Chapter 116: Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record

The blood was circulating in a golden light, and the skin was covered by a faint glowing layer. After being restored to the peak of his power, Feng Feiyun was full of power.

“We can begin, right?” Mao Wugui pressed on.

Two flames appeared in Feng Feiyun’s eyes. His body slightly shrank as he replied: “There is a new situation!”

Below the cliff came a loud roar!

Then, a five meter long Scaled Tiger rushed out of the forest. It broke countless trees and the scales on its body were like steel, along with its four pillaring legs.

Two Death Generals wearing black armor stood on top of the Scaled Tiger. Each of them was holding one end of the iron chains that was wrapped around a frozen person. They came below the cliff to meet up with Ji Cangyue.

This frozen person was only covered by a thin layer of cold ice, and the person inside could clearly be seen. This was a woman around fifteen to sixteen years old with fine features and unblinking beautiful eyes. Her body was slender with a Refined Steel Grand Bow still in her grasp. She was motionless; it was as if she was completely unaware of anything.

“Big Sister, Big Sister! What did you do to my big sister?” Ji Xiaonu’s eyes were filled with tears as she grabbed onto the iron cage. She wanted to break it, but in the end, she was completely powerless.

The two Death Generals were covered in a cold aura and simply did not bother to glance at her. They directly went in front of Ji Cangyue and bowed down. One of them clasped his hand together and said: “I pay my respects to Death Spirit Child Cangyue. The two demon spawns are both captured, should we run back now to report it?”

Ji Cangyue still sat motionless on the ground like before. The leaping embers created a red mark on her jade face. Her chilling eyes suddenly opened as she asked: “Where is Ji Fengleng?”

The two Death Generals glanced at each other as if they had already discussed in advance and replied at the same time: “Death Spirit Child Fengleng still had an important thing to do, so he ordered us to escort the two demon spawns back to the Ji Clan first.”

“Hmph! Isn’t he going to grab the ‘Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record’?” Ji Cangyue’s violet eyes swept through the two Death Generals, creating a layer of cold mist on their armor.

The two Death Generals, as if they had a tacit agreement, did not say anything.

The Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record was a precious copy that all Treasure Seeking Masters in the world dreamt for. It is divided into three volumes, “Spirit Treasure Volume”, “Yin Yang Volume”, and “Eight Arts Volume”. All three volumes were extremely profound and more valuable than the top cultivation merit laws.

The Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record was passed down since the ancient times, and it was unknown who compiled it. People only knew that there were four or five people that were able to cultivate all three volumes to the Grand Completion level, and they became legendary characters renowned in the world.

The Spirit Treasure Volume was in the secret reserve at the Ji Clan. The Yin Yang Volume was in the hands of a grand character of the Yang World, and the Eight Arts Volume was in the hands of Old Man Sun.

The Spirit Treasure Volume wrote about methods to spy, search, identify, and obtain the several thousand types of Spirit Treasures in this world. It recorded the shapes and methods of identification for these rare Spirit Treasures. One could say that all of the methods learned by Treasure Seeking Masters in the world today came from the Spirit Treasure Volume.

The Yin Yang Volume, on the other hand, was a lot more mysterious. Rumor has it that it had a great relation to the two worlds — Yin and Yang. It had detailed records of the Yang World Three Strange and the Yin World Three Evils as well as methods to open the Yang World and Yin World’s Gates.

And the Eight Arts Volume wrote down the eight top forbidden techniques of Treasure Seeking Masters. For example, techniques used to suppress and kill the Yang World Three Strange and the Yin World Three Evils, or a supreme forbidden vision technique. Even though there were only eight techniques, it encompassed all of the skills of Treasure Seeking Masters inside.

The Spirit Treasure Volume was the correct path for Treasure Seeking Masters, the Yin Yang Volume was the unorthodox path, and the Eight Arts Volume was the essence.

The three volumes combined would be the true Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record.

“Old Man Sun and Sha Hangyun fought evenly, but because the lifespan of Old Man Sun was already nearly used up, after this battle, he would only have one last breath. Ji Fengleng naturally will not miss this perfect opportunity to steal the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record.” Ji Cangyue coldly snorted and continued: “It seems like he obtained it. Rumors has it that Old Man Sun used to be a grand character in the Yang World, and there are several other grand characters that had great friendships with him. Even Sha Hangyun wouldn’t dare to directly take his life. Ji Fengleng still tried to do such a thankless task. Even if he obtains the Grave Palace Treasure Seeking Record, I’m afraid someone else will eliminate him on the road of cultivation.”

Ji Cangyue was a Death Spirit Child from the Ji Clan with a fairly high status, and she was likely to become the heir to the Clan Master’s position. Thus, she knew a lot of secrets.

“Death Spirit Child Cangyue, what should we do now?” A Death General asked.

