Chapter 117: Unbreakable Diamond Physique

The Huang Feng bandit was actually so powerful. He’s only a scout leader yet was able to defeat a Death General with one fist, smashing his body armor into pieces.

Ji Cangyue suddenly stood up and looked towards Feng Daniu with the two black steel swords on her back, revealing flashing lights.

Ji Xiaonu, who was locked in the iron cage, was also shocked. Even though she had heard that the Huang Feng bandits were terrifying, she didn’t actually think that it was a matter worth minding. But today, after witnessing this, it completely changed her imagination. Too powerful — he could even possibly fight against Ji Cangyue.

However, some others didn’t think so. In the end, they were just a group of bandits. No matter how strong they were, there was a limit. Naturally, the Death General only lost to one fist because he was underestimating the enemy.

If it was a real battle, then this bandit certainly was not a match for a Death General.

The two remaining Death Generals and Ji Cangyue slowly came forward with careful eyes and formed a semicircle entrapment as their battle energy channeled. They didn’t want to repeat the same mistake as the Death General from earlier.

“You all… What are all of you wanting to do! Bullying one person with many?” Feng Daniu slightly took two steps back, then he suddenly arched forward and said: “Our Huang Feng Ridge bandits number three thousand, and each of us are heroes in contemporary time. If you want to try against many people, then we will fight to the very end.”

Feng Daniu was standing next to the tree trunk that was as big as a bowl’s mouth. He brought this tree trunk himself so, naturally, there was a use.

From his finger came a strand of spirit energy, and it slowly ignited into a group of Dark Origin Flame. He lighted it on top of the tree trunk and it immediately began to crackle with burning flames.

“One arrow piercing the clouds, bringing about the reunion of our great army!”


This tree trunk carried along the flames and turned into a fiery shuttle flying straight into the sky, cutting through the darkness of dawn while soaring into the clouds.

This Huang Feng bandit sent a signal, was this to inform his followers?

The two Death Generals looked at each other. They naturally stopped and stared at the far direction. However, there was essentially no “great army” appearing and instead, there was a swarm of crows flushed by the commotion from the bushes.

“Haha! Just a bluff!” Ji Cangyue coldly laughed: “It would be a strange matter if you were really a Huang Feng bandit. Boy, who the hell are you pretending to be gods and devils, take off your black cloth that’s hiding your face for me.”

Ji Cangyue’s mind was superhuman, and she had began to wonder about the identity of this Feng Daniu appearing in the middle of the road.

“You all.. You all don’t need to worry, my people will quickly come here.” Feng Daniu naturally would not take down the black veil on his face. If his face was exposed, then it would not be different from provoking the Ji Clan, and it would lead to being pursued by Ji Clan experts. He naturally wouldn’t do such an idiotic thing that only a fool would do.

Of course he was not a real Huang Feng bandit. Ji Cangyue — he was only bluffing, but unfortunately, she guessed correctly.

“Hmph, I’ve come for your life.”

A Death General leapt out. With the lesson learned from the Death General before, this time, he was a lot more careful. His body’s spirit energy completely turned into a black mist and covered the armor on his body.

Even though he was dressed in an armor that weighed several hundred jin, his speed was not slow at all and his movement was quite swift.

Five fingers wrapped in armor layers formed a claw that carried the image of a Black Hawk, resulting in an extremely sharp palm seal with a cold pressing aura.

This was a killing Spirit Technique named “Godly Hawk Manifestation”. Once cultivated to the top level, one could even turn themselves into a Godly Hawk with the same battle power as a thousand year old Spirit Beast.

The Death General was indeed an elite trained by the Ji Clan and was not someone easy to defeat. Even though his cultivation was only of the early God Base, he could easily surpass one level to fight against intermediate God Base cultivators.

Feng Daniu’s body sank as he stomped with both feet and his speed became extremely fast!


In just a flash, he was standing next to this Death General and a powerful force was born on his hand that directly grabbed towards the helm on top of the Death General’s head.

The power of this palm was not trivial, and one could faintly see the shadows of four Qilins appearing in his palm.

The power of four Qilins was equivalent to a force of 80,000 jin!

“Not bad, Brat, such powerful strength.” The second Death General was already waiting on one side. He saw that Feng Daniu not only had faster speed, but an even more frightening strength, so he also quickly made a move.

A one meter long greatsword rushed forward and aimed for Feng Daniu’s arm.


