousand jin. However, it was whirling in his hand in a very flexible and smooth manner.

He once again propped it on his shoulder as he rubbed his black beard, that seemed to be a grass bush beneath his chin and smiled: “Brothers, you all should look at her beautiful fingers ah. Slender and long, and so white. A quick glance is enough to see how soft they are. It would be so nice if I could lick them once.”

“Second Boss, you are the one that is even less promising!” All of the bandits were thinking this, but they didn’t dare to say it out loud.

“Second Boss is very right. I, Wu Jiu, will chop off her fingers then give it to Boss.” A bald muscular man came out with a crimson grand sabre; he wanted to cut Ji Cangyue’s fingers off without any hesitation.

This guy must have a simple-minded brain, or he did not know how to use his eyes as well as not having the slightest bit of mercy for the fairer sex!

Of course, this bald head couldn’t chop off Ji Cangyue’s fingers. Once his grand sabre was raised, the group quickly pulled him back into the crowd and crazily gave him a beating.

Ji Cangyue was angered to the point where her breasts kept on undulating up and down. She couldn’t believe that she was being judged by a group of bandits. Plus, some of them really didn’t have any class and spoke such unbearable language. Some of them suggested that they should take turns having sex with her — starting tonight — back at the headquarter while some wanted to eat her right here on the spot.

If it wasn’t for her being unable to condense her spirit energy inside her dantian at this moment, she really wanted to mince the ones who just spoke into chopped meat.

“Brothers, calm down, calm down, this icy beauty will absolutely not get away. As for the order, didn’t we already decided before? Cough cough, I already called second.” The Second Boss embarrassedly coughed and looked around as he asked: “Which brother found this supreme beauty and shot out the Cloud Piercing Arrow?”

“Me!” Feng Daniu cried out and strugglingly ran forward.

After a period of time just now, Feng Daniu’s dantian had recovered part of his spirit energy and he could walk again.

Feng Daniu ran over and glanced at Ji Cangyue, then he loudly laughed and said: “Second Boss, it was me, Feng Daniu!”

“You are…?” The Second Boss clearly had never heard of this name, Feng Daniu. No joke, there were more than three thousand bandits at the Huang Feng Ridge. Plus, there were new people joining every day; how could Second Boss know each and every single one? But at this moment, how could he say that he doesn’t recognize him? Wouldn’t that be too embarrassing ah!?

“Oh so it is Feng Daniu ah! This time you really had a huge contribution, I did not misjudge you. You are indeed a good seed!” Second Boss exposed his big yellow teeth and fiercely slapped Feng Daniu’s shoulders as if they were really familiar.

“Daniu so awesome! Able to capture such a supreme beauty, you’re even more amazing than seizing 100,000 gold coins!”

“Big Brother Daniu! I truly respect your character. Capturing such a peerless beauty, yet you didn’t eat her by yourself and even wanted to share with brothers. I, Huang the Third, respect your attitude!”

“Daniu not saying anything, such a nice guy! If anything happens later, this big brother will protect you! This… I am the third person in line, okay!?”


No one originally recognized Feng Daniu but, in a flash, it seemed like everyone knew him. Moreover, it seemed like their relationships were also very good. Even Feng Daniu was surprised at this outcome.

Second Boss tapped Feng Daniu’s shoulder and earnestly said: “Dainiu, you captured her. The first shot will definitely be yours. Our three thousand brothers are all martial children with powerful energy. We will be waiting in line behind, but you shouldn’t let us wait too long ah, us brothers will be hungry from just watching ah!”

Second Boss took two steps back and pushed Feng Daniu forward. And the bandits behind him also pushed and pulled each other to form a line. A long line of more than three hundred people suddenly became more than one hundred meters long.

The bandits were not moral people, but they knew principles and rules.

This scene was really spectacular. Not to mention a woman, even a mother elephant would be frightened into a coma.

Feng Daniu’s mind, at this moment, was circling around. He turned his head and asked: “Right here?”

“Of course! Daniu, be fast ah!” The Huang Feng bandits in the back quickly answered, especially the ones near the front of the line, they exclaimed even louder.

Feng Daniu stared at Ji Cangyue and noticed that this Death Spirit Child trained by the Ji Clan — at this moment — no longer maintained her calm and cold demeanor; it was filled with horror instead. Feng Daniu had met her several times, but this was his first time seeing her so miserable.

A Death Spirit Child had such great willpower, but before the line formed by three hundred people in front, she also became extremely fragile.

Feng Daniu certainly was not a nice person. If a beauty of Ji Cangyue’s level truly wanted to warm his bed, then he naturally would not decline. But doing the business in front of so many people like this with her… Fuck, he really couldn’t do it.

However, the people in the line couldn’t wait any longer and some started to urge him: “Dainiu, don’t tell me your body has issues? If your body has problems, don’t be so reluctant, we will not laugh at you.”

“Right, right. Daniu, if your body actually has problems, then I’m willing to pay one hundred gold coins to trade places with you.”

“One hundred gold coins is so cheap, I will give three hundred gold coins!”


“Don’t be so noisy, fuck your mother, your body is the thing with the problems. Your father is really very fierce with the Unbreakable Diamond Physique.” Feng Daniu suddenly walked forward in front of Ji Cangyue and explored inside her dress collar with his hand.

At this moment, when he was forced into a dead end, in the end, he didn’t really know Ji Cangyue. Might as well do it, and there wouldn’t be any psychological shadows about this either. If he didn’t climb on top of her, then the hungry wolves in the back will definitely rush forward to replace him.

“You… What do you want to do?” Ji Cangyue had long been horrified. When Feng Feiyun’s hand reached into her dress, it caused her body to violently shiver and her legs became weak, falling directly onto the ground.

“Wow! Daniu is really good, the beauty lied down just for you! Haha!”

“Daniu! Do it, aim straight for the Yellow Dragon!”


The bandits behind began to clamor rowdily!

Ji Cangyue’s black hair scattered downward like a blue waterfall pouring down, causing her white jade body to become even more alluring. Her pair of cold eyes were like the glaciers, like a spring filled with clear teardrops. Her slender and soft body seemed to be even more charming while it fell onto the ground.

An emotionless Death Spirit Child at this moment was as delicate as a newborn lamb!

Feng Daniu really couldn’t stand the cries of the bandits back there. He squatted down and once again reached inside Ji Cangyue’s dress sleeves with his fingers to begin to open the first button. Her chest slightly dispersed, revealing her snow white breasts below the neck.

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