“The Grand Southern Prefecture had a great earth-shattering change. New information just came, even Violet Firmament Ancient City had become a city of death. All of the premier great powers had been defeated and had to leave the city to retreat to the remote areas. Not long after, this calamity will surely spread to the Godly Tiger County, and there will be great uses for these two demon spawns. First, we will bring them back to the clan, and then we will discuss about it.” She stared intensely at the bagua compass in her hand. Earlier, a piece of news came. It flashed above the compass then disappeared.

Even though her expression was still very cold, her heart was shocked by the news from earlier and couldn’t calm down for a long time.

The three Death Generals brought the frozen Ji Xinnu and Ji Xiaonu, who was trapped in the iron cage, onto the Scaled Tiger’s back. They decided to return to the Ji Clan at this moment.

“Stop, this mountain is opened by me, and these trees were planted by me. If you want to pass this road, leave behind a toll!”

A shadow leaped down from the one hundred zhang tall cliff. His face was covered by a black cloth and had a tree trunk, as thick as a bowl, that resembled a spear on his back, attacking downward.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

This person stepped on the cliff, causing groups of boulders to fall down. It quickly became a rocky barricade several meters high, blocking the front of the Scaled Tiger.

This presence was very haughty, and the tone was not small. Especially those words that would only be used by robbers. Coming from his mouth, it seemed to an aggressive exposition that could only be found in an experienced bandit.

The three Death Generals were slightly stunned. One of them took a great blade weighing one thousand jin from his back and held it forward in his hand. He coldly glared at this man who suddenly came out of nowhere and coldly spoke: “Where did this lowly bandit come from? Do you know who we are?”

“So brazen and simply ignoring the law and natural morality! Within the boundary of Wang Wu Mountain, we of the Huang Feng Ridge have the final say. You all are lowly bandits from where? Ah! So it turns out to be fellow women kidnappers, isn’t this stealing my livelihood?” The masked man glanced over at Ji Xiaonu and Ji Xinnu on top of the Scaled Tiger and cynically smirked. He took down the tree trunk — as thick as a bowl — from his shoulder and clasped it in his hand. He then suddenly pinned it to the ground, creating an imposing presence with a banditry style.

“A Huang Feng bandit!” Ji Cangyue and Ji Xiaonu, who was trapped in the iron cage, both said at the same time.

Ji Xiaonu originally thought that this was a hero that arrived, wanting to do the righteous thing, and they might be able to save her and her sister from trouble. However, she didn’t expect that he was a Huang Feng bandit, not to mention, was this bandit even a match for the Ji Clan’s death squad? However, even if he could defeat the Ji Clan’s experts, falling into his hands compared to falling into the Ji Clan’s hands would not be much better.

“Haha! I, a Huang Feng bandit, is indeed renowned far and wide. Even this cold beauty knows our great name. To tell you the truth, this uncle walks without changing my first name and sits without twisting my last name. As a scout leader of the Huang Feng Ridge, I am Feng Daniu (Big Ox/Awesome)!” The masked man beated his chest as he heroically said.

Silence, silence for a long time!

Then a storm of laughter rang out!

One Death General carrying the one thousand jin blade walked towards the masked Feng Daniu. Even though his entire body was covered by a layer of black armor, one could still see a dismissive look in the eyes beneath the armor.

A trivial lowly bandit from the Huang Feng Ridge still dared to stop the path of the Ji Clan’s cultivators. This was simply the same as viewing the rest of the world as chickens. Even the chief bandit from the Huang Feng Ridge most likely wouldn’t dare to offend a Ji Clan’s Death General.

The masked Feng Daniu still leaned on the tree trunk with the radius of a palm and stared at the approaching Death General. He happily asked without fear: “Boy, what are you doing?”

“Keke, you tell me, what do I want to do?” The Death General smiled and emitted an endless dark mist that transformed into a blue dragon shape — very frightening.

“You’re in the territory of our Huang Feng Ridge yet you still try to steal our business, this is an immoral and unprofessional conduct ah!” Feng Daniu naturally was scared by the black mist from the Death General. His tone became soft, and he started to talk about ethics, morals, and professional conducts.

Why would the Death General be long-winded with him? Thus, the heavy black blade rose up like a black dragon raising its head, creating a huge shadow.

“Clang clang!” The sound of broken armor.

“Bam!” A loud explosion.

“Ughh!” A groan sounded.

This Death General directly flew back as his black armor was broken by a punch through the chest. Three of his ribs were broken, and he spewed out a mouthful of blood. He suddenly crashed into a cliff and smashed many large boulders before he softly fell to the ground on one knee while constantly coughing out blood.

“Clang clank!”

The great blade weighing one thousand jin spun twice in the air before falling down, brightly lying on the ground.

“Stealing our business on our Huang Feng Ridge’s territory, this is immoral! The little girls also belong to our Huang Feng Ridge bandits. One should be generous ah!” Feng Daniu lamented with some meaningful and heartfelt words, then he drew back his fist with blood still dripping down from it. He rubbed it on his clothes, causing his entire body to be covered in blood.

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