Feng Daniu immediately moved his arm back and directly unleashed four Qilins, knocking this greatsword — along with the Death General — continuously backward until he could not stand still.

“Haha! It turns out that the Ji Clan Death Generals can’t even handle one blow like this, and they are unable to subdue a Huang Feng bandit.” Even though Ji Xiaonu was chained up by the iron chains with wounds all over her body, she was still smiling happily. Finally, she found a chance to attack the Ji Clan.

This Feng Daniu was not simple, and his battle power was even greater than the Death Generals!

The expressions of the two Death Generals and Ji Cangyue, at this moment, became colder!

“Feng Daniu, I heard that the bandits of your Huang Feng Ridge are only interested in two things. One was women, the other was wealth. The woman before you is a first class grand beauty; if you can capture her to be your lady, then many people will be so envious of you till death.” Ji Xiaonu, standing to the side, added oil to the fire and wanted to maneuver Feng Daniu to deal with Ji Cangyue’s group.

Feng Daniu’s cultivation was indeed very high and was definitely not a scout leader of the Huang Feng Ridge. He could even be one of its bandit leaders.

The bandit leader of this place even kidnapped female disciples of the Three Mysterious Gate, so it would not be strange if they had a God Base cultivation.

Feng Daniu coughed twice and spoke with a lost expression: “Little Sister, are you not a woman as well? If I can rob, then it would be the both of you. One as the big wife and the other as the little wife, isn’t this even better?”

Ji Xiaonu’s expression immediately froze. She was no longer laughing anymore.

Ji Cangyue, on the other hand, seemed to become even more icy. She couldn’t believe that there was someone daring to mess with the Ji Clan’s Death Spirit Child — this was truly courting death.

The two Death Generals implicitly understood from seeing the killing intent in Ji Cangyue’s eyes. The two were no longer hesitating as they both rushed forward. One person was using the hawk claw while the other was armed with a battle sword.

Feng Daniu was no longer all smiles, he became serious like never before. Two Death Generals fighting together — this was not a joke. If he wasn’t careful, then maybe he would have to leave his life behind at this place.

“It seems that I, Feng Daniu, cannot hide my true ability, Unbreakable Diamond Physique!” Feng Feiyun let out a loud roar and spat out a mouthful of air. His two legs bent, creating a horse stance firmly on the ground, and he ignored the Death General’s claw that attacked his chest.


The Godly Hawk Manifestation was truly powerful, but after attacking Feng Daniu’s chest, a loud clanking sound was emitted. Not only did the claw not pierce Feng Daniu’s chest, but his five fingers were completely broken and countless amounts of flesh and blood spewed out from his fingers.

How could anyone in this world cultivate their body to such a demonic level?

Could this truly be the Unbreakable Diamond Physique? This was a realm that even Giants would not necessarily be able to reach.


Feng Daniu naturally would not give him a period of respite, so his palm —once again — unleashed four Qilins to the top of the Death General’s head, and he directly smashed his body shielded by the armor, bursting into soft fleshy paste.

“Clang Clang!”

The black armor kneeled to the ground before falling down completely. Blood flowed continuously from the gaps of the armor, painting the ground red.

A Death General had turned into a dead man!


The battle sword of the second Death General slashed forward with its edge condensing into a black fog. The sharp sword energy flew through the air, causing the trees nearby to be twisted into powder.

This sword energy was truly at a superb realm, it was cutting through steel like mud.


Feng Daniu, once again, arched his chest. The foot wide greatsword struck on top of his chest, emitting a metallic collision sound while pricking the ears of others.


He used his chest to stop a battle sword of the treasure rank!

There had never been anyone so demonic before, could this Feng Daniu’s body exceeded a Giant?

The Death General was surprised as his arm was numbed from the battle sword’s quaking. Suddenly, he felt the wind of a palm strike approaching. His greatsword then flew out of his hand outside of his control.


Feng Daniu’s strength was monstrous. He directly gripped this Death General’s shoulder and lifted him all the way above his head before furiously slamming him onto the ground.

This brute-force was comparable to a demonic beast!


The armor of this Death General was ripped into small pieces, and the ground was also cracked, creating a huge pit. The eyes of the Death General turned white and motionless as the bones throughout his body were completely broken.

After Feng Daniu did all of this, he rubbed his slightly protruding chest, then he turned and sincerely looked at Ji Cangyue as he cried out: “Unbreakable Diamond Physique — Little Sister, do you want to try it once?”

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