Chapter 118: Huang Feng Bandits Actually Came

With a cultivation that surpassed the ancients and dazzling contemporaries, Feng Daniu was indeed worthy of being the head scout of the Huang Feng Ridge. Just a few moves were enough to defeat three Death Generals from the Ji Clan, two were dead and one was seriously injured. If this battle record were to be spread outside, the three words, Feng Daniu, would echo throughout the younger generation of the Grand Southern Prefecture.

The Unbreakable Diamond Physique made Ji Xiaonu grin without being able to close her mouth. This Huang Feng bandit was actually so powerful like this.

Even though Ji Cangyue was a bit surprised, she essentially didn’t believe that Feng Daniu was a bandit, and she definitely did not believe that he actually had the Unbreakable Diamond Physique. His chest was slightly protruding so, clearly, it was hiding something inside.

The two Death Generals’ claw and sword were unable to break his chest open.

If one wanted to kill, one must go around his chest.

At the moment, only Ji Cangyue was facing Feng Daniu. The Ji Clan’s cultivators were almost completely annihilated; the opponent clearly came prepared. She slowly raised the bagua compass on her body and let it suspend on top of her palm.

It was right before dawn and some rays of light were illuminating from the far mountain tops.

Today, the first sunlight shone down onto the cliffs, reflecting a warm brilliance.

Feng Daniu also had an unprecedented austere look like never before. Ji Cangyue, in the end, was one of the few Death Spirit Children trained by the Ji Clan, and she was a heaven-defying genius. Even though she was only of the intermediate God Base realm, her power greatly exceeded this stage and she could even kill a cultivator of the peak God Base realm.

In a real desperate battle to the end, Feng Daniu knew that he was more likely to lose than win. However, the so-called matter of success depends on the individual; even if he would die beneath her sword, he must still fight.


Ji Cangyue took the lead as she gently took a step forward, becoming a black shadow. This speed was unbelievably fast. Compared to Feng Daniu, who was always confident in his speed, she was more than double the swiftness.


Even though she swiftly rushed forward, her sleeves never fluttered and her bagua compass — from her hand — was like a steel seal and came suppressing downward. The compass absorbed countless amounts of power from the stars and now, it completely erupted furiously on top of Feng Daniu’s head, overshadowing even the moon and the sun.

Feng Daniu knew that he could not avoid the blow, and he absolutely shouldn’t block his blow. He fiercely stomped on the ground, smashing the rock and soil, as his entire body sank into the earth.


The bagua compass missed and created a five meter deep crater on the ground.

Ji Cangyue’s reaction speed was extremely fast. After the bagua compass missed, she did not recover it. She immediately reached out for a black battle sword from her back and thrust a black serpent blow towards her back.

It was as if she had eyes on her back. Feng Daniu only just crawled out from the ground yet her sword light already stabbed towards his chest area.


Feng Daniu loudly gasped in his mind. If he did not have a turtle that lived for several thousand years hiding in his chest, whose shell was even harder than a Spirit Treasure, that one sword from earlier would have been enough to take his life.

Ji Cangyue was indeed a Death Spirit Child. No matter whether it was her reaction speed, intelligence, or natural talents, they were all the best. One had to be careful and even more careful when facing her. Otherwise, it was very likely to die in her hands.

“Unbreakable Diamond Physique — it is not at all easy to break.” Even though his body was drenched in cold sweat, he still broke out in laughter. Then suddenly, with extreme speed, he unleashed a palm on top of the black battle sword.

His palm carried the power of four Qilins — equivalent to 80,000 jin.

Although this palm seal was both fast and ruthless, Ji Cangyue was even faster. The second sword was already unsheathed with a chilling-to-the-bone aura, causing Feng Daniu to shiver.

The second sword was even sharper and directly went between the gaps of Feng Daniu’s palm seal; it almost pierced through his palm.

Even so, Feng Daniu’s fingers were still bleeding after being cut by her sword energy.

A Death Spirit Child was truly not a joke. Unless he broke through to the early God Base realm, he was essentially not her opponent. Feng Daniu took nine steps back to leave her sword aura radius. And at this time, his entire arm was frozen by her chilling sword aura, creating a thick layer of ice on top.

“Little Sister, good swordsmanship!” Feng Daniu shattered the layer of ice on top of his arm, but the chilling energy had already invaded his body, causing his face to turn pale. If he was not wearing a black cloth over his face, then, at this second, Ji Cangyue would have noticed something.

“Are you not an Unbreakable Diamond Physique ah? Why was it so easily broken by me, and why are you shedding so much blood like this?” Ji Cangyue raised her black battle sword horizontally in front of her; there were drops of blood still stuck on the sword.

“Haha, I also want to pierce through you, so you would also drip this much blood.” Feng Daniu insidiously laughed.

Ji Cangyue’s expression sank. She directly released the bagua compass outside while, at the same time, she activated her two battle swords, causing them to emit an increasingly colder aura, lowering the surrounding temperature rapidly.

This was her being emotionally stirred for real. Feng Daniu’s lowly mouth had completely irritated her.

Feng Daniu had achieved his goal. As long as she was angry, there was an opportunity for him to utilize.

The Godly Light inside his dantian began to move. The Dragon Horse Mountain and River Diagram rushed out from his body and flew on top of his head, then it completely showed its figure.

Suddenly, Feng Daniu’s presence underwent an enormous change. He stood up straight and his energy also became extremely sharp as the Infinite Spirit Ring on his finger began to rapidly rotate.

Win or lose will be up to this one move!

He activated the Spirit Treasure’s formation and awareness to unleash the true power of the Spirit Treasure; he wanted to kill Ji Cangyue with one blow. Because of the current spirit energy in his body, he only had the strength for just one move.

“What‘s going on, why did my heart just violently jump?” Although Ji Cangyue had all the advantages, she still felt a dangerous sensation.


The Infinite Spirit Ring flew out from Feng Daniu’s thumb, and the six ancient paints on its surface fully expanded as a crimson dragon issued a deep dragon roar.

The bagua compass was instantly crushed and the two battle swords were broken at the same time. These top magical treasures seemed to have been made out of paper and were easily broken.


The Infinite Spirit Ring directly struck Ji Cangyue’s right shoulder and tore up a part of the black dress as it broke her collarbone, knocking her flying away for more than ten zhang. Blood started spattering from the air all over the ground.

Ji Cangyue’s right shoulder was heavily injured and a large amount of blood was flowing out, dyeing her black outfit. The spirit energy in her body was running amok from the force as the spirit blow from earlier almost struck her dantian as well.

She had never been wounded so gravely like this before. Her meridians had been severed in three places, and her right hand could not be lifted.

“Still… Still not dead!” Feng Daniu was also not in a good state at this second. The spirit energy in his dantian was ninety-nine percent gone. On top of that, he also suffered some minor injuries from earlier, and at this second, he was struggling to stand still.

He originally thought that this one blow would be enough to kill Ji Cangyue, but her cultivation was even higher than his imagination, and it was only enough to seriously injure her. If she could recover faster than him, then he could only await his death.

Feng Daniu and Ji Cangyue were both people with great intelligence, and they both saw the unstable condition of the other, so they began to channel their spirit energy rapidly without moving. At this moment, whoever recovered their power first would be the final winner.

An unknown amount of time passed by and there were suddenly loud sounds of footsteps from the forest. A lot of people were running to this place. Some were leaping from tree to tree while others treaded rapidly on the ground.

Feng Daniu and Ji Cangyue changed their expressions and opened their eyes at the same time. Why were these men coming here at this time — really not the right time!

“What happened here to make someone actually fire a Cloud Piercing Arrow, could it be a big fat sheep?”

“One arrow piercing the clouds, bringing about the reunion of our great army! Our three thousand bandits of the Huang Feng Ridge are of one heart; one of our own in trouble, four directions will come to assist. This battle is not only to show them our style, but also our integrity. Brothers, do you all hear me clearly?”

“Hehe! Maybe it is not a big fat sheep, but a brother found a supreme beauty and signaled to share with all of our brothers.”

“If that is the truth, then that brother is too good-natured. I, Old Huang the Third, had not touched women for half a year.”

“Even if we want some meat, we have to let the brother who found the beauty to eat first. This is a matter of principle. Hehe, I will be second!”

“I am third!”

“I’m fourth!”

From the dense forest came a group of bandits. Each of them had great movements with weapons in their hand as they quickly surrounded this location. Who would have thought that the real Huang Feng Ridge bandits actually came with high spirits and unending obscene laughter!

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